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Dominion Online at Shuffle iT / Logs
« on: April 27, 2020, 03:21:52 pm »
At various times there have been huge online resources of Dominion game logs. Is this still the case at all? It did always seem to good to be true.

I'm asking because I'm interested in gathering data from a large set of game logs. (I'm actually only interested in Kingdoms and endgame states, if that matters.)

BEST: Peasant line.
I love the way the card art combines with the mechanics and the card names to create this sweeping narrative that implies so much about the "world" of Dominion. The idea that life in this reality imparts a wisdom, through suffering, that can then be imparted to a Wandering Minstrel, or to a whole Village, is clearly the master narrative that contains the rest of the "story of Dominion."

WORST: Bag of Gold.
Hold on. If it costs an action to take a piece of gold out of the bag, doesn't that imply that Gold is never, otherwise, stored in bags -- or in containers of any kind? That everyone in the world of Dominion is wandering around with all of their gold held in their hands at all times? Absolutely absurd.

Puzzles and Challenges / Slowest trashing kingdom
« on: September 24, 2019, 07:20:10 pm »
This is a space to consider some solitaire Kingdoms where it is possible to trash your whole deck, but only very slowwwwwly over numerous turns. Even with shuffle luck and play that would seem to enable a frantic pace, this kingdom takes its time.  We are looking for a kingdom that forces us to take our time, against our own instinct.

For example, a kingdom with Raze.  If you open Raze, Raze, and draw both Razes with 2 Estates on Turn 3, you could trash both Estates, cycle through the deck to draw both Razes again on Turn 4, and trash your whole deck by Turn 8 or so.

Could we slow that down at all?  Adding Tax doesn't seem to help.  Adding Shelters might but they are only included at random as long as there is one card not in Dark Ages, so, with shuffle luck working against us, we can't guarantee Shelters.  Maybe having Raze in the kingdom simply makes it too fast.  Or maybe 8 turns the slowest trashing we can get.

This is a puzzle, but also a meditation space.

Go at your own pace. There are no correct answers here. Enlightenment is not a competition.

Puzzles and Challenges / Can you infinitely play nesting Black Markets?
« on: November 13, 2018, 01:22:06 am »
Someone had to ask.  I really have no idea myself.

Puzzles and Challenges / World Famous Dominion Picture Trivia
« on: July 31, 2017, 02:32:22 pm »
Hello, fans.  As you are all aware, Dominion Picture Trivia has become a global phenomenon, far surpassing in popularity the original game itself.  While this has greatly impacted my lifestyle and status, and while my success has been a massive drain on my time, I haven't gotten so big that I've forgotten my brand. 

I'm a puzzle maker.  But, unlike other puzzle makers who have reached my level of acheivement -- Da Vinci, Turing -- I have my finger on the pulse.  My puzzles, in addition to merely being a delightful mental challenge, are a masterwork that contain and unlock all the other relevant art and culture of our moment.  In a way, to solve one of my puzzles is to "solve" our generation.

And so, despite the temptation to rest on my laurels, I must continue to create.  Even as I dictate these words into my iPhone 7, while driving my Mercedes G Wagon 15 miles over the speed limit through Beverly Hills, I see in the blank stairs of passersby a hunger for the mental and spiritual enrichment only I can provide.

Every schoolboy knows the rules.  The names of exactly two Dominion (was that what the game was called?) cards, events, or landmarks are input into Google Image Search, and an image is chosen from among the front page results. You then work backwards from the images to figure out what the original pairs of cards were.

It's pointless to relive past glory, but previous examples can be found here, here, here, here and here.

These are like the Classic variety of the game, with no additional gimmicks, bells, or whistles.

Can you work backwards from the images to the pairs of card names?

Posting the solutions as they are solved.

Woo hoo!  Mith cracked it: all the card pairs were entered into Google after first being read aloud into a phone, creating 15 sound-alikes.  In some cases one card name became a homophone, in others the two words combined when spoken aloud into something new.  I'll continue to post the answers as you get them, and  in about a week I'll post whatever is still stumping everyone.

