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Dominion Videos and Streams / best videos you've watched
« on: November 13, 2013, 09:53:01 am »
It's great that there are a lot of YouTube videos out there, but a lot of the games are pretty straightforward. I was thinking that in this thread we could spotlight our favorite videos (either ones you've played in, or watched) so that more people can enjoy them.

Or even if you don't have a favorite video, just one that you liked watching, where the outcome and the strategy weren't totally clear.

I'll start with a recent one from the last game of GokoDom II, where WW and SCSN take divergent strategies in a pretty close match:

Dominion Articles / Dominion Academy* 1.1: Alternative VP
« on: January 14, 2013, 03:00:02 am »
Welcome back to the Dominion Academy! Professor -Stef- isn't with us for this first session, but as your teaching assistant I'm here to give you an extra study session. Huh? This isn't the Dominion Academy you're looking for? Hey, there's an asterisk there. I hope you read the fine print before you signed up and paid tuition, right?

A little bit about my credentials: I'm around level 37 on the isotropic leaderboard, so I consider myself a reasonably skilled player, but I don't claim to be the best of the best by any means. Alternative VP is not my strong suit, so I'm writing this in a bit of a modified format. Instead of giving you "the answer" upfront, I'll first give you the problem and my first impressions. Then I'll have you all chime in and share your thoughts. Later on, I'll summarize the discussion and contribute my own findings.

Here's the board. This is a three-player game I played over the weekend:

cards in supply: Bureaucrat, Crossroads, Envoy, Farmland, Inn, Market, Moneylender, Potion, Village, Vineyard, Watchtower

Questions to you:

1) How do you assess this kingdom? Which strategies would be viable? What are the key cards?

2) The topic of the day is Alternative VP. How would your answer change if we swapped out the Vineyard for:

-- Duke
-- Gardens
-- Silk Road
-- Great Hall

My thoughts have changed since I first saw the board. I'll post my first impressions of the kingdom in the next post as a starting point, and I'll give you my revised answer, along with a summary of the discussion, within 48 hours.

* not sponsored or affiliated with the Official Dominion Academy

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