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Dominion General Discussion / Re: Hinterlands 2E Preview 3
« on: June 29, 2022, 10:44:03 am »
Iím personally sad to see Iíll gotten gains go. Another copper strategy bites the dust. But I am glad to Silk Road go. And now we have 2 militia variants in one expansion awesome.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Hinterlands 2E Preview 1
« on: June 27, 2022, 03:51:38 am »
Embassy I rarely played with it. Honestly it was on my hate list and then overtime put it as a mediocre. So Iím happy to see embassy replaced. Thereís only one card I disliked more in this set. Itís replacement wheelhouse is interesting I could see myself discarding an estate for a 2$ action card or a discarding a silver for a 3$ action or a duchy/province for a 5$ action card. Plus it lets you draw a card and gives you an action. So far wheelhouse is my favorite.

Mandarin was cool at first because you could ensure you have enough to buy a 5$ card the next turn, but that could also mean it would be longer before you could play actions. Plus the action of the card was mediocre at best. And then I didnít find myself wanting more than one mandarin in my deck. So mandarin went from being cool to close to the bottom of the barrel, thereís only 4 cards I dislike more than mandarin. Itís replacement weaver is a reaction. Which is going to have some synergy with oasis, margrave, cartographer, ect. I like when thereís a new card in the synergy. I think Iím going to like weaver a lot.

Oracle I liked it a tiny bit more than mandarin, but the attack Iíve always found weak and with the benefit i only disliked 5 cards more. Itís replacement witchís hut is interesting, just think if you discarded to weavers with it. You could gain 2 cards costing up to 4$/4 silvers and give everyone a minus point card plus of course by drawing 4 cards first. It would be quite the combo, heck I would do another action if I could if I only had one weaver. So obviously this will have synergy with weaver too! Not bad, not bad at all. Still might be worth doing if you played the witchís hut and ran out of +actions and then you could put those action cards to use to attack, thatís something totally worth doing unlike embassy, I feel like witchís hut is a better replacement for embassy.

Wow thatís quite the debate over one card. Wether itís a trasher or a remodel, itís a card that trashes cards. So for now on Iíll just call it a card that trashes cards. So I just called it a trasher because the other title is a little long.

Probably most of the time but not always. After all one of the first times I played online I went straight for apothecary and ignored chapel, my opponent was of course trashing his coppers and about half way through the game, he couldnít understand why I wasnít trashing coppers. I told him apothecary is a copper strategy. He said if you want to lose thatís your choice. However I won! But he was nice about and said he wouldnít disrespect apothecary again. Like you said players who accept coppers as junk will usually win. However always is untrue. Thereís always a chance a copper  strategy will win. And for me winning with a copper strategy is way more fun, because itís different from what the crowd is doing. I like to play uniquely. And if I lose, oh well! I play dominion to try out different combinations and find new card synergies, for me thatís the fun of game, with that said I do my best, but in my own way.

Thanks awaculus for clarifying that. Although Iím still not sure on how all that works. I just wished it was more like leveling up in a video game, where you can lose your level.  So if Iím 0.44 whatís the highest you can go and the Lowest you can go.

Oh got to play 3 player with lavaÖÖ. Today. I won! I bought every action card, kept an estate only bought like 2 provinces and bought a few fairgrounds. The other 2 players each skipped a couple of the action cards, so when they couldnít afford to buy Provinces anymore they went for fairgrounds. They also didnít trash very many coppers either. I think I trashed 2 with priest. Priest and rat catcher, capital city, specialist, Corsair (Corsair kept us on our toes), haunted woods, (haunted woods was definitely making it harder to buy victory cards towards the end the game, but I didnít have too much trouble because fairgrounds was giving me 6 victory points.) blockade, walled village, fairgrounds and I canít remember the last one. Specialist was a big help they both ignored it, but then at the end the other two started buying specialist.