1. Mint Spy (Mince Pie)
2. Cache Advance (Cash Advance)
3. Gold Raze (Gold Rays)
4. Ball Arena (Ballerina)
5. Keep Hoard (Keyboard)
6. Abandoned Mine Temple (Abandoned Mayan Temple)
7. Spoils Port (Spoilsport)
8. Loan Ranger (Lone Ranger)
9. Raid Inn (Raiden)
10. Steward Mill (Stuart Mill)
11. Baron Orchard (Barren Orchard)
12. Thief Fugitive (The Fugitive)
13. Shepherd Ferry (Shepard Fairey)
14. Misery Capital (Missouri Capitol)
15. Imp Prince (Imprints)

Puzzles and Challenges / Revenge of Dominion Picture Trivia
« on: March 18, 2017, 01:42:58 am »
Hello, and welcome back to Dominion Picture Trivia, for the fifth and final installment.  I hope you have had a restful two years.

As some of you may remember, in this game, the names of exactly two Dominion cards, events, or landmarks are entered into Google Image Search, and an image is chosen from among the front page (ish) results. You then work backwards from the images to figure out what the original pairs of cards were.

In this round, each pair includes the name of exactly one card, event, or landmark from the newest expansion, Empires.  No name is used twice.

Additionally, each image has been made beautiful by having a filter applied to it on PRISMA, an amazing app which takes ordinary photographs and turns them into Dominion card art.

Can you work backwards from the images to figure out all twelve pairs of names?  There's maybe some tough ones in there.

EDIT: As they are solved, a list of solvers.

1. Replace Crown -- LibraryAdventurer
2. Charm City -- dghunter79
3. Settlers Port -- Skumpy
4. Warrior Wall -- Skumpy
5. Giant Capital -- dghunter79
6. Oracle Arena -- Polk5440
7. Wedding Procession  -- dghunter79
8. Curse Tomb -- dghunter79
9. Gladiator Ball -- xyz123, LibraryAdventurer
10. Engineer Forge -- Skumpy, LibraryAdventurer
11. Sauna Rocks -- dghunter79
12. Donate Library -- Skumpy

Puzzles and Challenges / Solo: Most VP on turn two?
« on: May 03, 2015, 05:59:23 pm »
With an unlimited number of events I can get 19 but that's gotta be beatable.

Cards: Black Market (with Baker and Looter), Border Village, Butcher, Messenger, Peddler, Procession, Tunnel.
Events: Alms, Ball, Borrow, Mission, Traveling Fair.

First turn:
Hand - 5 copper
Play token, buy Borrow, Traveling Fair, Ball (gaining Messenger and Procession), Ruined Village. Top-deck all three gained cards

Second turn:
Hand - Ruined Village, Procession, Messenger, Estate
Play Ruined Village, play Procession on Messenger, discarding deck, gaining Butcher.
With $3 buy Borrow, Mission, Alms (gaining Peddler)

Mission turn:
Hand - Procession, Butcher, Peddler, Estate
Play Procession on Butcher. Trash Estate, spend one coin token to gain Tunnel. Trash Peddler, Spend 3 coin tokens to gain Colony. Gain Border Village, Duchy.
Buy Alms, gaining Tunnel.

One Colony, One Duchy, Two Tunnels, Two Estates = 19 VP.

Puzzles and Challenges / The Death of Dominion Picture Trivia
« on: April 24, 2015, 03:34:55 am »
A new expansion set of Dominion metadata has led to more Dominion Picture Trivia!

In this game, the names of exactly two Dominion cards are entered into Google Image Search, and an image is chosen from among the front page results. You then work backwards from the images to figure out what the original pairs of cards were.

In this round, twelve cards [EDIT: and Events, of course. Still getting used to the new paradigm.] from Dominion Adventures have been paired with twelve cards from the other sets to generate 24 images, all according to the following rules: 

-Each of the 24 card names is used in exactly two pairs. 

-Each card pair is one Adventures card paired with one non-Adventures card. 

-No pairs are repeated.

For some images, there may be more than one workable pair of card names.  But only one set of 24 will satisfy all the criteria.

Who will be the first to correctly name all 24 pairs? [EDIT: it was crlundy]

Puzzles and Challenges / Endless Dominion Picture Trivia
« on: March 25, 2015, 02:26:44 pm »
Welcome back to Dominion Picture Trivia.  Hope you're all ready to play a third time!  This is the last installment so the difficulty has been ratcheted up a notch.

