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Sorry once again for the delay in judging. 

Thank you all for your patience and your submissions.  I am posting the winner/runners-up below along with my comments, but I will try to provide feedback on the remaining submissions this weekend or sometime next week.

Are we going to get feedback on the other cards?

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Fan Card Mechanics Week 15: Level Up
« on: July 17, 2021, 11:55:44 pm »
Here's my submission (there are 20 cards in this pile):

Kind of like an experiment but it can get better (costs more though). I think this is a good use of levels bc it's not overpowered if you level up too much (drawing your deck isn't really that crazy).

I think in the future, if something like this comes up, the runner up from the previous week should take over as judge. I'm not such a fan of doing it by popular vote bc there might be some bias.

One problem with that, though, is that the runner up from the previous week could have a submission to the current contest. I don't think it's a great idea to have a contestant also be judging.

Obviously he/she wouldn't give feedback on their own card, and wouldn't count it in the winners and runners up. Not perfect, but I think it's better than voting. At least this way we get feedback. With voting you have all the problems that come with voting (spoilers, strategic voting, etc.) and you have people in the running having an impact (through their vote) on who wins.

I think in the future, if something like this comes up, the runner up from the previous week should take over as judge. I'm not such a fan of doing it by popular vote bc there might be some bias.

*I've been going back and forth on this.  Should I specify a Shelter to be replaced, or leave it as is?

I would go even further and allow them to replace any card in their deck. Most of the time it will be shelter or estate anyway, and it won't have any problems if the game evolves and Donald decides to make a new mechanic that allows you to start with no estates or shelters.

I'm impatient to find out the correct color, so I'm just gonna post this. Oh well, this week's competition will be colorful.
This is one I had made a little while ago (don't know if I ever posted it).
You can only buy the most expensive if you have the cheapest card in play.

I realize that this card as is has 2 problems
1) The luck card could be a card that can't normally be in play during your buy phase (night or victory cards)
2) The rare card and the luck card could be the same (e.g. engineer if there are no other debt cards)

To fix this, I've made some small revisions (they must be different and the luck card must be an action or treasure):

Looking at some of the submissions so far, it does seem a bit difficult to design an Edict that wouldn't be better served as a Project or Event (or at least couldn't easily be turned into one):
* Haggling, with its overpay, is effectively an opportunity cost like an Event (though the recommended change by grrgrrgrr doesn't fully capture the original design intent, but it could be modified a bit).
* Smelting could very easily be a Project (even a 0-cost one, but could also probably work at $2 or $3).
* Progress, being optional, could also be a Project.
The opportunity cost to turn an Edict into a 0-cost Project is one missed Buy, which is very minimal.

I disagree with this. First, I don't think a Project should ever cost $0 (or, to put it another way, I think a $0 Project is as much a departure from the official game as an Edict). It's no accident that there are no $0 Projects (as opposed to Events, which had $0 costs from their introduction in Adventures). Indeed, not only are there no $0 Projects, there are none costing less than $3, meaning you are always giving up not just a buy, but the buying of at least a Silver. This also means that on a $5/$2 open you cannot just get the Project with your otherwise (often) wasted $2 buy. The only way doing 

With these specific Edicts, Smelting definitely could not be $0 (or even $1 or $2). It would obviously not need to be $6, and $5 is also probably too high, but I'm not certain that it should cost less than Fair (in most games, there is a very strong correlation between playing Golds and wanting extra Buys, and the potential for additional buys to help you get a 3-pile end is not nothing). With Progress, the option to use it on one or both of your opening buys (by opening Silver - Tunnel, for example) is an important part of the Edict's design, which is lost if it is a Project.
Smelting could be an event costing $0 that says, once per turn: +1 buy, +1 buy per gold you have in play.

Though at that point I'd say it'd be simpler just to have it as edict.

I'm impatient to find out the correct color, so I'm just gonna post this. Oh well, this week's competition will be colorful.
This is one I had made a little while ago (don't know if I ever posted it).
You can only buy the most expensive if you have the cheapest card in play.

Previous version

Edit: Made some minor changes to fix some problems.

Looks like I used pink with a gold border for Edicts.

Do you have the numbers still?

i think your judging was good naitchman.

That's good to know. I wasn't certain because I wrote it at 2am.

Results came earlier than expected. Comments have been added to my previous post. Comments are just my opinion and could be wrong. I'm just going based on my gut.

I just want to say, there were a lot of good cards this week. Kudos to everyone who participated.


Honorable Mentions:
Nightmare by grep
Umarell by spineflu
Misfit by NoMoreFun
Night Preacher by Xen3k
Respite/ Nepenthe by emtzalex
Midas's Touch by anordinaryman

Runner Up:
Monarchy by X-tra

Weaponsmith by MochaMoko

Submissions are Closed!