Wait you consider rats a junk card? You guys do know that rats is Donald x vaccarino s favorite card right? Do you really want to call it junk? 😂. Yeah I donít consider silver or rats junk in anyway. Honestly only ruins, shelters and minus point cards I consider junk. So with that said in my eyes rats is a trasher.

Your also all assuming that there is a way to trash cards in every set up. Then if there isnít a way to trash but at least one of the cards I mentioned, then the copper strategy becomes even important.

Rats isnít a trasher? Huh? Now your confusing me? When you play rats, you must trash a card from your hand. How is a card that trashes cards not a trasher?

Yeah Iím not quite sure where I was in the level system for dominion online, I pretty sure I was above the average level. However a few months ago i had to completely change my username and password, meaning I was back at the bottom. For some reason the password Iíve entered in millions of times was considered invalid, and when I tried to change my password it said my username was invalid. So I had to create a brand new one. Fortunately i was able to remember one of the friends that I played against lots of times. Now Iím just waiting till he gets on. Unfortunately sometimes heís on, but falls asleep while playing. So I find him but realize heís in match with rattington and it just sits there mid game for hours. He always talks about how sleepy he is and sometimes falls asleep while we play, despite that my win ratio against lavaÖÖ. Is still just 50%. So now Iíve got work my way back to the top.

As for in real life, I have over a dozen friends that I get together with to play board games all real good friends of mine. Dominion is one of the game we play, and one of my friends likes dominion more than me, I own almost 100 board games, so for me dominion is just a good game and I even enjoy many other games more than dominion. Still I tend to win 4 out 5 games of dominion in real life. I win so much that Iíve cooled off with dominion. Still whenever I play a copper strategy their jaws literally drop no joke, In much the same way when my friends see me climb every tower in that Zelda breath of the wild game without attacking a single enemy, even with those guardians firing at me. I also did that extra area underneath a labyrinth with all those guardians in the room and was able to get treasure chests without fighting a single guardian. And I do remember dodging dozens of attacks without getting hit once, which surprised even me. The point is I sometimes donít even try to win, and just get carried away playing cool combos I like and still win. Maybe Iím just the luckiest gamer who knows. But like I said I have won nearly every game when A copper strategy was available, both online and IRL.

Which is why Iím spending more time playing ark nova, Everdell and dale of merchants (which is another deck building game)

I also teach how to play board games. And do unboxing videos and some reviews. And I recently did the reviews for the dominion expansions I own, as well as Allies which my friend bought. Iíve got a YouTube channel. Iíve got over 130 subscribers right now. And I have over 50 videos with over 100 views and Iíve got like 10 videos with over 1,000 views and 3 videos with over 2,000 views!

Well of course Iím going to draw other cards. When I focus on a copper strategy I buy lots of actions and a few golds too. You seem to think that just because Iím a copper strategist that I ignore other treasures. Well thatís wrong I, I just like to keep them around if thereís a decent copper strategy in the kingdom. I have beaten by a huge amount of victory points people who went with chapel while I went with apothecary.

Copper strategy works for me a lot. If I lost all the time, I wouldnít bother with copper strategies. Maybe Iím just lucky. I all I know is I win a lot and have fun knowing I did something that most players ignore.

Stables I rarely discard a silver with it and I have never discarded a gold with it. Just because you have doesnít mean I will. And so that leaves copper. Besides if you had a copper and a silver in your hand itís not like your going to choose to discard the silver over the copper anyways. No because that would be foolish. Which proves my point stables is better off as a copper strategy. Simply because itís the better treasure to discard.

Well you have definitely have had a different experience with beggar. I have won every game with beggar as long as there is a decent trasher. And if you forget if youíre playing with rats you are constantly trashing cards with rats, the beggar gives you powerful turn and gives your rats plenty of cards to chew on. Basically any trasher with a +1 action on it works well with beggar.

