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Tournaments and Events / Tournaments are still taking place
« on: January 15, 2022, 08:09:06 pm »
Although hosting Dominion tournaments on this forum has fallen out of favor, there is still an active online tournament scene on the Dominion Discord. Join it at

Dominion League / We've Moved!
« on: January 15, 2022, 07:58:12 pm »
The Dominion League is still going strong, just not on this forum.

Please visit our website at to learn about the league and sign up.

If you have any questions, head to the Dominion Discord at We do not monitor this subforum.

Dominion General Discussion / The Dominion Card Lists 2018 Edition: Prizes
« on: February 20, 2019, 04:02:29 pm »
Given recent events, I felt it was necessary to place this list (and the Knights) in a less easily editable format for posting on this forum. To that end, you may view the nicely formatted Prizes list here:

For simpler discussion reference, a list without commentary is reprinted below.

5. Bag of Gold
4. Diadem
3. Princess
2. Trusty Steed

Dominion General Discussion / The Dominion Card Lists 2018 Edition: Knights
« on: February 20, 2019, 04:01:30 pm »
Given recent events, I felt it was necessary to place this list (and the Prizes) in a less easily editable format for posting on this forum. To that end, you may view the nicely formatted Knights list here:

For simpler discussion reference, a list without commentary is reprinted below.

10. Dame Josephine
9. Sir Vander
8. Sir Martin
7. Dame Sylvia
6. Dame Natalie
5. Sir Destry
4. Sir Michael
3. Dame Molly
2. Dame Anna
1. Sir Bailey

Tournaments and Events / Renaissance: The Tournament
« on: September 23, 2018, 12:35:03 am »
Renaissance: The Tournament

A new expansion brings a new tournament, and this one comes with a twist: it starts day 1.

This tournament, featuring the Renaissance expansion, will start the first day Renaissance is available and last for 5-6 weeks thereafter.

Tournament Structure

There will be 36 participants who will be initially divided into 12 groups of 3. Each group winner will advance to one of four groups of 3, and the winners of these groups will play a 4 person single elimination bracket. This means each participant is guaranteed at least 2 matches.

Within each group, each player will play both of the other members. The group standings will be determined first by matches won, then head-to-head record, then number of games lost.

Sorting into groups will be done through a snake order from seeding by Shuffle iT mu as soon as signups are filled.

Round timing (noting that league is running simultaneously to this tournament, I am trying to give at least 1 week per match, and perhaps more earlier):
First group round: Release until Wednesday, November 21
Second group round: End of first round until Wednesday, December 5
Semifinals: End of second round until Wednesday, December 12
Final: After semifinals

Match Structure

Each match will be played first to 3 wins. Tied games do not count towards scoring.

The first game should be played with 2 cards required from Renaissance, with each subsequent game adding 2 to this number (so for example a fourth game in a match would require 8 Renaissance cards) - in the event of a tie, play another game with the same number of cards.

Starts should alternate with the first game's first player decided randomly.

Spectator Friendliness

As with all of my tournaments, I require 3 things to make this tournament enjoyable for spectators:

  • ĎPlayers can see Spectator chatí must be turned off
  • Spectators must be allowed to see the hands of both players
  • All matches must be announced at least 1 hour in advance on the Dominion discord or on the match calendar at least 12 hours in advance, optionally (and preferably) both


Signups are closed. Please see the post below for a list of participants.

I expect that any person who signs up will subscribe to Renaissance as soon as it is available for at least the duration of this tournament.

I am not making any rules against people who have participated in any sort of testing of this expansion participating; any restriction other than the subscription comes from some other power.

Match Reporting

Please report the result of your matches in this thread and how many games were won by each player.

As always, have fun!

Dominion Videos and Streams / tracerdominion on Youtube
« on: April 15, 2018, 02:00:45 am »
I'm posting videos of my matches with varying degrees of sound quality and consistently low degree of commentary quality, so here is my channel if you want to see those matches and listen to me complain a lot.

Tournaments and Events / Cage Match Tournament 1: Nocturne
« on: March 02, 2018, 09:23:54 pm »
Cage Match Tournament 1: Nocturne

It's that time again: time for a new tournament style, and I've got you covered. This one features a cage match for every match.

