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Variants and Fan Cards / Dominion from scratch
« on: July 07, 2016, 03:04:08 pm »
The pin discussion got me thinking... What if you started with 0 cards instead of the usual 10? Obviously the beginning would be boring and tedious... But after the first turn Copper buy, there could be some interesting decisions. If  Poor House is available, that's almost definitely your turn 2 buy. Otherwise, you have to decide how much treasure to get. Reaching $5 would be much less luck-driven. Trashing becomes bad. The Engine vs Big money question would be different. But I'm not sure in which way.

Game Reports / Torturer or no?
« on: July 01, 2016, 10:28:42 am »
I played this Kingdom IRL last night with Jonts and a guy who has only played a few games of Dominion.

With no real villages other than Madman around, we all knew that Throne Room would be important. And of course Masquerade. But we couldn't decide if Torturer was worth it with Masquerade available. Jonts and I both opened / and got Haggler/nothing. Other guy got double Masquerade, which collided for him on turn 3.

Anyway, my turn 3 hand was exactly again with no Haggler, so I got another Haggler. Somehow, I managed to get 5 of the Throne Rooms, but got some sad draws that had things like 3 Throne Rooms and a Haggler. Jonts built up a scary engine by Throne Rooming Markets, and started getting Torturers. The Curses were definitely coming out a bit faster than Masquerade could handle.

At one point I had with Haggler and an extra buy, and should have bought a Province given that it was a 3 player game, but instead got Market + Throne Room, then Masquerade and was forced to take a ... so I reluctantly got a Secret Chamber.

So towards the end... At this point, other guy had 1 Provinces and a couple curses, I had 3 curses and a couple Estates because my Masquerades weren't getting played enough. And I have a hand that's not going to do much at all; Secret Chamber, Market, Masquerade; something like that. Jonts gets a particularly good turn that involved at least 3 Torturer plays, and generated for 2 Provinces, while 2 piles were already gone. He couldn't quite drain a third pile though.

But then it happens... I reveal Secret Chamber to his Torturer play. Draw 2 cards, including a Throne Room; put Secret Chamber and something else back. Now suddenly my crap hand is a potentially good hand. On my turn I Throne Room the Market, play Masquerade, then play my only Madman (that I didn't even want, but couldn't afford to buy anything the turn that I played Hermit). Everything kicks off. I end up playing Masq enough to get rid of all Curses; I generate with 2 Hagglers is play. Buy 2 Provinces and 2 Estates; easily draining another pile for the win.

So Secret Chamber won me the game.  ;D

My question is; is Torturer a thing here?

Dominion General Discussion / Kingdom probabilities
« on: June 28, 2016, 08:01:59 pm »
How do you determine the percentage of kingdoms that will have at least 1 of a given set of cards? Rough estimate is fine; ignoring things like Young Witch and Black Market.

Specifically, I'm curious what percentage of kingdoms will allow you to end the game with debt (not counting the situation of buying a debt-cost card for an immediate 3-pile).

Aside from forcing your opponent to do it via Possession, you would need to have a gainer in the Kingdom. So, aside from the task of listing out the gainers, I don't know the formula for determining the percentage of Kingdoms.

This comes from a discussion over here...

General Discussion / AI writes screenplay
« on: June 17, 2016, 12:37:46 pm »
I believe using the same technology that went into the "random Dominion card generator" that was discussed here, some people wrote a screenplay. Then they filmed it.

Dominion General Discussion / This needs to be cleared up
« on: June 15, 2016, 11:04:36 pm »
There is no card called "Farmer's Market". It's "Farmers' Market". There are lots of farmers.

Hey, lets make a list of mechanics that were declared as "will never happen" at one point or another!

 - A card costing
 - A card costing more than
 - A card costing
 - A card that lets you gain things from the trash
 - A card that lets you trash cards from the supply
 - An action-treasure card
 - Duration-attacks

Empires Previews / Question about Donate
« on: June 06, 2016, 07:56:31 pm »
Is there a way in which the wording is different from:

"Put your deck into your discard pile. Look through your discard pile. Trash any number of cards from your hand, in play or, your discard pile."

Of course it is different if you buy another card or event after buying Donate, but you could always just buy Donate last anyway. Just curious, because I found it a bit odd for the event to have you do normal cleanup, which would involve drawing 5 cards, and then having you basically draw a new 5 later.

