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Other Games / Viticulture (and Tuscany)
« on: December 16, 2017, 07:09:05 pm »
Viticulture is one of my wife's and my favorite games (especially with its expansion, Tuscany). We've taught it to any of our friends willing to play with us, and today I got to teach it on a YouTube livestream with Heavy Cardboard!

Has anyone here played it?

Advertisements / Dominion "Downgrade" pack
« on: October 08, 2016, 09:54:17 pm »
I'm looking to sell my copies of the cards that got the axe in the Second Editions.

edit: alternatively, I am listing the cards in the October '16 US shipping Math Trade on BGG -

Solo Challenges / Buy a Province on turn 1
« on: May 13, 2016, 11:56:02 am »
I posted this in the easy puzzles thread, but it seems to have been passed over for more interesting puzzles.

Half the reason I'm posting it is I'm wondering if it was possible before Empires (there's a clue/hard mode I guess  :P). I skimmed some of the other thread titles and didn't see this one posted yet, but I don't spend enough time in the Puzzles subforum to be sure.

Other Games / Pandemic Legacy
« on: November 28, 2015, 02:29:15 pm »
My wife and I have a couple of friends with whom we've played a lot of Pandemic+expansion. We got our copy of Pandemic Legacy shortly after release, and finished up our campaign last week. It was an absolute blast! The long-term effects gave each decision more weight, and we had a lot of fun stickering up and writing on the board and character cards.

Has anyone else here played through the campaign yet?

2015 / Signouts
« on: August 25, 2015, 12:59:03 pm »

Ah, shoot, I was too excited when I saw the thread, and didn't check the dates. I'll be out for two weeks in October :(


Goko Dominion Online / Found some code for Google Hangouts
« on: April 05, 2014, 03:48:22 pm »
I was doing some digging around Goko's code today, trying to do some work for Salvager, and came across some code that seems related to playing in Google Hangouts, and I felt it was worth sharing some snippets. - starting at line 9546, just ctrl+F/cmd+F for "HangoutEventManager.prototype.onEvent = function(options)"

Code: [Select]
case "system.youWin":
console.log("ZZZZZZZZZZ - YOUWIN!!!");
case "system.yourTurn":
console.log("ZZZZZZZZZZ - YOUR TURN!!!");
case "village.onPlay":
console.log("You played a village - cool animations here");
case "curse.onBuy":
console.log("You bought a curse - cool animations here");

When writing production code, make sure your log messages go the bottom of an alphabetized list. Or at least some of them. Also, saying "cool animations" is almost as good as actually having cool animations.

Code: [Select]
// More custom-ish stuff up top
case "system.youWin":
case "system.yourTurn":
// Add video overlay hilite to my window
case "curse.onBuy":
createOverlay('jackass', 10000);
ignoreNextGain = true;
case "curse.onGain":
if (ignoreNextGain) {
//console.log("You gained a curse - IGNORED");
} else {
createOverlay('frog', 10000);


I can't wait to play on Google Hangouts and win, I get a crown! Better not buy a Curse though, don't want all my friends to start calling me a jackass.

I guess in Google Hangouts, Dominion is now a fairy tale where everyone is a Prince and gaining a Curse is like being turned into a frog. At least they changed their mind about adding insult to injury with the jackass noise when you turn into a frog.

Code: [Select]
switch (options.code) {


case "baron.onPlay":
case "bureaucrat.onPlay":
case "chancellor.onPlay":
case "duke.onPlay":
case "harem.onPlay":
case "envoy.onPlay":
case "explorer.onPlay":
case "feast.onPlay":
case "festival.onPlay":
case "forge.onPlay":
case "goons.onPlay":
case "harem.onGain":
case "kingsCourt.onPlay":
case "militia.onPlay":
case "minion.onPlay":
case "mint.onPlay":
case "moneylender.onPlay":
case "mountebank.onPlay":
case "nobles.onPlay":
case "pearlDiver.onPlay":
case "peddler.onPlay":
case "rabble.onPlay":
case "salvager.onPlay":
case "seaHag.onPlay":
case "spy.onPlay":
case "swindler.onPlay":
case "thief.onPlay":
case "torturer.onPlay":
case "witch.onPlay":

So, not all of the cards are listed here. I wonder how they chose which cards matter for Google Hangouts? Also note that before this switch statement, overlayName was defined by:

Code: [Select]
var overlayName = options.code.split(".")[0];
So that all could probably be replaced with

Code: [Select]
or something similar.