This tournament is expected to run from March 13 until April 10, though if you are not intending to win any matches, it will be over sooner for you.

Tournament Structure

There will be 16 participants placed into a single elimination bracket based on Shuffle iT rating mu at the March 13 rating update.

Each match will be expected to be completed in 1 week. This gives the following schedule:
Ro16: March 13 through March 20
Quarterfinals: March 20 through March 27
Semifinals: March 27 through April 3
Finals: April 3 through April 10

Adjustments by a few days may take place to accommodate scheduling difficulties, but I hope that nobody signs up for whom working with this schedule might be a concern.

Match Structure

Each match will be first to 3 game wins wins the match, with ties counting as 0.5 wins for each player. Should players reach 3 wins simultaneously, games should be played until a game is won, and the winner of that game the winner of the match.

There should be alternating starts, with the first player for the first game the lower seeded player (higher number).

For each match, the card assigned for that match should be fixed into all games with the remaining cards fully random. This can be done by going to 'Select Kingdom Cardsí and typing the card name into the text box in the lower left hand corner.

Card Assignment

Each match will be assigned a card based on the results of this poll as of March 12 (which anybody can fill out; please only do so once):

This poll is now closed. Results can be found here. Ties were broken by my decision. I did not otherwise vote.

The top voted card will be assigned to the final, the second to the 1-seed semifinal matchup, the third to the 2-seed semifinal matchup, the fourth to the 1-seed quarterfinal matchup, the fifth to the 2-seed quarterfinal matchup, etc.

Spectator Friendliness

I intend for this tournament to be as spectator-friendly as possible. This will mean the following 3 rules:

  • ĎPlayers can see Spectator chatí must be turned off
  • Spectators must be allowed to see the hands of both players
  • All matches must be announced at least 1 hour in advance on the Dominion discord or on the match calendar at least 12 hours in advance, optionally (and preferably) both. You should include the assigned card in your description.


I will take the first 16 signups in this thread. I hope to have gotten that many by March 12. A list of those signed up and another link to the cards poll will be in the following post, as well as a bracket and results (when available).

Match Reporting (addition)

Please report the result of your match in this thread. Include both the score of the match and how many games the card for that match was gained in and by how many players (and if only by one player whether the person who gained it won or lost).

And as always and most importantly, have fun!

Background context

Since we only had 33 cards to rank between the two of us, we decided to do things a bit differently. For each card or event, one of us has written a longer piece about what we think of it and then the other has added on their own opinion and additional thoughts. In general, the tops of the lists are more interesting so we have written more for highly ranked cards and will present them first. First, here are our thoughts on how to go about these rankings, which will give way to a visualization of the votes followed by the top 12 community rated $6+ cards.

Bryan: I am considering the cards in terms of how often they have dominant impact on choosing strategy in. $6+ cards fill an interesting role in dominion. At this price point, cards mostly offer very powerful effects that require building towards. In this list I try to touch upon a variety of community opinion justification and our own opinions.

tracer: I look at cards from two angles: power and flexibility. Power is about what the card does to your deck, while flexibility is more of a measure of how well it fits into a variety of different decks; for example a card like Counting House, while somewhat high in power due to its ability to draw a large number of cards, has close to no flexibility since this draw is very difficult to set up. Some combination of these two angles creates my opinions.

There were 39 votes total with as few as 37 votes for some cards.
33 cards means each rank corresponds to 3.125%.
We have added the unweighted rank in parentheses next to the unweighted average in addition to the normal line.

Visualization of the votes

Before getting into the rankings themselves, here is a plot showing the distributions of votes for each card in the list. The x-axis here is the community rank of a card and the y-axis is percentile. Each larger faint black dot represents one vote - so for example one can see that the 33rd ranked card had one vote around 60%. Darker dots indicate more votes of that percentile - a fully black dot indicates 10 or more votes of that percentile.
The smaller red dot is the weighted average for that card.