24 Hour Warning!

Get your submissions in now. Here is what I have so far (will add comments later). Please make sure that your submission is there and that it is up to date. Just as a heads up, I know I am going to be a bit busy. I will try to get to this ASAP, but this might take a couple of days.

Ruby by mandioca15
(Treasure, $4)
When you gain or trash this, you may play an Action card from your hand.
A silver, with a little extra boost when you gain or trash it. Nothing flashy, but I think it's a nice and balanced card.
Nightmare by grep

The only entry that allows curses to be played. I think this has some interesting interactions. It doles out curses, but it doesn’t clog the deck as well. They can use the curse they just got to get some draw later. So it still clogs the deck, but not as much as a normal curse. And even after the curses are gone, you can use your own nightmare to make your curses horse gainers (but then you allow your opponent to do that too). Definitely an interesting one.
Tenancy by Kingreaper

As pointed out there is this kind of dilemma with pricing. The final version seems a bit weak for its price. I'm sure there are games where it will be worth it, but you need to buy this at least twice (and then buy some estates) to really make it worthwhile, and at that point I'd have to consider the opportunity cost of 2 $6 turns.
Interpreter by kru5h

It has some potential, but I think this is a bit too strong. Even  a single interperter makes a whole turn very different. Most engines have some sort of virtual currency (and this card provides a way to get coin midturn as well). If all coins can now be used as actions, it makes it a lot easier to not have to worry about terminal collision. I think a more balanced fix might take off the bottom part, and allow you to convert coin to action when you play it, not during the whole turn.
Umarell by spineflu

The card is pretty straightforward. I like the interaction. If you can't pull it off, it's somewhat weak for a $5. If you can, it's pretty good. I like how just the presence of this card in my opponents deck might make me careful in keeping my handsize low (playing actions in the right order).
Misfit by NoMoreFun
Night - $4
Gain a card costing up to $4. If it's an Action, you may play it.
This compares well to Ironworks. They both don’t take actions if you use it to get an action (which is what you'll usually get with <$4). This doesn't get you any +$1 or +Card for treasures or victory cards (or more for dual types), but it allows you to play the actions you get. How useful an action is in your night phase, depends on the action card. Overall I think it's good
Wanderer/ Boomerang by Aquila

Kind of reminds me of vassal or herald. Has some interesting choices, especially with the opening. Do I play a boomerang by itself and risk my opponent stealing my boomerang from the trash? I think the interaction overall is ok, but I think it suffers from the fact that all of your wanderers depend so much on one card (presuming you don't steal one from someone else). It seems it will be very swingy. If I start my turn with a boomerang, my wanderers will be pretty strong; if my boomerang is at the bottom of my deck, I won't get to use my wanderers to their full potential. Worse if I trash my boomerang and my opponent takes it, his wanderers are better and my wanderers are weak. Even if you're careful to not trash your boomerang, with swindler this can be annoying if your opponent trashes your boomerang and then steals it.
Weaponsmith by MochaMoko

I've always liked fortress, and I think this a good addition. It's not too similar, but it's got the same flavor. I really like it.
Mad Hatter by mxdata

Tresure token seems like the more common route. It seems similar to lost arts, but obviously playing actions during your action phase works better than playing them during your buy phase. I like capitalism, so I like this card as well. It doesn't work for as many cards but at least you get to choose. I think anordinaoryman's Midas's Touch had a good idea of preventing you from putting this on provinces so you can't use mint or hero to gain provinces too easily. Either way the fact that there are interesting combos that you mentioned (like spice merchant) makes this a nice card.
Monarchy by X-tra

I think you said it well yourself; this is the missing link. The game of dominion is now complete. :) It fits very well into the cards that already exist.
Politician by Chappy7

It's pretty simple in a normal game. The more victory cards you can play with these, the better they become. In games with action-victory cards they become even stronger. I can my windmills first so that all of my politicians are stronger, or I can use my politician to play my windmill, saving me an action. My gut tells me that this is too cheap for what it can do (even in a game without action-victory cards). With enough of these, they can become a strong draw engine by themselves.
Gaulish Village by Timinou

A village that lets you make use of that potion card clogging deck (or not clogging your deck if you're still using it). I feel like ghalish village and potion combo could be too strong (if it lines up), and at the same time, too swingy. I need those potions to line up with my GV.
Lender/ Repository by mathdude

Pretty straightforward. Repository makes lender worthwhile (without it, lender seems weak). It think the pile is good.
Night Preacher by Xen3k

