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Dominion League / Re: Season 35 - Newsletter: Feedback
« on: July 21, 2019, 11:06:02 pm »
What follows is the agenda for the rules portion of the Season 35 moderators meeting, along with all votes taken during this portion.
  • Changes to the rules document itself
    • Living document/Google doc
      • Make Rules & Regulations change log public
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
    • "Tighten up" and make more precise
      • Will handle on a case-by-case basis.
    • Amendment process
      • Motion to add Amendment section postulating that moderators may change the rules by a majority vote of all League moderators for a given season
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
      • Motion to add a comment to above section that exceptions to the rules can be changed mid-season (by a majority vote) if and only if all directly affected players agree to such a change.
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
  • Community relations
    • Other ways to collect feedback beyond Returning form
      • Agree to allow players to submit feedback that we will look at via newsletter forum post replies
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
    • League Fan role question in Returning form
      • Add "Would you like the League Fan role?" to the returning form for non-returners
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
    • Town Hall meetings
      • Town Hall meetings as an option for challenges on which we need creativity
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
    • Dedicated feedback Discord channel
      • No dedicated feedback channel for now, reassess next season
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
    • Dedicated moderator liaison
      • No liaison for now. Revisit if there is substantial disagreement between players and moderators
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
  • Changes to League structure
    • New tiebreakers
      • Add the third tiebreaker before the "final tiebreaker"
        • Result: NO (4 dissenting)
      • "Add the third tiebreaker?" as a question for the returning form?
        • Result: YES (2 dissenting)
      • What should the final tiebreaker be? (approval votes)
        • 2-3 game playoff (9)
        • 4-5 game playoff (4)
        • 1 game playoff (3)
        • Coin flip (2)
        • Coin flip, but flip ahead (and announce) (2)
        • 6-7 game playoff (0)
      • Allow concessions in tiebreaker match
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
      • If one player is non-responsive within a reasonable time (48 hours in worst case, likely 7 days), give the win to their opponent
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
      • Results of previous two votes go in the FAQ (as opposed to the rules).
        • Result: NO (2 dissenting)
      • If both players are responsive but mutually unable to schedule, they may mutually agree for a coin flip instead
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
      • If both players are non-responsive, we flip a coin
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
      • If both players are responsive, but one is completely unavailable and does not wish to concede (votes)
        • Give the win to the available player ( 8 )
        • We flip a coin (1)
      • Add the above poll to the returning form?
        • Result: NO (unanimous)
      • If both players are responsive and available at times but not available at the same time, we flip a coin
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
    • Expand A (or other divisions)
      • Using SamE’s informal discord poll (“Fully-fleshed-out options that have been proposed so far to cover the case of more players returning to a tier than there are spots at that tier and above,” Monday, July 15, 16:13 UTC), moderators voted among themselves between the two most popular options: “1) Expand to however many seven-player divisions are necessary with two demotions. Divisions would stay at 7 until there are fewer returners than leavers,” and “0) Of course, there is also the status quo option of just encouraging these players to return at a lower level.”
        • Result: Option 0 (unanimous)
      • Add the same poll between options 0 and 1 to the returning form?
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
      • Should we hold a Town Hall on division expansion?
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
    • Way for 2nd place to promote
      • Need to see a complete proposal to assess properly.
    • Seeding
      • Proposal: Ask in the returning form about what aspects of the general philosophy of seeding people find relevant
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
      • Poll longer season breaks in the returning form?
        • Result: NO (1 dissenting)
    • Longer/shorter break between seasons
      • Infeasible on the moderator end to shorten it. Will discuss lengths of breaks at a future Town Hall.
  • Changes to matches and games
    • Scheduling issues
      • Encourage people to friend their League opponents on the client in Discord Post 2
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
    • Ban list
      • When the banlist feature comes out, respect banned cards in League matches by default
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
      • Banlist default on the returning form
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
      • Default for current season is to have only Possession banned, but of course players can mutually agree to respect ban lists.
        • Result: YES (1 dissenting)
      • Banlists are not allowed to be changed within a match (except by mutual agreement)
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
      • Once the banlist feature is live, have a Town Hall about it.
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
    • Undo rules
      • Undo rule details should be in the official document
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
      • Keep content of our undo policy
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
      • Reword undo policy to emphasize the default and pre-match discussions
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
  • Changes to moderator technologies
    • Week 2 stats and spreadsheets meeting
      • Will try it out this season.
    • Bots know about scheduled matches (for internal tracking)
      • Will see how difficult this is to implement.
    • Week 7 daily bot messages
      • No change to messaging pattern. All late match communication handled directly by the moderator, not the bot.
  • Changes to moderator responsibilities
    • Increase transparency
      • Several plans already in the works, see later votes.
    • Separation of duties
      • Unclear, will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
    • Conflicts of interest
      • Already minimized. Unclear how they could be further reduced.
    • Selection of new moderators
      • Add a line to the Moderation section that new moderators are chosen by a vote of the previous season's moderator team
        • Result: YES (unanimous)
    • Selection of new administrative moderator
      • Future arrangements might be different from the current one given moderator availability/skills.
  • Retention
    • Will discuss at a future Town Hall.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Make #announcements read- and react-only for non-moderators
      • Result: NO (1 dissenting)
    • Include the championship match in the rules
      • Result: YES (unanimous)
    • Post list of moderators and their divisions somewhere - #announcements proposed
      • Result: YES (unanimous)
    • Should there be a rules committee?
      • Result: NO (unanimous)
    • Adding the agenda + votes of the moderator meeting to the end of the newsletter (as a reply)
      • Result: YES (unanimous)
    • Require the agenda and votes to be recorded in every season going forward (put this in the rules)
      • Result: YES (unanimous)
    • Don't post anything additional about player who were dropped outside their division channel
      • Result: YES (unanimous)
    • Table discussion of "spreading out" new players to next season
      • Result: YES (unanimous)

Commentary by Sharur, aku chi, and ceviri.

Tournaments and Events / Re: Renaissance: The Tournament
« on: September 23, 2018, 01:02:55 am »

Just chiming in to note one interesting moment I had with Guardian and no attacks. I had the $2/$7 opening with Cursed Gold, and could use a Guardian buy Turn 1 to Donate Turn 2 and pay off all debt right away, leaving 5 coppers, allowing me to Windfall Turn 3.

Dominion League / Re: Season 26 - Signups
« on: February 04, 2018, 12:49:21 pm »
Count me in for my first season



Tournaments and Events / Re: Noctournament (Dualset)
« on: December 10, 2017, 04:56:16 pm »
jakey 4 - 3 wharf_rat

9522072 Empires
9522588 Base
9523329 Alch/Promos
9523927 Adventures
9524319 Seaside
9524917 Prosperity
9525394 Nocturne

Tournaments and Events / Re: Noctournament (Dualset)
« on: December 02, 2017, 02:27:46 pm »
wharf_rat 1 - 5 Awaclus

9267042 (Seaside)
9267622 (Empires)
9267822 (Intrigue)
9268114 (Adventures)
9268484 (Prosperity)
9268758 (Hinterlands)

Tournaments and Events / Re: Noctournament (Dualset)
« on: November 17, 2017, 10:56:19 am »

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