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Which cards are the 2 cost cards for the end game with Plateau Shepherds, where only one player has bought Canal. 

Rereading it actually doesn't matter, as the cost reduction only occurs during your turns, so it's still the estates I think.

game 132132598. It also has to be another record for the fastest game to empty the Tracker pile.  Cursed Tracker and Pouch emptied the tracker/curses pile on turn 3 the opponent emptied the treasurer pile via Spell Scroll loop ending the game on turn 5.  The craziest thing is that they could have done it on turn 4, and just missed it the first time, I don't think it dawned on them to do it until they saw the spell scroll they trashed on t 4 in the trash when they played treasurer.

I really like the addition of all of the different side things whether they be Landmarks, Traits, Events, Ways etc what the hell is Inherited? All of the other non-supply pile interactions have extremely intricate and interesting effects on a game. They essentially take a normal deck and cause something unique to affect everything. There is a lot of strategy associated with when to buy or even if to buy certain things. Which makes it interesting and allows for a lot of interesting strategic decisions. Inherited does none of these things. First off it's literally over after the first move or really before the first Move actually. That's it.  You both gain and lose one card. In like 3% of cases ever there is a very slight strategic decision on whether to give a copper or an estate. After that, the trait is over. It's just given to you before the first turn. There's no decision given to the player. It doesn't impact the deck in any way other than giving us slightly more buying power or something. And it gives it to both of us so it's just kind of like a non-event really let's just say that there are a lot of other landmarks events traits etc. that I get very excited but I see you up here on the board. There are a lot of other ones that I hate or just don't like seeing because I don't like them. But like I see inherited on the board it's basically just a collective "whatever".  It's just kind of pointless really.

Dominion General Discussion / Question Re: Highwayman and COTR
« on: June 07, 2023, 09:13:08 pm »
Was playing a game where my opponent had a Highwayman in play and I called  Coin of the Realm to get nullified as I did even need the actions and wanted to use the lone gold in my hand Why didn't this invoke the highwayman penalty? ???

"Until then, the first Treasure each other player plays each turn does nothing.".  This doesn't mention any "Buy-phase" exclusion, and the COTR is obviously played as per the dictionary.  My gut says that the answer is going to Be that called cards aren't played, But I mean they are... I just played that coin. :o It's not like it was discarded, it literally goes into play.

Dominion General Discussion / Celebrities hidden in Dominion cards
« on: February 01, 2023, 11:57:19 pm »
Merchant: Emma Kearney aka Debbie Gallagher on Shameless
Mapmaker: Macy Gray
Rich:  Mallory Archer
Transmute: Jerry Garcia

what else ya got?

I understand at the beginning there was an esoteric debate on what constituted an interaction, but at this point they are basically the same thing.  wouldn't it just be easier to have them merge and then look at them both together chronologically?

To cool not to put somewhere.  The images will be great for Homage memes or variant card arts in the haunted woods, witches hut line of art. Or just for being creepy and gothic AF. But there was a crazy Derecho in Souk Falls, SD (where I'm sure many estates and copper were destroyed) That basically meant that the world turned green during the day, during a 100 MPH long sustained storm.  And it was bad AF.  too bad it wasn't Halloween or St Patty's day. I feel bad for any SDSU students who picked yesterday to take any hallucinogens.  :o :-X
South Dakota’s Derecho Brings Green Sky and Strong Winds
Meteorologists recorded winds of up to 99 miles per hour in parts of the state, with minor damage reported.

July 6, 2022, 4:54 p.m. ET: The unusual green color in the sky sometimes occurs before or during a storm depending on how sunlight interacts and scatters among different particles in the atmosphere, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service said.
South Dakotans are accustomed to the storms known as derechos — they’ve had two recently. What they’re not used to seeing is skies that turn green right before severe weather tears through the region.

A derecho, which the National Weather Service describes as a powerful wind storm extending more than 240 miles, moved through South Dakota and other parts of the Plains on Tuesday and brought powerful winds — up to 99 miles per hour in some areas.

But before the derecho (pronounced deh-REY-cho) hit Sioux Falls, S.D., the storm caused the skies to turn green, an unusual weather phenomenon. Many people on social media shared images of the green skies, which were also captured on South Dakota Department of Transportation traffic cameras.

“I think it caught a lot of people’s attention because the sky did have that very unique green color to it,” said Peter Rogers, a meteorologist with the Weather Service’s office in Sioux Falls. “Because of the unique color that it did exhibit, I’m guessing that it will probably be a topic of discussion for quite a long time.”

Unusual colors before or during a storm sometimes occur depending on how sunlight interacts and scatters among different particles in the atmosphere, Mr. Rogers said. It is not uncommon during a storm for skies to turn purple or even completely dark during the daytime.