And now, without further boring text,

The Best + Cards

#1 ▲1 Donate (Empires) Weighted Average: 98.13% ▲6.20pp / Unweighted Average: 95.99% (1) / Median: 100.00% ▲3.23pp / Standard Deviation: 8.04%

Bryan: Whatís surprising here is that anyone didnít have it at number 1. In its debut year, 2016, the community started it at #2. This event dominates the strategy of every kingdom it is in, and when used correctly enables swift building. Additional help for this event is that it can be bought at any time, since its price entirely debt.
tracer: The perfect control that Donate gives one over their deck is unmatched, and it shines on nearly every board it appears, warping games into something different from anything else in Dominion. A clear number 1.
#2 ▼1 Kingís Court (Prosperity) Weighted Average: 93.81% ▼1.29pp / Unweighted Average: 90.50% (2) / Median: 96.77% =0.00pp / Standard Deviation: 15.00%

tracer: While still the most explosive card in Dominion, it has rightfully dropped behind Donate as it suffers on some boards while Donate does not. On the other hand, Kingís Court will create decks where no other card could, and can make even the worst actions useful, while with the best actions, the card allows decks to reach heights no other card does.
Bryan:Chaining kings courts!
#3 =0 Goons (Prosperity) Weighted Average: 88.83% ▼0.64pp / Unweighted Average: 87.56% (3) / Median: 90.63% ▼2.92pp / Standard Deviation: 13.28%

Bryan: Unchanged from last year, Goons comes in very high on the list. This spot is justified by the fact that Goons does so many things. It can be used as engine payload with +2 coins +buy. It provides engine with another source of alt-vp, often allowing huge point gains in multi-goon mega-turns. It has a powerful attack that can oppress any hand-size dependent deck. Together, these make the card dominant in most kingdoms and strategies.
tracer: Indeed this diversity of Goons makes it dominant in nearly every kingdom it appears in, even more so than Kingís Court, which can be questionable in kingdoms with large amounts of junking while Goons is still quite relevant. For this reason I would have liked to see Goons one spot higher.
#4 ▲4 Pathfinding (Adventures) Weighted Average: 82.01% ▲8.05pp / Unweighted Average: 76.86% (5) / Median: 84.38% ▲12.95pp / Standard Deviation: 16.47%

tracer: One of the big risers in the 6+ cost list this year, Pathfinding, like Kingís Court, can create engines on boards where there otherwise would be none, though perhaps the more common use is adding consistency and terminal space in an otherwise functioning engine. Having said that, I think that this event is somewhat overrated: it requires a fairly specific set of circumstances to be essential and its high price point makes its other use difficult to fit in a build.
Bryan: I also think pathfinding is somewhat overrated. At $8, it can be hard to place the token on a cantrip in time to capitalize on the price point. Lost Arts is more relevant more often.
#5 ▼1 Fortune (Empires) Weighted Average: 79.14% ▲1.73pp / Unweighted Average: 77.93% (4) / Median: 81.25% ▼2.62pp / Standard Deviation: 17.83%

Bryan: Fortune offers an insane effect at an insane price, hidden under the split pile of gladiator. Doubling the total payload of a completed engine while adding an extra buy can have a huge impact on the game. For me, however, this card is grossly overrated for a few reasons. It is rarely worth emptying the gladiator pile to reveal fortune to both players, so fortune is not used in a large portion of games where the pile appears in the kingdom. Additionally, $8+8 debt is an insane cost, and if not constricted on buys, it can often be better to invest in two provinces or building in some other way even when fortune is revealed.
tracer: On this one I stray from my co-poster a bit; the cost here is usually easily recouped with the help of Fortune the following turn, while it is the power of Fortune that drives people to buy Gladiator since getting Fortune first or at all if not mirrored can win games.
#6 ▲3 Lost Arts (Adventures) Weighted Average: 78.18% ▲7.37pp / Unweighted Average: 74.05% (6) / Median: 78.13% ▲1.94pp / Standard Deviation: 18.34%

tracer: Rising with the similar Pathfinding, Lost Arts can also make engines happen and add consistency. Unlike Pathfinding with cantrips and villages, Lost Artsí price is easy to reach with the terminal draw cards it often is used on and is a good early buy which helps accelerate a deck. Lost Arts can also allow payload expansion by placing it on a payload card with non-terminal draw, which along with the former point is why I would rate it above Pathfinding.
Bryan: Build your own village! As a village fan, Iím happy with the placement of this event.
#7 ▼2 City Quarter (Empires) Weighted Average: 75.67% ▼0.94pp / Unweighted Average: 72.87% (7) / Median: 78.13% ▲0.71pp / Standard Deviation: 15.50%

