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General Discussion / Re: STAR WARS
« on: January 03, 2020, 10:08:24 pm »
In any event, "they filmed a bunch more with her and Leia" sounds like a cop-out or a pretext to me. If they wanted to include her, they could have written scenes that didn't involve an actress who died a year and a half before filming began.

I agree, considering how much CGI trickery they used for reshoots they definitely could have pulled something off. Did you see this twitter thread about how the ending was CGI? There's a bunch more stuff about how reshoots for the ending, Rey's hood being CGI on Ach-To, and changes in Kylo's death scene. They did all kinds of manipulation with this, that excuse doesn't hold up.

That the 3rd movie is frantically retconning elements of the 2nd movie, when they knew _before making the 1st_ that they would be making a trilogy, is pretty unforgivable. Though, to be fair, the OT was a little guilty of this too. (AFAIK, Leia being Luke's sister wasn't decided until writing ROTJ, and that revelation creates some internal consistency problems.)

Last Jedi deserves some shade too, it rewrote a lot of the major questions that VII had tried to set up. Even if IX had tried to continue what VIII set up (which I believe was definitely possible) it would have ended up making VII inconsistent with the rest of the trilogy. I know they didn't do it for the OT, but having a single creative team for all three would have been nice.

General Discussion / STAR WARS
« on: January 03, 2020, 11:22:37 am »
Preface: I don't know what to spoiler-tag, honestly so much of the plot points felt utterly inconsequential, and the biggest "spoilers" really happened in literally the first 5 minutes or were in the trailer.

I don't think that was an intentional joke though.
I lost it at the opening crawl. Holy crap was that a way to get Palpatine back. And then I got rewarded with Snokes in a Jar two minutes later. Beautiful. I found myself keeping track of all the stupid things that happened, here are some of my thoughts from watching:
  • Palpatine comes out of nowhere. What a huge plot point to introduce in the beginning.
  • Chewy on a second transport was a complete cop-out just for an emotional moment.
  • C-3PO's "death" was also just for an inconsequential emotional moment.
  • The Ach-To scene was extremely short and pretty useless, and definitely felt like another retcon of Luke.
  • Literally all the galaxy comes for Lando after nobody came for Leia in Ep VIII.
  • Beating Palpatine with two lightsabres.
Agree it was a complete mess of writing, but to me, more importantly, it was a massively incompetent trilogy. Characters come in and out of nowhere: Rose has more time in VIII than most of the new people from VII, then gets a minute in IX. Palpatine literally just appears. Maz Kanata never gets explained by the end, and it's unclear why she's even in IX. Oh, and I'm forgetting Captain Phasma too, who only existed for marketing purposes. The endless retcons: Rey's heritage going from "Who are her parents?" to "Her parent's don't matter!" to "...But her Grandparents do!". Snoke made the dyad, but Snoke was Palps, but Palps didn't know and the dyad still existed post-Snoke? There were so many great things about all the movies, but taken as a trilogy, they really feel like a joke to me.

Other Games / Re: Slay the Spire
« on: November 07, 2019, 06:49:50 pm »
Recently saw a Youtuber playing this, it reminded me it was on my wishlist. Watched a bit more and decided yep, I need this game.

Currently 0-1, so I'm doing well! But it's fun so whatever.

Same here, I saw some footage of it and instantly got hooked. I got 12 hours in over last weekend, mainly playing the silent.

General Discussion / Re: Movies: Any movie buffs?
« on: October 13, 2019, 09:26:20 pm »
So I just watched Joker yesterday, and a question has been bouncing in my head since then. Staying vague to avoid unmarked spoilers: does Arthur Fleck become the Joker by the end of the movie, or just turn into a vaguely Joker-like character? I’ve been leaning towards the later (or rather, he’s still missing something by the end of it), but I am also wondering if there’s a meaningful difference between the two. Thoughts?

Aren't all the Jokers "Joker-like characters" though? It's such an iconic character and there have been hundreds of different takes on him in movies, television, comic runs, etc. Is there even some baseline you can argue defines the joker anymore?

« on: June 24, 2019, 07:04:57 pm »
I've gotten a not-too-shabby 47 hours in over this past week. I've beaten the game on emperor difficulty twice, but have lost on immortal. It certainly drags in parts: the last 20-40 turns are usually just doing busywork while you wait for things to complete. So far my working strategy is early warmongering to expand your empire, then spam out Campuses and rush The Enlightenment for Rationalism. Once I have that in place I will start to make 300-400 science per turn, more than enough to catch up to and outpace the AIs. Two powerful industrial cities will help with spaceports and projects. This strategy would have worked on my immortal game, but I wasted crucial turns and production trying to take out France right as they got their unique unit out. If I had just switched into Science then I maybe could have won. Ah well, next turn.

