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Variants and Fan Cards / Fan Card Mechanics Week 79: We are our memories
« on: December 08, 2023, 04:56:26 pm »
Now suggesting a fan mechanic that is also a "variant" (in the Variants and Fan Cards forum). If something has the Memory type, it impacts the game after the game you're playing.

  • At the end of the game, after scoring, set aside cards with a Memory type onto your Memory mat. During your next game, these remain there for tracking and will have some sort of effect.
  • Once a Memory no longer can have any effect, if that card isn't in the Kingdom, return it to the box.
  • If you are playing games with "Memory" cards in them, to win over-all, you must be the first player to win 2 games (e.g. "Best of 3" between 2 players).
  • Do not include the same Memory card in the Kingdom in consecutive games.
  • If each player playing has won precisely one game, then do not include any Memory cards in the final Kingdom (e.g. the 3rd game in a best of 3 between 2 players).
  • In general, Memory Cards are like Victory cards and you get the Memory effect for having them in your deck. However you can put "If this was in play at the game's end" on Duration/Memory cards if you want them to be activated by playing a card.
  • Memory/Reserve cards can be "Called" from Memory as if they were on the Tavern Mat (and the Tavern Mat does not need to be referenced at all) and can enter play. They are then returned to the box at the end of the last turn where they have an effect.
  • Memory cards may impact your score at the end of the next game, but don't enter your deck for the purposes of Gardens etc. (this is so you can write rules around a card being "in your deck" at the end of the game, and simplify the setting aside process).

Other notes:
I thought the mechanic would be a good idea given that you can find yourself in a largely unwinnable position in Dominion. With "memories" you may be able to set up the next game in your favour as a consolation. But this can lead to games becoming slogs if not careful as players pursue next game advantage instead of leading the current game a conclusion state. As such I think cards with both a "this game" and "next game" effect will be better than cards that exclusively have a "next game" effect, but I'm not ruling out the latter.

This mechanic will lend itself to complexity, and I was thinking of setting a limit for how many Memory cards can be in the kingdom, but I'm not sure what a good limit would be. But try to think about the complexity of tracking as you design the card. As such I am imagining the mechanic applying exclusively to "cards" (not Landscapes). I'm open to Landscapes but you may need to explain the tracking in your submission.


Mock ups are done with a Primary Colour of 0,0.4,0 (thanks grrgrrgrr).

Dominion General Discussion / Well designed cards
« on: January 27, 2023, 05:15:41 am »
Going to go for a bit of positivity. Post card (shaped things) that you really like.

Abundance: If you don't play it smart it's basically a workshop (early game gives you $3 after an Action, late game you arbitrarily buy Actions to activate it), but given its clear power it really encourages you to find strategies to make it count, such as by stacking. Sometimes they're no brainers (e.g. when Supplies is on the board) but generally it's more interesting especially considering you can trigger it before you really want to.

Witch's Hut: I initially thought the Attack was just thrown in as compensation for drawing the cards dead, because discarding 2 actions is such a high cost, right? Turns out there are lots of ways to consistently trigger the Attack in a well thought out strategy and it's fun to get there. Powerful with Big Money but the attack is too tantalising to resist so games with Witch's Hut usually end up interesting.

Cauldron: Similar to the above, I like the effort you need to put in to curse with this, either by lining up Cauldrons or gaining Actions at other times during your turn. It's really rewarding to pull off.

Grotto: Did Donald X learn nothing from the clunkiness of Research? This card is clearly worse than Cellar, right? Turns out, there's a really interesting design space in making cards miss the reshuffle. A really good "teacher card".

Stowaway: Lots of good ways to make use of its effect, even in games where it's the only Duration. i always like seeing it on the board, but it doesn't feel too powerful.

Replace: Especially compared to the card it... replaced (Saboteur is best forgotten). Just the perfect card for the likely first expansion people buy - it's Remodel, but has a few interesting tricks up it's sleeve. In playing with it, you end up realising more about what good old Remodel from the base set can do.

War Chest: My other favourite of the direct replacements. Amazing how such a simple tweak on the same mechanic can go from a card you regret buying to something very fun as you try to determine what card it is your opponent really wants. Really good non-attack interactivity.

Magnate: Other strengths of the replacements keep coming to mind. This card has all the fun of Counting House and Coppersmith in terms of seeming like it can be super powerful, but actually taking a bit of work to make work. But it feels far less luck based. A card where being situational feels very intentional and I want to see more like it. Also perfect for the theme of Prosperity.

Variants and Fan Cards / Fan Mechanics Week 55: Jewelry
« on: January 23, 2023, 06:57:26 pm »
For this contest, design a card with the Jewelry type (originally posted by Scolapasta in the Week 61 WDC)

My entry for this week is a new Treasure subtype: Jewelry:

Normally your buy phase consists of of two sub phases: First, play your treasure cards (spend coffer, pay off debt); second, buy card(s) (or event(s), or project(s))

Treasure-Jewelry cards are are cards you can play any time during your buy phase. Frequently, they will care about what or how many cards you have bought.