Bryan: City Quarter provides an engine and village in one card. While it costs a lot, 8 debt can be paid over a few turns, meaning it is reliable to count on CQ to be the entire enabler for a deck with a few turns investment. To me, this cardís slight decrease in rating is not justified, and it should have maintained the rank of last year.
tracer: It is surprising as well as disappointing to see this card fall, as it can make decks work and even excel with very little support. It is the only 8 debt card that consistently seems worth its price.
#8 ▼1 Inheritance (Adventures) Weighted Average: 73.43% ▼1.42pp / Unweighted Average: 72.65% (8`) / Median: 78.13% ▼2.52pp / Standard Deviation: 19.31%

tracer: One of the more quirky things in Dominion, Inheritance is also one of the best. In addition to creating a pile of decent actions that give 1 point and only cost 2, it also transforms a number of dead cards in deck into something desirable. Even with Estate trashing it is usually worth going for and has a few targets that create something incredible for that low of a cost.
Bryan: Inheritance enables completely unique strategies. It often changes kingdoms into a race for $7.
#9 ▲2 Border Village (Hinterlands) Weighted Average: 70.80% ▲3.04pp / Unweighted Average: 65.87% (12) / Median: 65.63% ▼2.11pp / Standard Deviation: 18.75%

Bryan: Border village itself is just an expensive village, but it allows many neat gaining tricks, can be remodeled into provinces, and can help build up consistent engines quickly by allowing the gain of terminal draw and villages at the same time. As an engine and village fan, I support the slight this rank climb from last year.
tracer: It is nice to see Border Village finally rising since it allows in $6 and 1 buy what would typically take $8 or $9 and 2 buys. This added speed makes for a card that rarely goes untouched.
#10 ▲2 Overlord (Empires) Weighted Average: 69.67% ▲4.03pp / Unweighted Average: 69.70% (11) / Median: 71.88% ▲0.91pp / Standard Deviation: 13.50%

tracer: Perhaps the most versatile card in Dominion, Overlordís ability to act as any 5-cost can make it an essential opening buy and also have it maintain efficacy late into the game. However, its high cost can lure one into a cycle of only buying Overlords while never being able to actually reach $5, and the best 5-costs will often run out, limiting Overlordís potential. I am wary of its rise.
Bryan: Overlord shines most when it can replace early trashers and then transition seamlessly into being all parts of the engine. When this versatility is allowed to shine, overlord is amazing.
#11 ▼5 Grand Market (Prosperity) Weighted Average: 68.18% ▼8.17pp / Unweighted Average: 71.62% (9) / Median: 71.88% ▼5.54pp / Standard Deviation: 12.81%

Bryan: Grand market is another very powerful card, offering huge non-terminal payload and a +buy source. In games where grand market is good, it often snowballs itself, as using grand market is one of the better ways to buy grand markets. It comes with a hefty buy restriction, however, and often can be ignored due to the challenge of getting started on this strategy. The large drop represents a shift away from this simple grand market deck and towards more complex strategies. I agree with this shift.
tracer: With Grand Market versus Border Village being one of the main talking points last year, it seems fitting that with Border Villageís rise comes Grand Marketís fall. Grand Market is a great card, but unlike the cards above it (and some still below it), it is nothing special.
#12 ▼2 Dominate (Empires) Weighted Average: 66.39% ▼2.41pp / Unweighted Average: 69.99% (10) / Median: 74.07% ▲3.10pp / Standard Deviation: 19.21%

tracer: The appropriately named Dominate does just that as one of the top sources of points in Dominion. Like the other top point sources of Goons and Groundskeeper, one always needs to keep Dominate in mind as a potential goal while building as a single Dominate buy can crush dreams of a pile-out as well as overcome a two Province advantage. Due to these possible swings in game state, I think Dominate ended up underrated
Bryan: This event might be underrated in that it almost always changes the strategies of the board to be focused on being able to generate $14. Two dominates can catch up to 5 provinces, so it is very hard to ignore this event.

