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Author Topic: Weekly Design Contest #193 The Flora of Dominion  (Read 1782 times)

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Re: Weekly Design Contest #193 The Flora of Dominion
« Reply #25 on: July 29, 2023, 02:00:54 am »

Results time

Potted Flower by LibraryAdventurer

Nice concept. It is a dead card unless you can align it with the card your flower token is on. It is going to be dependent on how well your deck can handle them without gumming itself up. This means the optimum number is going to be deck dependent and this makes it interesting. Strong engines might be able to handle a few. In slogs or weak decks maybe one might be a mistake.
I like the thematic link with Groundskeeper but as it applies to any non-action card costing at least 4 it scores in different situations. This could be potentially very good with cost dependent trash for benefit.

Wheat by Sumrex

An improved Harvest that is now a treasure with a buy and can offer anything from 2 coffers upwards. You are going to want to be able to activate the discard ability yourself. In games where you are unable to do so I cannot see this being bought unless you are desperate for the +buy and there are no better options.
The discard ability is interesting and if a Wheat reveals and discards another Wheat it means even more money. The problem is though this can go infinite. If you discard a Wheat and your deck and discard pile consists of at least one other Wheat and no more than one other card it will do so.

Mistletoe by Grep

A treasure card that itself attacks other treasures. Does this open up some weird sub-meta game of second guessing whether or not you should gain one? Gaining a Mistletoe is adding a treasure to your deck which is making you more vulnerable to Mistletoe attacks. It could be a counter to its own attack as the choice between disarming the attack and a higher value treasure may not always be obvious. In edge cases where you have more than 5 cards in hand between turns your opponent's Mistletoe could result in your own being used against you.
I think giving $1 on the card is fine as if you don't think you have a good chance of hitting a treasure you shouldn't be gaining Mistletoes. Therefore most plays should result in at least $2 and/or some other benefit.

Small Seed/Plain Plant/Bold Blossom traveller line by BryGuy
The discard option for Small Seed is effectively the same as having played a Peddler. I think the fixed version is now fine. One idea I do like is trashing it to gain the next card in the line rather than exchanging. It makes it more likely that the later cards could become impossible to gain later on and that players need to go for the traveller line sooner rather than later. I think it could have been interesting if that could have been followed all the way through.
Plain Plant suffers from not being very useful if there is a lack of treasures to trash. If the board offers strong trashing you might have got rid of most of your starting Coppers before you get to play Plain Plant. You are going to really have to want the Bold Blossom in such decks for it to be worthwhile. A rules question, what happens to the victory card you exchange. Does it get returned to the supply? What happens if you start with Shelters and want to exchange your Overgrown Estate with it?
I do like Bold Blossom. It is a bit like Tactician in that it can alternate between strong and weak turns, which has been proven to be a good thing. If you have two and can play them on alternate turns you can virtually guarantee your engine going off and have an additional $4 to spend. I think that is a worthwhile end of a traveller line.

Fruit Tree by 4est

A nice variant on Steward. Limiting the number of VP available is a simple but interesting twist as it encourages players to gain them earlier than they otherwise would. The card's versatility means you will almost always be able to find a place for it in your deck. I think the right time to gain the points will vary by kingdom, which would mean the card would reward the more skilful player.

Primrose by Silverspawn

This is going to depend on what $6+ cards are in the kingdom. If you can build a good engine without them this card will be ignorable because then it will just be an expensive terminal Silver. Where there are key engine components costing 6 or more this becomes quite powerful. I can also see a place for this card in money decks given the need for Gold or other high value treasures. If there are alternatives strategies available it can pose some interesting questions. Should you go for the one that avoids or minimises 6 cost cards? If your opponent starts picking up more 6 cost cards than you expected, should you pivot towards Primrose?

Poison Ivy by JW

Agree with the submission comments that it fills the Mountebank sized hole with the mechanics for defending against the attack. It is a weaker attack as there are more ways to block it but the +3 cards on the next turn make up for that.

Weeping Willow by SignError

Great thematic link with trees/woodcutter and willow/wisps. I like the idea but I do wonder if it makes gaining Wisps to easy. If there are a number of cheap cards you want or if there is cost reduction they can start turning into Labs.

Lumberjack/Great Oak by RovingBear

Really nice theme. Lumberjack is interesting as it isn't great at getting rid of your starting cards, the points make it decent for Estates but it is a poor way of getting through Coppers. It is still going to be powerful though. If you also have a village and a gainer you can build a trash for benefit engine around it. You could also use the remaining Lumberjacks as fodder for the engine to get through to the Great Oaks. I think Great Oak will more often than not be used a Lumberjack fodder, but what if it is the only +buy in the kingdom.

Olive Tree by LTaco

Original idea. A cantrip that allows you to delay to a later turn adding a further +card and +action each time you do. This can enable megaturns if it has the right support. The card can also be used as a village but does require you to plan ahead. The trick with this card could be timing when to gain it, as you would need to do so at least two turns before you want to use it.

Brambles by Xtra

You would primarily buy this as a trasher but the Duchy interaction is going to impact your greening strategy. Being able to remove Duchies from your deck is going to make alt VP cards like Duke and Silk Road stronger. In slog games this is going to be very useful as it can help clean junk out of your deck as well as allowing you to go for Duchies when you hit 5. The key question is would this card encourage you to green earlier and go for a rush strategy when you would otherwise build more and go for Provinces? It isn't obvious and will depend on what options there are for other piles and how easy it is to get through them. The answer not being obvious though makes this an interesting card.

Honourable Mentions
Potted Flower by LibraryAdventurer, Fruit Tree by 4est

Runner Up
Mistletoe by Grep

Lumberjack/Great Oak by RovingBear

Congratulations RovingBear.



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Re: Weekly Design Contest #193 The Flora of Dominion
« Reply #26 on: July 29, 2023, 01:27:47 pm »

Hopefully will have a new contest in the next day or two.
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