In my view, "Jewelry" is the type that allows you to play things during your buy phase precisely after you've bought a card. So you could technically do a pure Jewelry (can't play until you've bought a card), or an Action-Jewelry. Of note is the phase is still called your Buy phase, even though there's two distinctive parts to it.

Scolapasta's examples were all Treasure-Jewelry and in my view those are the most interesting designs and are the least likely to avoid confusion. But I won't rule out other interesting designs. If the answer to "Could this have just been a Treasure" or "Could this have just been a night card" is yes, then it won't do too well in judging.

I have a template here

Charters are Duration-Events. Or Projects with an expiration date.

When you buy a Charter, put your cube on it (similar to a Project) and follow its instructions. That might be this turn, but the cube is there to keep track of the fact that you bought it. This allows for "next turn", "until then" and one off "when you" mechanics. Unfortunately, this also means you can't buy it multiple times at once. When you have done all the things the Charter asks you to do, remove your cube, and you can buy it again.

Here's some modified official events (I used the Duration colour for these mock ups):

Expedition is now safe from Militia and friends. You can choose your Summon when you're ready to play it, rather than when you buy it.

But you can do more with Charters, for example (analogue of sorts for Treasury):

You gain the Silver right away, and as long as your cube is on the Exchequer, you get +$1 at the start of your turns. Once you gain a Victory card, take your cube back.

I'll judge based on how much I'd look forward to games with the Charter. The design should make use of the fact it's a Charter, but I'm fine with simple "next turn" designs where there might be some way to do it as an Event.

In terms of naming, I had in mind promises, or contracts, or "charter a boat". But I'm not going to judge based on names.

Weekly Design Contest #165: More Favorites, More Fun

For this contest, think about your favorite cards. The ones you picked on Dominion Online. What do you like about them? What makes games with them fun? Why do you like seeing them pop up in a kingdom when you're playing full random?

Your challenge this week is to create another card that replicates what you like about that card, as if to simulate the card being twice as likely to pop up. Maybe it's the mechanic. Maybe it's the niche it fills in kingdoms. Maybe it's just the way the card feels to play. It's not for me to say why you should or shouldn't like a card, so there are no formal rules for entering this competition. But it will help me with judging if you identify the card (shaped thing) you like and why. I also don't think saying a broad category of card ("Villages", "Trashing", "Terminal Draw") is what I had in mind.

This is basically an open round. I will be assessing on whether I think games with the card would be fun to play, but also on how creatively they fit what you find fun about a given card.  If Village is your favourite card and you submit Village but with +3 Actions instead of +2 Actions, I'm happy for you, but try and be a bit creative if you want to win. Again, your explanation of why you like a card you like is very welcome.

If they seem like they're brand new cards, but would also be talked about as "Original card/Your card" in threads here, you're on to a winner.

Puzzles and Challenges / The highest Plateau
« on: June 09, 2022, 11:13:48 pm »
Challenge 1: Find the highest possible score from Plateau Shepherds.

Challenge 2: Receive over 100 points from Plateau Shepherds in the fewest turns

Challenge 3: Receive over 200 points from Plateau Shepherds in the fewest turns

* No Black Market
* You can assume perfect shuffle luck for hypotheticals (or try this challenge for yourself)
* No removed 1E cards (No Ambassador)

Weekly Design Contest / Weekly Design Contest #144: A one time thing
« on: February 24, 2022, 07:53:07 pm »
Design a card (shaped thing) with an effect that can only be used once per game

I'm looking for more effects like Seize the Day. Where you think about the whole game and when to deploy the "once per game" effect. These kinds of decisions are in every dominion game (e.g. when to start greening), but a good "once per game" effect will provide even more opportunities.

I'll be judging on the basis of cards where the "once per game" looms large in the player's mind and isn't a trivial or obvious decision. It doesn't have to be game warping - it could be minor and only matter for players who choose a strategy involving the card. But I want players to think about when to pull the trigger.

Most Projects aren't what I really have in mind as they're largely positive and don't feel all that different from buying a card.  However I'm not going to make hard and fast "rules" about it as for example something like Inheritance has "once per game" in its text but it functions more like a Project.

The only rule is something technically that means the effect once per game, per player at most. So all Projects would "qualify". Something like Mountain Pass that's once per game across all players is also acceptable. Supply piles of one card are acceptable, but try keep it within the spirit of the contest - it shouldn't be bought many times in most games due to a "return to the supply" effect.

Once per game was an option for last week but it wasn't explored that often. Additionally, this week it need not relate to buying/gaining.  A Village, no buy restrictions, with a once per game additional effect would be a great entrant.

Edit: Oneshot Heirlooms do qualify, as long as they can't be gained back most of the time (e.g. if the card the Heirloom is paired with can gain from the trash). If you want to submit an heirloom you must also pair it with a card (shaped thing), which may or may not also have a "once per game" effect.

