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"Landscapes" is what I use.

I guess that makes sense. If I say "what landscapes are in the kingdom?" you're not going to say "Misery"

You might say "Plateau Shepherds", and are Allies landscapes? I could see an argument both ways.

It would be nice to have a name to refer to traits, events, ways, landmarks, and projects plus any future similar things rather than using an acronym that keeps changing every time something new is introduced. Donald, is there any shorthand you use?

Isn't "landscapes" a pretty common term that everyone uses?

I've called them "Add-Ons" or "Kingdom Add-Ons" in the past.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion: Plunder Teaser
« on: December 12, 2022, 09:14:48 pm »
Interesting, I thought the quiz didn't have any data at all other than the names.

It technically doesn't have data other than the names. I just entered them in a logical order when instead I should have done it alphabetically. I somehow didn't think the hackable answer key would be in order, since the answers are in a random order on the page. More fool me.

Hence I said “in its most current wording”.

I don’t think it matters. And I can’t think of a card that uses +$ in its most current wording (other than Capitalism itself, of course).

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #168: Turkey Time
« on: November 11, 2022, 10:17:55 am »
I want to upgreade the feast:
Banquet $5
+1 action
Gain an card costing up to $6
Trash this card
When you trash this card, gain 2vp

I think it gives card does give some play. You can do duchy rushes, or gain some vital points in an spilt situation.

There's already an Event named Banquet.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Watchtower + Trail (+ WotM Lurker)
« on: November 07, 2022, 01:39:27 pm »
With the current rulings, you can't play Trail twice. If you play it on-gain, then Watchtower can't find it to trash it.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Interview with Donald X.
« on: November 02, 2022, 01:15:08 pm »
Are there plans for more second editions, or are we done?

Since you skipped the small expansions - and card counts go up to 500 - Guilds, cornucopia and Alchemy don't have enough material to work in as a single big box second edition?

Second editions can't come out until the first edition of that set has sold through. And announcing a Second Edition could (theoretically) prevent that first edition from actually selling through. So this is a question that cannot satisfactorily be answered.

And Dominion second editions aside, it's generally up to the publisher to make announcements about upcoming products.

EDIT: Also Guilds and Cornucopia have already been combined into a large set, sometimes labeled "Mixed Box". Putting all three small expansions together would mean raising the price above a normal large box expansion I think, since it would be 450-ish cards, plus Coffers mats and coin tokens.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Interview with Donald X.
« on: October 23, 2022, 05:50:44 pm »
Heist is great. I've played lots of it and still get it to the table some these days.

Factory Job is also fun (much more so than Infiltration), but I accidentally wrinkled up my paper board of it and haven't yet had the wherewithal to print and tape together a new one.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Fan errata on pre-existing cards
« on: September 23, 2022, 03:06:16 pm »
It also eliminates the randomness and asymmetry of Black Market (the two largest complaints things that make it fun).

Fixed that for you.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Fan errata on pre-existing cards
« on: September 20, 2022, 09:36:32 am »
Sadly, other cursers are still very much relevant when Charlatan is on the board. At the very least, Sea Witch is still stronger than Charlatan even when it gives out Treasure Curses.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Fan Card Mechanics Week 42: Activation Cards
« on: September 15, 2022, 01:12:45 pm »
I think it would be confusing to have one color for multiple types.

Other Games / Re: Temporum Earth United
« on: September 15, 2022, 11:27:32 am »
It's a good question. I do not know the answer.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Fan Card Mechanics Week 42: Activation Cards
« on: September 15, 2022, 11:25:41 am »
I think (1) and (2) are enough of a reason to justify a different mechanic (just as there is a benefit from having both plain Actions and Reactions). But (3) is pretty nominal, and if I were to overhaul the mechanic I'd probably use the same tan background as Reserve cards and add "Put this on your Tavern mat" to each card's on-play. (This would also solve the Ways issue raised by Erick648's Colleague.)

Resolving the Ways issue is a nice bonus, but I'm curious what text you'd put on the bottom of every such card in order to make them Reserves.

maybe i misunderstand, but it seams like "Activation" to too similar to "Reserve". I know they were developed before Reserve, but if i were to print any, i'd just make them Reserve cards.