My version also allows you to trash Durations that are in play, but that shouldn't really matter.

Rules Questions / When does "no visiting" apply?
« on: May 18, 2016, 12:09:12 pm »
I understand the no visiting rule; it means that for cards like Armory which say "gain a card, putting it on top of your deck", the card does not ever go to the discard pile. But there are a few cases where I don't think it's clear whether No Visiting applies or not.

I'm sure No Visiting applies: Armory, Torturer, Transmogrify, Nomad Camp (despite the wording)

I'm sure No Visiting does NOT apply: Summon, Watchtower (The card is in your discard when you reveal Watchtower in response to the gain)

I don't know the rule: Royal Seal, Travelling Fair

There's probably other cards I'm not thinking of that cause a gain to a location other than discard....

Puzzles and Challenges / Reverse the piles
« on: May 10, 2016, 03:35:58 pm »
I suppose this type of challenge was always possible with Knights or even Ruins, but it seems to make more sense with the new split-pile cards. In a solo game, what is the fewest number of turns in which you can cause all 5 Rocks to be in the supply, with all 5 Catapults in the supply underneath them?

Other Games / Neuland
« on: May 06, 2016, 11:09:32 am »
I just learned this last weekend, and for some reason am fascinated with it. I bought it; can't wait to play it more. Anyone know about this game?

Apparently when it was re-published by Z-Man, they changed a few rules that everyone thinks is for the worse. So next time I'll be playing by the original rules. Basically it's feels like a mix of 504, Thebes, and Power Grid....

You exchanged resources for better resources along different possible upgrade paths to eventually have the resources you need to trade for VP. But the twist is that you never actually collect tokens to mark the resources you have, instead you have workers on buildings that represent your ownership of the resource. You have to move them from one building to the next, paying a transportation cost if the buildings aren't right next to each other.

The Thebes part is the way turn order goes. When a turn ends, you look at whoever has taken the least amount of actions, it's that person's turn.

The Power Grid part is the bad part actually... the AP, calculations, and downtime. You know how the last couple turns of Powergrid consist of the active player spending a while doing all the math to see if he can win or not? Most turns of this game are that way. But it's still a shorter game overall, so it's not that bad.

Other Games / What's up with BGG?
« on: April 28, 2016, 01:22:54 pm »
Has anyone noticed that the game pages on bgg look completely different, and kind of screwed up?

If I had to guess, it kind of looks like it's presenting the mobile view instead of the desktop view. Or is it just that they've updated their site, and the new update is kind of bad? Or is it just me, even though I've tried it on multiple browsers?

*Edit* Just now noticed that if you click that annoying "feedback" button , it asks what you think about the new page design... so I guess it is a new design. A terrible one. Among other things, there's no longer a "linked forums" section where you can see if there have been any new posts on any Dominion expansions.

Other Games / Tichu
« on: April 04, 2016, 01:32:40 pm »
Who here plays Tichu? I know from BGG posts that Theory does.

I first learned it a couple years ago at bgg.con. Finally bought my own set recently and we've started playing it some at my game nights. I really like it; though I'm terrible at it.

I've played probably only about 5 times, not counting the fact that I recently got the app for iPhone. And also none of those 5 games actually were completely finished. Games with beginners take a lot longer, both because of the normal teaching and new-player play times, but also because new players tend to call Tichu a lot less often, so scores tend to go up way slower.

Anyway, there's some helpful strategy tips on BGG, but not as much as you'd think. So what's the secret to winning Tichu?

Dominion General Discussion / Relic and Moat
« on: March 02, 2016, 07:04:29 pm »
I just noticed something now that the first treasure-attack exists. The general rule with attack cards and Moat is that "whenever another player plays an attack card" happens before the instructions on the played card are followed. But that's more awkward with Relic. Relic says "when you play this". Moat says "whenever another player plays an attack card". As worded, this is 2 events that trigger at the same time, and under normal rules for dealing with that, the effects would be dealt with in turn order. So effect from the person playing Relic would happen first, giving the -1 card token, and THEN the effect from Moat would happen, allowing the person to reveal Moat.

