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Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Enlightenment
« on: September 27, 2023, 01:29:41 pm »
Wreath is anything but overpowered. It is slightly weaker than Nobles and would likely we totally OK at $5.

Holy Water is far too smilar to Rope and obviously a $4. Leaven, another similar card, is also a $4.

Barrow and Equestrian are quite cool. At the risk of sounding harsh, they are the only interesting cards amongst the bunch.

I don't get Bonds. The notion that this provides game control is pretty weird. You want a thin deck no matter what.

I don't get Marsh either. Gardens already exists, no reason to create a variant.

Ascetic is super weak. Compare with Villa. Spending Coins for Actions could be a thing but not in this very implementation.

Tacking a VP onto Pouch is too vanilla for my taste.

Except for the reaction, Choir is strictly weaker than Market (and far too smilar).

Man of the Cloth does not work. There exist two official $7 trashers that do something significant at this price point. Why do you put 2VPs on a $4.5 card that you want as early as possible?

Bonds Market, again weird. Lab is stronger than Market so you never ever want this and with Militias it is too automatic. Council Room is at least terminal so that you have to work for the Council Room / Militia combo.

Scoffer, just no. Even with decent trashing the self-junking normally more than over-compensates (you literally need out of hand cantrip trashing, i.e. Sentry, for it not to) for the Lab.

Why Wineskin? I just by one copy. No strategy involved at all.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #199: Composition in Blue
« on: September 25, 2023, 02:04:20 pm »
Looks balanced. Haunted Mill provides a net draw of 4 but given that you need one copy of Sepulcher to deal with the Ruins and that the Ruins is itself dead you only net draw 2 which is the effect of Village+Smithy. Relative to Village+Smithy you get an additional Villager (gotta spent one to play Haunted Mill) plus the extra consistency of Villagers.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Revised versions of published cards
« on: September 23, 2023, 04:08:51 pm »
Converting non-terminal into terminal draw is a huge change.

Shortcut by krush
This likely makes money more viable with the basic non-mirror-anti-engine strategy being: get an early Province while the other dudes are still building up, then trigger Shortcut knowing that they cannot hit $8.
So while this looks simple and straightforward on the surface there is more depth as it leads to a nice meta.

Crowded Village by NoMoreFun
I most like that this is a $3 and not a $4 Village variant. In a 2P game this is fine, when there is an even split and the players are able to draw their entire deck they can trigger the game end whenever they like.
I dislike that this scales badly and is basically just Village in 3P.

Circus Maximus by LTaco
I don't get this. You need a lot of turns with several shuffles which is only possible in a draw engine with discarding. Even then, it seems unlikely that the extra shuffles compensate for the non-shuffle turns.

Eye for an Eye by grep
Man, this is cool on so many levels. Compensates against Cursers, keeps whoever got lucky and got a Curser early in check and last but not least there is the Ambassador-like (there is no to-and-fro thou) minigame. Like with Ambassador it could situationally make sense to buy a Curse just in order to spread it around.

Federation by Will(ow|iam)
This leads to a horrible endgame slog as you always want to get Provinces, then Estates (more Coin-VP efficient) and then Duchies. In all games. No three piles anymore or whatever, just Provinces-Estates-Duchies in all games. Nah.

Lost Empire by JW
There is no price so I guess it is supposed to cost $8 like Enclave. Obviously a monster splitter is better in an engine than the Golds from Enclave. But precisely because they are monster splitters the marginal benefit of each extra monster splitter is small, so you have no incentive to empty the pile and there is an anti-synergy with the "counts as two piles" thingy.

Great Library & Lost Book by Ethan

Except for not scaling well in multiplayer this minigame is really cool.

