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Advertisements / Dominion Set with 3 Promo Sets
« on: January 13, 2013, 10:05:42 pm »
Looking to get rid of these, whole set for $150 or best offer.  Will not break the set. 


Dominion Base- slightly used
Dominion Intrigue- slightly used
Seaside, Prosperity, Hinterlands- barely used- each played 2-3 times.
Dark Ages- played once- virtually brand new
Cornucopia- played twice- very new
3 Sets of Promos (all 5)- 2 sets are still in the wrapper
2 sets of new Base Cards also included.

PM me if you are interested.

Looks like I'll have some time this weekend to make some sets for the tourny- hang in there. :)

Sets to be used:

Any sample sets given in any of the instruction booklets of Dominion, Intigue, Seaside, Propersity, Hinterlands and Dark Ages.

Alchemy, Cornucopia and Promo to be spliced in during SE play.

See you on the 27th!!!

Tournaments and Events / Re: Interested in an FTF Dominion Qualifier???
« on: September 30, 2012, 01:03:11 pm »
Registration is now ready- link in post above.  Hope you can make it!!! :)

Hey everyone,

If you are interested, registration is finally open.  It will be near Ann Arbor, MI.  There is also a group code discount for hotel rooms.  Let me know if you are coming.  Hope to see you there!!!  Here is the info from Scott the director of U-Conn:

Players can register for the convention at They will need a convention badge (either Saturday or Weekend), and an event ticket to the tournament.

They can search for Dominion events using the "Search" tab, or by using the following link:

If they want a hotel room, the Mariott group code is UCOUCOA. Clicking the following link will go to the hotel website, and pre-fill the dates and group code:

These links are also available from the U-Con home page, at

Hey folks, I guess U-Con is still waiting for the final schedule of games.  You won't be able to register until it is finished.  They told me that all should be ready in the next week or 2.  Sorry for the registration delay. :)

Tournament is in Ypsilanti, MI @the Marriott- near AnnArbor.  You can register at
Who is coming???

I thought I had seen somewhere that this will be in Ann Arbor or on the University of Michigan campus itself. Is this true or am I making things up?

U-Con used to be held on campus, but last year it was moved outside the city to a hotel near DTW airport.  The actual location has still not been announced.

Correct.  We'll know pretty soon.  Probably in the next couple of weeks.  For those that came to the MichiCon event for this.  U-Con is about 3-4 times the size of that event.  Should be a good venue and they are advertising at GenCon which is cool.

This is official now.  It will be advertised at GenCon and other sites.  Go to to register!  Hope to see you there.  Location will be determined fairly soon.

Other Games / Re: What other games are as good as Dominion?
« on: July 25, 2012, 12:51:13 am »
Revolution and Catan are great but as far as short-time games with depth, replayability and value 7Wonders is probably the closest to Dominion status.

I really think that Dominion and 7Wonders are the new standard for successful games- easy to play, hard to master, replayable and fairly short ~30-40min tops with deeper strategies with the expansions.

Revolution and Catan take an hour so they aren't too bad.  Any game that takes over and hour will be hard to get people to play unless they are real gamers.

Date: Saturday October 27th, 2012
Place:  TBD- should know in 3-4 weeks
Time: 12pm- 7pm (approx. end time)
Prizes: TBD- We will have even much more than what we had for the June Qualifer- Free Promos, Free Raffles for Dominion products for all and the winner recieves some sort of travel (TBD) and hotel arrangements for the 2013 Nationals.

Some of the other details, like registration, are being worked out (should be available in 3-4 weeks) but we have settled on the rules/procedures.  For those who came in June, I think you will find these procedures more refined so you may want to read them through again- there are some changes.


1.   All players will play 5 preliminary rounds involving 3 or 4 player-type games only.  Approximately, the top ½ will advance to a 2 or 3 single elimination rounds.

2.   Rounds will last no longer than 40 minutes.  A 5 minute warning will be given along with a “last turn” call at that time as well.  All 5 rounds will run from approximately 12-5pm with Single Elimination rounds lasting until about 7pm.

3.   Each set in pre-lim rounds will consist of 2 gamesets from the following: Dominion, Intrigue, Seaside, Prosperity, Hinterlands and Dark Ages.  Each of these sets are given in the list below.  Each set in the single elimination rounds will be randomized/chosen right after pre-lims on the day of the tournament.  Individual cards from Cornucopia, Alchemy and Promos may be selected for the single elimination rounds only.

4.   This simple “tournament point” system will be used to determine individual game scores.  Totals for all 5 rounds are added and the players with the highest totals will be selected and seeded for single elimination rounds.  Ties, provided even number of turns (as per rulebook), will be given the same tournament points.  Total Wins will break ties for SE rounds and seedings.  If still tied, then players will do a  random draw or roll dice.

