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Which cards are the 2 cost cards for the end game with Plateau Shepherds, where only one player has bought Canal. 

Rereading it actually doesn't matter, as the cost reduction only occurs during your turns, so it's still the estates I think.

practical?  :o

Pretty sure saying hare Krishna a lot isn't gonna do much but amuse the people in line at TSA.

It's definitely gonna be a rare combo to hit, but it is pretty crazy that a Lurker can pull a Spell Scroll from the trash.

Gamble+Stockpile is even more OP with bank. After getting too many buys, I can buy a bunch of coppers and gamble into them and then buy a couple banks and gamble into them then empty the colonies

This is amazing. 8)

Had plenty of coins, but I didnt draw that plus buy I would have needed to threepile with duchy. I already had to gain all but 2 during the turn, counting on that buy I didnt get. Then as my last action a black market let me buy border village, and I could buy the second last duchy that way. Never had this lucky a BM draw!

This might be one of the edgiest cases to qualify for this thread.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Rising Sun
« on: October 27, 2023, 06:23:12 pm »

First announce of the expansion
There is in fact a new expansion on the way, called Rising Sun. My best guess is March 2024, but as usual I will know more in say February. And there's a promo coming called Marchland (no relation to the month or expansion), which I expect will be in an issue of Spielbox, and all the other promos are available in English from BoardGameGeek so I don't know why this one wouldn't be.
—Donald X. Vaccarino, Discord

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Rising Sun
« on: October 27, 2023, 06:19:59 pm »
Personally, I don't think an Asian theme will fit Dominion. It is very Medieval-Euro.
I dunno I could see Samurai, Ninja, Monk, Hanging Gardens, Throwing Star, Katana, Origami, Mongol Horde, Abacus, Typhoon etc being neat cards that would fit into the general dominion ethos.

Treasury and Villa allows you to return all of your treasuries to the top deck when you gain the Villa allowing you to get a VP card after you Villa and still keep all your Treasuries topdecked.

game 132132598. It also has to be another record for the fastest game to empty the Tracker pile.  Cursed Tracker and Pouch emptied the tracker/curses pile on turn 3 the opponent emptied the treasurer pile via Spell Scroll loop ending the game on turn 5.  The craziest thing is that they could have done it on turn 4, and just missed it the first time, I don't think it dawned on them to do it until they saw the spell scroll they trashed on t 4 in the trash when they played treasurer.

Possession and Avoid allows you to essentially pull the best three cards (and any Possessions they may have) out of their deck for a mere 2 coins.

it's just kind of like a non-event
Well of course, it's a Trait not an Event after all.


Don't forget to tip your servers.

I’m… sorry you don’t like it? There are ways to spice up the game without adding a specific choice. I think it’s awesome that Inherited just chucks a Workshop or a Sanctuary at you to start the game. Despite not giving you a consistent “oooh game has more choices” vibe throughout the entire round, this single Trait has probably the widest variation in effect and impact of anything in Dominion, with the possible exception of Way of the Mouse.

I’m sorry you find it boring, but… it’s a great card anyways. In the top half of Traits for sure.

In the top half of traits for sure?  Name me any traits you find it better than.  And certainly half if them. The event literally involves 0 skill and just adds to the swingy luck effects that I think most people dislike in Dominion.  But at least for most of those you have to make the choices that give you the chance for that kind of luck. Plus, it's over before turn one.  Don't you like how the other traits weave and interact together throughout the game?  Other traits/landmarks/events/ways reward skillful play and thinking about synergies and anti-synergies.  Inherited just is.

It essentially just adds one more random element.  Like if Animal fair, or a curser etc is on the board and it misses the reshuffle it just a rediculous advantage.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Combo for two Tacticians in a turn
« on: October 05, 2023, 06:24:41 pm »
There was a thread a post a while back where someone suggested village green tactician too

Well, all of these have a 0% rate:
Trading Post
Philosopher's Stone

and these are at 0.1%:
Sea Hag
Young Witch

I expect a bunch in the 0.1% category were cleared out by methods other than buying outright just to force a 3-pile game.

What kind of deranged individuals would pile the Fool?

Not sure if this counts, but I think it should. I'm just gonna put it here anyway. But Launch with any terminal will allow you to get two actions before the terminal.  Sometimes this might be useful if u need two actions to play like a possession and a tactician for e.g.  But it really shines in games with cards like Margrave or Hunting grounds etc.

One bonus super sweet interaction in a similar vein is Launch and Swamp Shacks.  Especially if you already have an engine that is humming, getting all of your treasures into play before you launch and then playing your swamp shacks can really set off an engine in a maor way.

I once had someone deny my undo after I had drawn a card. Only issue was I already knew what the card was because of sentry. Not a big deal, though.

Exactly.  I've had this happen to me many times with a top decking issue.  Especially the ones that u put back from your hand like Haunted Castle for example and you forget when top-decking two cards, whether the first one or second one goes on top.