This isn't in the rules forum because I know the correct interaction here; Moat still works just fine. You reveal Moat and are protected from the attack before any of the card's instructions are followed. I don't think there's any confusion over that. I just thought it was a weird thing worth mentioning.

After this, the only thing left will be to decide the art. Which will be tough of course. I'm hoping people will send in submissions for the art; I'll be happy if I get 3. I'd also appreciate some help from people who know how in making a card mockup. I can do some basic photoshop type stuff; but I figure it would be easier for those who have made fan card mockups; as they would have the templates and correct fonts and such already.

Submissions for art don't need to be card mockups, though. Just a link to an image that you think would be good. Of course, you'll probably want to wait until you know the name of the card.

Runoff vote for the name; 3 of the choices got 5 or more votes.

India-Panther: Action-Reaction, 
Trash a card from your hand. Gain a card costing exactly more than it.
If the gained card is an action, play it.
When any player gains a Victory card, you may reveal this from your hand.
If you do, the player gaining the card puts it on top of his deck.

Not much to say about this poll. Vote for the name(s) that you like!

India-Panther: Action-Reaction, 
Trash a card from your hand. Gain a card costing exactly more than it.
If the gained card is an action, play it.
When any player gains a Victory card, you may reveal this from your hand.
If you do, the player gaining the card puts it on top of his deck.

Ok, this thread serves 2 purposes. First, open discussion/suggestions for names, which will then be pulled into a poll. Feel free to also PM me any suggestions if you'd rather they be not public until the poll.

Second, discussion around pricing, to see if a poll is even needed for that. The first impression seems to be that is plenty. With the restriction of "exactly " instead of "up to ", we've definitely weakened the card. If anyone has an argument for why a higher price should at least be considered, please share.

India-Panther: Action-Reaction,  to .
Trash a card from your hand. Gain a card costing [either/exactly /]  more than it.
If the gained card is an action, play it.
When any player gains a Victory card, you may reveal this from your hand.
If you do, the player gaining the card puts it on top of his deck.

Ok, so here we are. After lots of discussion about various power levels and ways to fix Fortress, and people changing their votes to and from the "either" option, we still had 2 options that were preferred above the rest. Let's see who wins!

Poll closes Wednesday night; and hey, you can change you vote all you want until then!

General Discussion / Super Bowl 50
« on: February 04, 2016, 12:44:35 pm »
Surprised to not see some discussion on this already. Any NFL fans out there? As a resident of North Carolina, I'm a Panthers fan, and thus am quite excited.

I've learned to not ever be over-confident (I lived in Boston during the 2007 Patriots' season), but it does seem like it would be a big surprise if the Panthers don't win this one.

Rules Questions / Stonemason and piles with only 1 card
« on: February 03, 2016, 04:05:44 pm »
When instructed to gain 2 cards at once, do you choose both cards and then gain both cards? Or do you chose 1, gain 1, then choose 1, gain 1?

This matters for 2 cases involving Stonemason:

If you buy Stonemason, and overpay by $2 while there is 1 Stonemason left in the pile, can you choose to gain 2 Stonemasons, then fail to gain the second? Or are you forced to also gain another $2 action if there is one?

If you overpay for Stonemason by $5, can you gain 2 Knights (if the Knights pile has 2 $5s on top)? Or do you have to choose your 2 cards before gaining the first Knight?

Other Games / Other new games
« on: February 01, 2016, 11:11:33 am »
As just mentioned, I went to a board game convention this weekend. Learned lots of new games.

Caverna - This was great. I've always liked Agricola, and this just seems like an improved version of it.

Village - I can't wait to play this again. Some very interesting new mechanics.

Traders of Osaka - Fun medium-light game, which is a bit reminiscent of both Alhambra and "Money".

Rattlebones - A light game that has one of the coolest new mechanics I've ever seen... you physically upgrade your dice by replacing die faces with different faces as the game goes on. The game itself is ok, but not great. I really want to see it expanded though... there's about 8 different faces you can add to the dice, and I'd love to see expansions that add dozens more. Or to see the mechanic used in a whole new game.

German Railroads - The expansion to Russian Railroads. This was great. If you like Russian Railroads, I think you'll want to play with this every time. Though if I were teaching someone Russian Railroads, I wouldn't use it, to reduce complexity. It adds several important decisions about customizing how your tracks play out.