Puzzles and Challenges / Design the most disappointing Kingdom
« on: February 09, 2022, 09:12:17 pm »
Inspired by this post by mxdata in "Best Uninteresting moments in dominion"

Tomb and Sewers both appeared in the same game - one with no trashers of any kind

Some cards depend on other cards being in the kingdom to have any interesting function. There are also cards that are strictly better than other cards when they're both in the same kingdom because of this.

So the challenge is to create a kingdom with as much redundancy and dead cards as possible, and any other ways you can think of for a kingdom to be disappointing (e.g. the best strategy on the board is probably a simple Big Money strategy).

Rules Questions / Why do Treasurer and Torturer work the way they do?
« on: October 04, 2021, 07:40:33 pm »
1) Let's say you have the Key, play Treasurer and choose not to trash or gain. Do you "Take the key" from yourself, or try to "Take the key" and fail, or run out of options (having rejected the first 2 and being unable to execute the third)

2) Another player plays a first edition Torturer and the Curse pile is empty. What's the way it actually works mechanically? Is it:

A) "I play Torturer." "Of the two options, I choose "gain a Curse", and I can't".


B) "I play Torturer. Either discard two cards..." "I choose not to", "...or gain a Curse", "I can't".

Is "(they may choose an option they can't do)" in the 2nd edition a clarification or a rule specific to the card?

Variants and Fan Cards / Fan Mechanics Week 19: Join the Queue
« on: August 31, 2021, 01:41:27 am »

At the start of your turn, put one card from here into your hand

At the start of your turn, put a card from the Queue mat into your hand. It doesn't matter how the card got there, or how many cards are on the mat, or (contrary to the card's name) what order they arrived in - you put exactly one card from it into your hand at the start of each of your turns.

Cards on the Queue mat are face up (the same as Exile).

All the rules around "Exile", the noun and the verb, apply to Queue. To "Queue" a card means to put it on your Queue mat. You can refer to a card on your queue mat as "In your Queue".

Some modified official cards that might give you a sense of the mechanic:

So like the official Crypt, it puts treasures in your hand that you played this turn on later turns, one at a time. Unlike the official Crypt, it doesn't need to be a duration card, and all of the cards it
puts away are in the same Crypt. I think this is quite a bit stronger than the official card.

If you buy multiple official Reaps (not an easy feat), you get all the Golds at once next turn. With this version, you only get one per turn. Which is better? Hard to say - but what I want to illustrate here is that you can use the Queue mat to simplify some "start of your next turn" effects. Ideas that aren't particularly likely that there will be a long Queue won't be penalised. If the mechanic allows you to do an idea where "start of your next turn" wording would be too cumbersome, good.

You get to play these cards a lot more often than the official versions, but you could easily end up creating a very long queue. Be careful or you might end up having too many cards in your Queue to play all the ones you want to play before the game is over - although you get to leave your dead cards at the end of the Queue.

Rules Questions / Post errata Band of Misfits + Cargo Ship
« on: February 18, 2020, 06:27:07 am »
If you play a Cargo Ship from the supply with Band of Misfits, do you set aside the card on top of the Cargo Ship Supply pile, given that Cargo Ship says "you may set it aside (on this)".

If it's there
1) Can that card set aside on top of Cargo Ship be bought
2) Can Cargo Ships be bought while a card sits on top of the pile
3) If the Cargo Ship can be bought and is bought, do you still put the card into your hand (given that the card the card is no longer set aside (on this))

Variants and Fan Cards / Docks: The "coffers"/"villagers" of +Card
« on: October 05, 2018, 10:14:17 pm »
I came up with the idea for my Alchemy "2nd edition" idea (which had a lot of events costing $P) as "rack", but I thought it would be worth revisiting with the advent of Coffers and Villagers.

Docks - "At the start of your turn, put all cards on this mat in your hand"

+1 Dock - Take the top card of your deck and put it face down on your Docks mat
Dock a specific card - Put that card face down on your Docks mat

So for example

Action - $4
+1 Card
+1 Action
+1 Dock

Would have a similar effect - a cantrip that makes your next hand bigger. By not being a duration it won't miss reshuffles (and can be Princed), but with the new mechanic there's the risk of not having any cards to Dock.


Action - $2
+1 Card
+1 Action
Dock a card from your hand

Is pretty much the same (except stronger for not missing reshuffles).

"Summon" (buffed)
Event - $5
+1 Villager
Gain and Dock a card costing up to $4

"Den of Sin"
Treasure - $5
When you gain or play this, +2 Docks

* Expedition and Save are easier to track and not vulnerable to Militias
* Faithful Hound could dock itself. Horse Traders could dock itself and +1 Dock
* The River's gift could simply be +1 dock.
* Gear would be similar to Haven. It may be buffed enough to justify a cost increase to $4 (which IMO it should have been anyway)
* Similar to Den of Sin, Ghost Town (replacing the Action with a Villager). Cobbler would really miss being able to see your next hand, and by the time you've added a Navigator effect it's probably easier to leave it as a Duration.
* Tactician would really miss the next turn +buy, but Wharf wouldn't
* Not ideal for all situations. Enchantress, Haunted Woods and Dungeon need to be durations for other effects so no point turning their next turn +Cards into Docks.

