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Somebody once said that when you rank Events you should put them where you think they should go and then move them up 10 spaces. I don't know whether that applies here, but it's food for thought.

**Since the Events are ranked on the other lists and there is no list from last year to compare the events too, I am simply posting the names and places of the Events in order.**

34) Annex (Empires)

33) Raid (Adventures)

32) Banquet (Empires)

31) Ritual (Empires)

30) Tax (Empires)

29) Quest (Adventures)

28) Wedding (Empires)

27) Conquest (Empires)

26) Windfall (Empires)

25) Pilgrimage (Adventures)

24) Salt the Earth (Empires)

23) Ball (Adventures)

22) Scouting Party (Adventures)

21) Seaway (Adventures)

20) Advance (Empires)

19) Trade (Adventures)

18) Delve (Empires)

17) Mission (Adventures)

16) Training (Adventures)

15) Expedition (Adventures)

14) Travelling Fair (Adventures)

13) Triumph (Empires)

12) Borrow (Adventures)

11) Plan (Adventures)

10) Summon (Promo)

9) Dominate (Empires)

8) Save (Adventures)

7) Alms (Adventures)

6) Inheritance (Adventures)

5) Bonfire (Adventures)

4) Lost Arts (Adventures)

3) Ferry (Adventures)

2) Pathfinding (Adventures)

1) Donate (Empires)

Well, before Seprix comes in with the Boons and Hexes here's the next list to distract you from whatever you should be getting done. Landmarks were introduced in Empires and give players , or in some cases take it away, for accomplishing certain goals. Nobody really knows how the heck to rank them, but it's kinda "how much does this change my strategy." At dead last we have Baths, for instance, you're never gonna mulligan a turn just for 2 and when you do it's more of a happy coincidence than a strategic move. I've layed off going in to deep on formatting and comments because I'm lazy and nobody really cares about the Landmarks. Click to zoom in on the Landmarks.

#21 ▼2 Baths

Here in dead last, we have Baths in all it's glory, giving you 2 if you had a dud turn or just trashed. It doesn't really change how you play the game because you wanna trash anyway and 2 isn't really worth the turn. That said, it can make the difference and helps defend against bad shuffles.

#20 ▼4 Basillica

A big drop of 4 points is Basilica, and it was probably deserved. The problem you'll see with these lower landmarks is that they give a small amount of for something you wouldn't want to do/would do anyway.

#19 ▲1 Aqueduct

When there are only 18 Voters fluctuations of just a couple spots doesn't mean much, but Aqueduct dropped a space anyways. It can make you pick up that extra Silver or Gold to get some tokens off, but Treasures just aren't what they used to be so it's not often a really good move.

#18 ▼1 Colonnade

Connolade falls into the category of something you'd probably do anyways. Anywho, these 2 landmarks are boring me, can we move on?

#17 ▲1 Arena

I guess we can't move on yet, there's still more of these. Don't be afraid to open double Ambassador I guess? Moving on.

#16 ▲5 Labyrinth

Here's a big jump of 5 places, it turns out that gaining more cards in a turn is actually something easy and beneficial enough that putting in the extra effort to do it is worth a couple points.

  #15 ▼5 Obelisk

Obelisk dropped a bunch of points, it seems making a random card a Harem isn't as important as we thought. Still, it might make winning that Village split just a bit more crucial.

#14 =0 Palace

Stuck in the middle here is Palace which gives you points for Copper - Silver - Gold sets. It's a Duchy's worth though, which explains why it's higher. Get 2 silvers and a couple Golds and bam, Province!

#13 ▲2 Battlefield

The Highest of the "Take 2 from this" Landmarks is Battlefield, and there's a reason. Battlefield gives you points for getting points so it helps you with your goal, it's not just a tack-on like Basilica. It comes into play when it matters, and you can generally ignore it for the first half of the game while you build. And if you think Mill is weak (Hint: It's not) this might convince you to pick one up early and try it out.

#12 ▲1 Defiled Shrine

It's hard to know when you want to pick up the Curse, but you're gonna want to get it eventually. Defiled Shrine isn't as fun in games without trashing, because the best part is picking up a 5 VP curse with a spare buy and then Watchtowering it away.