« on: June 17, 2019, 05:00:35 pm »
So I splurged yesterday and got the base game since it was on sale on Humble Bundle, and I have to say, it's a lot more fun than I expected. After 100+ hours with Civ III & IV, Civ VI felt like a breath of fresh air. It's a lot more streamlined and has noticeable QoL improvements. I've heard people say that it feels a lot more "game-y" than the previous versions, and for me, that's a good thing. Civ IV, in particular, felt like it had so much going on (starting with BtS didn't help though to be fair) and it was hard to figure things out and actually improve. A few notable favourite additions in Civ VI are:
  • Military combat is a thousand times more fun, now that stacks of death are gone and ranged attacks are in. The focus on powerful singe units (love armies & corps) vs. droves of smaller ones means the same amount of strategy with less micromanaging. It's worth noting though that the AI doesn't seem as good at combat as before.
  • The culture tree and policies is a really fun mechanic! I also like how city growth has changed, and the new culture victory is so much better than before with a focus on overall growth, not just three tall cities.
  • Districts make city building feel more organised, I especially like how much it helps and encourages you in city specification. Now it is a bit of a headache to plan all your districts out for adjacency and space and whatnot, but I'm still happy with it.
Overall a great purchase. I'll certainly pick up an expansion or two when I get bored of the base game.

EDIT: How could I forget the "make this deal more acceptable". It's such a good feature.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest Thread
« on: May 31, 2019, 04:15:36 pm »
6 days ago is "a while" when compared to 10 seconds ago, and is "very recently" when compared to 10 years ago. It all depends on your perspective.

It’s moderate-sized when compared to time periods of roughly the same length, and a little short when compared to time periods just a little longer.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Homage to the Best Card
« on: May 17, 2019, 06:10:36 pm »

General Discussion / Re: Brag Board
« on: May 17, 2019, 06:09:12 pm »
I have 11111 posts.
And then, just like that, you didn't.
Well, it's not like I'm going to stop posting just because I have quints in my post count.

Easy, just go through and delete an old post every time you make a new one.

General Discussion / Re: Brag Board
« on: May 13, 2019, 10:37:34 pm »
My wife is pregnant with our first child! Due in December. Got to tell our families on mother's day, which was fun

Congratulations! Hoping for a boy or a girl (or don't have a preference)?

General Discussion / Re: Movies: Any movie buffs?
« on: May 04, 2019, 06:58:21 am »
Has anyone complained here yet about how Ant-Man was freed? That really bugged me. Such a lame deus ex machina. I would have loved it so much more if it had been Louis who freed him; with some line about how he’d been trying to track down the van for years.

I interpreted it as Dr. Strange's doing. He chose the exact world where that random event would happen precisely when it needed too.

EDIT: Read the link to the interview you provided. Apparently the Russo brothers say old Steve is the same Steve as the one that just jumped to another reality, and is only now stopping by, after living a full life in that reality, to give the shield to Wilson and give everyone some closure. This is... terribly unclear in the movie. If it was the same Cap, I would expect him to appear back in the platform, since that's how they've been back to their timeline every time before. It works so much worse than having it be a Captain from a different timeline altogether...
On the contrary, I thought that was terribly clear in the movie, and I'm a bit surprised it's a sticking point for so many people. Different minds I guess.

It goes against the time travel rules they had implied until then. They admittedly never really explain them, besides saying you can’t change your past. But then they also focus quite a bit on the quantum “platform”, and it seems that you can only go back to your timeline through it. Like some sort of dimensional anchor. So when Cap leaves on the platform, but never comes back through it, I had to assume old Steve was a different Steve. They could have had old Steve reappear on the platform, their interpretation would have been a lot clearer that way, at least to me.
Yeah, the portal thing was a bit weirder and I wish they would have clarified that. I guess I can see how that would trip people up.