Code: [Select]
Embargo, Ambassador, Swindler, Coppersmith, Procession, Worker's Village, Catacombs, Highway, Witch, Border Village
Border Village, Highway, Catacombs, Worker's Village, Ambassador, hurray! This looks like tons of fun! OK, I should be able to open double Ambassador and get thin quick before building into a big Highway megaturn. Plus if my opponent gets ahead, well I've come from behind in Ambassador games before when my opponent didn't handle the midgame right.

We both open double Ambassador and then our decks don't look similar for much longer.

Code: [Select]
michaeljb: turn 3
michaeljb plays 4 Copper
michaeljb buys Worker's Village

Probably should have got Silver instead of getting excited about the engine and multiple Ambassadors, but I could swear I've opened Amb/Amb/village before and it's worked out.

Code: [Select]
michaeljb gains Worker's Village
michaeljb draws Copper, Ambassador, Copper, Ambassador, Copper

Well that kind of sucks. Better thin down as much as I can though.

Code: [Select]
prozacraindrop: turn 3
prozacraindrop plays Ambassador
prozacraindrop reveals Estate
prozacraindrop returns Estate to the Supply
michaeljb gains Estate
prozacraindrop plays 3 Copper
prozacraindrop buys Silver
prozacraindrop gains Silver

michaeljb: turn 4
michaeljb plays Ambassador
michaeljb reveals Copper
michaeljb returns Copper to the Supply
michaeljb returns Copper to the Supply
prozacraindrop gains Copper
michaeljb draws Estate, Estate
michaeljb shuffles deck
michaeljb draws Copper, Copper, Estate

Well this doesn't bode well for me. Opponent returned one card instead of two, but hey I returned two, so I got that going for me, which is nice. Unfortunately I picked up a $2 hand (also note, this means I definitely won't be able to return two Estates this shuffle). At least there's Embargo for some cash I guess.

Code: [Select]
prozacraindrop: turn 4
prozacraindrop plays Ambassador
prozacraindrop reveals Estate
prozacraindrop returns Estate to the Supply
prozacraindrop returns Estate to the Supply
michaeljb gains Estate
prozacraindrop plays 2 Copper
prozacraindrop buys Embargo
prozacraindrop gains Embargo

michaeljb: turn 5
michaeljb plays 2 Copper
michaeljb buys Embargo
michaeljb gains Embargo
michaeljb draws Ambassador, Ambassador, Copper, Copper, Copper

Oh, come on.

Code: [Select]
prozacraindrop: turn 5
prozacraindrop plays Ambassador
prozacraindrop reveals Copper
michaeljb gains Copper
prozacraindrop plays 3 Copper, 1 Silver
prozacraindrop buys Witch
prozacraindrop gains Witch

michaeljb: turn 6
michaeljb plays Ambassador
michaeljb reveals Copper
michaeljb returns Copper to the Supply
michaeljb returns Copper to the Supply
prozacraindrop gains Copper
michaeljb draws Worker's Village, Estate
michaeljb shuffles deck
michaeljb draws Estate, Estate, Estate

Two reshuffles with 3+ Estates in the first hand. Opponent has 0 Estates, 1 Silver, and 1 Witch to my 5 Estates and 1 Worker's Village.

Clearly I should have got Silver instead of Worker's Village (or maybe not so clearly, would have just got me a second Embargo so far)...and if I had opened Amb/Silver, my first two Amb turns could have been return 2 Coppers, buy a Silver, or buy a second Amb, or even return 0 Coppers and start on Highways or get a Witch.

Maybe I should have also done return 0 Copper, buy a Silver instead of thinning down more. I was just thinking I would be returning 2 Estates at a time in not time. Guess I just murdered my own economy instead.

So, little bit of not-so-great tactical play on my part, little bit of bad shuffle luck to start off the game.

