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Weekly Design Contest / Weekly Design Contest #172: Trait Me Right
« on: December 18, 2022, 06:13:58 pm »
I know I said I wouldn't post this until Monday, but the cards were revealed early, so here's your contest:

Weekly Design Contest #172: Trait Me Right

The rules are simple: Design a Trait. Your Trait may have another card/card-shaped-thing associated with it, but please limit yourselves to 1 Trait and a max of 1 other new thing. So, neither 4-way split piles, Traveller lines, nor whole new sets of 15 Loots will be accepted.

The contest will close on Wednesday the 28th, so you get a little extra time for this one if you're gone for the Holidays (like I will be.)

Have fun!

Edit: Grammar

Weekly Design Contest / Weekly Design Contest #170: 2/7 Offsuit
« on: November 30, 2022, 10:55:05 am »
Weekly Design Contest #170: 2/7 Offsuit

Design an Attack card that costs either or .

Official cards that meet the requirement are Black Cat.

Card/card-shaped-things that do not qualify no matter the cost are as follows: Raid (Not a card), Masquerade/Possession (Not Attacks.)

Just because an Attack card has a high cost doesn't mean it needs a powerful Attack part. Look at Goons as a past example.

Split piles, non-Supply cards, and card-shaped-things are fine, but please limit your submissions to 2 cards/card-shaped-things. I don't want to judge a 4-way split pile or Traveller line.

Variable cost and overpay are allowed, as long as the original cost is either 2 or 7.

Contest will close approximately 168 hours from now (7 days.)

Dominion General Discussion / Safe to buy Renaissance now?
« on: September 27, 2021, 09:43:00 pm »
I bought Dominion: Renaissance when it was brand new and the colors on the back of the cards were too bright. Was that ever fixed?

I'm looking to buy Renaissance again and gift my old copy to a friend who is fine with the colors. If it has been fixed, how can I tell which boxes are updated with the right colors?

Variants and Fan Cards / Interesting Card Design Challenges
« on: August 12, 2018, 10:18:53 pm »
I'm out of card ideas. Please post interesting card design challenges.

Here's my contribution: An attack card that has an unusual cost. Could cost , could cost . Maybe it has a cost of , costs debt, or you overpay for it.

Whatever, just come up with cards for the posted challenges or post an interesting challenge yourself.

More examples: Victory/Duration card. A pure Reaction card with no Action part. Etc.

Edit: Guys, I meant Victory/Action/Duration. Doesn't need to be pure Duration without an Action part. That's too awkward.

Dominion General Discussion / Bad Omens with a single Copper
« on: November 01, 2017, 02:52:39 am »
The hex Bad Omens says, "Put your deck into your discard pile. Look through it and put 2 Coppers from it onto your deck (or reveal you can't)."

If I have a single Copper, I simply reveal that I can't, correct?

The online implementation seems to topdeck a single Copper.

Variants and Fan Cards / Favorite Fan Card (That isn't Yours)
« on: November 16, 2016, 10:10:30 pm »
I did a search and found an old "Favorite Fan Card" thread, but people were mentioning their own cards. It'd be nice to see all the best cards from throughout the years collected in one spot.

Asper's Scientist is my favorite card of those I've seen so far. It's straightforward and simple, but useful.

Variants and Fan Cards / Kru5h's card ideas
« on: October 19, 2016, 01:56:12 am »
My cards aspire to be the sequel to Intrigue. Lots of choices and duality. I call it Dominion: Conspiracy.

Card images by ThetaSigma12 and myself. Click to enhance.


You play this card and it goes on top of another card, preventing your opponent(s) from gaining cards from that pile until it's gone. It doesn't make players gain a curse, it doesn't even make cards cost more, it just makes the first card of a pile essentially cost two buys (or gains.)

But what if there are no +Buys? This could get quite annoying. Luckily Rabbits has +1 Buy, so there's always a card in the supply to alleviate that. Fight fire with fire, I always say. Of course, Rabbits aren't quite fire. When you fight Rabbits with Rabbits, you get more Rabbits. You didn't remove a Rabbits from the supply, you just moved it to a different supply pile. And now they're in your deck too, essentially functioning as a one-use buy. You can rid them from your deck, but then they just clog the supply board even more. These invasive vermin are everywhere!

You can also put this on the Curse pile and cursing attacks no longer work until that Rabbits is gained. Somebody playing a Jack of All Trades or Trader? Put Rabbits on the Silver pile.

