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Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion Adages
« on: February 25, 2016, 11:01:06 am »
Here's another one, not from me, though:

Always buy what is best for your deck right now.

Dominion League / Re: Season 12 - Results
« on: January 24, 2016, 09:58:18 am »
A: Burning Skull - Psyduck 2:4

Dominion League / Re: Season 12 - Results
« on: January 03, 2016, 04:09:12 pm »

mpsprs - Psyduck 2.5 : 3.5

Dominion League / Re: Season 11 - Results
« on: December 06, 2015, 01:27:25 pm »

Geronimoo - Psyduck 2:4

Dominion League / Re: Season 11 - Results
« on: November 29, 2015, 03:25:37 pm »

Fergesser - Psyduck 3:3

Dominion League / Re: Season 11 - Results
« on: November 28, 2015, 04:12:26 pm »

Dunduks - Psyduck 2:4

I ranked Treasure Trove 30th, here it's 59th.
Guys, Treasure Trove is totally broken. It's a difficult card to use in engines but oh mansies, this thing is enormous. I think the community really needs to rethink this card; there's a Treasure Trove of potential here that most people appear to just not be seeing.

I agree very much on this. Haven't played that much with Adventures, but Treasure Trove is way more powerful than it seems. Getting 2-3 Treasure Troves along with some terminal draw should be enough to start greening. It's a bit like Hoard, just cheaper, and better. I ranked it even as #12. :o

I ranked Hunting Party 40th, here it is 10+.
This thing, it's been talked about before. Most people believe Hunting Party is better than Lab and I disagree. In the early game, yes, but past that I would just rather have Labs, man. I know this is not a popular opinion so I won't belabor it.

I really can't understand your aversion against HP. I think it's almost always better than Lab, because you can influence what you draw by playing cards from your hand before HP. Also, HP works much better in non-trimmed decks. You just have to take care not to have too many uniques, as even a single Marauder can do lots of harm to a HP stack.

There are quite some cards that work really, really well as X in HP+X: Militia, Monument, Haggler, Steward, Butcher, Baron and Scavenger. Sure, against strong engines this may be too slow, but on many boards it's still a valid option.
That said, I don't see HP in top 10 as well, but not at all as low as you do.

#33 Caravan Guard (I have it on #42):
What? While not having much experience with it, I feel this card is very weak. It doesn't do anything this turn and just gives some $1 next turn. Or you have to have it in hand when being attacked, and then you get $1? Does that help? I guess in games with permanent attacks it can be nice to have some Caravan Guards, but I assume I'd prefer something else for $3 most of the time. For example Great Hall, which at least gives 1VP.

1VP is literally nothing. $1 can be the difference between getting a Mountebank or a Silver.

Hum, I always thought Mountebank costs $5. ;) I agree that 1VP doesn't make much difference very often. But having one Caravan Guard won't do much difference either. I assume you need some more to get a noticeable effect. In that case, you could also have bought some Great Halls, and I think 3-4 VP can make a difference.

#23 Lookout (I have it on #36):
I don't see why Lookout gained some ranks. I feel it is a slow trasher that sometimes doesn't hit at all and becomes weaker and weaker in the course of a game.

It is a relatively fast trasher. It's non-terminal and cycles 2 cards. That's faster than some even very highly ranked cards such as Masquerade and Forager. It's also incredibly common to overestimate how much of a problem it is that you don't get to see what cards you're trashing before you commit to trashing something; unless you're forced to play it with e.g. Herald, you can just wait until you know for sure that there's a junk card in the top 3 as long as you pay attention to it, and this doesn't even slow you down too much.
Got your point. But often it fails horribly trying to remove the last junk cards from your deck, because you draw them before Lookout and have no way to discard them. So at least it's not as flexible as Forager or even Masquerade.

#13 Black Market (I have it on #22):
While actually enjoying Black Market games a lot, I think it's skippable quite often. If there's already a viable engine, one doesn't need BM. And if not, BM rarely makes an engine viable.

If there's a viable engine, Black Market is quite likely the best payload you can possibly get for it. Even if there is already a better payload card in the kingdom, such as Bridge, Black Market is still sometimes worth using in combination with it.

BM enables quite a number of engines that otherwise wouldn't be possible, and all but the most powerful engine is made stronger by the inclusion of Black Market, enabling as it does the mid-turn gaining of exclusive cards.

So you're relying on BM to get some decent payload? What if you don't get the payload you want? Then you've played some turns using a terminal Silver as your payload.

Fwiw, this is my top 10:

Code: [Select]
1.) Masquerade   [X]
2.) Ambassador   [X]
3.) Urchin   [X]
4.) Swindler   [X]
5.) Black Market   [X]
6.) Forager   [X]
7.) Steward   [X]
8.) Amulet   [X]
9.) Menagerie   [X]
10.) Hermit   [X]

And yes, everything that's alive in me was screaming in agony when I put the card on position four above the one on five.

