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Variants and Fan Cards / Heist (Treasure/Duration)
« on: March 28, 2013, 04:58:03 pm »
Treasure/Duration - $4

If you do not currently have a Heist in play, +$3. Otherwise +$1
This card remains in play until another player plays a Heist -- discard it when one does so.
(the basic reasoning behind the name being that you can't pull a second heist until someone else pulls one and draws attention away from yourself)

A little worried its too weak, but a +$4 for 4 early game would be too powerful. Maybe cost it at a $3, but that could make the opening very swingy if you buy two and someone else dislodges one of them for you. Might not be that bad though.

But I wanted to explore the idea of treasure/durations, as well cards that you don't actually want a lot of (but would want a couple) and cards that help others when you play them.

Game Reports / Fairgrounds and Vineyards fueled comeback
« on: February 21, 2013, 02:40:41 pm »

Really happy with this win. Other guy buys Tactician turn 3 which I thought was a little odd but I guess works well enough with Haven, my island misses any Estates so I'm already a little behind. Then he hits 6 on turn 5, by turn 8 he has 4 gold and I have none. My deck is a little thinner due to Islands, but I'm still in trouble. With haven to help, he can pretty much always get two provinces from his Tactician plays now.

I won't be able to catch him in provinces, neither Vineyards or Fairgrounds would be fast enough. But fortunately, neither really hurts the other and the two of them we're just fast enough. Get to the end, one province left, he's just played a Tactician so I'm not getting another turn. Cross my fingers, snag the last province, win 50-49.

I definitely got lucky, (really should've bought a duchy instead of a mine turn 17 but it wound up being the copper I needed to win at the end, so there's that). Also the duchys the other guy bought probably wound up slowing him down too much and if he had just bought silver instead I've been screwed. But all that being said, feels good to pull off a comeback like that.

On a related note, I'm sure its been discussed before, but is the general consensus if you open Island and miss an estate to bury a copper anyways or wait to kill of the estate?

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