General Discussion / Re: Movies: Any movie buffs?
« on: May 03, 2019, 09:49:12 pm »
EDIT: Read the link to the interview you provided. Apparently the Russo brothers say old Steve is the same Steve as the one that just jumped to another reality, and is only now stopping by, after living a full life in that reality, to give the shield to Wilson and give everyone some closure. This is... terribly unclear in the movie. If it was the same Cap, I would expect him to appear back in the platform, since that's how they've been back to their timeline every time before. It works so much worse than having it be a Captain from a different timeline altogether...

On the contrary, I thought that was terribly clear in the movie, and I'm a bit surprised it's a sticking point for so many people. Different minds I guess.

General Discussion / Re: Movies: Any movie buffs?
« on: May 03, 2019, 09:45:59 pm »
Also how is Thor still worthy even though he is a complete bum?
That's not really a plot "hole" per se, just a disagreement with the movie's interpretation. You can't explain it away without saying "he's just worthy because the movie said so". Why I like that choice though, is because I think it shows redemption for Thor. He never lost his worthiness, only doubted himself. It wasn't tied to success or victory, just to the attitude of his heart.

Are they really going to ignore the thousands of parallel universes they created, like the one where Loki has the Tesseract?
Apparently multiverses are supposed to be the driving plot behind FFH, or so it has been rumoured.

How did Rocket and Hawkeye survive that massive explosion without any injuries at all? That was just really stupid.
Rocket is a little inexcusable I guess, but didn't War Machine have his armour on?

They certainly undid some bits from previous movies. Those are pretty glaring plot holes.
Excuse me? The whole point of time travel in Endgame is that it creates diverging timelines and you can't undo anything from previous movies. I thought they made that pretty clear.

And also, the gauntlet was such a big deal. You had to go to this race of dwarves to harvest the power of a star to forge it. Or you can be Tony Stark and make your own damn glove. While Tony Stark is not completely a Mary Sue, the fact that he can solve just about any problem puts him pretty darn close.
More or less fair enough, but I don't think that the gauntlet was a huge deal. If they had mentioned it had to be forged at Navaldier or wherever it would be a hole, but I don't think they mentioned that. It feels implausible but not inexcusable.

Honestly, I thought the movie was really tight. To me, there weren't any plot holes, just plot contrivances. Tech seemed to be developed about as fast as the plot needed, and the power of characters was inconsistently strong. That's been an issue with the MCU for a while now I guess.

General Discussion / Re: Brag Board
« on: April 02, 2019, 05:25:04 pm »
I got Endgame tickets! This is brag-worthy, because wow was it difficult... had to fight through bogged down servers for over a half hour to actually get through.

Me too! And I managed to get a group of four people together and get tickets for the perfect time and a close theatre, and they're all seats in a row! I was worried after AMC gave endless 503 errors, but it all worked out in the end.

#8 Greed: If you're overdrawing, that's an extra coin of payload that could help you hit a needed price point.

Or just some extra trash fodder to get you that extra Altar play.

Assuming you mean trashing a Rats from your hand with a Raze, doesn't that still leave you with a 5 card hand? It seems more like a stronger Sage than a stronger Hunting Party.

Rats gives you +1 Card when you trash it, on top of looking at the top four cards and drawing one.

While Experiment, Magpie, Rats and Peddler have unique variants of their mechanics, I wouldn't say any of them have unique mechanics.

Well, it just goes back to the question of what constitutes a unique mechanic. Magpie and Rats, it's pretty easy to say that they're just twists on the old "gain X" mechanic. But the "Return to the Supply" bit of Experiment and Encampment, that seems like something new to me.

It really depends on what you consider a separate "mechanic". I agree, though, that you'd probably need Black Market (itself a unique mechanic).

Well, what mechanics don't work from the black market?
  • Travellers can't be exchanged, same with Vampire/Bat.
  • Gathering cards don't have supply piles to use.
  • Cards like Experiment can't return themselves to the supply.
  • Split, Mixed, or Rats piles don't really utilise their special mechanics.
  • Magpie and Rats can't gain themselves.
  • Edit: Peddler, can't reduce its own cost, unless you're also using Capitalism.
Still, you can probably put these in as the rest of the kingdom cards, but perhaps there are more that don't work?

Villager Coffer (if the "that" refers to the reaction; the Villager only makes the Patron non-terminal).

Whoops, Silver that can provide a Villager, not a reaction that can provide a Villager, that was unclear. And the Villager can do more than make Patron non-terminal. If you don't have any more actions you can keep the Villager and use it as engine grease, it can be pretty significant.