Green skies before or during a thunderstorm can be an indicator of strong hail, according to the Weather Service. But while the color of the sky can be an indicator of severe weather to come, that isn’t always the case, Mr. Rogers said.

There was no widespread hail associated with the derecho on Tuesday, but the Weather Service did receive a couple of reports of scattered hail: a one-inch hailstone was reported in Sioux Falls, and a 2.75-inch hailstone — roughly the size of a baseball — was reported in Lake Wilson, Minn.

In Howard, S.D., about 70 miles northwest of Sioux Falls, the derecho brought winds of up to 99 m.p.h., according to the Weather Service. At the Sioux Falls Regional Airport, winds blew at 58 m.p.h. or more for about 45 minutes straight, peaking at 80 m.p.h., the Weather Service reported.

“When you’re talking wind speeds of that magnitude, it’s synonymous with a weaker tornado or a low-end tornado,” Mr. Rogers said. “They’re tornado-like wind speeds.”

Mr. Rogers said the Weather Service had received reports of damage to tree crops, power lines and some buildings. There were no reports of injuries or fatalities associated with the derecho in the Sioux Falls region.

While the green skies were unusual, the Plains and the Midwest are no strangers to derechos, Mr. Rogers said.

“The residents of the area are very well aware of potential hazards that exist with those strong winds,” he said.

In August 2020, a powerful derecho destroyed several homes, demolished crops and left more than 250,000 people without power across Iowa and Illinois. At least four deaths were associated with the storm, according to the Weather Service.

Was playing a game with a dude who mentioned that he had to change rooms and/or reboot computers or something and that he would probably disco.  I said cool np.  He then proceeded to disconnect and reconnect  4 x in a span of a few minutes.  On the 4th disco the game automatically resigned him, while he was disconnected.  I did not click "force resign".  ???

Did something change where you automatically resign if you disco/reco a certain # of times consecutively, and or in a certain amount of time?

never seen it auto resign someone
like ive come back to games the next login and they still ask for a resign.

Joining game #104117705 on ohio.
honkeyfresh my warriors demand satisfaction!
no 'demand" puns intended
maddog gotta change rooms and possibly reboot after this turn; sorry
honkeyfresh some get satisafaction made on a farm
others in a lab
im in no rush
watching wimbeldon w my dog
maddog dogs rock
maddog disconnected.
honkeyfresh i always wonder if the chat resets when you logout... so if u do im gonna type something
tell me if u see this [I always wonder if the other player can see things that you typed while they were disconnected-- still do since he never came back long enough to reply]
maddog reconnected.
maddog disconnected.
honkeyfresh disco disco
maddog reconnected.
honkeyfresh yeah my dog is literally the chillest ever
maddog disconnected.
honkeyfresh she so good
maddog reconnected.
maddog disconnected.

I'm auto undo.  I'd rather play fast with erasers than slow Af and uber deliberate. Like play like you would IRL. If your friend in an at home game bought a Grand market and while playing the 2 golds fumbled his hand and dropped a coper on the table would you say "copper in play"! Or just let them pick it up?  I Hate undouchebags.  I was playing someone in a villa/chameleon deck and they bought a province with 10 coins, then almost immediately requested an undo.  I thought maybe they decided that they didn't want to green yet and get  a villa and a 6.

They then proceeded to villa and chameleon to a mega draw hand. ;D

I still whipped em, but they got the ban hammer.  Some people.

Another time I had a dude undo a vassal.  Then Squirrel it.   :o

Post your favorite abusive undo stories here 8).


Well not breaking news at all.  Any Dominion player 45+ already knows this.  In any game where supplies is on the board you almost know your opponent isn't to smart when they open silver over supplies.  And if you are lucky enough to draw a 5/2 on a board with supplies you are pumped as you have a significant advantage there if there is any decent 5.

The top decking of multiple horses is just bonkers AF. Most games with good players devolve into a race to see who can get the most supplies and that person usually wins those games. I'd love to see one of our stat nerds pull that data out of the Dominion Analytics stuff. Also maybe how often supplies is bought over silver.

It is in fact so strong that I would recommend a tweak to any second edition version of Supplies that  it cost 3 and Silver costs 2 when supplies is in the kingdom.

And people would STILL buy supplies over silver in that alternate reality, which just goes to show you how ridiculously better than silver supplies is.

