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Author Topic: Dominion League FAQ  (Read 2841 times)

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Dominion League FAQ
« on: May 21, 2018, 02:49:50 am »

This FAQ concerns the Rules & Regulations of the Dominion League.

We've gotten a lot of questions from new players, and thought it'd be useful to compile our answers all in one place. If you have a question, it's quite likely to be below. We've split this FAQ into six sections:
  • Signing Up
  • Discord and the Online Dominion Community
  • Scheduling Your Matches
  • Playing Your Matches
  • Details and Backend
  • Miscellaneous
If you have a question that isn't on this list, please reach out to any of the current moderators. If we get the same question enough times, we'll add it to this list.

Credit where it's due: 90% of this list was compiled by gloures, who has already been responsible for onboarding hundreds of new players.

Signing Up

How do I sign up for the Dominion League?

How do I sign up for the Dominion League?

Just go here, and looked for a pinned thread with the name "Season XX - Signup'' or "Season XX - Late Signups". You will also be required to join the Dominion Discord server. To join the Dominion Discord Server follow this link: You may then post a reply to the signup thread here with your username, timezone, and Discord username. If you have played in a past Season within the last year and wish to return you should also specify what Season that was, what Division you played in and your final place in that group. In either case, you shall soon receive a PM in this forum to confirm your signup. A reply to that PM before the proposed deadline (2-7 days) is necessary to enter the League -- we want to make sure everyone playing in the League can respond promptly.

I missed the Confirmation PM deadline for my sign up. Can I re-signup?

As long as the deadline for signing up for the Season is not passed, you are not only allowed to resign up, but encouraged to do so. Just make a new post with the same information in the signup thread.

Are Dominion League games required to be played online through

It is not necessary that games need to be played online; however, since you will be playing people from all over the world (or at least your continent), it is unreasonable to expect that you will have a chance to play most games in any other way.

Do I need a subscription on to participate in the League?

We do not require any form of subscription on to play in the League.

What is required to participate in the Dominion League?

The only things required to participate in the Dominion League are an account at, an account at and the disposition and free time necessary to play an average of a match per week (each match usually lasts around 1.5-2 hours).

I'm thinking of joining the Dominion League, but I fear that I am currently too weak of a player to take part in the League. Should I join the Dominion League, or is better to wait until I am a better player?

There's absolutely no need to worry about that. We welcome players of every level in the Dominion League and we will try to place you in a group of similarly skilled players. If you want a feel for the skill levels of players in the various tiers of the League, you can find their levels from on the latest Standings page.

I have very poor or no knowledge of the English language. Will I be able to play in the League?

Basic English skills are currently necessary to participate in the League as English is the standard language that will be used for scheduling matches with your opponents, and so your English must be good enough to understand and propose scheduling hours for your matches. This is not a hard thing to do, even with very limited English. If you can understand this answer, it should be more than enough. If a language barrier does come up, we have moderators fluent in a handful of other languages; see the latest introductory season post for details.

How will I find out who else is in my group?

You will see all of the players in your group on the Standings page for that season. You will also see all the players in your group's Dominion Discord channel.

And how will I find out who the moderator for my group is?

Whenever the Season starts you should receive a PM, that, among other stuff, should say in which group you are and who is the moderator for that group. Alternatively you can also find this information in the opening post of either your group Scheduling thread or Discord channel.

Discord and the Online Dominion Community

Is the use of Discord necessary?

As of Season 31, yes. You may join the Dominion Discord channel using this link:

I haven't used Discord before. How does it work?

Discord is essentially a chatting tool. In the Dominion Discord there are several channels where you can discuss Dominion as much as you want in real time with players all over the world. There is also a channel to discuss any matters related to the Dominion League and a specific division channel dedicated to discuss any matter concerning your group and schedule matches with your opponents.

How does the Dominion League use Discord?

The most important thing we have in Discord is a private channel for each different League division where the players can schedule games in real time or easily contact the moderators. If you are interested you can also announce your League matches in public channels there and there's a good chance that some people will want to spectate. Of course, this means that you can correspondingly hear about other League matches in case you are interested in spectating.

How do I announce my matches so that others can spectate?

To announce your matches you should fill out this form to add it to the calendar of upcoming Dominion Online matches.

Calendar of upcoming Dominion Online Matches? Where can I find that?

You can find it here.

Scheduling Your Matches

How should matches be scheduled?

Matches should be scheduled through direct contact with your opponent. The two basic ways to do so are either through Discord or through PMs in the dominionstrategy forum. If you have some free time early in the season and want to play a match, you can mention so either on your group Discord Channel and try for a more impromptu match. Towards the end of the season, you should switch to direct messaging (either on Discord or using forum PMs) to schedule the last few games you have.

