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Advertisements / SEEKING: Dominion Update Pack
« on: September 16, 2019, 01:37:01 am »
I missed the boat on this, apparently. Intrigue Updates are easy enough to find, still (I just ordered one for below MSRP!), but the base game cards… NOTSOMUCH.

If anyone has a spare set of the base game update that they don't suspect they'll use, drop me a line, I'd love to grab a copy for a semi-reasonable price.

Hey Gang, just Necropolis-ing my old thread here… there are two new episodes in the This Is Not In The Supply podcast feed. The Empires previews inspired Dan and I to come out of retirement to talk about VP tokens, Landmarks, Castles, and the like.

Shoutouts to LastFootnote, werothegreat, GendoIkari, and some of you other lovely nerds who get mentioned in the episodes. (Only in good ways, I swear!)

Thanks to those of you have already downloaded the episodes and have inexplicably kept us in your podcast app for the past year. Y'all's are great.


There's a new episode up for anyone who's interested. Dan and I discuss the remaining non-Traveller and non-Event cards. (We really like Distant Lands.)

We want to get some play throughs with the new cards before the next episode. Can't wait!

Duplicate isn't played out of turn. It's not the card referenced by that teaser.

EDIT: I'm listening to the podcast now. I'm enjoying it overall, although apparently theory previewed Transmogrify instead of me. This was disappointing to learn. :'(

Well, I'm happy to be wrong about Duplicate, but I'm sad to hear I attributed Transmogrify to theory. Bah. (I must have been looking at the author of the post on the front page… boo.) (I'll fix the podcast this weekend, LastFootnote.) (I already had to do some post-production re-recording on it anyway.) (We'll fix it in post.)

Give it a listen, these guys are really fun and I wish they'd do more Dominion podcasts.

Thanks for the kind words, jsh. I reference your Watchtower/Messenger combo in the podcast. Big fan.

Anyway, yes! New episode! I was waiting until the iTunes feed updated to post about it here. We recorded it on Saturday and it's already horribly out-of-date. The Events no longer have randomizer backs and we know that Duplicate is the card that can be played out of turn. But hey, it's still mostly relevant. Right? I hope.

We'll do another one of these for sure when the rest of the cards come out. It was fun to get back on the microphone. Thanks for listening, folks.

Dominion: Adventures Previews / Re: Preview: Storyteller
« on: March 30, 2015, 03:24:26 pm »
I still don't get it... :'(
What does "Pay all your $" mean?

Let's say I play a Treasury, then a Storyteller, and play a Venture (which drew a Gold) and a Bank as part of the storyteller. How many cards do I draw from the Storyteller?

The Treasury gave me +$1, the Storyteller gave me +$1, and the Venture gave me +$1, the Gold gave me +$3, and the Bank gave me +$3. That's a total of $9.

So I draw 9 cards, and have 11 in hand with 1 action left to play.

Does that example help?

(Edited to fix brain-fart over how much a Gold gave)

In that case, you get the 9 cards (to continue your action phase) but not the $9 for the buy phase, don't you?
That's the meaning of "Pay all you $"?

Correct. 'Pay' in this sense means spend/use/lose the $X you've accumulated thus far in the turn, and in exchange draw X cards. You now have an extra X cards, and $0.
I agree 'Pay' is a bit cryptic as it stands; I'm sure it's elaborated in the FAQ.

I hope it's elaborated upon. Intuitively "spend" would have been clearer than "pay" in my mind, but I'm guessing there's a reason it's "pay" we just don't know it yet.

Mini-Set Design Contest / Re: Fan Set Printable Card Sheets
« on: January 19, 2015, 06:44:04 pm »
Just bumping this ol' thread… if anyone has any cards completed (sounds like Auto-Destruct Sequence has a ton), post 'em here (or send them my way?). I'd love to pick up where this left off and finish the job.

(I made a Treasure Chest-like set back in the day, so this is a topic near and dear to my heart.)

p.s. Showdown35: that box art is amazing.

Hey all. I swear we're trying to do these podcasts faster, but life keeps getting the way.

Stupid life.

Anyway, episode 4 went live late last night. It features Dan and myself discussing Goko's full card list, pre-game Kingdom analyzation strategies, a random game rundown, and a recap of an interesting game Dan played recently. Check it out.

Per usual, you can subscribe, or download an MP3 version of this episode (does anyone do that?).

The iTunes feed is also fixed up if you're into that sort of thing, and if you were following us on twitter you would have already listened to the episode by now.