When Reserve cards were first created, I gave up on Activation cards for this reason. But when I came back to them and tested a bunch of them, it turns out they do not play at all similarly.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion: Plunder
« on: September 02, 2022, 12:05:01 pm »
It seems odd to me when these expansions are also named after cards from other sets. 

That said stoked for this.

If it makes you feel better, this has been happening in other languages for years. "Cornucopia" means "horn of plenty", so in some languages those were the same word. Likewise "Venture" and "Adventures".

Let's Discuss ... / Re: Let`s discuss nocturne mechanics - Doom
« on: September 02, 2022, 12:00:19 pm »
I don't think Delusion is necessarily the strongest hex, but it's rarely fun when you get it.  If we wanted to preserve the flavor, we could replace it with a contraband effect

That's what Delusion originally was! I like the premise a lot but fought hard against it after testing. When you can name Province, you can often just shut down an opponent for a turn and clinch a win. It was really awful.


When you play the treasures, you also get the effects of the treasures, right?

Yes. I playtested this with X-tra and that's definitely the case.

Asper's Edicts


So sorry! I first saw them here and assumed they were his idea.

No problem at all!

Also it's a super-obvious mechanic. Really all I came up with was the name "Edict".

Grand Workshop
Action/Activation - $4
This turn, when you gain a card, you may put it onto your deck.
When you trigger this, gain a card costing up to $5.

Note: You can only topdeck the card you gain with the Activation effect if you play and activate it in the same turn.

Or if you play another copy of it and then trigger it.

In any case, cool card!


Smithing Academy • $5 • Action - Duration - Activation
When you play this, +5 Cards. This card stays in play until activated.
Activation costs an Action per Smithing Academy you have in play. When you trigger this, discard it.

This card overcomplicates the staying in play. Activation cards already automatically stay in play until triggered. So you can simply say
$5 Action - Activation
+5 Cards
Triggering this costs an Action per Smithing Academy you have in play. When you trigger this, discard it.

In addition, the original point of Activation cards was to have cards that took two actions to play that wouldn't be dead without a village. This isn't dead without a village, but you can get stuck in a situation where it's impossible to trigger. Maybe that's fine with you, dunno. But I would say that it's probably balanced if you only need the normal one action to trigger it.

Here's a more up-to-date explanation of Activation cards:

When you play an Activation card, follow the instructions above the dividing line. The card then stays in play until Clean-up on the turn you trigger it. You might trigger it the same turn you play it, one or more turns later, or not at all. You can trigger an Activation card by spending an Action in your Action phase whenever you're not actively resolving another effect. In other words, in your Action phase you can either use an Action "point" to play an Action card from your hand or to trigger an untriggered Activation card you have in play. An Activation card may only be triggered once per time it's put into play, regardless of how many times you played it (with e.g. Throne Room). This means that a Throne Room or similar card that plays an Activation card multiple times never stays out with the Activation card; there's nothing for it to track.


So it's a Laboratory that automatically searches for and plays all your other Laboratories, and then at the start of your next turn you can do it all again (since you don't trigger the final one). It also probably causes a crazy amount of shuffles as it does all this. I'd say that's worth far more than $6.

Whoops, forgot to do Day 3 of Hinterlands previews. The quiz is now updated with all of Hinterlands 2E.

And yes, at the table even our group of 4 experienced players miss things. We're shuffling our deck and getting a new hand or looking at our hand trying to figure out how we want to play it or even miss leaving duration cards out when we clean up because there are lots of cards out there, had to figure out how much $ you had and what to buy, and when you clean up, you rake the cards in forgetting about duration cards or a supplies until the next turn when you wonder if you had duration cards you forgot to leave out. It happens.

I recommend playing your Duration cards sideways, then turning them upright when they've fully resolved. That way it's very easy to remember to just clean up the cards that aren't sideways.

I've even started playing my Treasuries, Schemes, and Travellers sideways so that I remember they still have something left to do.

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