Traveller line by fika monster
Little Picker is fine, weakish $2 as starting point.
Collector is easily my favourite here. Vanilla-wise it is a Worker's Village with the Flagship-like can-trigger-later aspect. The type thing is kinda weird though (you know that Travllers above the $2 are exchanged into and not gained, right?)
Marked has been described as overpowered by other posters but you might very well have to trash good stuff which is probably the idea here, to kick start Garbage Lord.
I assume that Machinator works not as written but with the extra play you described. Trash + TR/KC from discard is pretty wild and totally OK for the $5 in a Traveller line
You made a wise decision to give Garbage Lord decent vanillas. The Coin treshold has to be large enough to not make Garbage Lord too centralizing but $30 seems excessive. Unless there is TfB like Remodel (Golds) or Forge/Salvager (Provinces) I don't see how expensive stuff lands in the trash. If Marked makes you trash good stuff, you want to trash Silvers or whatever.
Then again you can set up a megaturn in which you use Marked and Machinator to get expensive stuff into the trash in this very last turn.

I gotta be honest: I am not the hugest fan of this idea and somehow not totally convinced but man, this is incredibly hard to judge and the idea is very creative.

Check by Augie
Simple and good. I did not expect to see a decent extra turn concept but this is a fine middlegame Event for building up.

Door to the Land of the Dead by LibraryAdventurer
So this converts 2 buys and 8C+6D into 7VPs. One extra VP relative to Province+Lab with a similar cost. But whereas the latter empties two piles, this does not.

Reserve Army by Roving Bear
This is too good. The vanillas are fine and e.g. better than Merchant Ship (which says little given how weak Merchant Ship is).
Play-wise we know from Search that it is not that horrible to play one-shot terminal Silvers.
Then this gives you great endgame control and does not work well in multiplayer.

Prestige by Aquilla
This is brilliant. Majority for VPs is not novel but combined with a mandatory endgame trigger this converts a straightforward majority mechanic into something sublime.
The numbers might need some work though. With 24VPs as a benchmark from an even Province split, Prestige only creates a VP delta of 4. That it likely not enough.

Golden City by BryGuy
Vanilla-wise it is Fugitive+Village so a $4.5-$5.
The most obvious sin is that this an engine card that self-junks you with yellow.
Then there the pile thingy which is unlikely to even do something (the card won't see 30 plays).

Valley by AJL828
This feels like it hits a sweet spot concerning how easy/difficult it is to trigger the alt game ending condition.
I also like the engine synergy. You want to play an engine more with more green in the Kingdom and the engine makes it more likely that you draw 5 different Green.

Disjointed City by SignError
This is such a great City variant but it is marred by the endgame slog. So with some slight rework this could become a fantastic card.

Runner-Up: The funky Traveller line by fika monster which wants to kill the expensive stuff, Aquila's Prestige concept with some possible implementations that makes you want to invent a zillion cards with this mechanic and AJL8282's Valley that is much more than vanilla 4VP for $6 green.

Winner: Prestige by Aquila

Guess I am gonna judge im about 10h or so. If you still have ideas, feel free to post them. I will refresh the browser before I post the judgement, so last minutes ideas are fine.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Kru5h's card ideas
« on: September 17, 2023, 02:20:43 am »
This is strictly better than Witch.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Kru5h's card ideas
« on: September 16, 2023, 02:15:51 pm »
It is mandatory and not optional.

If anything goes, will a mechanic be allowed?

Prestige mat
(Picture is a track from 0-15 that a coin token moves along. +1 Prestige is moving the token along once.)
When any player gets 15 Prestige, the game ends at the end of the turn. When scoring, if you have the most Prestige or tied, +1VP per 3VP you have; or second most or tied, +1VP per 5VP you have (round down).
Prestige multiplies the total VP you have, so ideally you get a bit of both to do well. Players compete to get the most Prestige, but to avoid the endless game scenario the end condition has to be there. Sometimes a fast Prestige race might win, other times the classic Province pile-out might. The kingdom will determine...