I really like the addition of all of the different side things whether they be Landmarks, Traits, Events, Ways etc what the hell is Inherited? All of the other non-supply pile interactions have extremely intricate and interesting effects on a game. They essentially take a normal deck and cause something unique to affect everything. There is a lot of strategy associated with when to buy or even if to buy certain things. Which makes it interesting and allows for a lot of interesting strategic decisions. Inherited does none of these things. First off it's literally over after the first move or really before the first Move actually. That's it.  You both gain and lose one card. In like 3% of cases ever there is a very slight strategic decision on whether to give a copper or an estate. After that, the trait is over. It's just given to you before the first turn. There's no decision given to the player. It doesn't impact the deck in any way other than giving us slightly more buying power or something. And it gives it to both of us so it's just kind of like a non-event really let's just say that there are a lot of other landmarks events traits etc. that I get very excited but I see you up here on the board. There are a lot of other ones that I hate or just don't like seeing because I don't like them. But like I see inherited on the board it's basically just a collective "whatever".  It's just kind of pointless really.

I'm still generally confused as to why "undo" is even a feature in online dominion. At least the way it's implemented. If you've seen new information, then undo should simply never be possible. That's how pretty much any group I know would play IRL. If you haven't seen new information, then undo should be automatic without needing to request it.

It's a courtesy, since playing online is much faster than playing IRL and it's easy to just zone out and do the wrong thing. I'm sure there's many times when I just thought I had one more buy than I did, bought a cheap card thinking I'd be able to buy another cheap card, saw my turn immediately end, and immediately clicked undo, and was very grateful for the option even though I'd technically seen my next hand already. IRL what would happen is I'd take my two villages and my opponent would say "pretty sure you have only one buy there sport" and I'd go "oh right" and put them back and take a Gold or whatever. and the undo button is the online equivalent of that.

yeah like If I bought a 4-5 cost card with 11 coins, you can bet I prolly thought I had a buy. I'd easily grant that undo, even though there obviously technically is new info with cards seen.

I'm still generally confused as to why "undo" is even a feature in online dominion. At least the way it's implemented. If you've seen new information, then undo should simply never be possible. That's how pretty much any group I know would play IRL. If you haven't seen new information, then undo should be automatic without needing to request it.

I dunno. While I agree new info in most scenarios is where I draw the line too. But, sometimes with quick play, especially in the beginning, or middle you might preplay, forgetting you have 2 sailors in play or something, and obviously would have say bought a 6 over a 3, but had a 3 prebought etc, especially when the deck didn't shuffle or anything.  I'd rather play fast with erasers in reasonable scenarios, that slow AF and be SUPER slow and deliberate about everything when playing with reasonable people.  Sometimes misclicks or just mental mistakes that you notice immediately deserve an undo. 

Got a new one.

Dude hits 6 coins.  Buys a gold. Then immediately undoes.
 I'm pretty auto undo, so I thought he might have wanted a cobbler or sacred grove maybe.
 Instead, he scouting parties to discard 2 tunnels for two golds, because he "misclicked" the first gold buy. I can relate, I mean, don't we all hate it when we misclick on events when we're trying to buy gold?  :o

I mean, I guess he is right. If you just think about it for two seconds, if you could get two gold instead of one gold and clear two victory cards from your next hand, why wouldn't you make that move?


Some people.  What kind of an idiot buys Militi in a tunnel game anyway, except in very limited scenarios.

I think this one actually now qualifies as a combo since any reshuffle triggers it, so I pulled it from the other thread.
This one was really kind of neat, although an extreme edge case.  If you gain a Siren with a Sheepdog in hand and you are at the end of your draw pile you can gain it without trashing if the Siren ends up triggering a reshuffle.

I was wondering if it mattered whether you actually draw the Siren there, and it's easier than that. I just tested it online, and this works whenever the Sheepdog makes you shuffle the gained Siren into your deck--that's where the Siren loses track of itself. You don't have to draw the Siren from the Sheepdog effect, just shuffle the Siren into your deck with the Sheepdog effect.

Dominion General Discussion / Question Re: Highwayman and COTR
« on: June 07, 2023, 09:13:08 pm »
Was playing a game where my opponent had a Highwayman in play and I called  Coin of the Realm to get nullified as I did even need the actions and wanted to use the lone gold in my hand Why didn't this invoke the highwayman penalty? ???

"Until then, the first Treasure each other player plays each turn does nothing.".  This doesn't mention any "Buy-phase" exclusion, and the COTR is obviously played as per the dictionary.  My gut says that the answer is going to Be that called cards aren't played, But I mean they are... I just played that coin. :o It's not like it was discarded, it literally goes into play.

This one was really kind of neat, although an extreme edge case.  If you gain a Siren with a Sheepdog in hand and you are at the end of your draw pile you can gain it without trashing if the Siren ends up Being one of the 2 cards that you draw. triggering a reshuffle.

Launch and Cursed Village is amazing.  As long as you have 3 coins in hand, you spend all your coins and then get to launch to an often 2/3 card cursed village hand, which means you basically get a whole new hand to mess with, plus the coins you disappeared to pay for the Launch.

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