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Author Topic: Howdy y'all  (Read 792 times)

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Howdy y'all
« on: September 14, 2022, 04:12:32 pm »

I'm Bryan. I have been playing dominion for so long i had to see when Dark Ages came out so i knew about how long - apparently before Aug 2012. At our house we love table top games and play one almost weekly. I started with the original and quickly got Intrigue. I eventually got Prosperity and Hinterlands. Sadly i didn't get Seaside until recently, or maybe not so recently. Recently I have been purchasing one expansion each year. I got Nocturne this year, Dark Ages last year, and going back each year: Mix Box (Cornucopia & Guilds), Seaside, maybe Renaissance and Adventures together. My plan is to get Empire next. I'm saving Alchemy for last.

I have been quite impressed with all the fan cards that i have seen. I have quite a few ideas myself i plan to share once i get them organized and play tested first. I think i'll start with a set with more interaction not just attacks.

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