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Author Topic: Rats!  (Read 1374 times)

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« on: February 14, 2021, 08:28:39 pm »

I had two fun wins on today, both featuring Rats:

First game:  Worker's Village + Pooka + Rats + Transmogrify

I got two transmogrifies and would use them (usually on Rats) to start off my WV + Pooka engine on rounds when I didn't get both a WV and a Pooka in hand.  WV allowed me to keep myself in Coppers to feed to Pooka and Rats, and I could use my Cursed Gold freely and feed the curses to Rats.

Second game:  Hunting Party + Rats + Fortress + Warehouse + Forge

Hunting Parties would seek out my Forge, and I'd forge two rats into a province, pretty much every turn.  Fortress provided a no-risk way to keep the Rats gains going once my deck had been pretty thinned, and Warehouse let me continue drawing my whole combo even late game when I had a ton of provinces -- it was a Colony game, so I bought out all 8 Provinces, which obviously ordinarily slows you way down.

Both were against opponents significantly lower-level than I was, so a more efficient opponent might've prevented these fun combos from being game-winning (especially the second game, when my opponent didn't really contest Hunting Parties at all, which was clearly a mistake).  But my view is any time you can turn Rats into profit, you gotta try.
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