This round will be a bit different.  In the past two rounds, the goal was to think backwards from a picture to decipher the two Dominion cards that, when entered into Google image search, return that picture as a front page result.

In this round, a pair of search terms have again been used to return an image, using Google.  But this time only one of each pair is the name of a Dominion card.  The other term, which is the same for all 12 pairs, is not a card per se, but a word or phrase that has a precise meaning inside the game of Dominion.

Can you figure out the key word or phrase, as well as the 12 Dominion cards that, when paired with this word or phrase, produce the 12 images below?

I think these are pretty hard. Good luck!

Puzzles and Challenges / More Dominion Picture Trivia
« on: March 12, 2015, 04:28:55 pm »
Round 2!

The names of exactly two Dominion cards are entered into Google Image Search, and an image is chosen from among the front page results. Can you work backwards from the images to figure out what the twelve pairs of cards were? In some cases there may be more than one workable answer.

Puzzles and Challenges / A simple question.
« on: March 05, 2015, 12:04:33 am »
Solitaire game. Grand Market is in the kingdom. That's all you know.

How many different cards do you need to ban from the kingdom to ensure that you will not be able to buy* a Grand Market until turn 5?

(Simpler question: what's your estimate of the number? mine was 8.)

*EDIT: I meat "gain," sorry. But I haven't figured in out yet either way.

The names of exactly two Dominion cards are entered into Google Image Search, and an image is chosen from among the front page results. Can you work backwards from the images to figure out what the twelve pairs of cards were? In some cases there may be more than one workable answer.

Puzzles and Challenges / Atomic Wishing Well
« on: July 14, 2013, 09:31:33 pm »
Imagine this card: Atomic Wishing Well.

1. Name a card.
2. Reveal the top card of your deck. If it's the named card, put it into your hand and return to step 1.

In other words, every time you correctly name the card on top of your deck, you get to make another wish.

The challenge: design a kingdom, excluding King's Court, Throne Room, and Procession.  The goal is to engineer a scenario in which you can guarantee the longest string of correct wishes, all of which are differently named cards.

Assume that you get one Atomic Wishing Well, it starts in your deck, and isn't a kingdom card.

Game Reports / Last game for a while -- a fun one
« on: January 25, 2013, 04:05:46 am »
I built this funky engine, unsure if it would work at all.  But it took on a 10 Fool's Golds-Embassy deck and won.  Then I looked at the clock and it was midnight.  Seemed like a good time to start a Dominion vacation.

Here's the game!

Puzzles and Challenges / What's the link?
« on: August 04, 2012, 09:33:09 pm »
I was looking up Bank to try and help me decide how to best word a self-designed card.  And I noticed: Bank has a pretty interesting quality, which I thought might be pretty rare, or at least uncommon.  But I couldn't tell, off the top of my head, which other cards might share this quality; I had to look them each up one by one.  Which is my way of saying that I haven't had time to search all the cards yet.  But here are all the cards in the Base, Prosperity and Alchemy sets that share this quality.

Can anyone figure out what the shared quality is, and supply the missing cards from the other sets?




Game Reports / Can you beat Scout on this board?
« on: July 18, 2012, 06:00:05 pm »
Cards in supply: Forge, Great Hall, Nomad Camp, Potion, Scout, Scrying Pool, Silk Road, Trade Route, Treasure Map, Vineyard, and Witch

Sometimes, Scout can be a decent addition to your deck.  But usually, when you buy one, you're thinking "hope this works." Hope that I draw my Scout with my Crossroads in hand and a lot of green cards on my deck but not in my hand already.  At best, it's a fun trick to pull off. 

This board was the first I've seen in which, if you didn't buy multiple Scouts, you were pretty likely to lose.  I've never seen Scout-play this dominant.

I didn't play well at all here; my opponent played much better.  Luckily, I fell backwards into a fun engine. 

Basically, I saw Scrying Pool, with Trade Route and Forge to trash, and made a pair of hair-trigger purchases: I opened Trade Route/Potion.  When my opponent opened Nomad Camp/Witch, I realized I hadn't read the board well at all.  There were no plus actions.  He'd be cursing me faster than I could trash.  And before I could get back into shape he'd have gobbled up all the Great Halls and Silk Roads.  The game was over already.