Thanks for listening, folks. The download numbers keep going up, which is crazy. Soon we'll be able to retire to a Province all our own.

Well, maybe more like a Duchy.

Possibly an Estate.

Let's be honest, it's gonna be a Curse.

Yikes… let me take a look. I had a little trouble uploading it, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised downloading is problematic.

(If you're using the link in the iTunes Store… please, uh, don't do that yet? Sorry, that feed still needs some work.)

Hey Gang. It's been a month, but we're back with another episode of the podcast. The podcast, which has a new name:

This Is Not In The Supply.

Fancy, right?

Anyway, this one is light on strategy and heavy on Dominion "news," which is unfortunate, because we recorded it a couple weeks ago. Yikes. But hey, we got it online with mere minutes left on the Dominion Storage Case project on Kickstarter that we talk about during the episode. So at least there's that.

As always, you can subscribe here, or download an MP3 version directly here.

We also now have a twitter account you can follow! How 2007 of us!

The next episode will come sooner rather than later. Promise.

Anyway, enjoy, and as always, feedback is appreciated.

General Discussion / Re: Star Trek
« on: June 20, 2013, 05:35:49 pm »
Also this thread explains why, when I wanted to get into TNG and started with Season 1 (I'm "one of those people"), I thought it sucked so hard I couldn't understand why anyone watched it ever. I guess I'll have to start with Season 3 someday.

I agree that if you're gonna watch TNG, you gotta take the good with the bad and watch all of it. But there's a reason Growing The Beard is named after Riker… season 1 is pretty rough. (And not just because of the dudes in skirts.) My friends and I sometimes refer to it as season 4 of The Original Series.

I love that Jay has trouble remembering what Kickstarter is called. Oh, Jay. I've never known what he looked/sounded like. Such a cool dude.

Hey everyone. Thanks for all your feedback on the first episode. I'm glad (and pleasantly surprised) so many people listened to it and enjoyed it.

I just posted episode two. Dan and I mixed it up a bit this time around by recapping an old isotropic game and discussing the five cards that Donald previewed from Guilds. I think it turned out pretty well... hopefully you think so too.

Additionally, we also made this an "enhanced" podcast with rotating album art, so you can see the cards we're talking about, as a few people here and on BGG said that would be helpful. We aim to please.

Anyway, you can subscribe to the podcast here, or, if you have trouble with that (or have trouble listening to the "enhanced" AAC file), you can download the MP3 version here.

Thanks again for all your feedback! We're still figuring out our target audience. I think a lot of the people on f.ds are way better than we are at Dominion, so it's tough to teach you guys anything, but at the very least I hope you find us entertaining.

General Discussion / Re: roguelike games
« on: June 06, 2013, 04:10:15 pm »
While maybe not a roguelike by the strictest definition, FTL is definitely roguelike-like.

Quote from:
FTL is a spaceship simulation roguelike-like. Its aim is to recreate the atmosphere of running a spaceship exploring the galaxy (like Firefly/Star Trek/BSG etc.) In any given episode of those classic shows, the captain is always yelling “Reroute power to shields!” or giving commands to the engineer now that their Warp Core is on fire. We wanted that experience, as opposed to the “dog fighting in space” that most videogames focus on. We wanted a game where we had to manage the crew, fix the engines, reroute power to shields, target the enemy life support, and then figure out how to repel the boarders that just transported over!

It's half off right now for $4.99, Mac/PC/Linux, and it would be a steal at quadruple the price. Highly recommended.

One of my friends and I thought it would be fun to do a Dominion podcast.

This was the result.

I think it turn out well enough. I imagine if we did more, we'd get better at it (fewer "ahhs" and "umms" and the like). And as I mentioned in the episode, we could maybe have special guests from the Dominion community to swing by and teach us a thing or two.

Here's a direct link to the MP3.

Or, if you'd prefer to "subscribe" in your podcast app, you can do that here. (There's no guarantee that link will continue to work if we decide to turn this into an ongoing thing.)

Anyway, it was fun, so if people like it, we'll probably do more.

Any feedback you have would be great. Ideas for new segments, critiques, criticisms, et cetera... input is appreciated.

Sidenote: we're not too keen on the "The Unofficial Dominion Podcast" name, so if you like the show and you have any ideas for a name, we're all ears on that front as well.