Eventually I do manage to get some Silvers, return 2 Estates at once, even get a Procession instead of Worker's Village--another thing that would have been great to do earlier than I did; it would possibly help me return cards more quickly, and actually help me get the engine pieces I need, instead of being prepared for them. So admittedly, this game is not without fault on my part, but I still cannot believe the shuffling that happened early on.

So I did end up making some good choices, but alas, I was not able to catch up, as my opponent made short work of me with the huge early lead and all those juicy engine pieces begging for a nice big Province-piledriver turn.

Oh wait, no, that didn't happen. This is the final turn of the game:

Code: [Select]
prozacraindrop: turn 30
prozacraindrop plays Worker's Village
prozacraindrop draws Border Village
prozacraindrop plays Worker's Village
prozacraindrop draws Highway
prozacraindrop plays Border Village
prozacraindrop draws Copper
prozacraindrop plays Highway
prozacraindrop draws Gold
prozacraindrop plays Witch
prozacraindrop shuffles deck
prozacraindrop draws Ambassador, Gold
prozacraindrop plays Ambassador
prozacraindrop reveals Copper
prozacraindrop returns Copper to the Supply
michaeljb gains Copper
prozacraindrop plays 3 Gold
prozacraindrop buys Province
prozacraindrop gains Province
prozacraindrop buys Estate
prozacraindrop gains Estate
prozacraindrop buys Estate
prozacraindrop gains Estate

Game Over
prozacraindrop cards: 6 Highway, 4 Border Village, 2 Worker's Village, 2 Witch, 2 Ambassador, 5 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Copper, 8 Province, 4 Duchy, 3 Estate, 2 Curse
prozacraindrop total victory points: 61
prozacraindrop turns: 30
michaeljb cards: 4 Worker's Village, 4 Catacombs, 2 Ambassador, 2 Border Village, 2 Procession, 1 Swindler, 8 Copper, 7 Silver, 2 Estate, 8 Curse
michaeljb total victory points: -6
michaeljb turns: 30
1st place prozacraindrop
2nd place michaeljb

Yup, THIRTY TURNS. I was "mathematically eliminated" much earlier but stuck it out, mainly because I was (morbidly) curious about how long it would actually take him to end the game.

I was right about some opponents not playing Ambassador->Engine midgames right (disclaimer: no idea what his ranking is, I just play "all cards #vpon"); this guy got FIVE Golds, ZERO Catacombs, ended this game with multiple Coppers AND Curses in his deck, and was apparently scared off from buying a bunch of Highways by the Embargoes, even when he would have been able to engine his way through it and pass those Curses right back to me, or literally gain 0 Curses with the buy since the pile was empty anyway.

Lessons learned:
  • if your real engine pieces are $5+, buy some gorram Silver early on (I swear I've learned this one before)
  • you don't need that silly village till you actually need it
  • seriously don't buy a second village if you still don't have that gorram Silver
  • opening Ambassador/Silver guarantees you have some Silver no matter what shuffling or bad village choices happen
  • still though, that shuffling really happened?
  • even when the shuffling seems to be against you, you probably deserve it
  • getting in just one (or two) quick game of Dominion doesn't always work out, sometimes it turns into (probably) the longest single-game report you've written

Anyone have some more lessons from this game that I missed?

edit: made the list formatted as a list, added one more item to it

Feedback / Time
« on: August 29, 2013, 09:26:49 am »
I just discovered there is a time feature, where you can type in a time in your local time zone and it will be displayed to other users, converted to their time zone.

I'm in MDT/UTC-6, and typing this:

Code: [Select]
Displays "Today at 01:30:00" on my computer, while you see: "August 29, 2013, 03:30:00 am". If I go into forum settings and change my time zone, the displayed time adjusts itself! This should make things like arranging tourney times with far-away opponents a bit easier (in fact, I only discovered this feature after figuring out a time with an opponent 8 time zones away)

I haven't figured out how to put in times for days other than today (unless you just grab input the seconds from time 0, instead of a date), but there probably is documentation of this somewhere.

edit: looks like the way to enter an exact time/date is this:

Code: [Select]
[time]DD Month YYYY, HH:MM:SS[/time]
For example, "31 August 2013, 00:00:00" produces: August 31, 2013, 02:00:00 am

Unfortunately it looks like trying to include a time zone inside of the "time" tag doesn't work right, so whenever you use this, make sure you're entering the time for whatever time zone you're set to in the forum.