Is it necessary to follow the suggested schedule provided?

It is not necessary at all to follow the suggested schedule provided. The reason we make it is just to give a guideline for players who are in doubt about which opponent to contact for scheduling.

I scheduled a match against another player, but they did not show up at the scheduled time. What do i do?

If a player does not show up at the scheduled time (we ask that you try to have a tolerance of at least 15 minutes late for opponents), you should inform your group moderator as soon as possible. While it is a very frustrating experience, do keep in mind that there can a number of valid reasons for that happening.

I scheduled a match against an opponent but it turns out that I will be late or that I will not be able to show up at all. What do I do?

As soon as you know that this will be true you should contact your opponent as soon as possible, it is good to do so even if you know you are going to be late by only 5-10 minutes. If you know that there is a chance that you will have to be late or cancel the match you should also inform that to your opponent.

A player in my group has been completely unresponsive to any of my messages with scheduling attempts. What do I do?

If you have contacted a player multiple times and it has not provided any form of reply, please inform your group moderator as soon as possible.

My regular schedule seems to be completely incompatible with that of another player in my group. What should I do?

If your schedule with an opponent seems completely incompatible, please inform your group moderator so that he will determine the appropriate course of action. If your general weekday schedule is incompatible we might ask for some special effort in scheduling games on the weekend with that player.

What happens if a player in my group has become completely inactive?

If a player in a group becomes inactive and fails to reply to messages from both their divisionmates and the group moderator for an extended period of time, that player will be removed from the group and should also be banned from participating in the League for the next two Seasons. If they played exactly 1 match, the result will be removed; if at least two, the moderators will decide based on the context. Either way, they will be automatically demoted in the next season in which they return.

I unfortunately cannot complete the Season due to some unforeseen circumstances. What should I do?

If you find out you will not be able to complete the Season after it has already started, please contact your group moderator as soon as possible explaining your situation. You might receive a 1 or 2 Season ban depending on how far into the Season it is and the length of your tenure in the League.

I managed to finish all my matches, but did so after the deadline for the end of the Season. Will I receive a penalty?

As long as you finished no more than one week after the end of the Season, there is no immediate penalty. If you do so in two consecutive Seasons that you participate you will, however, receive a one point deduction to your total score in the second time you finish late.

Playing Your Matches

I frequently use, but always play through the automatch system. How do I create tables to play a match against my opponent?

The match is just like a normal game, but instead of doing it through the random matchmaking you (or your opponent) should create a new table for your match. Just click on "New Table" at the top of the page and then on "Create Table" to create a table.

And if my opponent creates the table, how do I join it?

To join a table you should add your opponent as a friend and when it creates a table you can see them on the Friends area on the "Matching" tab. After they create a table, a "Join" button will appear besides your opponents name -- just click that to join their table.

How do I add a member of my group as a friend in

To add someone as a friend you can just go to the ''Friend List'' tab in and below the list of your currently added friends there will be an option to add an user by typing the username of said player and then clicking on ''Add''.

Do we play rated or unrated games?

Either one works; players often discuss this at the beginning of the match. Some players have a preference; most do not. Unrated games can be less stressful for some opponents, while rated games have the advantage that you can find them on Dominion Scavenger afterwards if you forget to write down who won.

Which cards do we use?

The default is to play with full random, that is, all of the cards that either of the players have subscriptions for. However, if you want to make modifications (e.g. focus on a smaller number of expansions or play with one card in all six games to try to understand it better -- called a "cage match") then you're certainly welcome to as long as both players agree.

How do I know if the VP tracker is turned on or off?

On, the VP point tracker is turned on as the default option. If you want to turn it off or make sure that it is on, just go to Advanced Options when you are hosting a table, and check if the Show VP Counter option is set to yes or no.

How do I determine who the starting player in a game is and ensure alternating starts?

To determine the starting player the host of the table should click ''Advanced Options" button when in the table and then click on the "Player Order" button that appears. If it was set to a random player start, deselect "Random" and an option to toggle who the starting player will be will show up. the host should switch the starting player after each game played in a match. One quick trick: During and after a game, the player whose name is colored red in the log and the chat is/was the starting player.

Are there any other settings we should keep in mind?

Besides player order, we highly recommend turning "players can see spectator chat" off, so the spectators can discuss the match without interfering (positively or negatively) with the players.

How long is a League match?

Most players play a 6-game match in a single playing session of about 2 hours, without breaks. As a courtesy to your opponents, you may want to adjust your play speed if you find your games are considerably longer than this.