Things the new mechanic could enable:
* "Expedition" type events would be far easier to do and keep track of
* Drawing extra cards next turn could be tied to things like when gain/trash/overpay
* It would be far easier to tie next turn +cards/"haven" effects to conditions (eg trash/discard for benefit)

Simulation / Non transitive challenges - 2nd Edition
« on: September 15, 2018, 09:37:21 pm »
I posted 2 challenges in 2014 to try and find non transitive strategies. With Landmarks it may be easier, and the winning strategies the first time around involved Masquerade pins, so I'm posting them again.

Challenge 1: Find 3 strategies (A, B, C), all of which beat Big Money, that have a Rock/Paper/Scissors relationship (i.e. A beats B, B beats C, C beats A).

There will be 3 win loss ratios between the strategies. The winner will be the triad with the highest win loss ratio in the triads closest matchup (so a triad with 99/1, 99/1, 51/49 is not as good as a triad with 70/30, 70/30, 65/35)

Challenge 2: Find 3 strategies, A, B and C such that in a 3 player game, when it comes to the percentage of wins

Strategy A>Strategy B>Big Money
Strategy B>Strategy C>Strategy A
(Or B>A>C, or C>B>A)
Strategy C also must beat 2 Big Money bots in 3 player (so it's a real strategy that can win games).

The winner is the strategy that demonstrates the most decisive shift in the balance; the highest possible score is 200 (which would be a 100:0 changing to a 0:100).

Common Rules
  • 2nd edition cards only: No 1st edition only cards from Base and Intrigue, and cards that function differently (like Masquerade) function as they do in the 2nd edition
  • Every Card/Event/Landmark referenced in all 3 strategies must fit into a single kingdom (10 cards and maximum 2 Events/Landmarks with exceptions like Young Witch)

A small expansion based on cards that interact with the basic treasures, including cards that can take their place.

There are cards in this set with the types "Copper", "Silver" and "Gold". If a card specifically refers to one (eg Gain a Silver on Bureaucrat or Reveal a Gold on Encampment) then you choose whether that refers to card with that name, or a card with that type.





Rules Clarifications:
- You still start the game with 7 Coppers (ie Treasure that produces $1)
- You can play Bronze Idol with Florist. Playing it has no effect.
- If an attack like Noble Brigand or Mountebank makes you gain a Copper, the player being attacked chooses which Copper to gain.
- If a pile of Copper/Silver/Gold type cards is empty, and you're instructed to gain a Copper/Silver/Gold, you can't choose the empty pile to gain nothing.
- If the first time you play a Silver typed card is after playing a Merchant, you get +$1. If you played one before you play Merchants, then you don't.
- Noble Brigand can steal Silver and Gold typed cards. Now Noble Brigand can both trash cards and give out copper at the same time.
- You lose VP for having Silver and Gold typed cards in games with Bandit Fort, gain VP for having sets of 3 in games with Palace etc.
- In games with Aqueduct, you put 8VP on the Silver and Gold typed cards, but there's no way to take them except...
- In games with both Defiled Shrine and Aqueduct, you put 10VP on the Silver and Gold typed Action cards that moves to the Curse pile when you gain them.

Rules Questions / Defiled Shrine, Aqueduct and Crown
« on: January 31, 2017, 06:16:58 am »
If you gain a Crown in a game with both Defiled Shrine and Aqueduct, to which Landmark does the VP on its pile go?

Puzzles and Challenges / How many kingdoms?
« on: January 17, 2017, 12:56:20 am »
What's the up to date "how many different games" statistic?

* Normal Kingdom rules (10 cards+other set up rules)
* 0-2 Events and Landmarks
* Different Obelisks matter (IMO it's game warping enough what the Obelisk is)
* Platiunum and Colony matter and have the setup rules from Prosperity
* Shelters matter (with rules from Dark Ages)
* Don't include cards removed from Base and Intrigue
* Sizes of victory card piles don't matter (including castles)
* The order of Knights doesn't matter (not sure 100% how to rule in this one)
* The contents of the Ruins pile don't matter (inconsistent with # of players + somewhat irrelevant)
* The contents of the Black Market pile don't matter (would include except rules aren't consistent and it would dramatically increase the number)

Rules Questions / Trader and failed gains
« on: January 14, 2017, 04:29:41 pm »
If you play a Rats, and the Rats pile is empty, can you reveal a Trader to gain a Silver instead of trying to gain a rats and failing?

Variants and Fan Cards / Uneven Landmarks
« on: January 11, 2017, 12:28:12 pm »
All the Landmarks are designed to be relatively equal (ie each player has equal access). What if they didn't, to encourage different strategies.

