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Another one of my fancard ideas, trying to do a duration attack, was to have a singular attack card on the table that gets played, leaving it there:

Dragon hoard could probably have a type or something that implies the existence of the Dragon?

The idea being that by keeping the attack on the non-duration card, the attack remains moat-able at the time of execution.

This week's contest: Design a duration card pile (or Project) and an attack card to go with it, that gets played leaving it there.
- The attack should have a reason for not being a part of the card/project text; likely for being called on a future turn.
- Having multiple associated attacks is permitted, but let's not go crazy: I'm not looking for a hexes pile.
- You may play with the mechanic - for instance, the attack card could start in the trash or the supply. I'm happy so long as a durationy something plays a non-durationy something For Reasons.

I won't have much time to judge next weekend, so contest will end around 10am UTC Jan 17th

Variants and Fan Cards / Fan Card Mechanics Week 22: Travellers cheques
« on: October 25, 2021, 08:01:44 pm »
Week 22, following on from The Alchemist's Week 21: Curse you! contest

Fan Card Mechanics Contest Week 22: Travellers cheques

I never got around to finishing the second half of my Dominion Oceans fan-expansion, but it was going to include a sort-of traveller line with paid upgrades. Work in Progress; current draft:

The idea with this particular line is to lure players in with Skiff's cheap payload, and escalate an arms race with increasingly dubiously expensive debt-costing upgrades.

For this contest, what I'm looking for, are lines of 2-5 "travellers" with a cost to moving along the line. The cost can be of any sort, beyond just having to exchange the original card.

They do not need to explicitly have the "traveller" or "boat" type or theme. Having an interesting theme is of course always appreciated.
You are free to create terms/keywords to save text on the paid upgrade clause.
As I'm a reluctant judge at the best of times, I would advise against long, varied lines of complex cards.

I'll give until 10:00am UTC Thursday 4th Nov for entries. Let me know if you have any questions (here, or discord)

Week 8; continuing from previous Fan Card Mechanics Contests, indexed here

Fan Card Mechanics Contest Week 8: Under the Seeeeea

This week, I'm pushing my fancard mechanic, the Aquatic/Subdeck card subtype (please excuse the mistakes, these were from my first fancard set):
Piranhas: Pile size 20

These cards, typically Actions, have the effect: "This is gained and discarded this from play to the bottom of your deck". Following discussion, you are free to implement this effect however you wish - explicitly, as a new type, or otherwise. In ShardOfHonor's card generator, I have so far used the primary colour 1,1,1.15, and half split with the usual Action colour on top.
This is functionally similar to silverspawn's Village Outpost's "When you shuffle your deck, put this on top afterward", though sometimes you can avoid the shuffle completely. Needless to say, your Aquatic cards will frequently clash.

I'm looking for card-shaped suggestions that in some way make use of the Aquatic subtype mechanic, (or if that turns out to be too narrow, generally contribute to a bottom-decked ecosystem).
Contest closes Saturday 1st May, 11am GMT

edit: these cards as a non-explicit "subdeck" type, with a whole 0.5,1,2 colouring:

Weekly Design Contest #108: How Deep is your Pile? (hopefully not 10 deep)

Hey everyone, hope you're well. Without further ado:

I'm looking for cards or card shaped objects, that either come in a supply pile of not 10 cards, or interact with pile(s)/deck(s) outside of the supply, of not 10 cards.

Examples are: Rats (20 cards in pile), Port (12 cards in pile), Alt VPs (8 or 12 cards in pile), Tournament (Prize pile), Travellers (non-supply piles of 5), Black Market (Black Market Deck) and Fates/Dooms (Boons/Hexes piles of 12).
Non-examples are: Magpie (10 cards in pile), Urchin (10 cards in Urchin and Mercenary piles), Pooka/Cursed Gold (Heirlooms not interactable piles out of supply), Delay (no such affiliated pile/deck), Catapult/Rocks (still a 10 card supply pile).

Deadline: Entries by 23:59 (GMT) Saturday 20th. Will put out a 24-hour reminder Friday night, and list the nominations I've seen.

I'll be checking back frequently to answer questions, clear up ambiguity, and let people know if their entries aren't eligible. Feel free to ping me questions.

Judgement will be me looking over the entries and picking out the one(s) I like most at the time of judging.
Rough criteria for liking cards:
  • not having seen the card idea already
  • being fun to play with (thought-inducing, balance, minimal swinginess)
  • flavour (the entry represents something)
  • style in meeting the requirement (some of the reasons for a non-standard pile size are easier to work than others, and I aim to praise effort taken to meet this in an interesting way)

Good luck!

Addendum: I've made the ruling that your starting deck can be the not-10-card deck outside of the supply interacted with, if you wish to make a card that alters its starting size

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