I wanted to make this post before another one of my copper strategy cards gets replaced. Something tells me Iíll gotten gains is next on the chopping block. As everyone knows counting house was replaced and even though it was a fairly weak copper strategy especially since there werenít any other cards in that expansion that really worked well with it, it was to fun to pull off and see some jaws drop occasionally.

Now Iíll gotten gains is likely to be next. However Iíll gotten gains is one of the best copper strategies in the game, sure it gives out minus point cards, but the fact that it acts like a silver when played has been very useful. Sure since most people are trying to get rid coppers, most would probably prefer Iíll gotten gains gave you 2$ instead, but of course that would make the card a little too overpowered. At least the gaining copper is optional. And of course if you are playing with other copper strategy cards then Iíll gotten gains becomes even more useful.

Now to be perfectly honest in order for a copper strategy to be most effective there needs to be more than one card that works well with copper strategies. And that does rarely happen, which is why many people donít consider a copper strategy to be a real strategy. And that is understandable. Thatís why I consider myself the worlds only copper strategist, although if you like copper strategies donít be afraid to step up and join the copper strategy club. Until then Iíll consider myself the only one.

Now obviously coppersmith was the very first copper strategic card. And now counting house has joined it with Iíll gotten gains to probably join them next.

However it also helps if there is another card in the same expansion that works with a copper strategy and in hinterlands there is, there is a lot of synergy between stables and Iíll gotten gains. And thereís synergy with trader and Iíll gotten gains. Getting rid of Iíll gotten gains will be like ruining the web of life! Letís say if there was an endangered animal that everyone loved, and it only ate one animal. So obviously most people would also try to protect its prey too. However they completely forgot about what the prey only eats and itís prey becomes extinct, then like a chain reaction everything else also goes extinct too. Now that might be overly dramatic for the cards in dominion, but that would still break up a synergy. And distort the expansion some. Unless he replaces Iíll gotten gains with a card that still has synergy with trader and stables.

Now what do I consider a card to be considered a copper strategy? Well if you play it and it gains you coppers, letís you draw coppers you already own, if it rewards you for having coppers, if you can discard a copper for a reward then itís a copper strategy card. Hereís the cards that I consider a copper strategy and yes some of these cards can work well with other treasures too.

Iíll gotten gains
Stables (are you going to discard a silver for three cards probably not and a gold definitely not)
Plaza (are going to discard a silver for a coffer probably not)
Beggar (since dark ages has so many trashing effects you can really mitigate the damage beggar does while having some really early powerful turns)
Storyteller (yes you may pay a gold to draw 3 cards, but most likely you will pay coppers to draw cards)
Miser (if you can get at least 4 coppers on your mat the miser becomes really useful)
Settlers/bustling village

Palace (you need copper to score points. So if you have 7 coppers 7 silvers and 7 golds your going to get 24 victory points at the end of the game just from the palace,which would give someone an advantage if they kept most of there coppers over someone who got rid of all of them.)


Removed cards
Counting house

So yeah thereís not many cards out there for a co-op strategist like myself. Iím probably the only one left.

Well with the way things have been going, Donald has been replacing my favorite cards from the other expansions, so he will likely replace my favorite card from hinterlands too. Iíll gotten gains!

Oh why oh why does Donald always get rid of my favorites and keep my hated cards around. Actually for me there isnít really any cards from hinterlands I hate.

And Iíll gotten gains is only my second favorite. Cartographer is my favorite card from hinterlands. And since cartographer isnít an attack card and is probably the most used card in this expansion I doubt Donald is getting rid of it. But something tells me Iíll gotten gains is going to be killed. Iíll still keep it though.

Like I said I donít hate any of the cards from this expansion but I have noticed some cards are weaker than others. Farmland and duchess.

If Donald replaces any of the following cards Iíll still keep them. And play with them regularly.

Iíll gotten gains
Nomad camp
Noble brigand
Border village
Margrave (if he replaces it with a different milita attack variant then Iíll replace it)

If he replaces any of the other cards then I wonít mind replacing them. And I donít mind if any of the other cards stay either.

