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Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #104: Raise the Ceiling
« on: February 11, 2021, 06:36:35 pm »
I think I would give it a non-zero price to make it a slightly less automatic buy. On most boards, Omniscience itself makes it easy to get rid of the Curses it gives you by lining them up with a trasher, so gaining 2 Curses is not nearly as harsh as it would be on another card.

Not sure I follow; if you play first and automatically buy this in 2 player, taking 2 Curses, while your opponent takes it as soon as convenient for 0 Curses, you're relying heavily on your first player advantage surpassing a concrete disadvantage in a game with zero RNG. I wouldn't expect this to be a winning strategy.

How about
- a card that makes an oblique cultural reference (eg "Noble Brigand" emulating Robin Hood)
- a card that requires a different version / behaves differently depending on the number of players in the game (credit: spineflu for suggesting this on one of my cards).
- a card that requires an unusual pile size (eg: "Rats" having 20 cards in the supply), or interacts with a non-supply pile or deck of unusual size (Tournament, Black Market) (wdc #108)

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #104: Raise the Ceiling
« on: February 10, 2021, 05:33:12 pm »
BBobb: thanks for picking up on these; can't believe how many mistakes I made on this card-shaped-object. Happy to follow the Trusty Steed precedent; I can appreciate it often makes more sense when someone could potentially topdeck the gained cards.

Spineflu: This is a good suggestion, could have a 4-6 side with 1 curse per other player without. Alternatively, it could cap the curse amount at the number of players. Alternatively alternatively, it could simply be "1 curse for being the first player, 1 curse for not being the final player".

It's a balancing act: a 2-0 curse split feels a good balance for 2 player. Beyond that, I'm happy with anything that keeps it in reach, isn't a trivial win on most boards for the first player, and ideally keeps a level-ish playing field. Part of the reason for the initial idea "X for player without" is that no player gets put into a position where they can only do the same as the player before them. Will mull this over.

Edit: I went with the alt alt idea: 1 Curse each, and 1 more/fewer for the first/last buyer respectively. This way the first buyer doesn't have to worry about overtaking a later player with a handful of curses fewer. 2-0 is maintained in 2 player, 2-1-0 feels like a fair split in 3 player; and with more players, the emptying of relevant kingdom piles should keep the game interesting for those players with the same number of Curses.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #104: Raise the Ceiling
« on: February 10, 2021, 09:02:09 am »
Better hunting party; I agree it's ambiguously worded.

Maybe "this does not interact with reveal triggers"?
adding also "Cards can still be revealed" - bit wordy.

Currently thinking of skipping the reveal trigger entirely with "face-up and visible".

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #104: Raise the Ceiling
« on: February 09, 2021, 06:02:10 pm »
Aha, nice catch. Will update in original post

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #104: Raise the Ceiling
« on: February 09, 2021, 03:44:08 pm »

Omniscience - $0

Play with your hand and deck entirely face up and visible. You may reorder your deck at any time.
When you buy this, gain a Curse if not all players have Omniscience, and another Curse if no other player has Omniscience, then put your deck into your discard pile.

Donate-esque gamechanger, with a penalty for buying it before others. Your deck becomes like a second hand to pick and choose from.

Edits: put into discard pile rather than discard deck; face up and visible rather than revealed to avoid reveal trigger shenanigans. Gaining Curses before putting deck into discard pile for consistency. Re-weighting of Curses to 2 for the Alpha and 1 for each other non-Omega to maintain the 2 Curse cost.

Thanks for running the contest!
Quite a variety of entries; turns out snow's pretty malleable ;)


Sleighmaker - $4
Action - Reserve

+1 Action. Gain two Snows. Put this on your Tavern mat.
When you return a card to its pile, you may call this for +4 cards.

Somewhere between Cavalry and Caravan; a delayed non-terminal draw with Watchtower synergy.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #102: Unspent
« on: January 21, 2021, 12:16:56 pm »
Thanks spineflu; updated.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #102: Unspent
« on: January 21, 2021, 11:41:24 am »

Updated for readability:

Crooked Quarter - $6

+2 Cards, +2 Actions, +$2

If your hand size is even, discard a card.
If your remaining Actions are even, -1 Action
If your $ is even, -$1

Unassisted: the first is 1/2 Forum + Peddler, and the following are 1/2 Forum + 2Peddler. With hand-size manipulation and +Actions this can be made to give extra actions and cards, but corrects itself in those respects after each play.
Keeping track of action & coin parity isn't too bad either, as after each of these you'll always have odd everything (ie buffed for coins only), so you only need look back as far as your previous one.

If you want the image to show up properly, go to the link, right click on the image, select "view image," and paste that url into the [ img ] [ /img ].

Thanks Gubump; I'd missed the link wasn't a file location.

Cheers for the welcome BBobb

Cheers for the mechanic idea, this will be going into my fancard set regardless:

Sea Fog - $4
Action - Reaction - Duration
You may turn your journey token over (it starts face up). While it is face up and this is in play, you are unaffected by attacks.
Now and at the beginning of your next turn, draw until you have 6 Cards in hand.
When another player plays an Attack Card, and your journey token is face down, you may first reveal this from your hand to be unaffected by it.

Sea Fog started out as a "lighthouse you can play in response to attacks", with double-dtx, as a both sudden-but-lingering defensive measure for foggy flavour. However, the lack of particular drawback for being able to play both ways, combined with the ugly double draw to 6 when played in response, left the card a little sad, and it didn't make the cut when I showcased some cards to Reddit.
The adventure token mechanic really gave Sea Fog a second wind. Being non-terminal already, it doesn't particularly abuse the mechanic when combined with existing adventurers. Now the player has to choose whether to protect now or later, which feels more balanced and tactical.

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