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Variants and Fan Cards / Curse Tokens
« on: June 16, 2016, 02:29:55 am »
I'm sure this has probably been mentioned before, but would curse tokens work?  I'm thinking about making some events or kingdom cards that use them.  I heard that the new VP tokens in Empires are kind of different from the old ones from Prosperity, so I have an idea to paint the old Prosperity ones purple maybe to use as curse tokens :) 

Variants and Fan Cards / Events that change game rules for each match
« on: March 03, 2016, 01:48:11 am »
I have some ideas for events (not exactly events, because they are not bought by individual players, but change the rules for each match that they are a part of).  I have not looked through all these forums, so it is possible that they have already been proposed. 

Rule Changing events (This game)
   This game: the game ends when the duchies and only one other supply pile are depleted (This is an additional game ending condition to those already existing). 
   This game: all treasure cards cost one coin extra.
   This game: (2 player preferred) there are 12 kingdoms and each kingdom has only 8 cards. 
   This game: all estates are worth 2 victory points.
   This game: all players start each turn with two buys.
   This game:  the game only ends when all the estates and duchies are bought (this is the only game ending condition.) 

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