Iím going to miss playing Iíll gotten gains online.

Hinterlands was the first expansion I ever bought. My friend had already bought intrigue and seaside and at the time we decided to buy different expansions. Of course now between 4 of my friends we have all the expansions and the only ones I never bought were intrigue, renaissance and Allies. And even though most of my friends have most of the expansions, Iím the only that got nocturne and alchemy.

I wonder if heís going to revise alchemy? I feel thatís the expansion that needs the most work. Possession is banned online, and half of the cards are hardly ever used. I feel like he should do it even if heís only replacing a few of them. Also if he created other cards that make the potions more useful. Or maybe even making the potion give you +1$ every time you play it. Thereís only like 16 of them, it wouldnít take much to change potion. I mean if heís already remastered 4 expansions he should remaster all of the expansions that came before adventures at the very least. Even dark ages has some cards, like rebuild that should be replaced.

Although I guess heís trying to forget he ever created the alchemy expansion in the first place. Although honestly if he made alchemy a little bigger would it be such a bad thing? Yes itís very different from other expansions but look at nocturne that expansion is way more different than alchemy and yet most people still like nocturne over alchemy. Plus night cards were never reintroduced into other expansions, same with reserve cards from adventures they were never reintroduced to other expansions either.  So why not make alchemy a bigger potion expansion. Thereís plenty of room in there for more cards. I like alchemy so much I made several of my own and even made some durations that utilize potions.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Prosperity 2E Preview 3
« on: June 03, 2022, 10:28:30 pm »
If you want to win at a competitive game youíll buy goons, not lookout.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Prosperity 2E Preview 3
« on: June 02, 2022, 08:45:11 pm »
I played lookout quite a few times online and have had to trash a lot of good cards with it. I also drew 3 provinces in a row. It was the only trasher that game and there were a ton of minus point cards, and had absolutely no luck in trashing a single curse. Then I used it one final turn and drew 3 provinces causing me to lose a province. Because it forces you to trash. And then I played it again in another game and drew 2 duchies and a province. Even if itís my fault for playing it at the end of the game. Lookout is a gamble. And it could cause you to not only trash a good card but also discard a good card. Now whenever lookout is in the game it just sits there collecting dust. Itís a waste of space. Any card that becomes a waste of space I absolutely hate. Mint is the same way it just sits there collecting dust.  I do not like most cards that force me to trash cards, with an exception. Dark ages has lots of forced trash cards like rats and junk dealer which forces you to trash a card from your hand. For one thing itís from my hand, so itís easier to choose if I should play it or not. Itís easier to mitigate trashing cards in dark ages simply because of all the synergy that trashing has in dark ages. Plus thereís tons of cards that have effects if they are trashed. Thereís lots of different benefits to trashing the various cards. Plus lookout and mint have no trashing synergy with their expansions.  Plus I prefer to trash cards from my hand or discard pile. If it forces you to trash from your deck like lookout then I hate it. I would rather be forced to trash a card if someone attacked me with giant. I donít have any problems with my opponents dismantling my deck, but I absolutely hate playing with cards that force me to dismantle my deck based on a gamble. And itís another reason why I hate mint because it forces you to trash all treasures in play, for an action card I find tedious at best. For instance if goons had mints trash all treasure cards in play effect to buy it, I would still love goons. Because like I said I find mints action effect boring. If Iím going to trash all my treasures in play to buy a card, the action itself better be powerful and exciting. I donít find lookout exciting either. Both lookout and mint are completely boring to me.