My list is actually quite similar:

Code: [Select]
1.) Masquerade   [X]
2.) Ambassador   [X]
3.) Fishing Village   [X]
4.) Urchin   [X]
5.) Steward   [X]
6.) Swindler   [X]
7.) Forager   [X]
8.) Hermit   [X]
9.) Amulet   [X]
10.) Gear   [X]

I think Miser belongs in the bottom tier.  I've played with Miser a half dozen times now, and I've never seen it pay off.  Every time someone gets one, they end up regretting it.  It's just too slow.  Removing one Copper from your deck with a terminal action is almost always a net downside (Moneylender provides +3 coin and is still merely average).  So you need to use the second ability enough times to make up for the lost value early.  If Miser is worth +3 coins, you'll certainly get a few uses of it, but terminal gold is meh.  You can't get 4 coins from Miser until you've played it at least five times!  And Miser doesn't help to cycle your deck much.  Now, you could dream of buying and using multiple Misers to speed this up, but it's terminal and you need a source of +buy to take advantage of it.  Too much work, not enough upside.
I agree it's terrible (particularly in isolation), but I've seen it work (usually in combination with some kind of Throne variant).  Awful, but not bottom ten material, quite.

Exactly this. In fact, I've lost badly against someone playing Miser+Throneroom. When my engine kicked in, all the Provinces were already gone. I feel Miser is nowhere as bad as Pirate Ship or Taxman. That said, I have it ranked as #55. ;)

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Favorite Treasure?
« on: November 11, 2015, 05:06:34 pm »
Quarry! For me, the combination of Quarry and Grand Market is one of the funniest to play in the whole game. Ever bought a GM on T6? :D

I must say that I agree with huge parts of this year's list. It looks very similar to my personal ranking. There are just a handful of cards where I have a different opinion:

#38 Masterpiece (I have it on 18#):
I know that Big Money isn't quite popular these days, but Masterpiece is a good BM card. It needs some support, but with cards that let you have big hands at the start of the game (Embassy, Vault, Smithy, even Tactician) can fllod you deck with Silvers. This works quite well more often than I'd expect. And it's bonkers with Feodum, of course. Okay, #18 is probably too high, but I don't see it as bad as #38.

#36 Sage (I have it on #27):
While Sage often doesn't do much in the middle and late game, it can be huge as opener to see your $4 card faster. For me it's a solid card and not as bad as others seem to see it.

#33 Caravan Guard (I have it on #42):
What? While not having much experience with it, I feel this card is very weak. It doesn't do anything this turn and just gives some $1 next turn. Or you have to have it in hand when being attacked, and then you get $1? Does that help? I guess in games with permanent attacks it can be nice to have some Caravan Guards, but I assume I'd prefer something else for $3 most of the time. For example Great Hall, which at least gives 1VP.

#23 Lookout (I have it on #36):
I don't see why Lookout gained some ranks. I feel it is a slow trasher that sometimes doesn't hit at all and becomes weaker and weaker in the course of a game.

#22 Expedition (I have it on #15):
I really, really expect Expedition to have a strong impact on many boards. $3 is quite a low cost for starting the next turn with 2 Labs.

#13 Black Market (I have it on #22):
While actually enjoying Black Market games a lot, I think it's skippable quite often. If there's already a viable engine, one doesn't need BM. And if not, BM rarely makes an engine viable.

2015 / Re: Schedule & Results
« on: October 25, 2015, 10:53:45 am »
L2 Psyduck - Roland Deschain 4:3

Goko Dominion Online / Re: Wrong rating in new platform
« on: October 21, 2015, 02:30:31 am »
I would  suggest the following:
Take one week to play on the new client. Don't look at the leaderboard, just enjoy playing. Then, after one week, one of these will have happened:

* You have played quite some games. The leaderboard will reflect your skill and level quite well. Not perfect, but okay.
* You haven't played many games, in which case I don't know why the leaderboard would matter at all.

2015 / Re: Game Reports
« on: October 12, 2015, 05:53:31 pm »
2nd Round match - NewandForgiven vs Psyduck (who is a scholar and a gentleman). I will quickly say here that he put up with me having to be a guest on client 1.0, and put up with me only being able to message him on this board (as guests don't seem to be able to talk :()

Thanks for your kind words. :) There's no reason to worry about the circumstances of our match. I was totally fine with them. :)
I must say that you played very well, especially when taking into account that some of the cards were new to you. Well done! Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing about own play, as I tend to play reeeeally sophisticated when it comes to tournaments. And when I say sophisticated, I mean dumb.

