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Dominion General Discussion / Re: Badly designed cards
« on: January 26, 2023, 06:01:55 pm »
Distant Shores.  Why does the 6 cost elite card in a pile spam me with estates? It should have been made as a +1 vp and exile a estate.

Eh, no. An Inspiring card likes Black Market on the board, but Inspiring on Black Market is obviously not that great. I think the winner is a Smithy variant, that gets the potiential to become a superlab. (it is nice on Knight though, as it prevents Knight collisions)

I recently played with Inspiring Torturer.  Just a brutal combo with any +actions around.  I think this may get the nod over Cultist as the ruins are so much better than the curses/discards that torturer brings to bear especially since it is easy to chain both of them with Inspiring.

Shaman is really annoying.  That said Enlarge is a nice complement to it.  Trash a good card with enlarge before you gain your card, and then you avoid having to grab from the conveyor belt of garbage that is the Shaman train and get a nice +2 card to boot. Plus then your opponent has to take the crap you were avoiding.

Cabin Boy does well with this too. basically a free duration rather than getting the junk.

Spell Scroll + Treasurer -- instantly empties the Treasurer pile and gives you $30.

Spell Scroll trashes itself to gain & play a Treasurer, which can pull the Spell Scroll back out of the trash into your hand (and net $3 each time). Repeat until the Treasurer pile is empty.

Lurker is a more fun version - gain 10 Lurkers. Spend the rest of the game, Lurking back the scroll after every play (as only you have Lurkers). You can also mass regain Lurkers if you have any TfB to feed them into (e.g. Forge a province, play Scroll, and then gain back 4 lurkers and the Scroll). If you have the draw/actions to support it, You can also gain 10 cards per shuffle via Lurking.

Something like Apprentice/Jeweled Egg to thin/gain Scroll. (Scroll -> gain Lurk -> gain scroll) x 10. Then Scroll -> Gain Apprenctice -> Lurk Scroll -> Apprentice on themselves for 5 cards, and punch through.

This is awesome....  8)

I wonder how strong a Terminal Gold actually is.
Well, strictly worse than Treasurer, so it couldn't be priced at $5 or higher. Could well be in the sour spot where it's too strong at $4 and too weak at $5.

same with Charlatan and Legionary.
I think 4$ would be a fine valuation. Maybe call it the axeman in honor of the deprecated Woodcutter

Drawing next turn instead of this turn is a significant upside.

I agree.  Starting a hand with 6 gives so many more options and often I find myself trashing the drawn card. 

It is interesting that you rated Silver Mine higher than anyone, as 7 was it's max rating.  I personally the SM is kind of blah and probably should only cost 4, though on some boards with good alt treasures it works well. I mean it's a silver usually for 5?  That said in games with unusual treasures that excel with many treasures (HOP, bank, pendant) I think it could play well.

I was surprised to see Pendant marked so low.

Trickster and any loot is a great combo. But with Prize Goat is an especially amazing combo.  dish a curse and then keep the prize goat as a gold that just lies in wait to eat the curses that they dished you.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Mobile app?
« on: January 18, 2023, 10:52:39 am »
I enjoy the Android app and the bot is actually interesting to play against. It's a battery hog though.

Yeah, I've actually started playing more against real people just because it's easier on my phone. The AI eats up the battery and heats up the phone like nothing else.

Interesting.  I hadn't noticed this on Iphone.  Maybe I'll play a few and see if it heats up too.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Mobile app?
« on: January 18, 2023, 10:51:16 am »
Yes, I believe it is still in beta and only on Android, but there is the Dominion app by Temple Gates Games (TGG).

Link to US version:

It's on Apple/IOS too

Nobody expects the piazza-tireless-lookout Cathedral

I am confused here. Is this good?  And how does cathedral play in here?

I will most likely never see this combination again, but it was serendipitous to see it happen. You can't really plan and strategize for it.

There was Kings Court, Tournament, and Swindler in the kingdom.

I had gotten Princess as one of the prizes.

My hand had KC, KC, Princess, Swindler, copper.

Played KC, KC, Princess reducing the price of cards by 6, then Swindler and was able to trash 3 cards from my opponents turning them all into curses.
Would have been even crazier if I had an action with +$. I was able to buy 3 provinces and a duchy.

must've had some villagers/barracks too.  Would've been neat to trash provinces to curses.

I opened double Masterpiece (it was pious).