Edit: Moved to the Online Resources thread. Kept here for the sake of michaeljb's respect. :D

just saw this, thanks ragingduckd! ;D

Guilds Previews / Tying previous sets together
« on: June 15, 2013, 04:50:05 am »
I can't quite remember where I saw this, and I can't find the thread now either, but I seem to recall someone saying that Guilds, being the last expansion, was a missed opportunity to really tie things together. The person presenting this idea was basically suggesting something similar to the hypothetical treasure chest expansion some of us would like to see.

Anyway, I've been playing some Guilds games, and the more I play or even just think about the cards, the more I'm thinking it really does tie existing things together pretty well while introducing its own new mechanics.

A handful of mechanics, and some simple cards. Coin tokens are new, pretty straightforward mechanic that don't require much room in terms of card text. Candlestick Maker is a nice simple card, and apart from the setup rule so is Baker. Taxman is the result of smashing Bureaucrat, Militia, and Mine together, then wiping away the blood.

I feel like this is where I need to stretch the most to make this work. There are some basic choices, like which card to trash, which card to gain, do I spend coin tokens now, but those don't feel quite like Intrigue choices. Advisor is probably the closest example of this, and maybe Plaza and Taxman a bit. Taxman a bit more I guess for its choosing how to Attack.

Coin tokens work as a sort of pseudo-Duration effect (apart from Butcher). Baker could read, "At the start of any one future Buy phase, +1 coin." But then Donald would have you keep Baker in play as a reminder until you use the +coin, and that wouldn't be very good. Taxman tosses a Treasure to your next turn (and is also similar to Cutpurse). Doctor improves and previews your next hand. I think Merchants Guild is the best example of a pseudo-Duration card, as its current turn effect is clearly pretty bad--worse than Herbalist! When you buy Herald, you get to set up your next turn.

I believe overpaying for a Stonemason is the first direct Potion (by which I mean the potion symbol, or whatever the currency Potion produces, rather than the card named Potion) interaction we've seen since Alchemy. Herald fits in with the theme of big Action chains, along with a few others.

Look at how your wealth increases when you invest a lot into a Masterpiece! Save up a fortune selling bread, candlesticks, and managing the whole Merchants Guild! This set's Curser gains the Attacker a nice Gold, and even has a positive interaction with the victim. Butcher is a bigger and better Remodel, there's a $4 Village doing stuff with money, and we have a bigger and better (if not terribly exciting for all) Smithy. By spending just $2 extra on your engine piece, you can have another engine piece of equal value, where the only catch is taking trasher that can produce more engine pieces if you want.

Stonemason is decent at creating variety, um Plaza discards something from your hand...Advisor's text includes the word "hand"...alright in terms of Guilds tying expansions together, this might be the biggest stretch.

A new on-buy mechanic! Yup, overpaying is just an on-buy effect; read the cards again. "When you buy this..." That immediately makes Guilds great as a sequel expansion to Hinterlands. Not so much with alternate types as Hinterlands, but we do at least have a Treasure with a fun on-buy effect (which is incidentally great with the alt-VP from a different set). Plaza and Journeyman offer mild amounts of sifting.

Dark Ages
No on-trash effects, but we do have four cards--almost a third of the whole set--that trash something, one of them being an Attack card. While none of them care about the contents of the Trash pile, they do interesting things when they trash, and I think they would all be right at home in Dark Ages. On a more flavorful note, now your Knights can get the introductions they deserve from your new Heralds.

So in conclusion, I disagree with that post I'm thinking of (if it even exists  :P), I'm loving Guilds so far, and while I would of course love more Dominion (whether it be a treasure chest type expansion or more new stuff), I think Guilds is a strong set to go out on that succeeds at touching on many of the earlier ideas of the series. Now I just need to get my hands on the physical cards...