Which is why when I get the new cards. Iím removing mint instead of goons and Iím removing lookout instead of embargo. Honestly I donít understand why any of you like these cards. And I donít think I ever will. I guess Iím just a different kind of dominion player. I see dominion in a different light. For me dominion is like risk or memoir 44. If I want to play a peaceful game Iíll play Everdell or ark nova. If I want to play a competitive game Iíll play dominion or risk.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Prosperity 2E Preview 3
« on: June 01, 2022, 10:44:42 pm »
Yeah of course Iím exaggerating. However how would you feel if your most favorite card also got replaced. Out of over hundreds of cards goons is one of my most favorite cards itís in my top 10. For it to be removed from dominion online and future physical copies is absolute drag for me. Not only that but my most hated card in the whole set gets to stay! Mint is in my top 10 most hated dominion cards. And as matter of fact it also happened to seaside. Embargo is in my top 25 most loved cards and lookout is in my top 10 most hated cards.  When I bought prosperity the there were very few cards I liked from the set to begin with. Goons was prosperity s one redeeming quality in my eyes. Without it itís a ruined expansion in my eyes. And yes Iím well aware that goons has its pros and cons. But for me the pros outweigh the cons. As for me I wasnít interested in an expansion with tons of different treasure cards. And now that it was removed, well it wonít be the same without goons my favorite militia variant. And Iím sure Iím not the only one on dominion online thatís going to miss it. Goodbye goons this is cruel world indeed. And not replacing mint is criminal.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Prosperity 2E Preview 3
« on: June 01, 2022, 10:11:38 am »
Thatís it prosperity is trash! Now that goons is gone my opinion of dominion goes way down. My love of dominion is no longer a game I like. Goons was one of my most favorite cards. For the creator of the game to remove a powerful card, because itís simply an attack. Iím not going to need to waste my money on these new cards. I ban every card for dominion online that is from prosperity.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Prosperity 2E Preview 1
« on: May 30, 2022, 10:52:48 pm »
You heard what he said, he wasnít going to get rid of cards that gave out the VP tokens, which means goons is here to stay yes!

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Prosperity 2E
« on: May 21, 2022, 04:04:05 pm »
So I am a copper strategist, yes I know thatís not really a real strategy. So yes I hate mint because I would rather keep my coppers which is why I like the dark ages expansion so much. And yes Iím not really into big money strategies. For me it gets less strategic in big money strategies while the dark ages work your way up offers lots of synergy, and I just would rather trash my coppers with rats. I absolutely love rats! But I find it boring to trash my coppers with mint, however itís not quite as boring to trash my coppers when I can pull off counting house and forge combo. Cards like mint and chapel get rid of your coppers fast. Which I find boring. But cards that trash coppers slowly or require a combo of cards to pull off is much more fun. Im not saying mint is weak, Iím saying it bores me to death. And as for chapel at least I get to choose what I trash, so yes I like chapel. If the trashing of treasures with mint was an option instead of force I would like it, but then it would be an overpowered card.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Prosperity 2E
« on: May 13, 2022, 01:23:37 am »
Mint isnít just about the trashing. I also am not fond of the action too. Even without the trashing effect I still wouldnít bother playing it very often, maybe one per game, however the trashing effect to gain completely lowers its usefulness. And itís not like you would buy it using golds or playing golds now would you? No because itís not worth it. However if the action gave you something useful like victory tokens or it was worth victory points then yeah Iíll trash any treasures to obtain it. But for an action that I consider mediocre and then the trashing effect to is like adding poison to a plain old loaf of bread. Like I said there are other cards similar to mint but without that trashing effect. In fact thereís one in menagerie thatís ten times better. Kiln. It has the same cost. But it gives you 2$ and you can gain a copy of any card the next time you play it. And wait it doesnít have that awful trashing effect either.  And if you really like the trashing effect so much the count from dark ages can trash with basically the same effect, and you can even mitigate what you do as well as choose another option, plus itís also way more rewarding trashing cards in the dark ages expansion.

So the way I see it. Both kiln and count make mint obsolete! They both do it 10 times better. They both cost the same and they both give better rewards! I absolutely love the count and as for kiln itís a good card. But itís time for mint to join the removed cards list. If they are serious about making changes to prosperity, then mint needs to go, and make way for newer ideas kind of like they did with the Allies and menagerie expansions. New ideas galore!

