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Renaissance Previews #1: Mountain Village, Priest, Seer, Scholar, Experiment

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Donald X.:
Dominion, that's what you're trying to achieve. This time in the Renaissance!

Renaissance has four themes: Villagers, Coffers, Artifacts, Projects. And we'll be seeing them in that order over the next 4 days. But in fact half the kingdom cards in the set don't fit any of those themes. And today, here are some of those. Like last time we will have the preview cards playable at, and to have plenty of variety there I'm previewing 5 cards today. You read them already, but this paragraph still has to pretend you haven't, so, here they are:

Mountain Village gets back a card from your discard pile instead of drawing you a card. Or draws you a card if it can't, you aren't hurt there. It does some tricks; the first one you'll see is, one Mountain Village in your hand gets back all the Mountain Villages in your discard pile.

Priest is a trasher, and rewards you for further trashing. Play Priest, get +$2, trash a Copper. Play a second Priest, get +$2, trash a Copper, get a +$2 bonus from the first Priest. Play a third Priest, get +$2, trash a Silver (you ran out of Coppers), get +$2 from the first Priest and +$2 from the second Priest. See how it goes? Try to have enough stuff to feed them.

Seer draws cards costing from $2 to $4. Those aren't your best cards but hey, you could get three of them.

Scholar makes the cards go round. It's a poster child for simplicity; this set goes the extra mile to be simpler than the previous few.

Experiment is a one-shot Lab, but you get two of them.

Again,, you can try out the cards right now (yes unless you are reading this from the future). Click on the thing that looks like it will do that, and it will.

If we keep going at this rate, we'll see all the cards this week.

Well we now know the action tokens are named Villagers.

Half the kingdom cards don't use those themes? Wow this expansion is definitely gonna be more simple. And they seem quite interesting!

Hm, those Lab variants seem not too interesting to me, but, Mountain Village, Priest, Scholar are all rather exciting.

Random art complaint: It's nice that we get an equal share of female characters now, but I dislike the tendency of portaying them young and attractive. Here we have two old dudes and two younger women.

Priest-Throne Room-Experiment leads to some weird stuff.  You can Throne Experiments and Priests, and hopefully get $16... but then you're out of garbage cards, and you have to trash the Priests and maybe a Throne Room at the end if you really need the $2...


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