Goko Dominion Online / Young Witch on the second page
« on: April 02, 2013, 11:51:18 pm »
I remember reading people theorize about this happening, and well I've just started a game where it happened. I saw it right away, but my opponent didn't realize it till I had bought my Young Witch.

Just tried to bump this thread at getsatisfaction, but I can't log in there. Says they've emailed me a verification code, but my inbox disagrees.

Game Reports / Rat-infested Grand Markets
« on: March 21, 2013, 03:50:39 pm »
Rats+Fortress...not sure if it really helped all that much, but it was fun! It basically turned Coppers and Estates into cantrips while I picked up Grand Markets. After 17 turns, I had 8 Grand Markets, 39 points, and all the Rats  ;D

Guilds Previews / A small nugget of info
« on: January 26, 2013, 01:58:56 am »
It's not much, but technically it's still something, so I figured this belonged here.

Step 1.  Move the gained card to its "expected" place.  This is usually the discard pile, with the following exceptions:


* Expected place = Top of Deck:
  UBGuilds, Bag of Gold, Treasure Map, Develop, Tournament, Nomad Camp (++++)

So a card in Guilds is gained to the top of the deck, or gains a card to the top of the deck.

Dominion Videos and Streams / michaeljb's channel
« on: January 08, 2013, 11:22:49 pm »
Well I've had some Dominion videos up for a while now, recently started making more, and just decided to give myself a thread here.

For those of you who have already seen my videos, I've just made a few minor organizational changes. I changed the "Goko Video Matchups" playlist to "Games with DS Forum Members" and added an earlier game with jsh, and games from today with Beyond Awesome (they're uploading now). Previously my games with werothegreat were only in that playlist, but I added them into the "Goko Dominion" playlist in the appropriate spot, and consequently changed the numbers on a couple games.

Anyway, tournaments get their own playlist, and even though they'd sort of qualify for the forum members playlist that seems kind of redundant to me.

IsoDom 3 Round 2 (Isotropic)
2012 Championships (Isotropic)
Goko Dominion
Games with DS Forum Members

Dominion General Discussion / Each Card's Artwork
« on: January 05, 2013, 02:22:07 pm »
I was poking around Goko with the Chrome Developer Tools, and discovered where they keep all the card artwork. (ie They're the largest versions of just the artwork that I've seen, and I figured it was worth sharing; maybe they can be used for bigger avatars (like the isotropic card avatars) or for shenanigans in the meme thread or something.

Might be interesting to note that art for cards that aren't available to play with yet are there too (Stash, Black Market, and Alchemy). So maybe if we can guess some Guilds card names in advance we could get a sneak peak?  ;D

Goko Dominion Online / Goko Down?
« on: December 29, 2012, 10:29:51 pm »
Just cleared my cache, still getting this weirdness at

Puzzles and Challenges / Play a Goons and Familiar on Turn 4
« on: December 29, 2012, 09:47:13 pm »
I would love to pull this one off in a real game...

Dominion Videos and Streams / Started making some videos on Goko
« on: December 28, 2012, 03:03:22 pm »
So far, the few videos I've done have all been tournament games played on Isotropic. I decided to start doing some videos of just normal games on Goko. (I got some cash from grandparents for Christmas, used it to buy the super mega ultra big pack or whatever it's called to have all the expansions, so I'm playing there more now)

So far one video is uploaded, two more are being processed, and I'll be planning to record whenever I play on Goko. Here's a link to the playlist:

I think we should include Silver in the 3's, just because of the dreaded "silver test"

Maybe we ought to include Silver in the 4's as well then.

Maybe we ought to.  Just maybe.

I figured this was easy enough to put to a vote.

edit: I should note that I'm not in charge of the ranking list at all, I can't guarantee this poll will have any outcome on how it's done, ultimately that's up to Qvist.

Rules Questions / Why do Shelters cost $1 instead of $1*?
« on: November 12, 2012, 03:41:16 pm »
Madman, Mercenary, Spoils, and each of the Prizes cost $0* instead of $0, presumably to remind players that they are not part of the Supply (in addition to the reminder in the card text).

Peddler costs $8* instead of $8 to remind players that its cost changes all the time (in addition to the reminder in the card text).