For a 4player game:   For a 3player game:
1st place:  6pts            1st place:  6pts
2nd place: 4pts            2nd place: 3pts
3rd place:  2pts            3rd place:  0pts
4th place:  0pts

5.   Players at each table can decide if they all want to start with the same split or not- 5/2 or 4/3. If they can't unanimously decide (opposition by 1 or more players- not by voting) or don't care then the default will be the random draw as the rulebook states.

6.   Players will be rotated to different tables using a configured rotation map.  After the first round, player turn order will start with the last place player from the preceding round and end with the first place player from the preceding round.  Rotations and turn order in Single Elimination rounds will be determined by seeding.

7.   No extra materials can be brought to the tables during play.  Examples are cell phones (please put on vibrate and conceal), any electronic equipment (ipods etc), mats, dice, paper nor writing utensils etc.

8.   Players must act in a respectful manner during the tournament including compliance to all the mentioned rules or risk disqualification.  Etiquette will be explained by e-mail and/or at the tournament.  Most of all- have fun!!!

***Below will be listed all the possible sets that will used for the Pre-lim rounds 1-5.  You can practice with these sets from now until tournament day.    I highly advise players to study up on their cards and strategy on   Also, playing online at or can also give players solid practice.  Sets will be posted on Thursday October 11th, 2012

Yeah I know, crazy right???  We just finished the Nationals and the Detroit Qualifier in June.

Well, the reason for the early, early post is because we have officially moved the Detroit Qualifier from MichiCon to U-Con.  This will help grow the qualifier and expand our base of players because of the solid advertising ability with the larger and more expansive U-Con base.  It looks like they will be advertising at GenCon this year which is very cool.

Because of the move, the Qualifier for the 2013 Nationals will be in a different location in SE Michigan.  Also the date of this qualifier is early- usually early November- this year the Qualifier will be on Sat. Oct. 27th, 2012

Since we received the overwhelming positive response from the first qualifier, we knew right away that the event needed the advertising support and the location of a bigger venue.  U-Con provides that.  With that in mind, we are expecting an even larger turnout (50+) and with that a larger prize pool. 

U-Con will be publishing flyers soon.  Rules and Procedures will be posted below.  Determined decks for Pre-lims will be listed 2 weeks prior to the tournament.  Hope to see you all there.  For discussion from our last tourny in June go to:

Dominion World Masters / Re: Dominion US National Championships
« on: July 14, 2012, 08:32:09 pm »
Congrats!  Awesome.  Dondon, good luck at Worlds- go get em!

Ednever, congrats again- thanks for the pics! :)

Dominion World Masters / Re: Dominion US National Championships
« on: July 14, 2012, 03:06:41 pm »
Hey I don't do twitter- can you send the pics and stuff over to FB or here???

I recently gave Jay my rules and procedures of how we do it in the Detroit Qualifier which went extremely well.  He might not have looked at his email yet so maybe ask him to check it.

I think you will find these very helpful.  I believe people should adopt a similar system and make it universal.  Sooner or later, its best to come up with some Official Tourny rules and such.

BTW we are moving the Qualifier from MichiCon to U-Con in the SE Mich area.  They are the largest Con in the state and have the best ad/website reach in the state as well.  We're very excited to see this particular Qualifier grow to one of the best.  U-Con is held a little earlier than MichiCon though (November versus June) so we may be advertising pretty soon- hopefully at GenCon this year.

Dominion World Masters / Re: Dominion US National Championships
« on: July 11, 2012, 09:13:49 am »
Congrats Ed on making it!!!  I know being at the finals of our Detroit qualifier that you will do well along with Tobin.

Some thoughts...

1. Pics and report after is fine...concentrate on your games, its your time to focus on winning and nothing else!

2. 3-player- probably because of the number of participants- 3player games works best when there are less than 16 people at a tourny.
    Jay told me they strive for 3 or 4 players game as US Finals and Worlds.  If the participants increase then I'm sure you will see more 4player games.

3. 5/3/1 points system is virtually the same- works for 3 players.  I'm glad Jay is going to this system that was suggested online.  We will play with this system at the next qualifier- I hope others do the same.

4. More qualifiers will come in the next couple of years I'm sure.  I would think they want at least 16+ players in the US Nationals.

As and Organizer and a Player just get rid of the point/card counters altogether- play the game with your brain alone not a crutch.

In this case I made the spreadsheet publicly available, so that I think it can only be argued that I was playing at a disadvantage. My opponents (or at least jtl005) were certainly using it during the games, as you can see in the video by the labeled selection boxes of other users showing up in the spreadsheet, and jtl005 asking me where the sheet for game 2 was in chat.
Show this to Jay at the tournament and I think there's a decent chance he will DQ you. Also, my estimate of the chance of a
 future online qualifier happening is zero.

