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Author Topic: Conquest + Scrying Pool + Courtier  (Read 992 times)

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Conquest + Scrying Pool + Courtier
« on: January 15, 2021, 10:34:51 pm »

I just had this really amazing game. My opponent went for Sauna/Avanto, opening Sauna/Silver, while I opened Remake/Silver and started going down the route of a Scrying Pool engine. He gained 6 of the Provinces while I was still trying to build up (he got all of the Saunas and Avantos). Then, on one turn, I draw my deck with 1 Scrying Pool (only non-Action was Silver, which was in my hand, everything else was trashed). I play a bunch of Villages so I can get the Actions, and then I played 8 Courtiers on Scrying Pool for +8 Buys, +$24 (though I didn't need all of those buys). I also had one Herbalist and 1 Silver. I played Remake, trashing the Herbalist and the Silver, gaining a Silver and a Groom. I played a Scrying Pool to put those two into my hand. Then, I played the Groom to gain 2 Silvers (now I have 3 Silvers gained this turn), and I draw the Silvers with my Scrying Pool and remaining village. Then, I realize I only have $30, which is only enough for 2 Provinces, 2 Duchies, and an Estate (Already 6 Provinces gone). Then I noticed there was Conquest on the board. I buy it 5 times, giving me 10 more Silvers and 5+7+9+11+13 VP, for a total of 45. I proceeded to win the game after buying Conquest 3 more times (for 2, 3, and 4 points) and 1 Province. This was probably the most insane win that I've ever had.
Hand - King's Court, Ruined Village, Estate, Copper, Possession
Turn -
BBobb plays King's Court
and plays a Ruined Village.
getting +1 Action
and plays the Ruined Village again.
getting +1 Action
and plays the Ruined village a third time.
getting +1 Action.
BBobb plays a Copper.
BBobb buys a Poor House.
(BBobb draws: 2 King's Courts and 3 Possessions)


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Re: Conquest + Scrying Pool + Courtier
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2021, 11:44:29 pm »

That is a great win!
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