But now for the games:

Game 1 - Board Log - Pretty log

I was a bit unfocused here and didn't know in which order I wanted the components. Then in T21 I did a huge mistake, having two actions left while having Tactician and Possession in hand. So I played Tactician and then - wait, where's my Possession?  ::) In the end taking the tie was more than I could ever expect from that game.

Game 2 - Board - Log - Pretty Log

This was really close. I underestimated Cities here, but still had to go for them as NewandForgiven rushed for them. Although I saw the early three-piling coming, I didn't manage to get it done, lacking one buy. Next turn NewandForgiven won handily.

Game 4 - Board - Log - Pretty Log

Jack can deal with lots of junk, but here it was just too much. So I agree that I would've won this if the game hadn't crashed. Still, thanks for recognizing this!

Game 5 - Board - Log - Pretty Log

This was just stupid. You really have to prioritize some money when GM is the key card. And with Chapel and GM, you don't need tons of Scrying Pools to draw the deck. I never had the economy and lost quite badly.
Having said that, I think Rogue is a bad card most of the time, and also in this game. Its effect can easily be mitigated by trashing some Silvers, Feast or other junk.

Game 6 - Board - Log - Pretty Log

This was even more stupid than the last one. I think we both misplayed a bit, but NewandForgiven played at least conservatively, while I dragged myself into complete nonsense. Instead on focusing on Border Villages and Journeymen, I got a late Doctor to trash my only three Silvers (which never happened), I kept my Mint for minting Gold (which never happened because I didn't even buy any Gold). Mid-game I realized the game warping Hermit/Storeroom combo, went for it for some turns but then couldn't make much out the turn. This happens if you don't have a plan and then change it every 3 turns. Don't try this at home!

2015 / Re: Week 2 - Losers' Bracket signup
« on: October 10, 2015, 01:51:20 pm »

2015 / Re: Schedule & Results
« on: October 10, 2015, 01:39:04 pm »
Round 2

NewandForgiven 3.5
Psyduck 2.5

Good luck for the next rounds!

Dominion League / Re: Season 11 - Signups
« on: October 08, 2015, 10:41:27 am »
I'm \in as well.

No last season so far :)

2015 / Re: Goko May Shut Down This Month! What Will We Do?
« on: October 08, 2015, 10:38:37 am »
That's weird. I know I read somewhere that once the tablet version was ready they would shut the site down. I remember this because someone asked them a question, and they said they were shutting down Goko so they could spend all of their time and resources on MF Dominion. 

Anyway, I posed the question in there forums again for clarification.

Do you mean this post? In fact, he's not saying they're gonna shut down Goko once the tablet version is ready to use.

2015 / Re: Signups
« on: August 20, 2015, 04:54:22 pm »

I really feel that some people are being a bit too harsh on MakingFun.

I do agree that the current 2.0 version has lots of flaws and possibly it wasn't the best idea to release it while being in that state.
However, reading this thread one must assume that it's completely unplayable. Which is not true. I just played three games without experiencing major problems. Yes, it feels worse than the current 1.0 version, but much, much better that the 1.0 version when it was released.

What I like about MF is that they communicate with us, and make their plans and the current status more transparent.
In addition, they kept their promise to release the open beta on June 11th. I really didn't expect them to hold that date, as usually the release dates of new online games are postponed again and again. What's more, I completely expected the game to be unplayable due to load and performance issues for at least a couple of days. This, however, doesn't seem to cause problems.

Personally, I'll just wait until they fixed the bugs. Finding and addressing a bug is often easy, while fixing it is usually way more difficult. The list of known bugs is super long, but I'm completely sure the developers are doing their best to fix them as fast as possible. We should give them the time they need. As long as version 1.0 isn't shut down (which would make me change my mind), I don't feel like being worried at all.

Dominion: Adventures Previews / Re: Favorite Cards
« on: April 19, 2015, 03:38:32 pm »
Without having any experience with actually playing the cards, I like the following most:

Amulet: So much flexibility, and great trashing.
Treasure Trove: I just love the artwork, and it may actually be a good BM card.
Wine Merchant: Interesting reserve mechanic that differs from the general principle. Also, the guy looks like one of my friends. :D
Distant Lands: Another green card that changes the way a game is approached, like Fairgrounds, Vineyards, Duke.
Lost Arts: This will create super strong decks.
Inheritance: Just madness  :o

How often will you want to trash a good card with Raze? It looks like the best targets are Estates, and well you can always trash coppers. Trashing anything else seems a bit of a waste.

My initial guess is that Raze is going to be a bit like Apprentice; if you only ever use it to trash Estates and Coppers, you're doing it wrong.

Well, Raze only costs 2$ and can trash itself. I am not sure that Razing a Gold is a good idea, edge cases aside.