Patron is ... strictly* better than Silver at .
Maybe I overlooked the caveat the asterisk seems to be pointing to, but: Silver can't be drawn dead.
There wasn't a caveat that was written out, but I added the asterisk as a shorthand to denote the slew of edge cases where Patron is better than Silver. Ignoring types and drawing dead, Patron is just a Silver with a reaction that can provide a Villager.

I probably missed this discussion earlier; but are first-edition cards left out of the rankings? I would assume so, otherwise where is Thief?

I disagree with that; just because a card isn't in the second printing of Dominion doesn't make it any less an official and real Dominion card.

Yes, they are left out. I think there's a multitude of good reasons:

1) You can no longer purchase them (excluding used versions). New players won't be playing with them. They are still "real" and "official" Dominion cards but they've been phased out from the product line.

2) They aren't available online. That's where most people play Dominion nowadays and it would be weird to rank them when most people don't use them (stash notwithstanding).

3) They're all crap anyway, why bother spending time and effort just to throw them on the bottom.

#95 ▼1 Bureaucrat (Base Set) Weighted Average: 6.37% / Unweighted Average: 8.74% / Median: 2.13% / Standard Deviation: 17.62%

The new weakest card, Bureaucrat is a weak attack paired with silver gaining. There are a few decks where it is good to mediocre, but in the majority of engines, the card serves no viable purpose.
#94 ▲1 Pirate Ship (Seaside) Weighted Average: 6.44% / Unweighted Average: 11.52%  / Median: 2.13% / Standard Deviation: 21.64%

Coming out of last place is Pirate Ship, now at second to last. It is a powerful combo with Capitalism (and Ambassador) and no doubt that has affected its rise. There seems to be a good deal of disagreement on how much that combo should factor into its ranking, however.
#93 ▼1 Noble Brigand (Hinterlands) Weighted Average: 6.75% / Unweighted Average: 10.59% / Median: 4.26% / Standard Deviation: 19.52%

Noble Brigand is weak, suffering from an inability to trash more exotic treasures and only giving a terminal +. As with Bureaucrat and Pirate Ship, it struggles in the modern meta of less treasure-heavy decks.
#92 ▲1 Navigator (Seaside) Weighted Average: 8.25% / Unweighted Average: 12.32% / Median: 6.38% / Standard Deviation: 19.52%

Navigator suffers from lack of flexibility in addition to being a boring terminal Silver. However, its cycling can be valuable early game and sometimes it makes a good opener.
#91 ▼1 Ritual (Empires) Weighted Average: 9.98% / Unweighted Average: 13.38% / Median: 8.51% / Standard Deviation: 16.39%

After a massive drop last year, Ritual continues to nudge downward. Other than Golds, there aren't a lot of good cards to trash that will make a decent profit. And since it gives you a curse, it doesn't actually thin your deck at all and swapping a valuable card for a curse can be a tough pill to swallow for some decks.
#90 ▼2 Taxman (Guilds) Weighted Average: 11.38% / Unweighted Average: 16.37%  / Median: 8.51% / Standard Deviation: 21.14%

Taxman suffers from money-centric syndrome and a weak on-play bonus.
#89 ▲2 Treasure Map (Seaside) Weighted Average: 13.04% / Unweighted Average: 16.89%  / Median: 11.11% / Standard Deviation: 19%

Treasure Map is very good to add a bunch of payload at once, and if you can draw your deck you're in a very good position to pop these. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if this rose again in the future.
#88 ▲1 Feodum (Dark Ages) Weighted Average: 14.68% / Unweighted Average: 21.56%  / Median: 9.57% / Standard Deviation: 26.93%

Alt-VP is always underrated, and Feodum this low seems like a mistake. Still, a lot of times decks with Silver floods will be out preformed by better engines.
#87 ▼2 Rocks (Empires) Weighted Average: 15.23% / Unweighted Average: 17.48%  / Median: 10.64% / Standard Deviation: 20.77%

Rocks rarely gets uncovered. And when it does, it rarely matters, although total of trash fodder can be nice if there is good TfB available.
#86 ▼3 Silk Road (Hinterlands) Weighted Average: 15.36% / Unweighted Average: 19.85%  / Median: 11.7% / Standard Deviation: 21.29%

Again the loss for Alt-VP seems unwarranted, Silk Roads and Duchies can be a viable pathway to defeating strain province drains.
#85 =0 Death Cart (Dark Ages) Weighted Average: 16.64% / Unweighted Average: 24.31%  / Median: 12.77% / Standard Deviation: 24.56%

