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4:02 Kicknascii: peace out slowass novice

Why is this line so funny?

Not entirely sure, though I agree it is funny (especially when combined with lucksac), and becomes even moreso when the ranks are compared:  Me (as meow) = 35 -vs- Kicknascii = 27

We have 3 or 4 of these threads; they've all been locked because they never end well or accomplish anything...

I just opened those threads, but will admit to having not read them yet, so I may edit / remove this "report" after I do.  The "unreal" comment was after my first 2 Young Witches plays avoided the 1 and 3 Banes in his deck (he'd bought a 4th just before my 2nd play, but not shuffled it yet).  After his final comment he apparently closed the browser to time out.
 3:53 SpaceSquirrel: Type !disable by turn 5 to disable the point counter.
 3:54 Kicknascii: unreal
 4:01 Kicknascii: you winning that race 5/3 is just ludicrous
 4:01 Kicknascii: so silly
 4:01 SpaceSquirrel: not at all with the mine,.
 4:02 Kicknascii: y a w n
 4:02 Kicknascii: peace out slowass novice
 4:02 Kicknascii: such a lucksac
 4:03 SpaceSquirrel: t
 4:05 Kicknascii has returned to the lobby.

Game Reports / A most Tactical Jester (my tale of woe).
« on: September 19, 2012, 04:52:32 pm »
cards in supply: Bridge, Develop, Forge, Inn, Jester, King's Court, Pearl Diver, Tactician, Tournament, and Treasure Map

We both open Tournament / Silver.

Opponent hits $5 on turns 3 & 4 and takes 2 Jesters.
I only get $4 on turn 3 for another Tournament and go Tactician with my first $5 on turn 4 ... and it's immediately flipped by his Jester (and he buys an Inn to boot).  Then it gets flipped on the next shuffle as well, so I resign.

Help! / Wharf + Fishing Village
« on: September 17, 2012, 08:16:32 am »

cards in supply: Fishing Village, Hamlet, Haven, Lookout, Moat, Salvager, Shanty Town, Smithy, Spy, and Wharf

Opponent took a Lookout and I didn't.  My opinion was that the coppers help the economy more than get in the way of drawing.

Did I misplay this, or was it just my horrible shuffle luck.  In particular:

    SpaceSquirrel's turn 9
   SpaceSquirrel gets +1 action and +$1 from the Fishing Village.
   SpaceSquirrel plays a Gold and 4 Coppers.
   SpaceSquirrel buys a Province.
   (SpaceSquirrel draws: 3 Wharves, a Gold, and a Copper.)

Those were the last 5 cards in the deck, so rather than have them all miss the shuffle, I didn't play any.  Does that seem like the right move?

The following shuffle also saw no Wharves in the 1st 2 hands.

On turn 13 my 2nd Wharf drew my Salvager and the 3rd Wharf.  Might have been better to Salvage the Wharf or Gold for Double Duchy or maybe Duchy + Prov.

Help! / Goons game ... bad luck or bad play?
« on: September 06, 2012, 02:16:55 am »
Really frustrating game.  Feels like it was mostly bad luck / 1st player advantage, but was hoping to get some input:
cards in supply: Caravan, Farming Village, Forge, Goons, Loan, Market, Menagerie, Secret Chamber, Trade Route, and Worker's Village

I started 2/5 and didn't get a $3 hand until turn 8.  Maybe I should have bought a silver or loan rather than 1 of my 1st 2 Caravans?

Looking at it now, it seems like his shuffles were quite good and 4/3 might be the better start on this board.  I would think buying 1 silver would be better than hoping to get to $6 while trashing coppers with the loan, but hard to say I suppose.

Game Reports / Re: Dear My Opponent: I am Sorry
« on: August 30, 2012, 10:43:17 pm »
Sorry to Fnovd (I play as SpaceSquirrel)
Black Market, Colony, Develop, Duchess, King's Court, Mine, Pawn, Philosopher's Stone, Platinum, Possession, Potion, Scheme♦, Spy, and Tunnel

KC+Scheme+Possession is bad enough.  To make matters worse, he pulled an Ambassador out of the Black Market deck.  Was pretty clever to topdeck like this when he expected my possession (which did come):

Fnovd's turn 18
Fnovd puts a Sea Hag, a Mine, a Black Market, a Black Market, and a Tournament back on the deck (first on top).

Unfortunately for him, my Possession did connect with a KC.

