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Dominion General Discussion / Nocturne advice
« on: November 03, 2020, 12:11:31 pm »
I was thinking of picking up some Nocturne cards and adding them to my loose-leaf, random set ( The thing is, Nocturne comes with a number of distinct mechanics, and I probably can only fit (or want) one of them.

I'm open to ideas or feedback. I'm thinking about one of these two options:

1. Night + Spirit cards. Donald X. seems to suggest that's a doable, standalone mechanic. Looking at the rankings, these tend to be viewed favorably by the community - a lot of the other Nocturne cards, not so much. As an aside: would Exorcist be heavily affected if, for example, only Will-o-wisps and Imps were available?

2. Heirlooms, their related kingdom cards, and boons. I liked the heirlooms from my limited online play, but boons tended to be a little too random. Well, at least they played quicker than Hexes. Part of me thinks these cards aren't "nocturne" enough.


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