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I got my first couple boxes of Dominion a few years ago now, and over the last few years worked up to the eight I have now and I have my eye on the remaining few. My older sets (especially base cards) are rather noticeably more used than my newer sets. Recently I've been liking the idea of sleeving my games. Should I bother going back and sleeving all my Dominion cards even though some of my cards are starting to be visibly aged?

Variants and Fan Cards / Short Traveller line
« on: September 09, 2020, 01:50:42 pm »
Here's a short traveller line.

$4 Action-Traveller
+2 Cards
+1 Buy
When you discard this from play, you may exchange it for a (next card).

$5* Action-Attack-Traveller
Gain a card costing up to $4. Each other player discards a copy of it, or reveals a hand with no copies.
When you discard this from play, you may exchange it for a (next card).
(This is not in the Supply.)

$6* Action-Duration
For the rest of the game, at the start of your turn, choose one: +1 Card; +1 Action; +1 Buy; or + $1.
(This stays in play. This is not in the Supply.)

Variants and Fan Cards / Batch of new cards
« on: August 27, 2020, 12:51:56 pm »
Here's my first batch of new ideas since getting back on here

$3 Action-Duration
Now and at the start of your next turn: +1 Card. Discard 2 cards. If you did, +2 Coffers.
During this turn and your next turn, you may spend a coffer for +1 Buy.

Guild is a placeholder name.
Really not sure about this or any of these really, their mostly about the main concept rather than the specifics.

$4 Action-Reaction
+3 Cards
Discard 2 cards.
When you gain a card during your turn, you may reveal this from your hand to play a card from your hand.

I was looking at Menagerie and I thought of this as a twist on cards like Sheepdog. There's no real reason it's named Ram.

$2 Treasure
+2 Cards

I think this is interesting. I was trying to think of a card to go with the name fish. I wanted it to be a copper variant, and fishing always makes me think of drawing, so here it is.

$3 Action
Discard a card. Gain a non-Victory card costing exactly as much as it.

Something I came up with as I was typing these up. No idea how good it is.

Variants and Fan Cards / Fly-Eagles-Fly's fan cards
« on: August 18, 2020, 12:21:19 pm »
It seems like I might become active again here, so I wanted to curate my collection a bit. I took out some cards from my fan card page. Some I might bring back, and some of these might get changed too. I just wanted to trim enough of the fat to be getting on with.
To do: rename Alliance to Treaty or something like that

Click to embiggen:

Kingdom Cards:


Credit to Kudasai for this awesome mat!

Extra Cards:

Other Card-Shaped Things:

Dominion General Discussion / Best expansion if you only buy one
« on: March 29, 2020, 05:49:57 pm »
I think this question has been asked before but now there's more expansions. I'm going to get an expansion for a friend who I'm guessing will probably end up with at most of two expansions. Assuming they only end up with one, which one would be best?  They said that more complicated would be better than simpler.

The ones I'm thinking of are Seaside, Prosperity, Adventures, Nocturne, Renaissance, Menagerie, or maybe Empires.
Not Intrigue, Hinterlands, or Dark Ages since they don't really add new mechanics to the game. Not Alchemy since it's small, not Cornucopia and Guilds since it only really adds Coffers.

Variants and Fan Cards / Fly Eagles Fly's Fan Cards
« on: August 08, 2019, 03:06:11 pm »
Hey everyone, I've been off here for several months, and I decided I would just start a new post for my cards. I'm working on reformatting the post, and I'm redoing some of the cards with Shard of Honor's card design template. The ones that have been reformatted have the eagle expansion symbol. Some have been minor changes, some have been major. Here's the original post:

And here are my cards, more changes to follow.
Click to enlargen, or scroll downward.
Kingdom Cards:

Extra Cards:

Other Card-Shaped Things:

Plot cards:

Credit to Kudasai for this awesome mat!


Spellcasters invented by Asper, see this thread:


Split Pile Outtake:

Cards I may or may not get around to fixing up.

Variants and Fan Cards / Heir new design help
« on: October 24, 2018, 10:15:30 pm »
Hey everyone, I had this card idea but it's pretty wacky so I thought I'd ask for some help to maybe simplify it a bit. I'm pretty sure I have this wording pretty messed up. Here it is:

(Also sorry Kudasai but I stole your the artwork you used  :P). Here's how the card is supposed to play out:
So we have this game between Aaron, Ben and Carson (players A, B, and C).
Aaron plays a Labaratory, +2 Cards +1 Action. Then an Heir, +1 Card +1 Action and puts the Lab back on his deck. He plays another two Heirs later during his turn, which only give him +1 Card and +1 Action. At the end of his turn he only discards the first Heir played.
Ben plays a Fortress, +2 Cards +1 Action. Then an Heir, +1 Card +1 Action and puts the Fortress back on his deck. He plays another three Heirs later during his turn, which only give him +1 Card and +1 Action. At the end of his turn he only discards the first Heir played.
Carson plays an , +2 Cards +1 Action. Then an Heir, +1 Card +1 Action and puts the Lab back on his deck. He plays another Heir later during his turn, which only gives him +1 Card and +1 Action. At the end of his turn he only discards the first Heir played.
At the start of Aaron's next turn he gets +2 Coffers because he had more Heirs in play than Carson, and had two Heirs in play. He plays two more Heirs that turn, discarding one at the end of his turn.
At the start of Ben's next turn he gets +6 Coffers because he has more Heirs in play than both Carson and Aaron and has three Heirs in play. Then he plays one Heir during his turn, discarding it at the end.
Carson gets +1 Coffers, since he has more Heirs in play than Ben, and has one Heir.

That was really long; I hope I got it right and was clear.

So any comments, wording help, simplicity help, would be appreciated. I would've put this in with the rest of my cards, but I would especially like some help/comments on this one.

Variants and Fan Cards / Landmark + Artifact-Victory?
« on: October 08, 2018, 10:31:05 am »
So, I was thinking about different things to do with Landmarks, Events, and other such landscape-oriented cards. I thought, could you use an Artifact with something other than a regular card? For those of you who don't know what Artifacts are, here's the Renaissance preview for them:
Here's the first thing I came up with.
There's two weird things here: First of all, Pyramid lets you take the Artifact (Scepter) instead of taking Victory tokens. Scepter is an Artifact-Victory card-shaped thing, does that work? It lets you fiddle with the top of your deck, and is worth 2 VP.

Here's the next thing I thought of:
An Event that uses an Heirloom.

I just want to note that this isn't so much about these actual cards, as much as the concepts of combining different mechanics. Any thoughts?

Variants and Fan Cards / Fly-Eagles-Fly's fan cards [old]
« on: October 05, 2018, 12:35:31 pm »
Hello everyone. I've started to collect some card ideas, and decided to put them up here to see how good they are. I have not been able to do much playtesting with them yet, so they might be really bad in practice. Also, I have all the sets except for Seaside, Alchemy, and Prosperity, so I may accidentally make cards that compare unfavorably with those sets, though I am familiar with many if not most of their cards.

Click to enlargen, or scroll downward.
Kingdom Cards:

Split Pile:

Extra Cards:

Other Card-Shaped Things:


Credit to Kudasai for this awesome mat!


Updated 10/26

Originally an entry into a weekly design contest and could only gain Ghosts for 2 Hexes and was worth 1VP. Then I made it worth 1VP for every Ghost you had, but it was still a dead card after six total plays, so I made it let you gain any Spirit.

Shortly after making this I saw Holunder9's Night Market, which is also a Night-Reserve, and the picture is almost identical!

Marsh comes with with Heirloom Compass. It used to be Medallion, but you need a Compass to find your way out of the Marsh, you know there's Will-o'-Wisps trying to lead you away. Also Banshees, a new Night-Spirit-Attack.

Copper-Moat. Not too complicated. And it's nice to have a protection against this:

I wanted a debt attack, but to not be too mean I paired it with Medallion (though if it's a spirit you can still get it with Exorcist with no defenses). Also I made it better for the player who played it when other people blocked it because Medallion could often render the attack useless.

I made these for this contest:

Added 10/7

Added 10/8

Added 10/9

Added 10/11. Credit to Gazbag for the freezing mechanic, and pacovf came up with the freeze wording, I think. See here for Dominion Ice Age, which I think was when they were introduced:


Added 10/15

I made this for a challenge here:

This may or may not be broken.

Updated 10/26

Added 10/16
Updated 10/26

Added 10/17
Here's the second draft of a Traveller line. It tells a little story; Someone gets captured, the get trained, they become a full Barbarian warrior, then either be Converted and become a Monk, or be promoted to Commander and raid towns and carry off villagers, then become King.

This card was inspired by Kudasai's Slumlord. I can't tell if it compares favorably or unfavorably to Hamlet.

Added 10/22

This is based on Aspers' Spell/Spellcaster mechanic. See here:

Really not sure how balanced this is.
Added 10/23

Craftsmen Village 2.0

Added 10/24
Conspiracy updated 10/29

Added 10/25
Credit to Kudasai for this awesome mat!
I made these for this contest:

Added 10/25

Added 10/26
Just a simple idea off the top of my head. The name ties into Port.

Updated 10/29
These two cards are reworkings of another card Heir that I decided to split up. For Pub, the reason there is a different effect for plays after your first in a turn is because putting multiple cards back onto your deck during your turn could be even more confusing than with only one. Also, I'm not sure the wording for Puppets is quite right.

Updated 11/5

Added 10/27
Another Plot token card for the contest.

All of my cards are made from Violet CLM's card generator.
Any thoughts and comments will be very appreciated.

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