The ultimate in "sorry" was the next to last Possessed turn (the possession had yet to be played).  He may have already resigned before this happened:

... ... ... and plays the King's Court a third time.
... ... ... ... and plays an Ambassador.
... ... ... ... ... Fnovd reveals a Possession.
... ... ... ... ... returning it to the supply.
... ... ... ... ... SpaceSquirrel gains a Possession.
... ... ... ... and plays the Ambassador again.
... ... ... ... ... Fnovd reveals a King's Court.
... ... ... ... ... returning it to the supply.
... ... ... ... ... SpaceSquirrel gains a King's Court.
... ... ... ... and plays the Ambassador a third time.
... ... ... ... ... Fnovd reveals a Platinum.
... ... ... ... ... returning it to the supply.
... ... ... ... ... SpaceSquirrel gains a Platinum.

Game Reports / Witch & Sea Hag in Love
« on: August 30, 2012, 06:06:42 pm »
So Frustrating ... (I play as SpaceSquirrel on Isotropic)

SpaceSquirrel's turn 5
(SpaceSquirrel draws: a Witch, a Sea Hag, and 3 Coppers.)

SpaceSquirrel's turn 7
(SpaceSquirrel draws: a Witch, a Sea Hag, and 3 Coppers.)

SpaceSquirrel's turn 10
(SpaceSquirrel draws: a Witch, a Sea Hag, a Curse, a Gold, and a Copper.)

For much of the game my Terminal actions seemed to be afraid of the Native Villages in general.

The real key to the game was probably this though:
    TheRealBenny's turn 8
   TheRealBenny plays a Black Market.
   ... getting +$2.
   ... drawing a Governor, a Chapel, and a Torturer from the Black Market deck.
   ... playing a Silver and a Copper.
   ... TheRealBenny buys a Chapel.
   ... returning a Governor and a Torturer to the bottom of the Black Market deck.
   TheRealBenny buys a Silver.
   (TheRealBenny draws: a Lookout, a Courtyard, a Vault, a Silver, and a Copper.)

The 1st Black market play by either of us.  He had to chose between playing his Hag and Black Market, and chose right.

Goko Dominion Online / Re: Bonfire
« on: August 18, 2012, 05:55:17 pm »
Given it's renaissance of wisdom, perhaps Goko will get the bright idea of offering a discounted "all the expansions" price.  Offering a monthly fee version as well as "buy it permanently" could be an interesting way to go, but would make things a bit more complicated, so seems less likely (but might still be possible).

Goko Dominion Online / Re: Bonfire
« on: August 17, 2012, 10:45:13 pm »
Without an online option that I feel comfortable about supporting my Dominion play is just going to have to once in a while when I fill the boot with boxes and drive over to my mates place. For an on-line time waster I can play when the kids are in bed 'm going to have to look elsewhere.... any suggestions? Maybe I'm going to have to take up Twilight Struggle.... ... dozens of games available.  Don't let the German language and meta-game / social community aspects scare you away too quickly.

I'm rather amused by how much "whining about whining" there is.

Dominion World Masters / Re: So who's going to GenCon/Worlds?
« on: August 17, 2012, 06:52:06 am »
I just got here, and uh... Anything good to do here in Indy? I'm not much of a board gamer...

Be sure to look through the GenCon program (or at the website ... ).  There is A LOT more to GenCon than just BoardGames.  Speakers, movies, music ... all sorts of stuff.

You can only gain an action, IIRC, so no Bank.

Oops, my bad.

Fine ... will just have to settle for the clearly inferior King's Court and since you don't really want to Process a $7 ... Expand and do it the other way around ;).

As for Band of Misfits, I immediately thought of boards with lots of interesting $2-$4 but nothing at $5 (or just Outpost, Mint, or Mine).  On most boards it seems a most spammable (if not most powerful) $5 card.

Dominion Isotropic / Re: Isotropic down?
« on: July 30, 2012, 12:30:47 am »
I'm not entirely sure, but I think the server has gone up/down several times today.  I saw that tumblbeast a few times.  Will be interesting in my games in progress were logged or not.

Goko Dominion Online / Re: Will Dominion Disappear from BSW?
« on: July 27, 2012, 07:22:52 am »
I think Donald said they will take it away. After all, they have to pay BSW to host it, and why should they do this when they can just let people play on their own server for promo...


Thanks much for that link, and sorry for not tracking it down on my own before posting :).