Pickomino - A silly, light press-your-luck game. Fun, but nothing special.

Some name - I can't remember the name of this one Nevermore - A witchcraft-themed different kind of drafting game where you have a hand of 5 cards, made up of 5 different suites. After being dealt 5 cards, you pass 3, then you pass 2, then you pass 1, always keeping 5 total. Then you go through phases where you see who has the most of each, and each type of suite gives different benefits to the person with the majority. Not really my kind of game, though the drafting mechanic was really cool.

I think that's all the new ones. I also played a lot of Codenames and Fuse. Played No Thanks!, Hanabi, Bruges, Incan Gold, and of course Temporum.

Also played Dominion Adventures for first time since it was actually released. Two 3-player games. Lost one after trying to Transmogrify everything into Grand Markets eventually. Won the second one with lots of Cities, after Messengers were being used to drain out the Messengers pile.

Other Games / Temporum evangelism
« on: February 01, 2016, 10:57:45 am »
So this weekend was "Whose Turn is it Anyway", a small-ish game convention in Cary, NC. It was awesome... basically a smaller version of bgg.con; just a few days of non-stop gaming. So unlike bgg.con; this is largely community-sourced; everyone brings games. The organizer has a huge collection himself as well, of course.

But I was the only person who brought Temporum. It is a sad reminder that Temporum simply isn't popular. Now I don't think it's necessarily as good as Dominion, or among my all-time favorite games. But relative to how unpopular it is, I think it's absolutely awesome.

So I consider it my mission to spread Temporum to those who don't know it. I think I taught it 3 times this weekend; can't remember for sure. Also I know that it got at least a couple other plays without me being involved. It was well-received; I remember a few different people saying that they really enjoyed it; and didn't get any specific comments about being let down, though some people could have been being polite. In my own personal game group, a few people have told me that they don't enjoy it all that much.

Also, by teaching a lot of new people, I'm finding evidence against a common complaint about the game; that you can't do that much to actually affect your outcome. If this were true, why do I almost always win against people who are learning for the first time?

I also learned that the rulebook is really good. I never learn games from the rulebook; I want someone to teach me. Then I'll read the rulebook after that to see what I was taught wrong. But a couple guys started playing when I was unavailable to teach; they were playing within a few minutes of getting it out, having never played before; and when I went to watch the second half of the game, it was clear they had all the rules correct.

India-Panther: Action-Reaction,  to .
Trash a card from your hand. Gain a card costing up to more than it.
If the gained card is an action, play it.
When any player gains a Victory card, you may reveal this from your hand.
If you do, the player gaining the card puts it on top of his deck.

So here's our card as of now. Up to more might be really strong. Of course sometimes "up to" makes a trasher weaker, but this one isn't really meant for thinning out Coppers anyway. This one is really an upgraded version of Remodel. Anyway, let's tweak the remodel effect (or not).

One consideration for this is the Fortress effect. As written, if you have a single India and a single Fortress in hand, you immediately drain the India pile, unless this ends up being a cost card anyway. And aside from the power of emptying a whole pile for end game stuff, a hand of 5 Indias isn't too bad, especially not with Fortress around.

Anyway, there's multiple ways this could be addressed, or we could decide it doesn't need to be addressed. But one way would simply be to not allow the upgrade amount to fit the cost difference between Fortress and this. We don't know what this costs, of course. If it does cost , then the only set of options that would work would be "exactly more". Just some things to think about; I don't know what will work best.

Poll closes Saturday in case anyone is only around on the weekends. After that we'll vote on price. And then that's probably all except for name and art. Feel free to discuss other ideas or tweaks that might need to be made.

Ok, so all parts of the card mechanics are set:

India-Panther: Action-Reaction, (or more)
Trash a card from your hand. Gain a card costing up to more than it.
If the trashed card is an action, +1 action. If the gained card is an action, play it.
When any player gains a Victory card, you may reveal this from your hand.
If you do, the player gaining the card puts it on top of his deck.

Now we just need to decide on various specifics to alter. Things for consideration:

Bonus for trashing an action?
Gain up to, or exactly?
Upgrade by or by ?
Reaction on buy, or on gain?

Let's decide on the bonus for trashing an action first; as that's the biggest change.

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