When counting, +2VP for each card with your Gallery token, -1VP for each card with someone else's Gallery token
Setup: Each player, in reverse turn order, places their Gallery on a supply pile of their choice (each pile may only have one Gallery token on it)

Black and White tokens: The last player takes a coloured token, and the player to their left is given the opposite coloured token. Repeat until everyone has a token

When counting
Black: +1VP for each card you have less than 25
White: +1VP for every 2 cards you have over the first 25

When counting
Black: +1VP for each card costing 5
White: +1VP for each card costing 3 or 4

Black: +1VP when you buy a Copper
White: +3VP when you buy a Curse

When counting
Black: +10VP if there are fewer than 3 empty piles
White: +10VP if there are 3 or more empty piles

Place a VP token on this card every turn. If there are 8 VP tokens on this card, remove all VP from this card, and replace the coloured token with its opposite colour.
When counting: +VP equal to the number on the card if your token 
Setup: Place a White Counter on this card

White: +1VP when you gain a Duchy
Black: +1VP when you gain an Estate

Variants and Fan Cards / 3rd Editions opinions and workspace
« on: January 03, 2017, 12:51:20 pm »
The 2nd editions of Base and Intrigue did a good job of improving those sets to keep up with the rest of the cards and make them better sets. However the other sets weren't changed even though many of them have issues.



12 blanks in the box (could be a card)

Possible replacements:
Pearl Diver: Weak and doesn't interact with enough other cards. Usually a "why not" card. Idea better served by Secret Passage
Lookout: Being forced to trash one of your good cards is pretty bad. Called "the dud of the set" by Donald X.
Navigator: Weak and time consuming. Idea better served by Guide.
Sea Hag: Mean and does nothing for you (like Saboteur).
Explorer: Weak and not very exciting. Gain a Silver to hand is a nice vanilla effect that could be put on a better card.
Embargo: Unintentional attack (people might just buy it for the $2), could be replaced with an Event.
Treasure Map: Somewhat strange and not necessarily worth its own pile (has many fans though)
Pirate Ship: Weak and weird use of tokens. Trashes opponents Coppers which was one of the problems with Thief. Fun for beginners though.

Things to do with extra space:
More Durations
More uses of tokens and mats (or have a token free box). Mats could work well with Events.

Unexplored ideas:
Duration with a chancellor effect (ie it always misses the reshuffle)
Bottom of the deck (in less trivial ways than Pearl Diver)


Cards to fix (not necessarily replace)
Transmute: Opportunity cost is way too high for its strength
Familiar: $3P cost adds way too much luck to games
Scrying Pool: Incredibly time consuming due to an attack it doesn't need
Philosopher's Stone: Far too difficult to get in the games it would be most useful
Possession: Really shouldn't be able to be Throned and can be quite annoying, but it's very unique and can affect games in interesting ways even when it doesn't get bought.
Herbalist: I think it's fine but a lot of other people think it's a dud

I think most of those could be fixed with Adventures style Tokens that could also be used in events (eg a "when gain, +2 buys" token for Transmute, or a "-$1 Cost" for familiar)

Donald X has said he's done with small expansions; perhaps this could be expanded to a big box (while Cornucopia+Guilds could be formalised) with the update pack being its own small box expansion.

Events costing $P is a unique design space that essentially where a $4 Treasure or non terminal could be represented by 1 card.


The set seriously underuses VP tokens and could have Landmarks and Events (expensive ones!) to put them to use. It could also fill the single blank card. They could also interact with Trade Route mat to put it to better use (and that card really shouldn't be Terminal, but I suppose that's what it is now).

Replaceable Cards
Loan: Called the "dud" by Donald X.
Talisman: Somewhat weak. Similar idea done better with Charm.
Royal Seal: Not interesting enough to justify a 10 card Slot especially now that Events and Landmarks exist
Goons: An attack that really isn't necessary (ie people buy the card not for the attack) on an already extremely powerful card that compares far too favourably to other cards. Definitely a candidate for splitting the effects in new cards (eg a new card could be a $6 attack, and another new card could have the below the line effect)

Quarry: Could be replaced by an event costing $P in the revised Alchemy (as well as the aforemetioned cards, possibly) but a good card
Counting House: This card seems to get better with every new set that's released and it's good in the strangest places. Only up here because it's often considered a dud


Events would suit the "when gain" theme very well

8 Blank Cards which could all be Events.

Possible replacements
Duchess - a "why not" card at best, easily replaceable with a Delve style event involving Duchies
Cache - weak and easily replaceable with an event
Ill Gotten Gains - breaks the 3 pile rule and leads to degenerate games. Easily replaceable with an event.
Develop - Very, very situational and not even a key player in games where it's supposed to be good. Could be an event given how situational it is?
Farmland  - a nice card but somewhat situational especially with the "exactly $2 more". Could be replaced with an event gaining a Duchy although that would remove the Farmland->Province functionarlity.
Oracle - An interesting card (not many unique cheap terminal drawers), but flawed in the same way as Spy with a weak but annoying attack.


These sets are already being sold together and could be merged into a big box.

Guilds has 7 Blanks and events would go very well with the Overpay mechanic. Pilgrimage shows that "differently named" works well with Events too.