I think this a well balanced card. Can be used to defend against junkers, and can also let you get gained cards immediately. I like this one.
Recruits by DunnoItAll

My instinct tells me this is too strong. Villagers are pretty powerful, but this $4 card could get you a ton to last you for a pretty long time. Two silvers would get you 4 villagers which can make your engine run way more smooth. Even 2 coppers can be a pretty big help.
Respite/ Nepenthe by emtzalex

I like the way these cards synergize. Respite will be a bit rough before you get to the bottom of the pile, but I think that's fine. Overall good.
Sandwich Shop by majiponi
cost $2 - Action - Reaction
+1 Action
+1 Buy
Take an extra buy phase immediately.
When another player plays an Attack card, you may first play this from your hand.
I think this price is about right. Not a game changer, but it can be used for good effect.
Aqua Vitae by The Alchemist

This seems strong. Even a single copper turns this into a market. 2 coppers make this better than a grand market. That's just my feeling.
Burial Mound by faust

This card will usually have an upper limit on how much it can be worth (5vp). In most games it will probably be worth less (if some of the kingdom cards are non-actions, or not all kingdom cards are trashed). Considering how much it will be worth and how much effort you have to put in to making it worth vp, it seems like I would normally skip on it, even with the benfit of replaying actions.
Foreign Market by spheremonk

I like black market, but this rubs me the wrong way. First player will have a huge advantage if there's a coveted card to get. At least with black market you always have a chance of getting something worthwhile. And very quickly there won't be anything worth getting on the Foreign Market mat which will makes this card a terminal silver. If I get this to race to get a certain card and lose, it will be a huge setback. Besides, I think this makes AP more common since I'm looking at buying 12+10 different cards than just BM's 3+10.
Pillager by Shael

Similar to coven in a way. The reaction will most likely be triggered on provinces bc there aren't a lot of cards that are more than $6. I'd like it if it was cheaper. $6 just seems way too much for this. Compare this to cultist (only $5) which can quickly overun your opponents deck (rather thn exiling ruins) and get you draw.
Home Guard/ Cover of Darkness by Mahowrath

Cover of darkness seems a bit cheap for what it's doing (considering you can get $1 for all your unplayed cards). Home guard seems ok, but I don't think I'd ever buy more than one or two so I wonder if you'd ever get down to CoD. Irregardless of all this, I fail to see how this abides by the rules of the contest. I said that the start of your turn is considered your action phase for the purpose of this contest. The only way to play an unusually timed card is with an attack-treasure or an attack-night card (which is not that common). I'm sorry I didn't disqualify this before, but it was at the end of the contest, and I just noticed this while judging.
Prosperctor by fika monster

This seems too weak. If I use this on a copper, this is basically +$2 and give everyone a copper, which is weak compared to other junkers. If I use it on other treasures, I'm helping my opponents.
Midas's Touch by anordinaryman

I think this a slightly better version of mxdata's mad hatter. You took care of the province problem, and I think $4 is probably a little more balanced even if the action token isn't used on the rare token it would be helpful. Very good.


Aqua Vitae:
Similar to Apothecary, allows for playing Potions and Coppers in the Action phase, and makes engines with little Copper thinning or DtX engines with potion cards a lot more viable. The and/or means to play up to 3 cards, of which either could be a Copper or Potion. Name and theme based off a similar card by eHalcyon.

Just to clarify, do you get the value of the card in addition to the +$1/+buy? For example, if I play a potion and choose +buy, do I get a potion and a +buy?

I am not disqualifying this card (yet). I am on the border at the moment. I am going to let you state your case if you'd like.
One of the rules was "It is ok if it requires a little support provided the support is common in games"
I did a couple randomized sets and got 3/10 that had a way to trash outside of your action phase. So I am somewhat leaning to disqualify this.

This is a fair point. Village Green's activation effect has plenty of triggers out of your Action phase, though its more common functionality is still during Action phase. Weaponsmith's cases out of Action phase feel much more edgy. Buy phase trashing is not very common, though they exist. (Buy phase discarding is also not too common, but) Trashing attacks are also (thankfully) few and far between, unlike discard attacks.

I think this card is narrow enough to be considered for disqualification, but it's, like you said, on the border. I will keep it out here, though, until I can think up of a card that more easily fits into the criteria.

I've thought about it, and because it's on the border, I'm going to err on the side of leniency. I'd rather keep the contest fun then be overly nitpicky (and as emtzalex pointed out, there seems to be more ways to trash it outside your action phase that I've missed). I won't detract any judging points bc it's on the border; I'll judge it for what it is.


Quote from: MochaMoko
④ Action - Duration
+2 Cards
At the start of your
next turn, +1 Card.
When you trash this, set it
aside. If you did, play it.