Death Cart provides a very hefty + coin spike, but the cost of adding 2 junk cards to your deck is very high. Although, the ability to quickly drain multiple Supply piles can't be overlooked.
#84 =0 Noman Camp (Hinterlands) Weighted Average: 17.71% / Unweighted Average: 20.02%  / Median: 17.02% / Standard Deviation: 14.44%

Nomad Camp is a pretty straightforward card. As +Buy goes it's pretty weak, but being +Buy there are plenty of boards where you have to pick one up.
#83 ▲4 Talisman (Prosperity) Weighted Average: 19.35% / Unweighted Average: 22.69%  / Median: 19.15% / Standard Deviation: 18.84%

Talisman gains an impressive 4 ranks. Ever since 2nd Editions, there have been a greater amount of powerful and spammable $4 cards, and adding multiple to your deck at once is nice.
#82 ▼3 Island (Seaside) Weighted Average: 21.49% / Unweighted Average: 24.75%  / Median: 19.15% / Standard Deviation: 18.23%

Island is weak trashing, and it's main benefit is being able to pseudo-trash Provinces and other high-point Victory cards. Sometimes you get it for the 2, but usually I just see them picked up by Workshops to add some side benefits to a deck.
#81 ▼3 Gardens (Base Set) Weighted Average: 21.92% / Unweighted Average: 25.56%  / Median: 19.15% / Standard Deviation: 20.96%

I would attribute Garden's drop to the recent introduction of very many very powerful trashers, starting with Donate, and recently Goat and Cathedral. It's still good with Beggar, but it can't beat engines that are able to get on their feet incredibly fast.
#80 ▲2 Trader (Hinterlands) Weighted Average: 22.2% / Unweighted Average: 27.99%  / Median: 18.09% / Standard Deviation: 23.74%

If you need a crap ton of Silvers, look no further than Trader. If you don't, then, well, you'll probably never pick up this card.
#79 ▲1 Bard (Nocturne) Weighted Average: 22.24% / Unweighted Average: 24.57%  / Median: 19.15% / Standard Deviation: 17.05%

Bard is a powerful card most of the time, but it's unpredictability severely hampers its power. Getting Forest's, Field's, Flame's, or Eath's gifts can all do wonders, but it feels awful when you pop open the River's gift on a crucial turn.
#78 Exploration (Renaissance) Weighted Average: 22.28% / Unweighted Average: 23.21%  / Median: 16.3% / Standard Deviation: 17.69%

The first Renaissance card on this list, Exploration comes in at a respectable but disappointing place #78. Since it's a project it never really hurts to pick it up, but it doesn't trigger very often. If you're dudding very frequently, then this isn't going to save you. The best case for this is other Events(s) that you'll be buying multiple times. With Mission in particular, it can really get the tokens flowing in.
#77 ▲3 Rats (Dark Ages) Weighted Average: 22.67% / Unweighted Average: 25.2%  / Median: 18.09% / Standard Deviation: 18.17%

Rats gains 3 spaces, possibly due to the recent addition of Dismantle, Recruiter, and Research, both TfB cards. If you don't let them get out of control then you can get plenty of Cards, , Villagers, Gains, or what have you out of them.
#76 ▼7 Cutpurse (Seaside) Weighted Average: 25.34% / Unweighted Average: 25.34%  / Median: 25.53% / Standard Deviation: 19.46%

Cutpurse drops seven ranks, making him one of tonight's biggest losers. Even if your opponent has copper around, losing one isn't going to ruin their turn, especially after the first few shuffles.
#75 ▲1 Miser (Adventures) Weighted Average: 25.99% / Unweighted Average: 29.63%  / Median: 24.47% / Standard Deviation: 21.2%

Miser takes too long to get anywhere. It does trash your copper instead of your opponent's, so it's at least significantly better than Pirate Ship.
#74 =0 Messenger (Adventures) Weighted Average: 27.93% / Unweighted Average: 28.34%  / Median: 26.6% / Standard Deviation: 16.69%

Messenger gives out cards to everyone, and who doesn't love that. Generally speaking, it's just a good way to empty piles because there aren't a lot of cases where you significantly want one card more than your opponent does. And because you probably forgot, it only triggers if it's the first buy of the turn.
#73 ▼2 Horse Traders (Cornucopia) Weighted Average: 29.02% / Unweighted Average: 33.76%  / Median: 31.91% / Standard Deviation: 17.29%

