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Help! / Witch vs large engine, no trashing
« on: October 06, 2016, 05:29:21 pm »

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Squire, Scrying Pool, Caravan Guard, Militia, Port, Lost City, Stash, Vault, Wharf, Witch
In this game there was clearly a big drawing engine available, but I felt it would be troubled by lack of trashing and presence of Witch.  I was handily crushed - did I make the wrong assessment or was it just that my Witches collided at the bottom of the shuffle, twice?  Additionally, were Caravan Guards a good idea?  I thought they would be handy between Witch and Pool.

Goko Dominion Online / rate of MF subscription cost decrease?
« on: August 18, 2016, 05:10:30 am »
I'm thinking of getting the MF subscription for the rest of the year.  But I'm annoyed by the fake currency leading to inconvenient pricing (currently at 181 Making Funbucks), so I want to wait until it is at 175 (for US$17) or 160 (for US$15).  Does anybody know how fast it goes down, if you own nothing?

I feel like I should know these from a previous set, but I've forgotten and wasn't sure where to find them.

I Crown an Encampment.  The first one resolves, I show nothing, and set it aside.  Then I play it again - does it matter if I do or don't reveal a Plunder/Gold?

There are 4 VP on Farmers' Market.  I Crown one: trash it, take 4 VP, 2 buys, and $1 (and put 1VP onto the pile)?  If there were 3VP on the pile instead: then I have $4 instead of $1 and the pile is clear, but I still trash my Farmer's Market?

Help! / jack/duke or alchemist? (live 3-player)
« on: January 19, 2012, 10:18:53 am »
Not sure if this should be here or somewhere else (feel free to move) as it's not a log... from a live 3-player game vs R and P. The board was:

King's Court


Jack of all trades



R opened Potion/Silver, P Coppersmith/Village, me Jack/Silver (play order R, P, me).  I was planning on getting 2 Jacks and Dukes, not sure if Alchemist is better.

In executing the strategy I alternated between Duchy and Silver at $5 the first few times, and bought Gold over Duchy until I had 2 Gold.  I bought the second Jack on the first time through the deck (too soon? did draw them together a lot).  R was buying Alchemists with one Stables, P was working on a Coppersmith engine with stables/village/KC/Coppersmith. P did buy a Militia at some point, so Jack was helpful against that.  But I kept my final Estate with Jack after a Militia hand so I could trash it, only drawing $4 total and thus missing a Duke or Duchy, perhaps that was an error.
P's engine took too long to get going, but once it did it was pretty nice - draw enough cards by KCing stables, buy Province by KCing Coppersmith, Chancellor, or Militia.  The game ends on R's turn as he buys the final Province.

Final result: R 41 (3 Estate, 6 Province, 1 Vineyard[2.0])
Me 40 (3 Province, 5 Duchy, Duke, 2 Estate)
P ?? (3 Province, some estates)

Without a specific log I guess it's hard to answer when I should have bought Duchy vs Silver/Gold, but I'm curious if the strategy was good, and also if I should be contesting Provinces (often with alternate VPs I do not, here the opposing engines didn't seem that they'd get too clogged by having to buy all Provinces).

A superficial analysis - if I don't buy Provinces I lose 18 points (22) but gain 14 (36) from Duchy/Duke/Duke and the game is not over, my enemies probably split them.  Say R gains 12 points (52) , I gain 13 (49) with those 2 more buys... doesn't seem like I'm likely to catch up going last.  This suggests that I need to have forgone the Golds and hopefully not be short on money by doing so.  Of course if R gets Province/Duchy and P takes both Provinces (losing, but not seeing a way to win at that point it is likely he will) I get a tie score, with one less turn taken for the win.

Thanks in advance.

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