Tournaments and Events / Noctournament (Dualset)
« on: November 16, 2017, 07:10:08 pm »
This decription uses US Eastern time, so the end of a day is the following date at 5 UTC.

With the release of Nocturne, it seems like a fine idea to run a tournament in which nobody knows what they are doing, so this is that tournament.

This tournament will run from Sunday, November 26 until whenever it finishes or people get bored with it, and will require playing 2 matches in the first 10 days and then 1 match each week thereafter if one advances.

Signups will be in this thread. Signups before the end of Tuesday, November 21 guarantee a spot and signups after November 21 but before the end of Saturday, November 25 will be taken in order until the last multiple of 6.
I will list those signed up in the post below this one, which will contain match pairings and links to brackets once those are available.

You will need to have an active subscription to Nocturne on Shuffle iT to participate.

Format and Schedule

The first stage will take place with groups of 3, each player playing 1 match against the other two in the group by the end of Wednesday, December 6th.

I will seed those signed up by Shuffle iT rating mu at the end of November 25 and then randomize the order a bit with lower seeds more likely to move, then snake this randomized order to get the groups of 3 (so if there were 12 participants randomized to the order 1 through 12, the groups would be {1,8,9}, {2,7,10}, {3,6,11}, and {4,5,12}).

If a person completes no matches they will be removed from the tournament; otherwise, the players in a group will be ordered first according to matches won, then head-to-head result with those one is tied with, then total number of games won. A drawn match will count as half of a win.

The second stage will be single elimination in a bracket with other participants who finished in the same position in their group (so there will be 3 brackets here) and need to be finished by the end of the week after match pairings are posted, which will be a Wednesday.

This means that signing up will guarantee at least 3 matches: two in the group and at least one in the single elimination.

Players will be seeded in those brackets by the expected seed for the place for that bracket. The number of players may not be a power of 2; in that case, higher seeded players will have byes into the next round.

The player who wins more games will advance. If the match goes unplayed I will advance whoever I see fit based on the scheduling complaints I receive.

I am fine with you scheduling and playing matches as soon as you know who you will be facing.

Match Structure

Each match will be 6 games with alternating player order with the first player for the first game being whoever is hosting the table.

The player who is going second will choose one set that is not Nocturne, and the cards for the match will be randomly selected from Nocturne and that set. Here, we will consider (Cornucopia and Guilds) and (Alchemy and Promos) to be one set.
This can be set up in client  at a table by going to "Select Kingdom Cards" and making sure that the sets being used are checked and others are not - the randomization from this is enough.

If in the single elimination stage a player reaches 3.5 wins, you may terminate the match.

If in the single elimination stage a match is tied after 6 games, play games only with Nocturne cards with random player order until one of the players wins a game - this player wins the match (as they will have won more games).

When reporting match results, one should provide the score and game numbers. Reporting of match results will eventually take place in this thread.

Spectator chat should be turned off in all games, and I encourage you to announce your matches on discord so that others may watch.

If there are questions about any rules ask in this thread.

Lastly, and as always, have fun!

Dominion General Discussion / Player Ranking Poll
« on: January 24, 2017, 02:47:40 am »
I have an invited group of voters to subjectively rank Dominion players each month. Specifically, I have them rank "as many players as need to be ranked" and leave it up to them how many this is. This means that these rankings are both a reflection of perceived skill and attention brought upon this skill to the voters.

Once I have the submitted ballots, I take the names which appeared on at least half of the lists and take an average which accounts for both the rank on those lists and the number of ballots which it appeared on. The voter group is based on discord so the appearances are likely to bias slightly towards that community and majorly towards those who participate in tournaments here. I also provide the names of any others who received any votes in no particular order.

Complain about the rankings here. The voters will see it and they will not care.