Replaceable Cards

Harvest - Now that Courtier and Legionary exist, it looks very weak for a $5.
Hunting Party - Annoying IRL and extremely strong, outclassing another $5 (the only other blatant outclassing was Noble Brigand/Thief, and Thief was removed). Hunting Party+X leaves a lot of the kingdom behind. May be better as a $4 Village
Horn of Plenty - A great card, but an event may be more elegant than a Treasure costing $0

Masterpiece: Easily replaceable with an event

Sets that probably don't need to be updated

Dark Ages
Rebuild should be replaced as a super strong card that often makes the rest of the kingdom redundant, but not much else seems like it needs changing so far.

Gear-BM may be too monolithic (like Rebuild) but not as sure and it's an interesting card. Caravan Guard's "play when attacked" could be far better served by something that isn't Delayed Peddler/Peddler. There's no good reason for the 6 blanks; if more promo events are made they could be pack ins.

No complaints

Base Set
I'm surprised Bureaucrat survived - really wordy for the base set and not strong enough to justify it.
Merchant seems really weak and uninteresting, especially next to Poacher, but not willing to call it dud yet.
I don't like how there's still blanks but not sure what to do (Events probably don't belong in the base set)

I really, really don't like Wishing Well (it's entirely about guessing, and Mystic seems to be a fixed version of it) but that's not a very common opinion. It's not quite as bad now that Secret Passage exists.
Patrol should probably have been the other way around (Scout, then +3 Cards) but it's fine.
Same deal as the Base Set with respect to blank cards

Variants and Fan Cards / Dominion: New Alchemy (beta)
« on: December 14, 2016, 03:11:30 pm »
The expansion will either come with a new, big box version of alchemy, or be a small expansion of 150 cards that you can buy after Alchemy.

New Mechanics:

Rack: Cards on your rack go into your hand at the start of your turn. There are many ways to get cards on your rack in this expansion. "Rack a card" means "put the top of your deck" (ie like drawing except instead of putting it in your hand, put it on your Rack), but a card may also ask you to rack a specific card (eg "Gain a Silver and rack it").

Dual cost: Cards and events in this expansion may have 2 costs. If either of the costs has P, include potion in the Kingdom.
Both costs are "present". If either of the costs satisfy a condition you must count the card, so if you are required to gain a card with one of the costs (eg upgrade), you must gain it.
If a task cares about the cost of a card (eg gaining a card based on the cost of the card you trashed with Remodel), the player doing the task in question chooses which of the two costs to work with.
You may buy the card by paying either of the listed costs
However you may choose either cost for the card you just bought when referring to any cards that care about the cost of a card you just bought (eg Talisman, Haggler)

New tokens with replacement randomisers:

Like Adventures, New Alchemy has tokens that can be put on cards. Events may refer to these tokens. Additionally, some cards from the old Alchemy expansion have new randomisers that refer to the placement of these cards.

They are
Transmute: "Place every player's 2 Buys token on this card (when you gain a copy of this card, +2 Buys)"
Scrying Pool: "Place every player's block token on this card (when another player plays this attack card, it doesn't affect you)"
Familiar: "Place every player's -$1 cost token on this card" (costs $1 less but not less than 0)
Philosopher's Stone: "Place every player's Rack token on this card" (when you gain this card, rack it)

Action/Attack - $3P/$4
Each other player puts a potion from their hand on their deck (or reveals a hand with no Potion)
When you gain this, each other player gains a Potion.

Action/Attack - $4P/$6
+4 Cards
You may return a Potion to the supply from your hand. If you do, each other player gains a Potion and a Curse.

Action - $P/$3
+2 Actions
Reveal the top card of your deck. If it has $P in its cost, put it in your hand. Otherwise, rack it.

Action - $2P/$5
Trash a card from your hand. If it has P in its cost, +1 Action. Gain a card costing up to $2P more than the trashed card.

Element Collection
Victory - $P/$4
Worth 1VP for every X Potions you have in your deck, rounded down (where X is the number of cards in the kingdom with Potion in its cost)

Action - $P/$4
+1 Card
+2 Actions
You may discard a Potion; if you do, +1 Card, +2 Actions
When you gain this, +1 Buy

Action - $5
Rack this
While this is on your rack, when you gain a card, rack it

(4 cards to add)


Event - $P
Trash a card you have in play. Gain an Action card costing up to $1 more than it.

Event - $P
+1 Buy
Rack a card you have in play

Event - $P
+1 Buy
Gain a card costing up to $4

Bronze Worker
Event - $P
+1 Buy
Rack a card for each Copper you have in play

Event - $P
+1 Card
Rack your hand

Event - $P
+1 Buy
Reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Rack the Actions, put back the Treasures in any order, and discard the rest.

Event - $1P
+1 Buy
Rack a card from your hand. +$1 for each card on your Rack.

Event - $P/$2
Once per turn: +1 Buy. You may take back your Block token from a card. If you did, +$4. Otherwise, place your Block token on any supply pile (attacks with the Block token don't affect you when played by others)

Event - $P
+2 Buys
Once per turn: Place your -$1 Cost token on any card (this card costs $1 less, but not less than $0)

Event - $P/$2
+1 Buy
Place your Rack token on an Action supply pile (when you gain a card from that pile, rack it)

Event - $P/$3
+1 Buy
Place the +2 Buys token on a card costing at least what you paid for this event (when you gain a copy of that card, +2 Buys)

Event - $P
+1 Buy
Rack 2 cards. Each other player discards their Rack or the same number of cards from their hand.