A very simple draw card. Unlike Fortress, this goes bye-bye from hand and so can't be trashed multiple times easily. There are still plenty of tricks to do! And hey, who doesn't like draw.

I am not disqualifying this card (yet). I am on the border at the moment. I am going to let you state your case if you'd like.
One of the rules was "It is ok if it requires a little support provided the support is common in games"

The number of ways to trash an action, not during your own action phase is relatively low. Here are the cards I've found (I may have missed a few):
giant warrior

(note that 2 of them are hexes which means they won't come up that often even in games using them)
I did a couple randomized sets and got 3/10 that had a way to trash outside of your action phase. So I am somewhat leaning to disqualify this.

Naitchman: Does cards that returns you to a different phase count?

Villa would not count since actions are still being played in the action phase, treasures are still being played in the treasure phase etc.

Weekly Design Contest 117: In the wrong place at the wrong time

This week's challenge is to create a card or card shaped thing that allows players to play cards during non normal times. Any of the following will work:
•Playing non actions during the action phase (for these purposes, the start of your turn is considered your action phase)
•Playing non treasures during the buy phase
•Playing non night cards during the night phase
•Playing cards that normally can't be played at all (such as curses or victory cards)
•Playing cards during other players turns
•Something else that allows cards to be played at a unique time

1) It can be used to play itself at a unique time (such as caravan guard) or to play another card at a unique time (such as black market).
2) The card must actually be played not used (so noble brigand and reserve cards don't count).
3) It is ok if it requires a little support provided the support is common in games. So village green is ok, even though you need some way to discard it since it is relatively common.
4) A card like Capitalism or Inheritance is good even though the card you're now playing is a treasure (in the case of capitalism) or an action (in the case of inheritance) since the card is not normally an action/treasure.

Here is a list of all the cards I found that use this (Feel free to point out the ones I missed):
Caravan Guard
Black Market
Black Cat
Village Green
(Most of from the later expansions, especially Menagerie)

Judging will be based on how interesting, fun, and balanced the card is. Have fun!

I will post a 24 hour warning.

Feel free to ask any questions, and I will try to clarify.

Thanks. I'll try to make a post later today.

I agree with the suggestion of making these dual-type cards, unless there is a compelling reason to have an entirely separate card type.  It could allow for some cool (or unintended) interactions with Storyteller, Black Market, Crown, etc.

I think this mechanic is interesting, but I echo this sentiment as well. In fact, I would go for the following approach.
  • The Supplier is a subtype of any type of card that can be in play during the Buy phase. The Supplier type has no say in when the card is playable. (so a Night/Duration/Supplier card would be possible if you are bold)
  • The purchasing options are available during your buy phase if and only if the card is in play. (so for a Night/Duration/Supplier card, the options are available next turn)

I second this.

Here's my submission:

(Sinister plot is unique in that it's the only cards where you put coin tokens on.) Takes a little time but you can get a couple free cards to hand with it. Also gives you some flexibility at the start of your turn.

Are you supposed to be able to remove tokens other players put on it? If not, it should say "remove any number of your tokens here..." (See Sinister Plot's wording)

good point. I'll update it.

Here's my submission:

(Sinister plot is unique in that it's the only cards where you put coin tokens on.) Takes a little time but you can get a couple free cards to hand with it. Also gives you some flexibility at the start of your turn.

Here's my submission:

As a last resort, you can scrap your hand for another card. You can do it multiple times a turn if you'd like. Good if you've got a handful of victory cards and curses, or if you'd like to risk your hand for a low chance at something better.

Here are some ideas I had but scrapped:


Payoff - Act
Once per turn, take up to 6 Debt. Choose a different thing per 2 Debt taken: +1 Card; +2 Actions; gain a Silver; gain a Horse; trash a card from your hand.

I wanted to try a once a turn multi-choice Act that uses Debt to balance the benefits. Intended to mainly act as a way to gamble to save a turn or go into debt to invest in the future. Not sure if the cost is too steep. or not. Had it at a different choice for each 1 Debt taken, but didn't think it had a big enough of an impact on a turn. Feedback is appreciated.

Lol! We literally used the exact same image! (and cropped it similarly)

I have two comments on the mechanic.

1) Why limit it to once per turn? Can't you do it like events, where the default is as many times as you'd like unless specified (e.g. mission, borrow etc.). That would allow for more possibilities.

2) If you do have a once per turn action, it doesn't need to be nerfed or weaker than ways. Everyone can play it equally and it won't make the action cards obsolete since it can only be used once per turn. This is similar to Herilooms that make the game easier or harder for everyone.

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