Goko Dominion Online / Will Dominion Disappear from BSW?
« on: July 27, 2012, 06:15:35 am »

I looked a bit and haven't found any [semi]-official statements on whether Dominion will be removed from BSW when the FunSockets version becomes available.  Anyone have any "inside info" here?

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Amazon?
« on: July 25, 2012, 02:09:02 am »
I recall either Donald or Jay saying that the distribution for card/board games isn't the tireless, streamlined global arm that books, movies, and music have.  It takes time to ship all those boxes out, and they get backed up in warehouses along the way, and so on.  So while there may be an official release date, that's just when copies start trickling out of wherever they're manufactured.  The date when they actually become available for purchase on the shelf of a particular store is just whenever that store happens to receive their shipment and puts them out.

I've heard this before as well, but it's definitely not 100% true. The official store release date may be determined very late, but it does exist. Stores hold their copies until the date arrives.

I think the point was that, in many cases, game stores don't get their copies until AFTER the official release date.  With things like books, dvds, and video games this happens far less often.

Dominion World Masters / Re: Dominion US National Championships
« on: July 16, 2012, 01:46:55 pm »
Thanks for the posts, guys.
I definitely agree about the organization and format being unimpressive.  Having a preliminary round to eliminate 1 person seems absurd, especially if the scores didn't carry over to the semi's (that part wasn't entirely clear to me). 

With 10 people I would just do a "swiss-like" setup for the whole thing, potentially dropping 1 or 4 players after X rounds.

Quote from: Jay
No player may choose to opt out because they feel they will not advance to the next round.

This rule is humorously similar to the original point counter ruling: it is unenforceable, and there can be no consequence for breaking it. I'm sure everyone who qualified is an honorable and wonderful person who will play to win even when they are out of contention, but forcing already-eliminated players into kingmaking positions is just ugly.

Barring someone from future official tournaments could be a consequence.  On the whole I think I agree that it's not a great rule.

Thanks for the input, and good catch / point on turn 20.  When I saw that draw I obviously wasn't thinking clearly on flipping with that Chancellor (may have even aimed for no and hit yes instead).

Game Reports / Re: 6 Provinces in 15 turns with Apothecary??!
« on: July 15, 2012, 01:22:47 am »
I'm far from a "real" expert, but I haven't learned that Apothecary is very often better and faster that low and mid level players expect (and Alchemist is often NOT as good as mid level players think ;).

Game Reports / lucky Pirate Ships vs. or mis-played Grand Markets?
« on: July 14, 2012, 10:42:41 pm »

board is:
Adventurer, Chancellor, City, Grand Market, Menagerie, Oasis, Pirate Ship, Shanty Town, Stables, and Village with me going first.

I enjoy defeating Pirate Ships, so decide not to buy any myself.  His ships hit copper 6 straight times.  Good for me because he didn't get lucky to hit a silver or gold I needed to get my first GM.  Good for him because he never missed entirely despite me only buying 3 treasures.  In his defense he was smart enough to buy 3 almost as fast as possible rather than just 1 or 2.

Turn 4 I wasn't sure what to buy with $5.  Went with a city thinking the GM and City piles might ultimately run down.  Now I'm thinking a 2nd Stables may have been the way to go (silver, 2nd chancellor, or shift into pirate ships seem main other options ... maybe shanty town or oasis, but both seem a stretch)?

For turn 5 I caught the worst possible ... (SpaceSquirrel draws: a Chancellor, a Stables, and 3 Estates.) is the mere possibility of that draw an argument for silver over chancellor on turn 3?  At any rate it lead to nothing on turn 5 and another "wasted" $5 on turn 6 which went to silver (is 2nd Stables, chancellor, or city any better?)

I think I did OK on turn 7,8, & 9 (gold, 2nd Chancellor, 2nd gold).  Turn 10 gave me $6 with copper.  My opponent had just bought his 3rd Pirate Ship, so I was reluctant to buy a 3rd gold, so I went with a 2nd City.  Similar case on turn 11 with $5+2coppers.  Thinking now I should have "committed" to cities by buying a 3rd.  risking a 3rd gold doesn't feel right at all, but in retrospect, Adventurer feels like a mistake as well (possibly an even bigger one especially since his ships were already at $5, so he probably won't attack with them much more).

12 and 13 brought obvious Grand Markets.  14 could have been Province + city/duchy, but pretty sure 2 Grand Markets makes sense.  15 is kind of similar.  Could have been Province + $3, but went with my 5th GM + 1st Menagerie.

