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Not exactly if this is exactly where I have to post it, but here goes!

Battle Royale is a Survivor ALIAS ORG for which players will get the opportunity to play their favorite VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS. This is still a survivor game meaning there will be challenges to compete in every round and losers will attend tribal council.

This is a NON-LIVE DM game. Each round will last  48 hours.
-24 hours for challenges
-24 hours for Tribal Council

For this first season, we are venturing into the Kingdom of Hyrule (Zelda). It is NOT required to have any previous knowledge of the Zelda franchise.

Communication will take place on Slack.

Apps will close on February 17th 11:59pm EST
Game/Check-ins will begin on February 18th

Get your apps in early especially if you plan on playing a character that you want

Keep in mind this is an ALIAS game meaning you cannot tell anyone you plan on applying.

Board link:

Application link:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me on discord:

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