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Author Topic: Hallertau  (Read 721 times)

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« on: February 06, 2022, 06:51:02 pm »

Such a great game. Added it to my wish list as soon as I first learned it; now I own it and have played a total of 5 times. Itís a worker placement Uwe Rosenberg game, but feels a lot more streamlined than games like Agricola, Caverna, or A Feast for Odin. It has a couple different physical mechanics that I really love, and the overall gameplay just gives a very satisfying feel to have specific goals you want to meet and then meeting them.

There isnít a lot of player interaction; really itís only the competition for the worker placement spaces. Though actions can be taken more than once in a round, at the cost of using more workers when you arenít the first to take it. As with other Uwe games, there are cards you will draw which will partially define your strategy, as well as add an element of luck. Some people say it adds too much luck, but I feel that itís just the right amount.

Ultimately itís a sow and harvest game, like Agricola or Caverna. But with a much more elegant mechanics for doing so; which is one of the physical things I was talking about before. A much nicer system than ďsow 1 wheat, stack 2 more from the supply on top, then take 1 off the top each roundĒ.

I donít think I would say I like it more than A Feast for Odin, but itís definitely up there close to it.
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