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This weeks contest:
Weekly Design Contest #220: The Neverending VP Token
Design a card that is non-terminal and gives vp tokens.

I love VP tokens from empires and prosperity, and wish there were more!

The only existing cards that would be relevant are Chariot Race, Plunder and Investment.

Valid entries:
Any non terminal Action that gives vp tokens.
The challenge here will be balancing a card like this.

Also accepted are treasures that give vp though i prefer the actions.

i will be judging based on balance and fun, if you can make a mock-up. Also important to try to create a card that does not push towards a neverending game- though that is difficult considering it will be non-terminal. But thats the point!

contest will end  around the 4 of june next week.

Weekly Design Contest / Weekly Design Contest #194 Crisis of Identity
« on: July 30, 2023, 02:35:35 am »
This week's contest:

Design a card or horizontal that causes you to play cards or card types in different ways.

Official cards that exist that do this:
Charlatan and Enchantress are good examples for this.
Sheperd from Nocturne is a borderline example because it does allow you to "play" victory cards but doesn't actually change them in the game like charlatan does.
Ways is another example but i prefer different ideas for the contest.

Besides being creative and what i posted above no other limitations.
Try to keep it simple and make a kingdom more interesting with it (Changing the way you deal with Curses, Coppers anything you can think of).

Will try to judge as best as i can, but i wont playtest the cards.
Will look at:
- How you fit the theme of the contest
- Creativity
- Blanced card (If there are similarities to existing cards ill try to compare)
- If it makes a kingdom more interesting to play

Hope this was understood!
Ill give a 24 hour warning before submissions will be closed.

Variants and Fan Cards / Some fan cards
« on: March 13, 2023, 10:34:51 am »

Finally got it!

New to here so wanted to post some of my card ideas. Been working on a few that i want to print but i know i wont have time to playtest so im going to be posting some here.
Would love to here your thoughts, balanced, too strong ect.

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