If you are interested in becoming a voter, contact me privately on discord. It is not a certainty that you will become one - if you have reason to believe that you will, you probably will.

Poll results (newer towards the top):
January 2017

Dominion Articles / Trade
« on: January 05, 2017, 02:57:20 am »
I have 2-3 articles and an article series planned for the first half of this year. This one is about Trade, an event which seems to be somewhat ignored and shouldn't be. This is the only one planned broadly about a card or event as this type of article tends to fall rather low on the usefulness scale.

Silver is not a good card. Trade gives you Silver. Trade is a good event. Oops.

Letís try this again. Coppers and Estates are bad cards. Trade gets rid of them. Trade is a good event. Okay, thatís better.

And that is what it comes down to: Silver is better than other assorted garbage. Way better. Like worth $5 and a buy better to have 2 Silvers over 2 Otherassortedgarbages.

The Function

With $5 in play and one or two cards in hand, Trade gives you the option to replace those cards with Silver. This is good when those cards are worse than Silver for your deck, so Estates and Coppers and if your opponent is being nasty Curses and Ruins also. Now, while this is not pure deck thinning, it does significantly increase the power of one's deck without adding any additional cards, and so if it is to be done, should be done early and often.

While a comparison to any card will be imprecise, the most direct and relevant comparison is probably Jack of all Trades. Like Jack, Trade allows a person to both gain Silver and rid oneself of junk cards. Now, Trade costs $5 while Jack costs $4, and its advantages correspond to this price difference: as well as being able to trash Copper, buying Trade to trash even just one card puts the Silver in your deck a shuffle earlier than Jack would and does not leave an additional action card to draw - make it two cards in hand and it is a two shuffle advantage.

The Conditions

Since Silver is almost always better than the assorted garbage listed above, if Trade is the only way to get rid of that junk then it is more often than not the correct choice to Trade if one has two cards to turn into Silver. There will be some exceptions such as forgoing Trade for a power card such as Wharf which itself would lead to more effective Trade buys. In this case it will be rare that an engine which does not produce extra buys will be able to keep up with a Trade based money strategy (there is a notable and important exception that will be detailed more in a different article I have planned - presence of a discard attack).

If real (and strong) deck thinning is available then you need to decide if Silver is better than nothing, as Trade provides the former and whatever thinner the latter. In many engine strategies, this will not be the case until after the starting cards have already been cleared, although if before then, Trade is there to make that happen and is better than buying Silver or even Gold: if one Trades two junk cards one is adding between $2 and $4 of treasure payload while not increasing the size of oneís deck as buying one of these treasures would. In money strategies, on the other hand, Silver is nearly always better than nothing (same exception) and so Trade is most often preferable to investing in the thinner.

The Specialty

As alluded to above, Trade is one of the best money enablers around, and if Trade and no additional gains are present, one should think really hard before not pursuing a money strategy.

In the presence of draw, terminal or otherwise, Trade allows for lightning fast and extremely consistent money decks. Even a mediocre terminal draw money strategy such as Smithy can be improved to taking in 5 Provinces and 1 or 2 Duchies in 13 turns fairly consistently with no attacks coming in. A strong one such as Gear can make 6 Provinces in 12 turns a near certainty under the same conditions. Leaving some Copper in the deck is fine and looking to buy Trade 3 or 4 times is often ideal. While these cards usually lead to otherwise fast enough games that multi-gain engines should be able to overcome this, it is unlikely that the same could be said single-gain ones.

Additionally, such a deck will also be very resistant to junking attacks as one would might guess with the comparison to Jack. If better (and/or cheaper) draw is available than the junking attack, skipping the junking attack entirely to focus on speed while using a few additional Trade buys to turn the incoming junk into Silver when possible is likely to outrace the weaker or slower drawing junking player to Provinces. If the junking attack is the best draw, then you are buying it and just as with other draw, Trade to clean up the deck turns it into a force to be reckoned with.

Additional Thoughts
Here is a sample game (log) illustrating this speed with another strong money enabler, Courtyard. Here it takes me 12 turns to get to 5 Provinces and 1 Duchy.