If you don't already know (and are wondering how some people play so quickly as your turn ends). you can now set up preplay in your settings.  It allows you to pick the order of cards that you will need to play (though it will break the chain to confirm discards/trashes/exiles etc)

The only real problem comes in when you have a preplay set, and then they play a card that requires a reaction (pick a card for contraband, don't reveal 1 from your hand for archer, pick a card for warchest etc) and if you have a preplay card already picked it will reveal that instead.  It leads to a lot of undos, and then people griping >:( (like I had a duchess set to play and then the guy revealed war chest but it instead blocked them from gaining a duchess on their war chest, like i'd ban duchess when there are 4-5 cost cards on the board  :P then they get mad when i ban upgrade (the fairly obvious ban since it was t5) since that was the card they had already picked as soon as duchess was banned.  I told him if he really cared i'd pick a diff card and he still rage quit.  :o

A simple confirmation a la the discard/trash/exile function would eliminate this.  8)

all in all preplay is awesome though, just needs a lil tweak.

Dominion General Discussion / What cards do you ban and why?
« on: May 25, 2022, 05:33:13 pm »
Kind of curious to see what cards people ban and what their reasons are.  I imagine this info would be informative to Donald X and the resst of the crew to hear why people ban certain cards too. I imagine there is a way that the site can see what cards people have banned, do we have that info available?  I'd be curious to see the data on that.
but here's mine

rebuild and sauna are just the same game every time and bore me to tears. Cartographer and Apothecary  just take too damn long, an Ghost ship is just unbearable, though now that it's gone can I put a new card in here?

wolf den is just annoying to track so much, and baths and raid are also just too unfun to waste an event on, as most events are pretty cool.

Makes it weird when looking up people.  It goes alphabetic, and then and some point it starts again and starts a new alphabetical chain.  Is there something unique about the two groups of people (like friends & banned?-- but why would I care if my banned players are playing  :o)

Or like usual am I just missing something?


Couldn't even buy an estate!

This was a very weird glitch.  For this hand and the rest of the game I actually received 5 card hands... kinda.  I would get dealt 3 or 4 card hands that would magically reveal the other 1/2 cards as I played my first action or entered the buy phase for the coins. It seemed that it basically wasn't often showing me 2 of a card, but sometimes it was just different actions but it only showed 1.  It was kinda funny but I got slaughtered too..  I think I took a video of it somewhere, but I flip between like 6 computers so I need to find it.

That was like 2 weeks ago.  Just now I played a game with a player who was experiencing the exact same thing I just described.  So I guess it's a thing now?  Anyoneelse experience this?

It was kinda like playing hold em, but the other players got to see the board cards  ;D

I wasn't even totally playing it to the max as it was pretty squarely in hand.  But I wonder how high some of the maniacs around here could get in score in this deck.


I didn't screenshot before they left but someone with an active subscription can pull one in to see all the cards.  Here's a screenshot

At this point it looks massive, but not as bonkers as I described.  The one card that you don't see as I never even bought one because of that captain option is Procession.  So many permutations with free +2 actions/buy from villa to feed the rabble and Hunting grounds, or instead procession them! all your processions and villas now turn into rabbles or archives.  or your archives ane rabbles go bonkers to get more grand markets, captains, goons or hunting grounds, buy a bunch off goons and add a ton of bys then redraw your whole hand and buy everything or process the shit out of it all over again. Last hand or just fucking feel like it? Process your hunig grounds for 8 cards and then a nice parting gift of a free duchy! Normally thins would draw dead.  But know just buy a villa and start your  triple tactician like   mega hand off. Loan not only speeds you to  quick coin economy and speeds you to Grand Market quicker it allows you to buy a shit ton off coppers and then trash them all immediately with the 5 loans you are rocking with. I could literally see this go into the thousands if not tens of thousands of points if played optimally.  maybe feed it to the AI?

Play it like an 80's video game.  I'll try and keep an updated High score list but only listing the three letter's that every 80's arcade limited u to when you got the high score honor.

Was looking through the new card levels thing and look who is listed and somehow at the "tenth" level, or ostensibly the most elite level of cards.  I know they said that there were programming annoyances with it, and no one liked it anyway.  This has to be a site error right?  I don't need to figure out where to slide silvers into my deck again do I?

All in all, I Like most of the new layout of the site and game board.  It still feels a little weird at times, but I think it is overall an upgrade.

see below

However, I have a gripe with the new automatch board.  The "wait for expansions" button disappeared, unless I have gone insane and just don't see it/they moved it somewhere else.   I actually enjoyed the "waiting for expansion" 5-20 minute block of time and only dropped my multi-year subscription to stop playing so much dominion and sneak in some work while I was waiting for matches. Frankly, after so many years I am just tired of base and would rather wait until another user with a subscription is needing someone to play than repeatedly get in base games hoping to maybe match someone with expansions. This has also led to a ton of people who "expansion hunt" where they sign up for a game and if it isn't they just bail.  I've had times where this will happen like 5-6 times in a row. It's kind of annoying.