...and I guess I need to put some sample cards together:
Painter - Action, $4 cost.
+ $1
+1 Prestige

You may trash this for +1 Prestige.
Concert - Event, $4 cost.
Take the Baton.
Baton - Artifact
At the start of Clean-up, +1 Prestige.
Engraver - Action, $3 cost.
Choose one: trash a card from your hand; or +1 Prestige per differently named card you've trashed this turn.
Cards could get more creative than this. If just one card should be selected for judging, rather than the mechanic, I will choose Painter.
Yes, this is totally fine.

You might wanna clarify the timing windows of the reveal trigger.

Design something* that either provides a new endgame trigger besides or instead of the normal two (3 piles, Provinces) or a new winning condition besides or instead of Victory points.

* - No restriction, so card, landscape, split pile, Traveller line, anything goes.

Looks a bit too strong compared to Expedition.

Should be simple enough via a token, e.g. a Project cube.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Kru5h's card ideas
« on: September 03, 2023, 01:30:16 pm »
How about making it able to play Treasure? Then it combines a weaker King's Court and a weaker King's Cache.
And there should be a non-Duration clause.

The problem with playing Treasures is that it wouldn't require an Action to play a Treasure. So instead of it becoming a weaker King's Cache, it actually becomes stronger, because now you can double-play Spoils without moving them back to the Supply.
I am not a fan of adding the ability to also play Treasures.; that is messy for several reasons and likely makes the card too good.
But if the card remains an Action (and does not become an Action-Treasure like Crown) you do very well have to spend an Action to KC the Treasure, just like with Specialist. So it is not clear what is better, the wasted Action or the KCing of the Treasure.

Mixing Bowl
$4  Event
+1 Buy
Rotate all Kingdom piles twice.
Each player who does not discard a card rotates their deck twice. If all other players discard a card, +1 Card.
+1 Villager
This could be useful in a Kingdom where there are at least one split pile or where opponent's strategy replies upon ordering thier deck.  :)
What is the point of drawing while buying? This only matters with Villa, Cavalry and Launch.

Looks pretty automatic (and auto-win-ish) in 3/4 and 5/2.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Fika monsters Dominion fan cards
« on: September 01, 2023, 12:54:51 pm »
This is too text intensive. I suggest to just restrict it to gain a Duchy, Duchies are Thrones, Duchies can Throne anything. Two nerfs and one buff, less text.

Ghoul gives you the option to play a Zombie twice and a Thrones Zombie Spy is strictly better than Lost City.
So you can safely rund two copies given that that first copy you play each turn is always at least a Lost City+ and the second copy you play each turn is a this turn Barge.

Rules Questions / Re: Renaissance: Scholar with Flag
« on: August 29, 2023, 12:50:10 pm »
You were right. Flag only triggers when you draw for the next turn in Clean-up.

I think that this is too good. The first one is better than Lost City (Spy plus the flexiblity of other options) and the second one is Barge.
So you can safely add at least 2 copies to any deck.

Looks like a massively nerfed IGG.

After you have played a Brother, you may play a Sister from your hand, and vice versa.

I would not call it a Villa effect as you don’t get a free Action and teleportation back to your Action phase. But you can of course exchange a Silver for a DoubleNecro before you play your Smithy.

When scoring, 4VP per brother or sister you have, whichever is fewer (if it's a tie, count either).
A shorter text which is functionally the same would be: „When scoring, 4 VP per pair of Brother and Sister you have.“

I really like this but fear that it might be too good (of course you can always argue that power level is not that relevant in the case of Ways).
It is better than Sheep as it grants 3 Coins as well as access to two otherwise unavailable cards.
It is worse than Sheep as you can only use the Coins for buying these very two cards.

I feel like it falls into the Shaman or Baker category where the "Setup"/"In Games Using This" clause is more important than the effect. There's always a chance that it just kills at least one of the piles because you don't want to be using a terminal action to play it.
You cannot separate the setup and play effect unless Potion is in the Kingdom.

I really like this but fear that it might be too good (of course you can always argue that power level is not that relevant in the case of Ways).
It is better than Sheep as it grants 3 Coins as well as access to two otherwise unavailable cards.
It is worse than Sheep as you can only use the Coins for buying these very two cards.

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