Do we have to play all six games at once?

No, you can split them up if that's easier or preferable for you. You should report the partial result just as you would the result of a full match. Submissions will add to one another.

Can I play multiple matches per week?

Certainly. One match per week is our recommended minimum, but you can play them all in the first week if you want to (and if you can find time to)!

How do I report the score of a match?

At the start of the season you should receive a PM from a moderator with a link to a Google Form that should be filled in order to report a match score. After said form is submitted, the Standings should be automatically updated.

Should both players report the score for a match?

No. At the end of each match you should discuss with your opponent on who gets to report the match. It is generally customary, but not in any way necessary, that the player who won the match gets to report it.

Does the score of each individual game in a match matter?

The score of each individual game in a match does not matter at all for the League, as a -1 to -2 victory in Dominion is worth as much as a 48 to 0. The form will just ask you the number of games won by each player.

What do we do if we tied a game?

Ties (according to the Dominion rules, games where both players finish with the same score and number of turns taken) count as 0.5 wins for each player. So if you won 3 of the games, lost 2, and tied the last, you would record that as 3.5 for you and 2.5 for your opponent.

Do we need to post screenshots of the results of each game played or is it suggested to do so?

It is not necessary or even expected to post screenshots or any other form of proving match results. The Dominion League is run based on mutual trust between all players involved. If you feel uneasy about this you can ask to play rated games, in which case you can use Dominion Scavenger to see what the scores were. If your opponent posts the result of your match incorrectly (more often due to an honest mistake than an attempt to cheat), contact your group moderator.

Why are players in tiers A, B, C, and D required to allow spectators?

Allowing spectators offers League members an opportunity to watch competitive games between some of the top Dominion players. It also allows those players to get feedback after the games. Having spectators at your games can provide you constructive comments to help your future play.

What should I do when spectating a League game?

As a spectator, you can comment on the players’ decisions and discuss strategies with the other spectators. Please refrain from making inappropriate remarks, and be courteous in any critiques. A transcript of the commentary is often given to the players after the game, so they can evaluate their performance and areas for improvement. You may not discuss a game with the players until the game is over; trying to give a competitive advantage to any player is against the Dominion Online terms and conditions, and could result in your account being suspended.

Details and Backend

How is my tier (A, B, C, etc.) determined?

If you are a new player, your starting tier will be decided based on available spots and your level at the point when the moderators sort the groups just before the start of the season. The cutoff date for these levels will be informally announced during the break between seasons. In recent seasons, the higher tiers have seen relatively few departures, so new players will often find themselves in a slightly lower tier than their level might suggest.

How does the sorting of divisions by timezone work?

For the lower tiers (D and below), we divide players up according to time zone, trying to group players with others in a similar time zone. Most groups in these levels will consist of only players from a narrow range of time zones, with the exact boundaries determined in order to also keep all divisions at the same tier nearly evenly balanced. If necessary based on numbers, at most one mixed group with a wider range of time zones will be formed in each tier. If you are placed in such a mixed group, you will not be placed in such a group again the next season.

Tiers A-C are not currently sorted by timezone in any way, since the player pool for those tiers is much smaller. When you get to the top, you play the best, no matter where you all live!

For all divisions within the same tier and, if applicable, time zone, players are sorted into their divisions using a modified snake draft based on level ahead of time. Drafts of this sorting algorithm will be displayed on the signup thread after signups close.

My regular schedule is very different from the norm and its much easier for me to play with people from time zones different from my own. What should I do?

If you have a schedule where it's easier for you to play matches in general sleeping or working hours in your timezone, the easiest thing for the moment is simply to list yourself in a time zone that is appropriate for your availability. We are not particularly satisfied with this solution and hope to improve it in the future.

How does promotion and demotion between Tiers work?

The winner of the Division gets promoted to the Tier above and the 5th and 6th placed players get demoted to the Tier below.

My Division had fewer than 6 players at the end of the Season. Is promotion/demotion affected in any way?

The rules are the same no matter how many players are in your division by the end of the season. The group winner still gets promoted and the 5th and 6th places, if applicable, get demoted. That means that in a 5-player group only the last player gets demoted and in a 4-player or less group there will be no demotion.

If I skip a season, what tier will I be placed in when I return?

If there is space, you will be placed in the same tier you would have been in when you left, including any promotions or demotions from the last season you played. This is no guarantee, though; the narrower the tier, the lower the likelihood that there will be space. If there is space and multiple players are seeking to return at the same tier, you will be asked to play a play-in match for the position. If you lose the match or there is no space, you will be offered the next available tier.