Discard for benefit is a rare niche, but maybe it's what you need to get those Cursed Villages drawing up to par.
#72 ▲1 Salt the Earth (Empires) Weighted Average: 31.2% / Unweighted Average: 28.57%  / Median: 23.4% / Standard Deviation: 18.68%

Salt the Earth actually has a higher weighted average, an irregularity for cards so far down on this list. Salt the Earth is a weird card that rarely directly does anything but will always change the way the game is played out. Don't leave that last province exposed if you're not in a good position.
#71 ▼3 Secret Passage (Intrigue) Weighted Average: 31.72% / Unweighted Average: 33.13%  / Median: 30.85% / Standard Deviation: 19.3%

Secret Passage is technically a cantrip, but powerful combos with it are few and far between. At best, it's some form of gimped Laboratory with Mystic or Wishing Well.
#70 Dismantle (Promo) Weighted Average: 32.43% / Unweighted Average: 35.27%  / Median: 31.91% / Standard Deviation: 17.69%

At its first outing, Dismantle gets ranked #70, which is surprising to me. I see it get picked up pretty often and it's a really easy way to gain a lot of Golds. Late game, you can trash the Golds and get a for your troubles.
#69 ▲2 Pilgrimage (Adventures) Weighted Average: 32.54% / Unweighted Average: 32.42%  / Median: 26.6% / Standard Deviation: 21.23%

Pilgrimage costs 2 buys, which is a big turn off, especially without +Buy. But even without expensive cards in play it can be a good investment just to pick up so many cards at once.
#68 ▲6 Baron (Intrigue) Weighted Average: 32.7% / Unweighted Average: 34.38%  / Median: 30.85% / Standard Deviation: 19.21%

Baron gains an impressive 6 ranks. I guess people like how much money it gives? I'm surprised by its rise.
#67 ▼1 Armory (Dark Ages) Weighted Average: 33.71% / Unweighted Average: 32.48%  / Median: 29.79% / Standard Deviation: 18.47%

Armoury is a workshop variant. The top-decking is nice, but it has a bit more competition at than its predecessor at . And depending on what you're gaining, the topdecking can be a drawback.
#66 ▲3 Scavenger (Dark Ages) Weighted Average: 34.01% / Unweighted Average: 37.55%  / Median: 28.72% / Standard Deviation: 22.11%

Combos with Stash. We miss you Stash.
#65 ▼3 Poacher (Base Set) Weighted Average: 36.17% / Unweighted Average: 34.1%  / Median: 32.98% / Standard Deviation: 13.54%

Poacher drops three ranks. It would be a fine card without the penalty, but with it Poacher is significantly weaker. If one pile empties than it's an expensive Oasis, and if two are empty it's a really bad Mill.
#64 ▼5 Monument (Prosperity) Weighted Average: 37.42% / Unweighted Average: 42.46%  / Median: 36.17% / Standard Deviation: 20.06%

Monument is significantly higher ranked by worse players. The hard part for Monument is getting in enough plays that the s make a difference.
#63 Silos (Renaissance) Weighted Average: 38.06% / Unweighted Average: 36.6%  / Median: 35.11% / Standard Deviation: 19.76%

Silos is the next Renaissance card. If there's no Copper trashing then it's a must-buy, with Copper trashing it's very skippable. I don't think there's much strategical nuance in this Project. You either get it early or you don't get it at all. But maybe powerful Silos/trasher open strategies will be developed to use the early cycling boost?
#62 ▲1 Duplicate (Adventures) Weighted Average: 39.09% / Unweighted Average: 42.73%  / Median: 39.06% / Standard Deviation: 18.11%

Duplicate is nice, but it's terminal. Unless you're planning a megaturn with Bridge it doesn't usually shine.
#61 ▲1 Skulk (Nocturne) Weighted Average: 39.69% / Unweighted Average: 42.21%  / Median: 34.78% / Standard Deviation: 20.96%

Skulk I think is underrated. Gaining a free Gold is very nice with Encampment, Legionary, and TfB. Also, it's +Buy, and sometimes the attack does something important. Don't sleep on this one.
#60 Fair (Renaissance) Weighted Average: 39.92% / Unweighted Average: 41.66%  / Median: 40.43% / Standard Deviation: 17.94%