Hey, Donald as a GM for one of these qualifiers, in my mind what you and Jay rule on this issue is the law of the land.  I will fully support your decisions- if that that helps you guys in any way.

Hey just wanted to chime in here.  I recently ran the Detroit Area Qualifier.  It went fantastic!  However, this issue of card counting did come up as some of the players that came had played online and were used to the counter.

One of the players that made it to the finals had pen and paper to use to count cards and point track.  I allowed it and people didn't make a big deal out of it.  After the tourny, we discussed it online here.  It seems that everyone was against having any items out during FTF tournys.

After asking DXV, it seems he was against it also.  So for next time we will not allow these items.  However for an online Qualifier, theory or DXV or somebody just needs to make a ruling on the issue and move on.

I don't think its cheating at all.  Just a different way to play.  Online is just a different way to play vs FTF- simple as that.

If Wandering wind wants to withdraw, then that is his right.  Play on.  Afterwards, work together to make the online Qualifier clearer and better for people.

Honestly, people are blowing their breath over something petty- grow up, work together, play on, improve the system and move on.

It might help if there were some universal Dominion tourny rules and procedures.  Personally I like the tournament point system for the online Qualifier here.

2 other topics before I forget,

1.) In the next qualifier, I can have players start with the same split.  Half the boards can start with 5/2 and the other half can start with 4/3.  Each round those same boards will alternate.  This should solve the problem with splits.  Everyone will start with the same split at your table but you won't know which one you will get from round to round.

Do you guys like that idea or do you still like random draw???  I guess I wanna know if random draw is really that bad.  The problem seems to be with everyone starting with the same split then all players seem to buy the same cards the first round.  I'm kinda mixed on the idea.  Talk to me.

2.) As far as who goes first- SE can be seeded this way as I think higher seed should start first- though random card draw is so much easier on me.  For Pre-lims a random draw before the game starts makes sense or paper, rock , scissors or dice.

I guess I should really wait to see how the Nationals and Worlds shake out and ask Donald X these questions myself along with maybe some top players.

1- Same split in 3-4 player games makes the games less interesting in my opinion. Better to set up the boards so starting 5/2 is not a significant advantage/disadvantage.

2- In prelims, one way to do it would be reverse order (which is kind of how the game suggests it be done). Basically everyone plays a 4p game. Next round is seeded so that there is someone who came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th at a table together. Play order is reverse of how they did the round before. It will make it a lot harder to win all your games if you play fourth every time you win...


Just talked to Donald X about this.  He suggested some of the same things but is kinda open-ended on this and they don't enforce it at the tournys.  So here is what I think so far for next time:

1. As far as the Split- I'm going to leave it to the players at each table to decide if they all want to use the same split or not.  If they can't unanimously decide or don't care then the default will be the random draw as the rulebook states.  In the meantime, I will try to make the best sets possible.

2. Ed that is exactly what I noticed.  In my rotation system every table has a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and maybe a 4th place finisher from the last game.  Just go in reverse order.  Again, I will leave this up to the players to sort this out respectfully- you guys did a great job Saturday with this.  Remember that its 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place - ROTATION-wise.  Remember a couple of times where people had ties the game before but for rotation purposes I made them do paper, rock, scissors to keep the rotation smooth- it worked simple enough so I think you guys can handle it. 

3. No extra stuff at tables- Donald X seemed to be against this so I'm going to follow suit here.  No paper, pencil, counting dice, mats or headphones etc. at the tables- just play.  Nationals and Worlds seem to be done the same way.  You will simply be left to brianpower.

If you are going to play by the book, it's a definite no.  There is no ambiguity about it.

He just says sometimes maybe people want to play variants, and he is fine with that, as long as everyone who is playing is fine with it.

Ah I see now...what I meant is that I need to know what would be proper to use in a "tournament" setting.  It seems he is pretty open-ended about this, but now that its cleared up I can move forward with improvements.


Great...just making was unclear from the quote- at least to me.

Thanks for the quick response by PM also.

24 answered by Donald X in his own vague, unsure, silly way.

So is it yes or no???

I messaged him already- hopefully I can get a straight answer as far as tournaments are concerned.

I guess according to this quote that he thinks one should not use paper, pencil, counting dice or mats right???  I know that disappoints a lot of the online players who are used to those type of gauges.

This is another question I will bring up for Donald X and Jay- at the Nationals and Worlds do they allow things like mats, counting dice and pen/paper to count or write down current card counts and scores. 

I know online this is done for you and I know that legally by the rulebook that players can count the cards in any supply pile or deck.  One cannot count the cards in any discard pile though and one cannot look through any deck or discard piles.  Trash piles however can be counted and looked through.

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