The edge case could be Tunnel, I guess?!

The token only affects drawing, with the additional caveat that Envoy is misworded and does not draw those cards.
How about Library?  Is it serious about the word "draw"?  It's a weird kind of drawing that doesn't happen anywhere else, so I always thought of it as more like: "look at a card, maybe put it into your hand, maybe do something else," since that's how everything else does stuff like that.  Like, maybe Library it was released too early to have gotten that wording or something.

But now I'm guessing that, since it does say "draw" and you didn't mention it just now, it's probably really and truly drawing, and it's just weird.

Luckily, I don't think there's any confusion there. The token is not an Action card, so it just gets "drawn", a.k.a. removed, and then you go on with the rest of Library.
Well, if Library is really drawing, then it works like all the other draw-up-to-X cards and effectively counters the token. If it's not (for whatever reason), then it leaves the token alone.

As I haven't read any confirmation on this: Do draw-to-x cards draw past the token? I.e. will my hand contain 7 cards if I play Library while there is a -draw token on my deck (assuming this is a possible play, of course)? Or will the token count against the card limit number, so I end up with 6 cards?

Any ideas about the best card to play Lost Arts on? My current vote goes to Envoy.

I'm curious to see Steward perform. Also, Conspirator might be nice.

Dominion: Adventures Previews / New mechanics
« on: April 05, 2015, 09:18:58 am »
As the previews are finished, I think they have left most people excited and looking forward to actually playing with the new expansion. Like other expansions  have done before, Adventures will introduce a couple of new game mechanics. In fact, I believe no expansion before has had such a huge impact on gameplay as Adventures will have.

Let's have a look at the new mechanics:

  • Exchangeable cards: So there are two lines of related cards, where you can only buy the cheapest. After playing one, you may exchange it for the next better one, which is not in the supply. This concept of levelling up may be familiar from many computer and card games. What I like about it is that it adds variety. If you go for the cards in one line, you don't play one type of card again and again, but rather different cards belonging to the same line. You'll need to prepare your deck accordingly to get the most of the different cards at different times during the game. On the other hand, getting to the final cards, Champion and Teacher, will take some time, so the whole concept seems to be rather slow.

  • Reserves: I love reserves! :) At least that's what I expect when actually playing with them. Setting cards aside for usage in the right moment adds a whole level of complexity, both in a strategical and a tactical context. You may prepare to attacks your opponent may play, or prepare some kind of strong turn. When assessing what your deck and - even more difficult -  your opponent's deck can do, you'll have to consider the possibilities the reserves offer. I guess there'll be even more reserve cards and I'm definitely looking forward to them. This is my favourite new mechanic by quite a margin. :)

  • Duration attacks: Well, this isn't the most game-warping mechanic ever. I like to think of it as playing a Wharf that has a built-in Militia effect. So that's two existing things combined, nothing that makes my brain hurt. I like the actual cards (Swamp Hag, Haunted Woods), though.

  • Events: Just wow. We knew there would be something we could buy that isn't a card. But events change everything. It very much feels like using actions during the buy phase. The only thing we could do in the buy phase before was: buying cards (to be fair, some cards allowed some interesting stuff like gaining other cards, trashing cards, messing up the draw pile, or even dealing out curses). But events go much further. They let you do awesome things like adding an additional turn. I guess they will play an important role on many boards they are present. There are, however, two rules which lower the complexity: The number of events is limited, so you won't use all of them all of the time. And, even more important, events aren't cards. This means they don't conflict with any existing cards that refer to other cards.

  • Card tokens: Prosperity introduced VP tokens, Guilds brought us Coin tokens, and Adventures contains a new type of tokens, which are placed on cards. And there are even 10 of them! They allow to modify the kingdom cards for certain players only. This adds individualization and customization to the game. I'm quite happy that we won't play with all of the tokens all the time. Just imagine a game with four players, where everyone has 10 tokens in play. It would be impossible to track the game state and quite hard to reach a good decision. While I really like the vanilla tokens (also the negative ones), I'm not yet convinced by the traveller token. I guess there will be several cards interacting with it, so proper appreciation may appear later on.

    So, what do you think about the mechanics introduced by Adventures? Which one do you like or dislike in particular?

Opening Lost City on 5/2 is interesting. You might give your opponents that were 4/3 a 5/2 now, and whey can give you 5/2+Lost City for example :D

Looking forward to playing my chapel on T2 via my opponent's draw. :)

Also, I love the introduction of Magpie:
Recent studies show that magpies do not especially collect shiny objects. These are folklore magpies though, which still do. Magpie might find you a treasure, or perhaps just reveal another Magpie. Over time a single Magpie can turn into a whole flock of them. There are just ten Magpies in the pile; they're not Rats with wings.

Absolutely thematic! :)

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