But the deck that grew around this mistake was pretty cool.  Scrying Pool combines alright with Great Hall.  The Trade Route mat accumulated plenty of tokens, so that was nice.  But Scout was what really held everything together. 

Scout allowed me to clog my deck with Silk Roads and Vineyards, and still consistently draw huge hands.  I'd vacuum out the green cards, hopefully pulling a few Great Halls for added draw.  Then I'd reorder the cards so my Scrying Pool could discard Copper, and grab the actions Scout had left on the deck.  Turn after turn I was drawing my deck, playing my single Trade Route for five coin, trashing the Curses from my opponent's Witch, and buying two VP cards, or Vineyards/Actions.  It was mojo synergy.

Anyway, I know I didn't play great, so I'm not sure if I found the best strategy.  Does anything beat Scout on this board?  Here's why I don't think so.

-Provinces will, I think, lose to Trade Route/Silk Roads/Great Halls, no matter how the Province player tries to mix it up with Witches, Trade Routes, and money.  There's too much Silk Road assistance to go for Provinces.
-If both players go for Trade Route/Silk Roads/Great Halls, the player who buys a Potion will win.  Once the Silk Roads are gone, those Vineyards will be nicer than Estates.

-If both players go Trade Route/Silk Roads/Great Halls/Vineyards, and they both buy a Potion, then the player who builds around Scrying Pools will beat the player who only buys a Potion late, or who rushes Vineyards early.  The Scrying Pool player might lose some opportunity at Silk Roads VP early, but the VP the extra actions add to the Vineyards will make up for it, and it's a useful card.

-If both players go for Scrying Pools, then the player who adds a generous helping of Scouts will outdraw by a mile the player who ignores them.

Obviously, there's a lot of room for errors in that chain of assumptions.  But if the winning strategy doesn't include Scout, what is it?


Here that?  It's silence.  Somewhere out there, a scout is scouting.  There's no need to thank him.  He doesn't do it for the glory.  He just likes to be around trees.

Puzzles and Challenges / Two puzzles
« on: June 07, 2012, 07:00:47 pm »

What's missing?




a. The following Kingdom cards share a certain quality.  They share this quality regardless of what the other 9 Kingdom cards are.  What is this quality?

Black Market
Jack of All Trades
Treasure Map

b. Other cards share this quality, but only in certain Kingdoms. 

i. For example, in all Kingdoms that contain Tunnel, another card shares this quality.  What is it?

ii. In all Kingdoms that contain Island, another two cards share this quality.  What are they?

Puzzles and Challenges / USE the CLUES to CRACK the CODE
« on: December 23, 2011, 10:27:38 pm »

The following is from a game log from a game that was actually played between two basically okay players.  Three of the cards have been encoded.  It's your job to figure out what those three cards were.  Cards that went unpurchased have been hidden.

There may be more than one possible solution, but there's only one BEST answer, and that's the set of three cards that is most likely to produce the game log below, if two basically okay players are playing to win.

Manheim wins!
All Provinces are gone.

cards in supply: Fortune Teller, Harem,  :-*;D , Mandarin, Nomad Camp,  8) , Secret Chamber, Village, and Wishing Well
Default card selection was used.  The point tracker will be available.

#1 Manheim: 48 points (4 Provinces, 4 Duchies, 4 Harems, 5 Estates, and a Curse); 26 turns
            opening: Nomad Camp /  :-*
            [44 cards] 4 Harems, 2  :-* s, 2 Villages, 13 Coppers, 5 Silvers, 4 Golds, 5 Estates, 4 Duchies, 4 Provinces, 1 Curse

#2 Black: 39 points (4 Provinces, 3 Duchies, 4 Harems, 5 Estates, and 7 Curses); 27 turns
         opening:  ;D  / Silver
         [40 cards] 4 Harems, 4  :-* s, 3 Villages, 1  ;D , 1  8) , 2 Coppers, 2 Silvers, 4 Golds, 5 Estates, 3 Duchies, 4 Provinces, 7 Curses


trash: 5 Coppers, a  ;D , a Silver, and a Nomad Camp

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