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Dominion General Discussion / Most crucial and jovial dominion stats?
« on: August 24, 2016, 12:28:52 am »

My dear friend and I are setting up a spread sheet to record all the games we play so we can try and gather stats for informative, jovial and bragging purposes. This does add a good 5 mins to each game we play as we compile the info but it is actually quite a fun process and a good post-game strategy ponder opportunity. Anyway, I thought I would pose the idea here to see if any of you have any better ideas as to what stats we could gather and more importantly how we could interpret them. Maybe someone has already done this too?

The info we are recording is:
Whether there were Shelters or Colonies/Platnum
Who went first
Amount of turns each
Cards in kingdom (including Events and Landmarks)
5/2 splits
First 2 buys
Empty piles at end of game
What strategy we think we went
The card we thought was cutest...

I dont think there are more hard stats to gather...

Where it gets more interpretive, we are also rating each card we used in the kingdom based on the strategy we had in favour. So for example in my deck the most crucial cards IMO were Trade Route, Treasure Trove, Vault, Nobles, Great Hall so I put Trade Route at 1, Treasure Trove at 2, Vault 3 etc...  My mates were Native Village, Trade Route, Page, Stone Mason he does the same in a seperate row. It doesnt matter that he only has 4 to my 5 cards and despite my strategy being considerably worse I still rate the cards I thought were more crucial to my strat during the game. The cards will then be given a share of x points, distributed something like this:
1: 20 pts
2: 15 pts
3: 10 pts
4: 5 pts
5: 3 pts
6: 1 pts
7: 0 pts
Below 7 is most likely too bad to be scored.
We are not totally sold on point distribution so would love any feedback in that department? Would also be keen to hear whether you think this system of card rating has any value? Obviously after we play a few 100+ games things will begin to get more interesting.

We have another page which lists the cards and shows how many times they have each been seen and what we scored them.

Stats I am then keen to see will be:
Amount of games won by each player when x card is in on the table.
Top 10 kingdom cards based on our scoring system.
How often 5/2 split wins.
How often going first wins.
Who wins more often when shelters, colonies, potions, attacks are available.

Anyway, that is the vibe...

What do you think?


The upcoming Empires expansion is making me think about dominion all day every day... Woo woo! I was reading in one of the previews of Empires, that despite pleas from some people here Donald wont put in any cards into new expansions that rely on cards or items from previous expansions because that would then annoy the people who dont have those expansions. This is fair enough BUT has an expansion expansion ever been discussed?? An expansions that says on the box "an expansion for Dominion expansions", and which includes cards that can combo or refer to any added cards or items throughout all the expansions? It feels as though this would satisfy us dedicated fans who own them all and not annoy the people who dont because they could easily avoid the expansion. I am sure this is not an original idea but I couldn't find anything with my lazy research skills already written on this topic.

What would the general consensus be as to whether this would be a worth while endeavour or not? A part of me thinks it would be awesome! But another part thinks maybe there wouldn't be as many possibilities as I think there would be? If you cast you gaze on this thread from the Holy Land of Dominion, Donald, I would love to hear as to whether you would enjoy making an expansion of this vein, and if you think there is enough material that would be able to be expanded and have point not just more of the same?

A quick think of all the features that could be combined, expanded or called on from action, event or landmark cards would be: coin tokens, various sea side mats, embargo tokens, potions, colony + platinum, victory chips, shelters, ruins, spoils, tavern mat, supply pile tokens, debt tokens.

Merry Empires everyone!


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