These rules apply if you return after any break of less than a year. If you return more than a year later, you are treated as a new player, for better or worse.

How are the standings for each group calculated?

Players in your division are ordered according to your winning percentage, if you've played any games yet. The exact positioning doesn't matter until everyone has finished the season. If you're tied on winning percentage, you are ranked by the first tiebreaker, head-to-head results. If you're still tied, we move to the second tie-breaker.

What is +/-?

Your +/- score is simply the difference between your score and if you had gone 3-3 every match, i.e. how far above or below a neutral performance you are. For example, if you lose two matches 2-4 and 1-5, then win another 4.5-1.5, your +/- will be -1.5.

How does the second tiebreaker work? Does it care about the score of each individual game?

This tiebreaker does not actually count the points in each Dominion game! What it counts is the number of points made in each match against an opponent (the number of wins in that 6 game match!) To illustrate I will make a fictional 3-player group, with players 1,2 and 3. If the scores went like this:

P1 4-2 P2
P1 5-1 P3
P2 2-4 P3

The value of the second tiebreaker for P1 would be:

P1- 4(wins against P2)*4(total # of wins by P2) + 5(wins against P3)*5(total # of wins by P3) = 16 + 25 = 41

For further examples, check any previous season's standings thread. This tiebreaker essentially rewards players extra for "more difficult" wins, i.e. wins over players who had a better season on the whole.

The standings are broken! It just shows the players as "U1", "U2", and so on with no games played. What's wrong?

The Google Sheets system behind the League has a complicated series of connections between different sheets, which allows us to do a lot of cool things, like preview the division partitions before the season starts and add and subtract players from divisions as needed. However, it turns out that some Google Sheets functions, in particular the ImportRange function that allows us to connect different sheets together, are seemingly only about 99% reliable, which means that with 40+ divisions, there's often a division or two that isn't displaying properly. The U1 through U6 are just the default placeholders if the spreadsheet detects an error. The good news is that these glitches are just temporary and should be disappear within an hour or two.


Is any form of match etiquette enforced upon the players in the Dominion League?

While no standard form of etiquette is required in your communication with opponents, we do encourage you to try and be as nice as possible to your opponents; saying ''Good Luck'' or ''Have Fun'' in the start of a match and ''GG'' at the end are always positive behavior. And as a note, while nice behavior is not necessary, offensive behavior is not by any means tolerated. If you find yourself on the other end of offensive behavior of a fellow League player, please take a print screen and contact the moderators as soon as possible. Moderators will then make an appropriate decision based on what happened, which might include contacting ShuffleIt to report said player.

What is the League's policy on undos?

While the official policy is that granting undo requests is at the discretion of each player, we strongly encourage players to grant undo requests for low numbers of decisions that do not provide new information. Players may announce a different undo policy before a match with this encouraged behavior understood as a default with no communication.

What is an undo policy?

An undo policy is a statement to your opponent before a match about what types of undos you will grant to them.
  • "I will grant an undo of any action that doesn't reveal important new information."
  • "I won't allow any undos."
  • "I will decide whether to allow each individual undo request as it comes up."

I find the username of a fellow League member offensive. What should I do?

If you think a fellow League member has an offensive username, you should contact the moderators as soon as possible. We will discuss with the player and potentially offer them the opportunity to change it before the season starts.

Will there be any larger matches or is the Season all played in 1 v 1 games?

No. All games played for the Dominion League should be 1 v 1. We've found that anything more involved is too annoying to schedule.

I wish the League were different in a particular way. How can I bring my idea to the attention of the moderators?

There are a number of options depending on the timing, how complete your idea is, and how comfortable you are presenting it publicly:
  • Reach out to any moderator directly via Discord direct message.
  • Put the idea in your Returning Form response between seasons.
  • For complete and well-written suggestions, post a reply to the latest Newsletter post.
  • Participate in a Town Hall.
  • For urgent matters, use the Dominion League Hotline to get in touch with a moderator quickly.
You are also encouraged to workshop your idea by discussing it in Discord.

What is a Town Hall?

Town Halls are a mechanism for the League Moderators to gather feedback from participants on a specific topic without completely clear answers. A Town Hall takes place via Discord text and voice channels dedicated solely to the discussion over the course of at least a 24 hour period. The meeting begins with a voice presentation by the moderators on the topic and some of the options under consideration, after which everyone is invited to contribute through their own comments, informal emoji reaction polls, and the like. Following the discussion, the Moderators formulate a plan of action based on the feedback, which, if opinion is split on the matter, could involve choosing to collect additional feedback from all League Players via the Returning Form.
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