Countess (Formerly: Scepter)



King Midas


Ivory Tower

Why would you discard first? When you have a small hand. If you only have 2 cards, it's much better to discard then draw 5 than to draw 5 then discard back down to 2.


Lost Coins

Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant. Full of action and everybody wants to be him. In fact, you can be him. Got too many terminals? When you play this, you can turn some of them into Villages!

Scientist (Formerly: Inventor)

Grand Workshop (Formerly: Kiln)[3rd place in a design contest!]


A really tempting way to ruin your deck with Coppers.

Young Smithy


Camping Grounds

FAQ: Yes, 0 is even.




The above card is very similar to one of hypercube's events, but we both came up with it independently.





Mask Salesman(Formerly Pupils)[Contest Winner!]

Royal Terrace

Foundry[Contest winner!]


Angry Mob

A $2 attacker. Quite vicious if you play 3 of them.


Probably been done before, but this is my own spin on it.




A pure Reaction card. No Action part!






Campus(v3) Action - Reaction $5

Polis(v1) Action - Duration - $5

The last one is nerfed by virtually having one fewer in your deck. For example, if you had four of these, you would only be playing three of them because they don't activate until you play the next one. One is always in play doing nothing. You have to buy at least two of these to do anything with them.

Forest(v1) Victory - $6

Bonus Cards/Events/Others using extra Mechanics

Jinx Tokens
Whenever you have 6 or more Jinx tokens, you return 6 and gain a Curse.

Witches' Village




This is fun, but split piles don't fit with the rest of the cards.



Turn one Buy into one money. Also, Golds are better.


Land Grab


Guard Tower


Outtake Cards


This could be interesting, but to make it work the way I want it to, it would need 7 or 8 lines of text. Way too much.

Dark Arts



Oops. Not only is this overpowered, but with two cost reducers, you can empty the pile instantly.


Too similar to one of Asper's cards.


Too complicated.

Young Smithy(Previous Version)

Grand Workshop (Formerly: Kiln)[Previous Version, which emptied piles too quickly.]


Of course, you don't have to name one of those types. If you're desperate for an attack or a traveller, you can forgo the bonus and simply dig for that specific card.

Genie (Formerly: Magic Lamp)

Too powerful.


Empties piles too quickly.

Spike Pit (Formerly: Trap)

Replaced by Dark Arts (Event).

Plague/Plague Doctor

Magnifies too quickly.





Special thanks to Mali-mi and Commodore Chuckles for helping with this card.


Double Cursing. This may be too powerful.


Locksmith unlocks your duration bonuses. Get tomorrow's bonuses today! For example, you can play Wharf and get +2 Cards and +1 Buy. Then you play Locksmith to unlock its additional 2 Cards and Buy this turn. (You discard Wharf at the end of this turn.) Turn Caravans into Labs. Turn Caravan Guard into Peddlers. Turn your Merchant Ships into +. Sometimes you don't want to fast forward your duration cards. For example, you want the attack bonus that Swamp Hag gives, but that's okay, it's nice to have the option. For cards like Champion and Outpost, this won't give you anything, but that's okay too; it doesn't mess anything up either. Sometimes there are no other duration cards in the supply, that's also okay because you can play it on itself.


Wasp (Supply = Same as Curse supply)

Turn extra buys into temporary junk for your opponents.


This can be completely broken with the new Way of the Chameleon.


Too weak and boring.


Donald X copied me again! j/k I liked this card, but Donald's version is slightly more streamlined.

My submission for the +1 Buy contest. Too strong with Goons.


I want this card to cost $2, but then it's too powerful in games with attacks. If it costs $3, it's too weak in games without attacks. Interesting double-defense card, though.


Apparently trashing a card and putting it back into your hand can lead to infinite trashing with Fortress and Lost Arts/Champion. With Tomb in the set, that's infinite points.


I invented this before Fleet came out, but now Fleet obsoletes this card.


Magic Coin

Too Powerful.


Too similar to one of Asper's cards.


Was too powerful and way too easy to find Action cards to play. Also it's very similar to a rejected card Donald X. tried already. Oops.


Slightly swingy. Not that exciting.

Young Noble

Too weak/boring.

Warriors' Village Action - Attack,
+1 Card
+2 Actions

Each other player discards the top 2 cards of their deck. If they shuffle their deck, they gain a Curse.
This was a fun card, but had two fundamental problems.
1) Was very luck-based. When testing, sometimes one player would end up with 3 times as many curses as another player.
2) Why Village/Attack? You're going to buy Villages anyway, making them attack doesn't give them any extra incentive.


This card is probably way too powerful. Comparable to Hireling I think, but cheaper.

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