I mention Trade specifically in the context of draw because this is the easiest and most consistent way to get to both $5 and 2 cards in hand; it is possible, if significantly more difficult, to reach these conditions otherwise, and Trade is a good option in these situations also for the same reasons as with draw, as can be seen in this game from Qvist (video).

Dominion General Discussion / The Prettiest Card - Nominations Open
« on: October 27, 2016, 07:34:56 pm »
Since we are going through through this process for the best card and for the favorite card, I figured we should also do this for art.

I will be doing nominations a little bit differently than the others though. In order to nominate cards, please go to and rank the art using whatever method you see fit (read more here). Then, on, say, November 20th, some person other than me, namely Qvist, will make a compilation of the submitted lists, and will release this ranking which has been contributed to by the forum.

Voting will also work differently. I will take the top card from that list and proclaim it to be the prettiest one. No brackets will be necessary.

To Qvist: thank you for the work you put into the ranking. I hope that you have as much fun putting them together for everybody as I have had creating my individual list.

Dominion General Discussion / Ranking of the Average Card
« on: October 23, 2016, 02:25:27 am »
You nitwit. There are 299 cards which you rank 1 through 299, so the average card has a ranking of 150.

No no, that's not what I mean.

So, I was doing my card rankings, right, and I am down to needing to rank 33 cards which fall somewhat in the middle - spots 128 through 165. So I'm looking over this list of 33 cards - included are cards such as Warehouse, Village, Catacombs, and Treasure Trove - and I am going, "Gee, these are all pretty good cards." Meanwhile, the cards which I might more often consider average ones - Market, Squire, Candlestick Maker - fall closer to 200 than 150.

From this observation, it seems to be the case that there are a lot more good cards than bad ones, which I suppose is a testament to how well designed the game is. On the other hand, perhaps those bad ones are so bad (and gone in 12 cases) that the average is dragged down by them, or perhaps I need to revisit what I consider an average card.

So here is the question that this brings up and that I am curious as to different perspectives on: what is a Dominion card that fits the term "average", and where would you place it or have you placed it relative to other cards?

Tournaments and Events / Unending Tournament - Discord
« on: September 17, 2016, 01:17:58 am »
It is a Dominion tournament which does not end. I mean, duh.

It also conveniently does not require constant participation, so you can play as often or as little as you want.

It is within discord, specifically the Seprix discord, which is not to be confused with the dominion discord, which you should join regardless of whether or not you wish to participate in the tournament. The Seprix discord, not so much.

So, yeah, to participate, follow this link, do whatever you need to do to register, and move along with whatever you feel like doing. I have copied the description below the link.

Hill King

Some people like to play Dominion on top of a literal hill. We call these people weird.

Others have infinitely long tournaments which take place on top of a metaphorical hill. We call these people us. And we call the last person to have won the Hill King.

Being the Hill King is good. When you are the Hill King and you win, you get to have these awesome things called points. When you have lots of points, people see your name towards the top of a leaderboard.

Being Hill King also has consequences. People are constantly challenging you for the title such that they may get points, and you must oblige often enough, otherwise the Hill God becomes angry, and shakes you off the top.

And it is time for this backstory to end, because all you want to do is play in a tournament.


One person is the Hill King.

Other people may challenge the Hill King to a match at any time.
A match should consist of 3 games of Dominion with alternating starts. Ties should be disregarded when counting games.
The Hill King must accept at least two of these challenges per 30 hours given two valid challenges in the previous 30 hours, otherwise the title of Hill King will be awarded to the first person to have challenged the former Hill King in that 30 hour period and who did not play.
A challenge is valid if it states its purpose and does not come from the loser of the previous match to have been held.

If the Hill King wins a match, the Hill King gains 1 point.
If the Hill King loses a match, the challenger becomes the Hill King.

Additional Rules will go into place as is necessary.

The first pinned post here will contain: the current Hill King, the time that the previous match was played, the time that the match previous to the previous match was played, the result of the previous match, a list of all players who have accumulated points and the number of points which they have accumulated.

The second pinned post here will be this one

Pinned posts may be accessed from browser discord with the thumb tack button in the upper right.

Thank you for any participation!

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