My most hated card in existence!

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Prosperity 2E
« on: May 12, 2022, 07:05:58 am »
Well if goons gets replaced Iíll just throw out the entire prosperity expansion, itís the only card I like from that expansion. Okay Iím going overboard, I do like a lot of cards in the expansion. But goons is in my top 10 most favorite dominion cards. And honestly Iím just not big on the big money strategy. I have no problems getting 24$ and several buys in the dark ages expansion on its own and itís much more fun to combo your way from the ground up then it is throwing a couple platinums and a bank instead. Personally these are the cards I want to see replaced.

1. Trade route - At first I liked it, probably because of the mat.  but now I donít.

2. Mint- Iíve always hated this card. Most hated card. Besides there are other expansions that do this without the buy penalty.

3. Royal seal - thereís several cards like this but better. And Iím not fond of it.

4. Venture - reminds me of adventurer from the base game, and they of course removed that a long time ago, itís time for this one to join its predecessor. This is my second most hated card.

5. Forge- I just think this card is so-so

I guess I could also see them replacing these as well but I would hate to see them go.

6. Loan - I absolutely hated this at first, but now I do enjoy playing with it.

7. Counting house - itís a weaker copper strategy to be sure. But I can see them replacing since it doesnít work with most of the synergies in this expansion. It only works with forge, itís only real synergy. I guess itís okay with the bank, but then so are most of the other cards.

8. Talisman - itís a good one. But thereís lots of other cards like this so itís nothing special. Not that they can all be special.

9. Contraband - I really like this itís an interactive card. No attack involved. But it can really hinder you if play this several times in the same turn. And so you likely wonít empty this pile out.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: barbarian continues to savage
« on: May 12, 2022, 06:37:07 am »
Well you can count yourselves lucky because I was able to trash 2 of my opponents provinces with the barbarian, in the same game. This expansion truly is becoming the most attack heavy expansion, do you think Donald x vaccarino is encouraging playing with more attack cards? He did put tons of them in this expansion and absolutely no reactions to defend yourselves meaning you canít play dominion Allies by itself unless you donít mind not being able to defend yourselves with a reaction. I absolutely love this expansion. Bring it on! If I lose a province too, oh well itís just a game. And the cool thing a lot of the split piles also have attack cards. And thereís even some Allies that are like attack cards. If you like attack cards this is the expansion for you, if not then thereís always the renaissance expansion.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Is Rebuild ever fun?
« on: April 18, 2022, 11:27:44 pm »
I just played a game online with rebuild and embargo in the set. My opponent went right for the rebuild strategy while I went for embargo and I was able to embargo the duchy pile twice before he got his first duchy. Then I embargoed it again and he ended up with all the curses. All 10 curses! And no way to trash the curses! We also had salt the earth and I trashed 2 duchies and 1 estate which got me 3 victory tokens. And I had 3 provinces at the end of the game. And won by 1 point!

So if you want to try to stop opponents from using rebuild, try a game with salt the earth and embargo too! And no other trashers! Which I guess wonít randomly happen in an online game very often.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Is Rebuild ever fun?
« on: April 14, 2022, 04:12:13 pm »
For me rebuild is a so-so card. If you only have 15 minutes to play not including the set up and time it takes to put it away, then rebuild is just about the only card you can play with to end it that fast, except for maybe Iíll gotten gains in a 2 player game. So I first started playing with it I found it amazing and I liked it, but now I realize that it ruins the strategy of dominion. If rebuild is in the game the player who can buy the estates and rebuilds the fastest will usually win unless your able to buy some duchies to block some estates turning into duchies. But yeah the majority of the other cards are ignored in a game of rebuild.

Oh yeah donít you think itís interesting Donaldís favorite card is rats! I also personally love playing with rats!

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