I'm thinking turn 16 may have been the key.  There were 2 Grand Markets left at this point (my 5 to his 3).  I had $18 with no copper or $19 with copper.  My opponent had bought his 1st Province on his turn 14 on 2nd City (4th overall) on turn 15.  I went with 2xProvince+2nd Menagerie, but now am thinking 2xGM + City would be better (and even better still if I had bought City rather Adventurer on turn 11).  I don't think I noticed at the time that I was about to reshuffle.

After turn 17 I have another horrible ... (SpaceSquirrel draws: a Copper, 3 Estates, and a Province.)

Turn 19 is another potentially interesting one.  Started with:
(SpaceSquirrel draws: 4 Grand Markets and a Menagerie.)
1 of the 1st 3 Grand Markets drew another.  I can't remember exaclty what the other 3 "1st 4 of 5" Grand Markets drew (the logs show exactly what you drew at the end of a turn, why don't they show exactly what you draw during a turn?).  I'm pretty sure it was 2 Chancellors and the Stables, so let's go with that.  I play the 5th GM, hoping for a city (and wishing I had bought a village or shanty rather then the 2nd menagerie on turn 16) and draw a gold.  At that point I could Chancellor for $15, but instead I Stable the gold, again hoping to be able to fully activate the menagerie, and knowing at least I have some hope of Adventurer re-drawing the gold which is what happened). 

I end up with $19 and 6 buys.  Looking back, it seems opponent has 3 Provinces, 3 Estates, 0 Duchies, and I have 2 Provinces, 0 Duchies, and 0 Estates.  I was afraid he was likely to be able to double Province or Province + Duchy (which would beat my Province + Estate).  Maybe 2xProvince+Estate (hoping he can't Prov+Duchy) or Province+2Duchy(hoping he can't double Province) and pray are best.  Even if I don't want to "risk" those, now I'm thinking 2xDuchy+City+$3 may be better than 3xDuchy+$3?  I'm pretty sure I didn't realize at the time I was about to shuffle (which may have influenced my choice).  Is 2xCity + duchy or even 3xCity worth considering?

After committing to the greening, I really blew it on the final turn 22.  Glanced at the log and thought (incorrectly) it indicated he went first, so i thought "I'll take a tie" and bought the last Province to lose.

I welcome any comments or suggestions (and apologize for any typos or confusing bits ... re-wrote sections, but am too inebriated to to bother with a careful proofread ;)

Dominion Articles / Re: Snowballing
« on: July 14, 2012, 06:26:12 am »
From one perspective, mountebanks and swindlers don't snowball since their attacks becomes less effective the more often that they are played. Ambassador and torturer keep hurting though the more often they are played and they can build up momentum until the game is won.

Horn of Plenty can also be a snowballing card, as can hoard maybe, highway, and haggler.

I'd call swindler a "strong snowball enabler" largely by the possibility of an early key $5->Duchy (or $6->Fairgrounds/Farmland), and to a lesser extent swindler to undesirable $3. 

I predict (or maybe would just like to see?) something like:
Junk Dealer - Reaction
When an opponent trashes a card, you may reveal this and gain a silver (or a card costing up to X)

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Gain 4 silvers from Trusty Steed?
« on: July 12, 2012, 04:29:14 am »
First tournament game I played also had gardens and throne room.  Had just started buying gardens when I won the tournament with a throne room in hand, so throned the steed for 8 silvers and think $4, though may have drawn cards.

Dominion Articles / Re: Expand
« on: July 10, 2012, 02:50:34 am »
Governor may merit a special mention.  Along with being a great $5 target for estates, you may be able to make the Expand into a Province when your opponent remodel's a gold into a Province. 

Game Reports / University gains .... FEASTS!!
« on: July 02, 2012, 07:34:04 pm »
Here's something you won't see every day:
SpaceSquirrel's turn 20
SpaceSquirrel plays a King's Court.
... and plays a University.
... ... getting +2 actions.
... ... gaining a Feast.
... and plays the University again.
... ... getting +2 actions.
... ... gaining a Feast.
... and plays the University a third time.
... ... getting +2 actions.
... ... gaining a Feast.
(SpaceSquirrel draws: a Cartographer, a Copper, a Wharf, an Estate, and a Silver.)

Naturally, it was a 3 pile ending.  Pretty sure we both played horribly in this game.  Some kind of weird University group think or something.

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