Other Games / Re: Recommended games
« on: April 05, 2013, 12:13:25 am »
In order of increasing complexity…

Hive is a brilliant abstract that's simultaneously simple and extremely complex.

Lost Cities is a nearly themeless card game with a surprising amount of depth for a game that is so easy to learn.

Bohnanza is also simple with some very unique mechanics.

Pandemic popularized cooperative games and is definitely worth studying, I think.

Finally, I haven't played Eclipse, but just by looking at photos and videos online, I can tell the way its designed visually and functionally, is super well-thought out. It conveys complex information in a simple manner. In the hands of a lesser designer, it could have been far more fiddly than it is.

Feedback / Re: Top 10 most respected!
« on: February 19, 2013, 09:14:48 pm »
I am still proud of my near 1-to-1 post-to-respect ratio.

(If two people could +1 this, that would be great.)

(But no one else!)

Dominion Articles / Re: The things we do to track - IRL
« on: January 27, 2013, 02:18:54 pm »
For durations, rotate the card horizontally at the start of the second turn; this was probably inspired by tapping of Magic cards.  For minions, rotate horizontally if the card is used for money.

Funny, my group plays them tapped, and then at the start of the second turn untaps them. Putting them out tapped helps remind you not to discard them during clean up.

General Discussion / Re: iOS / Android games
« on: November 06, 2012, 02:05:47 am »
I cannot recommend Hero Academy highly enough. It is easily my favorite iOS game and probably one of my favorite video games of all time. Rarely has a day gone by since its launch that I haven't played it.

The iOS version is free to download and comes with one team (of five, soon to be six). The Steam version is $5 and comes with two teams (including a team based on Team Fortress 2!) (yes, it's Valve-approved, that's how good this game is).

Hit me up in game (I'm stevezissou) and I'll show you the ropes.

Other Games / Re: Gauntlet of Fools: GenCon playtest report
« on: October 30, 2012, 01:58:19 pm »
I will post a secret history around when it comes out next month. I think the rulebook is online already.

October is quickly coming to a close… secret history, secret history?

I played a few games the other night any enjoyed it a great deal. I'd like to hear how it came to being. Particularly the boasting mechanic. I imagine you went through a ton of different boasts. (Virtually every adventurer in our games was hung over.)

Goko Dominion Online / Re: A Tiny Little Goko Rule Mistake
« on: October 18, 2012, 01:30:53 am »
Bug: Goko logs are still really hard to read compared to isotropic logs.

I gave you a double +1 for finding the secret bonus bug

Whenever I read one of these threads pointing out yet another glaring bug in Goko, I picture Jeff Bridges in the first Iron Man movie yelling at his underlings' inability to recreate the arc reactor: "TONY STARK BUILT THIS IN A CAVE!"


Seriously. One guy created an online implementation of Dominion in his free time far better than an entire team with millions of dollars behind them ever will. Sad.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Offer: I'll make card images
« on: June 22, 2012, 11:22:14 am »
I also have a template I used for my fan cards that I can share if anyone wants it. It's a super thorough template, it even has stuff that isn't on any official cards (+1 Potion, whaaaa?). And if you act now, I'll even throw in Trajan (the Dominion font) (and the movie font) for free!

The only downside is it's in Acorn format, which is a Mac image editor, and I feel like I'm surrounded by Windows dudes on this board. (Which is totally fine. I love you guys.)

Anyway yes. The Template. Ask for it by name.

Feedback / Re: Mafia
« on: May 17, 2012, 12:06:31 am »
So this discussion has made me realize I've been missing like, a ton of posts on f.ds.


But now I just noticed the "All Unread Topics" link on the bottom of the "Recent Unread Topics" page that links to "All Unread Topics" that has a ton of threads with new posts that I didn't know about.

I did this and I have 82 pages of unread topics. O.o

Wow. I have 6, and even I'm overwhelmed.

Feedback / Re: Mafia
« on: May 16, 2012, 06:32:26 pm »
So this discussion has made me realize I've been missing like, a ton of posts on f.ds.

I usually read from the "Show unread posts since last visit." link on the top of every page that goes to "Recent Unread Topics" which I assumed was just everything I haven't read.

But now I just noticed the "All Unread Topics" link on the bottom of the "Recent Unread Topics" page that links to "All Unread Topics" that has a ton of threads with new posts that I didn't know about.


Does anyone know what difference between "Recent Unread Topics" and "All Unread Topics" is? I'm on here all the damn time, so I would assume everything is "recent" but apparently not.

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