Seems like a fair ranking to me. Again, I don't see much strategical nuance in this card.
#59 Flag Bearer (Renaissance) Weighted Average: 40.47% / Unweighted Average: 48.03%  / Median: 39.36% / Standard Deviation: 23.51%

A very controversial card, Flag Bearer has an 8% lower weighted average and 24% standard deviation. Many people see this as a trap card, and are very split on when, if ever, it's the right move to be the first to buy one.
#58 ▼4 Walled Village (Promo) Weighted Average: 45.8% / Unweighted Average: 48.03%  / Median: 45.74% / Standard Deviation: 17.92%

Villages are nice, moving on.
#57 Patron (Renaissance) Weighted Average: 45.86% / Unweighted Average: 45.39%  / Median: 41.49% / Standard Deviation: 17.27%

Patron is another newcomer. It's strictly* better than Silver at . Major combos include: Hunting Party, City Quarter, Seer, and, of course, Black Market.
#56 ▼2 Bishop (Prosperity) Weighted Average: 46.23% / Unweighted Average: 51.55%  / Median: 46.81% / Standard Deviation: 26.48%

The highest standard deviation on the list, Bishop is a controversial card, to say the least. It's hard to figure out how much the trashing for your opponent helps them. When does that make it not worth it?
#55 ▲6 Necromancer (Nocturne) Weighted Average: 46.6% / Unweighted Average: 45.81%  / Median: 44.68% / Standard Deviation: 21.12%

Zombie Apprentice is honestly a really good card, and the Necromancer army is very powerful and flexible.
#54 ▼8 Diplomat (Intrigue) Weighted Average: 47.26% / Unweighted Average: 45.34%  / Median: 43.62% / Standard Deviation: 19.25%

Apparently Diplomat is much harder to activate than previously thought. Lost cities at 4 are nice, but with all the hoops you have to jump through it just doesn't work a decent amount of the time.
#53 ▲3 Remodel (Base Set) Weighted Average: 50.37% / Unweighted Average: 49.85%  / Median: 46.81% / Standard Deviation: 16.7%

Remodel is a tad underrated, it should be in the top half. The pile control is impressive.
#52 ▼8 Mill (Intrigue) Weighted Average: 50.78% / Unweighted Average: 49.16%  / Median: 46.81% / Standard Deviation: 18.67%

Another large drop in Intrigue, this time for Mill. Apparently, it's hard to make it produce the maximal amount of gold for the maximal amount of people.
#51 ▲5 Ranger (Adventures) Weighted Average: 51.1% / Unweighted Average: 49.15%  / Median: 47.87% / Standard Deviation: 16.43%

Just remember, always leave your token face down so it's easier to kick off your next turn.
#50 Research (Renaissance) Weighted Average: 52.3% / Unweighted Average: 52.47%  / Median: 53.19% / Standard Deviation: 19.17%

Research is a weak trasher, deserving of it's place in the middle. I expect it to drop a bit in future years.
#49 ▲1 Conclave (Nocturne) Weighted Average: 52.46% / Unweighted Average: 53.96%  / Median: 51.06% / Standard Deviation: 16.59%

Conclave is a tricky village, but it provides a decent amount of .
#48 =0 Engineer (Empires) Weighted Average: 52.85% / Unweighted Average: 51.21%  / Median: 51.06% / Standard Deviation: 20.42%

Engineer's best ability is being able to trash itself once it's worn out its welcome. Also, you can squeak it in on the 4/3.

Menagerie has a bit of a exponential effect, in that the first couple don’t do much. However, as more Menageries are added, they start drawing consistently and often.

What is this supposed to mean? How does adding more and more menageries to a deck make them more likely to activate (or even exponentially more likely to activate)? I understand that having a second and a third can help activate since it's another unique, but you specifically said it's after the first couple. Four to five Menageries hardly seems like a "bit of an exponential effect", unless I'm not understanding your meaning here.

Also, I prefer writeups with more statstics and less personal opinion, but then again, this is just my personal opinion.

I agree, but it's just a difference in writing styles. Of course Seprix would have to put in his personal Hot Takes™, and I'm sure when Aku does his list he'll have plenty of references to Markus' stats. And when I do my list tomorrow, you can be assured that I will avoid as many Hot Takes™ as I can because all of mine are crap.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest Thread
« on: February 09, 2019, 10:03:50 am »
Buying at no cost would be simply gaining.

I think the intent is to trigger on-buy effects, such as the Trashing token which is on-buy not on-gain. However, I find it a very clunky workaround.

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