Wait.... your deck then contains:

Estate, Copper x 9, Silver? That seems very slightly better than opening Silver / nothing.

depending on the board (plateau shepherds, rebuild, governor with good 4 costs cards) it is possible he kept an estate over a copper too.
But I agree with you, unless there was some 5-cost TFB like maybe upgrade/replace/apprentice this doesn't seem like a very good idea to me either. I guess it's kinda like a buy-less ducat, only you can trash estates too. Though absent maybe keep/bandit fort I still couldn't see doing that even.

I personally didn't rate the traits because I couldn't think of a super consistent way in my mind to do it. A similar thing with Allies. The poll states that you can pick and choose what you rate and what you don't (I didn't rate Tournament and Black Market because they've been on my banlist since I started playing so I don't have enough experience with the cards).

But there's no harm in putting them on the poll, letting people select a number, and putting those numbers in my spreadsheet. I don't intend to make any comments or conclusions from those numbers, but some people will be happy that those numbers are there so I put them in the poll.

I basically went with how excited or non-plussed do I feel when I see the trait on the board.

One thing I was surprised to see a few games back was that you can also have 2 traits in the same game.  Not sure if or how this would affect voting, but I found it interesting.

Pendant/Any Loot has an alright synergy.   8)

I think the most I have gotten was an 8-coin pendant.  I can only imagine how big this would get if you had storyteller in the kingdom.

Got a turn 1 Province with Inherited Animal Fair

Was that the right move? Dunno the Kingdom, but feels wrong to me...

Probably not, tbh, but I couldn't resist. Though, in the end I only lost by something like 2 or 3 points, so it didn't hurt that much
. Yeah.  But all things being equal it's kinda just like playing a normal game with an estate in your deck anyway, but Gold (or another Animal Fair really) probably was the optimal play.

That said I probably buy the provy to just to do it.

Rating traits on a power rating seems kind of useless, since they re so card dependent

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Plunder is online
« on: January 06, 2023, 12:05:30 am »
To add to the debate, there’s also the fact that Treasures have historically been, well, Treasure. They were generally precious metals, gems, jewelry, or other generally valuable items or money-alternatives. Cage and Gondola are a bit of a stretch in my mind for that reason, but then I thought about it more and Quarry has been around forever and doesn’t really meet the definition above either.

many quarries produce both metal ores and mineral treasures or gems.

Frigate can really neuter a Tactician turn.

Shaman + Cabin Boy is a great combo. If you resolve Cabin Boy's duration before Shaman, you can trash Cabin Boy for another Duration card then immediately get it back via Shaman - also saving you from having to gain any junk that might be in the trash

Transmog shaman does this too.

Landing Party/Reap. Why yes, I will topdeck all my Landing Parties thanks to this Gold I'm playing in start-of-turn.

Crown is similarly good here

Sycophant with Crafters' Guild as the Ally basically lets you get any $4 card on top of your deck for only $2. Granted, it comes with a Sycophant, which is often junk, but if you can trash it, you can get another $4 card on top of your deck, this time for free.

just add watchtower

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Plunder is online
« on: December 24, 2022, 12:55:32 am »
I think it's funny how oxymorons can be created from the Traits. Pious Villain, Nearby Distant Lands.

I'm not sure what the closest thing to the opposite of "Fated" would be...

It depends on which meaning of "fated" you use.  This page has a pretty exhaustive list

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion: Plunder
« on: December 23, 2022, 02:16:46 pm »
Guys, it’s not confusing.

How often does anyone walk into a room and shout “I love Menagerie” with no context? Does anyone say “Menagerie is my favorite!” with no introduction? Don’t we usually say “Menagerie is my favorite card!” or “Menagerie is my favorite expansion!”

When someone asks “What expansion should I get next?” and someone says “Plunder,” does anyone seriously think the person is suggesting someone go out and individually order a single stack of cards when the OP asked for expansion ideas? When someone says “I used Plunder to win a game the other day,” does it make sense to think they used an entire expansion to win a single game?

It's not just humans.  The FDS extension bot gets confused too

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Words in card names
« on: December 23, 2022, 02:12:15 pm »
would have never guessed that "gift" was the 3rd most prevalent Dominion card word.

Feedback / Re: Chrome Extension for f.ds!
« on: December 23, 2022, 01:55:43 pm »
Not sure how I have lived without this all my life.  Really neat!  Thanks for doing this.  Everyone who posts here should have this...

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