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Traitor : 2$, on your opponents next turn, they choose : -1 coin or gain a curse.
Spy : 3$ +1 action, your opponent reveals the top three cards of their deck. Discard them, or put them back in an order you choose.
Infiltrator 4$ : +6 cards, minus one action (you can still play it with one action, and end turn with -1 actions available). Your opponent skips his draw phase after cleanup next turn.
Kingslayer 5$ : Reveal every third card from your opponents deck. Trash all of them with even (0,2,4,6) costs
Usurper 6: Each turn, your opponent must choose one : gain a curse to your hand and trash three cards, or gain three curses to your hand and trash one card. If they cannot gain a curse, they choose between trashing a card or three cards.

Thoughts? Does someone have a better variant of attack travellers?

Dominion FAQ / Maximum Possible VP?
« on: October 08, 2017, 08:12:44 pm »
What is the maximum possible VP in a standard dominion game?

Using Peasant, Page, Gardens, Kings Court, Donate, Goons, Gardens, Tower, Bridge, Vineyards, I managed to rack up about ~1200 against Lord Rattington. This could be higher including Groundskeeper.

I'll advocate for an arbitrary limit of 20 turns so as to disqualify KC-KC-Monument-Monument-Monument - buy nothing until the end of time, along with max two events.

Through three or four undos, I could not succesfully Royal Carriage a throne room in the following fashion :

Throne Room - Smithy
Call Royal Carriage on Throne Room

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