Event - $1P
+1 Buy
Trash a card you have in play. If you did, play a Treasure you have in play again.

Event - $1P
+1 Buy
Trash a card from your hand. Rack a card per $ it costs. +$2 if it had P in its cost.

Event - $P/$2
Trash a Potion you have in play. If you did, +2 Actions, +2 Buys, Gain a Silver and return to your Action phase.

Event - $P/$5
+1 Buy
Gain a Gold, a Potion and a Copper

Grand Design
Event - $8P
Trash a Potion from play. If you did, at the end of your turn, rack your deck and discard pile.

Event - $PP
+2 Buys
Gain a card costing up to $6

(6 Events to add)


Dual Cost Cards:
You can gain a card with a dual cost with Smugglers even if the player to your left paid more than $6 for it (similar to Bridge, Highway)
If a dual cost card is trashed with Swindler, the player who played the Swindler decides which of the two costs they wish to use for the card's effect (as the card specifies "you choose") but a copy of the card they just trashed is always available as one of the options to replace the trashed card (as long as it's in the supply).
Saboteur and Sage will stop revealing cards if it reveals a dual cost card with a cost higher than $3. With Saboteur the player can gain a card costing up to $2 less than either cost.
If the card is revealed with Knights or Rogue and one of the costs is between $3 and $6, it is one of the cards the player is able to trash (falling under the "both costs are present" rule), and they must trash it if the other revealed card does not have a cost between $3 and $6. Similarly Rogue gains it if it's in the trash and you can't choose to attack instead if it's the only card costing between $3 and $6 in the trash.
Giant and Warrior are asking the player being attacked what the cost of the revealed card is (as it's in the "each other player" portion of the card), so they get to choose what happens.
The player who played Chariot Race chooses the cost of all the revealed cards

Fortify: You can place the Block token on any card, but it only cancels effects for Attacks played by others. You will still get the effects of cards like Council Room and Masquerade, and you can still play attacks.
Brewery/Circus: +buy has no effect if it isn't your turn.

Variants and Fan Cards / Dual cost cards
« on: August 28, 2016, 06:58:39 am »
I am in the process of making an expansion that's a sequel to Alchemy .

One of the mechanics is dual cost cards (cards with 2 different costs). Most of them will have one normal cost and one potion cost, and the main goal is so you aren't forced to buy potion to use those cards.

Does the following set of rules work?:
  • Both costs are "present". If either of the costs satisfy a condition you must count the card, so if you are required to gain a card with one of the costs (eg upgrade), you must gain it.
  • If a task cares about the cost of a card (eg gaining a card based on the cost of the card you trashed with Remodel), the player doing the task in question chooses which of the two costs to work with.
  • You may buy the card by paying either of the listed costs
  • However you may choose either cost for the card you just bought when referring to any cards that care about the cost of a card you just bought (eg Talisman, Haggler)
  • If either of the costs has $P, include Potion in the kingdom.

Specific Interactions (in decreasing order of sureness):
  • You can gain a card with a dual cost with Smugglers even if the player to your left paid more than $6 for it (similar to Bridge, Highway)
  • If a dual cost card is trashed with Swindler, the player who played the Swindler decides which of the two costs they wish to use for the card's effect (as the card specifies "you choose") but a copy of the card they just trashed is always available as one of the options to replace the trashed card (as long as it's in the supply).
  • Saboteur and Sage will stop revealing cards if it reveals a dual cost card with a cost higher than $3. With Saboteur the player can gain a card costing up to $2 less than either cost.
  • If the card is revealed with Knights or Rogue and one of the costs is between $3 and $6, it is one of the cards the player is able to trash (falling under the "both costs are present" rule), and they must trash it if the other revealed card does not have a cost between $3 and $6. Similarly Rogue gains it if it's in the trash and you can't choose to attack instead if it's the only card costing between $3 and $6 in the trash.
  • Giant and Warrior are asking the player being attacked what the cost of the revealed card is (as it's in the "each other player" portion of the card), so they get to choose what happens
  • The player who played Chariot Race chooses the cost of all the revealed cards

Is this all right? Are there any other cards where it's not clear what to do?

2 examples of cards that play with the mechanic:

Action - $1/$4
+1 Action
Return a card to the supply from your hand. Gain a card costing up to $1 more than it.

Action - $2/$5
+1 Action
When you buy this, gain a card costing less than the cost you paid to buy this card.
Clarification: You can use the when buy effect of a $5 Stock to gain a $2 Stock

Variants and Fan Cards / When you reveal
« on: August 13, 2016, 05:10:56 am »
When a card instructs you to reveal cards, once you have revealed all the cards the card asks you to reveal with that instruction, you activate a "when you reveal" effect.