Here's hoping they bring it back.

Dominion General Discussion / why is the site down?
« on: January 27, 2022, 08:32:51 pm »
Been down for almost a day... Is this planned?  Going through withdrawal.
 Need my fix...

Anyone who has played with me has probably heard me throw in my philosophical opinions of certain aspects of dominions that I don't Like.  My most frequent is that I kind of hate Black Market and tournament because I find them fundamentally unfair.  The swings are so great with the prizes in Tournament that games are often almost over based on who gets the prize that is most useful in that particular kingdom (ie it lacks, actions, curses, buys, etc).  Same with Black market.  I once got a Fortune on t5.  That game was already over. Or a wall game where one person gets chapel and the other doesn't.  That game is essentially already over.  Because the uniqueness of the cards creates a wild imbalance.  IRL I rectified this by playing "Honkeyfresh's Black AF market" where I set up BM the same, but make TWO decks. One for each.  Then it truly is an easter egg game, where you start seeing cards appear in the other player's deck and get excited knowing what possibilities are out there.  I've also done this with tourney, but the prizes were just defaced coppersmiths that I turned into "Honkeyfresh's  Tourney for Two".  It is SOOOO much more fun and allows you to build the prizes to make a sweet engine, not by saying what do I have to get so that the other player doesn't first.  It would b really neat if somehow this tweak was added to the non rated games section to where you could play with two BM decks/prize piles, as it makes for a really fun, and eminently fairer game.

And many other times i will lament that this deck lacks "actions/buys/trashing/whatever it is".  But what if that could be changed?

We already have have the beginnings of this in the "add kingdom cards" section where you can pick what particular cards you want to be in the deck for non rated games.  What I envision would be options added to the set up area where you could check whichever of these boxes you wanted to be included in the game.

+action, +buy, attack, ensure trashing, guarantee +potion.

And the generator would just make sure that in the 10 cards that each of the conditions requested is met.  You could also do the reverse, as some people really don't like playing with attacks for eg, though i guess for practice for certain other times you could las set a dek to lack + buys, or + actions too.  The point is that you get to essentially set up a deck that you theoretically would have the most fun playing, without actually handpicking the cards each time to fit those parameters.


Rules Questions / Can you add villagers when playing a diadem?
« on: December 04, 2020, 02:33:58 pm »
Just randomly occurred to me.  Would take to long to try and have this happen in a game vs lord rattington.  Anyone know?

Dominion General Discussion / Can we get a play all supplies button?
« on: December 01, 2020, 10:54:57 pm »
Especially when people stack these all the time, it really slows the game to play them individually one at a time.

Oh and it's undervalued too.  Like it's better than silver. Probably should cost 3 too.

Dominion General Discussion / So we have some computer hackers here...
« on: November 14, 2020, 12:22:06 am »
I want to Know which one of you was responsible for THIS!

and buy you a Beer   8)

Dominion General Discussion / Comedic Easter Egg for dominion
« on: October 24, 2020, 04:33:08 pm »
Was playing a Bandit fort game where I played a Fortune Teller that led to a huge card discard.  I wanted to count the cards so I looked back at the text and saw this little gem.  Well played.  ;)  Are there more of these that I have never seen before?


Dominion General Discussion / game lag? might be corona overload?
« on: March 28, 2020, 10:15:57 pm »
anyone else notice the games been lagging bad for the last hour?  :'(

I mean it's been smooth for the last week or so even w corona, might be some weird issue?  i dunno.  Figured I'd ask.


Ok first off academy is insane. :o the ability to literally never run out of actions.   ;D Should probably be a 7 cost project really, maybe even worth like 12  in any deck with good terminal draw. Academy being on the board means if your strategy doesn't involve an engine drawing 15+ cards and getting at least 16/two provies you almost have no shot to win absent bizarrely cruel shuffle luck..(although recently academy allowed me to get to 28+ getting  2 dominates in one turn  8) )

But in what world would the project that costs one more than academy, only provide one action per turn.  Like literally somehow one guaranteed action per turn costs more than the ability to never run out of actions (assuming you get academy early, it would be possible to run out of actions if you got academy late, but unless it was SUPER late/there were literally zero +1 action academy helpers etc you would almost have to try to construct a deck that could so so a la the Dominion Puzzles threads.)
Honestly I think barracks should be like a 5 or really even a four cost project a la fair.  In fact given the option (which i don't think you can b/c I've never seen two projects in one deck) I'd usually buy fair over barracks (even if they both theoretically were the same cost) as buys are so sorely lacking on more boards than actions are.

Random stream of consciousness/rant but i just don't get the is one at at all.

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