Shelters cost $1, but are never part of the Supply (but have no reminder in the card text).

Is it just because the rules for Shelters specify that they only ever are in players' starting decks? I'm not completely satisfied by this answer; the rules specify for each of the $0* cards that they are not in the Supply (and they even get a reminder on the card text! Why don't Shelters have this? There's plenty of room, except possibly on Overgrown Estate).

Giving Madman, Mercenary, and Spoils the * makes sense, since otherwise each of them looks a lot like a normal Kingdom pile; there's 10 cards in the Madman and Mercenary piles (just like other Kingdom piles) and 15 Spoils (Rats is a Kingdom pile that breaks the rule of 10 cards, so why not Spoils?), but Prizes and Shelters don't closely resemble any other pile.

Basically, it looks to me like cards have * next to their cost if they have a variable cost (Peddler) or if they're not part of the Supply. Once in your deck, the * doesn't matter (except for Peddler--costs $8 for trash-for-benefit stuff, but still matters that its cost adjusts in games with Farmland) since you treat cards that cost $0* as if they cost $0. So since Shelters are never in the Supply, I think they should cost $1*.

One possible reason I can think of is because $1* might be a confusing cost for new players, but considering other cards in Dark Ages I don't think that argument holds any weight. Another explanation I can think of, and I think is more likely, is that no one thought of making them cost $1*. Third, and probably most likely, is that their special type and color should be enough of a reminder that they are not part of the Supply. (but Prize is a special type and it still gets a reminder...)

Isn't nitpicking fun?

tl;dr The costs $1 and $1* are totally different! And Shelters should cost $1* because they're not in the Supply. But maybe the special color makes up for the lack of * and reminder text on the card.

I don't spend much time in this subforum, so hopefully this isn't a repeat  :P

4 are missing from this list:

Band of Misfits
Secret Chamber 

hint: I first noticed this property on Vagrant, then Apprentice, then realized there were quite a few cards that this applied to

General Discussion / Online Movie Reviewers
« on: September 07, 2012, 06:29:18 pm »
Anyone like to watch people talk about movies online? I quite enjoy it myself, even when I disagree. I like watching Confused Matthew, Doug Walker (and others at tgwtg), Brad Jones (he is featured on tgwtg, but he's got his own site with more content from him and his friends), and Jeremy Jahns (actually the only I listed here who primarily uses YouTube).

General Discussion / Dvorak keyboard
« on: August 23, 2012, 09:33:00 pm »
Anyone here use it? I started learning the layout a little while ago, and can touch type the whole alphabet for the first time today, though at a rate very much lower than my qwerty speed.

Dark Ages Previews / Trashing Attacks in Dark Ages
« on: August 09, 2012, 08:02:43 pm »
Alright, so I'm pretty sure I've seen at least one post asking about this each preview day since the second, and posting this will make me feel better about it even if it doesn't prevent people from asking this same question forever.

The player who plays Saboteur/Swindler/other trashing attacks does not get the "when you trash this" effect given by Feodum/Rats/etc.

Quote from: Swindler
Each other player trashes the top card of his deck and gains a card with the same cost that you choose.

Note the wording; the player playing the trashing attack is not actually the one who trashes the card, ie, if my Swindler hits the Cultist on top of your deck, you draw 3 cards, right now, before I even pick the replacement card you get.

So really, this is yet another question that is easily answered by RTFCing (a lot like RTFMing, except in most Dominion cases, you can just look at the card, and don't actually have to pull out the manual).

greatexpectations, I'm thinking this might be a good thing to add to your wonderful FAQ--unless I'm proven wrong and this stops tripping people up.

Goko Dominion Online / exists now, sort of
« on: June 16, 2012, 01:14:58 am » now redirects to, where it says this:

Sign up & we'll tell you when we launch & when you can redeem your Base Card, Dark Ages, & The Guild card codes.

Sounds like only people buying the physical sets will have access to them in the game. Guess that makes it a good thing this officially licensed version didn't come out sooner ;) (not that it matters for players like me who buy all the cards anyway, but...)

And hey, the /img, /js and /css directories are forbidden from public viewing now.

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