The cards a "when you reveal" effect would interact with.

Bureaucrat (failed attack and Victory cards), Spy, Thief, Adventurer
Shanty Town, Wishing Well, Scout, Saboteur, Tribute
Ambassador, Cutpurse (failed attack),Pirate Ship
Apothecary, Scrying Pool, Golem
Loan, Mint (treasures only), Rabble, Venture
Fortune Teller, Menagerie, Farming Village, Harvest, Hunting Party
Crossroads, Oracle, Noble Brigand, Inn (Actions only)
Poor House, Vagrant, Sage, Ironmonger, Wandering Minstrel, Knights, Mystic, Pillage, Rebuild, Rogue
Doctor, Advisor, Herald, Taxman (failed attack), Journeyman
Magpie, Giant
City Quarter, Royal Blacksmith, Patrician, Chariot Race, Gladiator, Grand Castle
Black Market (reveals a card you don't own), Envoy

Some ideas

Action - $4
Reveal 2 cards from your hand and discard them. For each card revealed, if it's a(n)
Action: +2 Actions
Treasure: +$2
Victory: +2 Cards
When you reveal this, gain an Estate

Treasure - $5
Worth $0
When you play this, reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Put the Treasures in your hand, return the Actions to your deck in any order, then discard the rest,
When you reveal this, you may look through your discard pile and put a card from it on your deck.

Action - $5
Trash an Action or Treasure card from your hand. Gain and play an Action card costing up to $3 more than the trashed card
When you reveal this, gain a Silver to your hand if you did not also reveal a Silver

Curiosity Shoppe
Action - $4
Reveal your hand. Gain 2 differently named cards costing up to $4 each that aren't copies of cards you revealed.
When you reveal this, you may trash a revealed card or a card from your hand

Reaction - $2
When any player plays an Action costing at least $5 or an Attack, you may reveal this from your hand.
When you reveal this, return it to the Supply. If you did, +3 cards

(Clarification: Cards you draw with this when you reveal your hand are not revealed as part of your hand)

Variants and Fan Cards / Events costing $P
« on: August 01, 2016, 10:48:40 am »
It came to me that treasures costing $4 could also be events costing $P with +1 Buy. The potion.

Of the $4 treasures that exist, Quarry makes the most sense:

Event - $P
+1 Buy
Action cards cost $2 less this turn, but not less than $0

It also allows for simple cards that may not really justify a full slot. So, for example, a non terminal workshop variant:

Event - $P
+1 Buy
Gain a card costing up to $4

Something to consider if your fan expansion has cards costing $P.

Variants and Fan Cards / Slight card change ideas
« on: December 10, 2015, 09:49:38 am »
Was going to post these ideas in one of many "fix cards" threads but can't see any recent ones.

Action/Attack - $5
Gain a Gold
Each other player gains a Curse. If he did, he takes a Coin token.

Reason: More on theme with Guilds

Hunting Party:
Action - $5
+1 Action
Reveal your hand, and reveal cards from your deck until you reveal a card that isn't a duplicate of one in your hand. Put it in your hand and discard the rest.

Reason: Still good, but now not a better Lab

Action - $4
Gain a card costing up to $5. Trash a card you have in play

Reason: Give it some late game use for converting unwanted actions into Duchies.

Caravan Guard
Action/Duration/Reaction - $3
Trash a card from your hand
At the start of your next turn, draw until you have 6 cards in hand.
When another play plays an attack card, you may play this from your hand.

Reason: Actually makes the card a good defense against attacks, and lose the awkward text about Actions.

King's Court
Action - $6
You may reveal an Action Card in your hand other than a King's Court. Play it three times.

Reason: Still a great card with crazy potential (eg combined with Throne Rooms), but more subdued.

Variants and Fan Cards / Similar cards; which do you prefer?
« on: December 03, 2015, 04:46:33 am »
Been thinking about which card to put in my expansion set (Dominion: Pandemonium). Came up with an idea the other day but it seems way too similar to another card in the set. Which do people prefer

Action - $2
Reveal a card from your hand. If it's a(n)...
Action, gain a copy of it
Treasure, +$3
Victory Card, +3 Cards
Put the revealed card on top of your deck

But the other idea I had
Action - $4
Reveal a card from your hand. If it's a Victory Card, each other player gains a Curse. Otherwise choose 1: gain a copy of it, or each other player gains a copy of it.
Put the revealed card on top of your deck.

So it's an early Curser that slows you down, or similar to the above card. I think it avoids the "copper junker" problem because there's a limit to how many coppers you can give out with the card, and it's not a particularly good use of it.


One other question. Is this wording ok?

Action - $4
+1 Action
Choose 2; Draw until you have 6 cards in hand, Trash a card from your hand, Gain a Silver
Each other player may perform the option you didn't choose.

Pandemonium has an extremely heavy "non attack interaction" theme, and I'm going to try and make that idea work (the options there are placeholders). Figuring out what to do for the options is tricky; I just wanted to play with the "choose" idea a bit (I've got a "do all 3 in any order" card).

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