#11 ▼7 Fountain

Fountain fell 7 places, and that teaches you a lot about Landmarks. It's not about how much they give you, it's about how much more they can give you than your opponents. In games with Fountain, everyone will probably either have 10+ Coppers or nobody will have enough. And when everyone gets the 15 payout it's a moot point. Still, #11 isn't bad and if you're the only one to get 10 Coppers it's a lot of points to take in.

#10 ▼5 Bandit Fort

Bandit Fort is more ignorable now apparently. Who let Lord Rattington vote?

#9 =0 Mountain Pass

Here's a good card that illustrates the principle I was yammering on about for Fountain. When you're the only one getting the points it suddenly becomes that much more of a difference.

#8 ▼1 Triumphal Arch

Gotta spam those Actions! Triumphal Arch is the antithesis of Orchard; getting a bunch of the same actions is nicer than many different ones.

#7 ▲4 Tower

Tower rose 4 places. Emptying Copper or Silver piles is probably the most powerful combo, Banquet + Cache + Tower is a force to be reckoned with.

#6 ▲2 Orchard

Points, Actions, need I say more?

#5 ▲7 Tomb

In fifth, we have Tomb with a big rise. The main thing you need to think through with Tomb that isn't obvious is Trashing Attacks like Swlinder are way less spammable, and powerful Trashing rushes with cards like Lurker can suddenly get a lot of points without ever greening.

#4 ▲2 Wolf Den

The top landmarks haven't changed much, they've shuffled around but are largely the same. Wolf Den makes that Duchy worth nothing, or lets that Ruins completely screw you over. Careful deck tracking is a must unless you want to end with half a dozen less points then you thought you would.

#3 ▼1 Museum

Nobody loves losing points from Wolf Den, but everyone loves gaining some! Diversify your engine, pick up a fairgrounds, and head to the Black Market and you're suddnely raking in the points.

#2 ▼1 Wall

Wall has a habit of completely changing how a board plays. Trashing is worth way more, building is worth way less, big decks are bad, and that player who swindled your Mountebank into a Cache is really pissing you off.

#1 ▲2 Keep

And in the top space, we have Keep, with frequent 10 point swings in 2P.

Variants and Fan Cards / Landforms
« on: January 07, 2017, 12:21:39 pm »
Hello! Today I'm here to introduce a new landscape card type: Landforms. These come from an expansion that was originally intended to be a sort of sequel to Dominion: Civilization, but with 3 new card types we just couldn't get the playtesting done we needed too.

Landforms started one day when I was thinking about a new landscape card. We have Events, which you can buy, and Landmarks, which change your score. But what about other sideways cards, that did essentially anything else? I made a few of these and called them "Terrains". They had a variety of effects, but most of them were "In games using this" and "Setup" effects. One of them was "At the start of each of your turns, +1 Buy". I was thinking about it, and I wondered, wouldn't it be better if it was limited, like you can only use it 3 times each game. And then, wait, what if it was a shared resource? Like it could be used 6 times per game,  but somebody could use it 4 times and the other person 2 times. And it would have to scale, so it could be used 6 times in 2 player, 9 times in 3 player, 12 times in 4 player, and so on. You would use tokens on them to track how many times you could use it. And Voila! Landforms were born.

I immediatley scrapped most of the others like "Setup: Each player gains a Spoils from the Spoils pile". They didn't always synergize with the board and they took up too much space. So I made a bunch of ones with tokens, to track how many times they could be used. I instantly made 4 for each of the Vanilla Boni. +Cards, +, +Actions, and +Buy. As you will see the Cards one was dropped, and the and Action ones evolved, because there were a few rules for making these I found out.

1) It can't be automatic. Something like +2 Cards you'll almost always want, so there's no fun. It still works somewhat, since it's limited, but in the end it's kinda boring. A good example of one that got removed was "You may discard 3 cards, for +2 cards". It seemed good, but the problem was anytime you had 3 junk, or even 2 junk, you'd always want to do it. I wanted Landforms to have a strategic descicion, like do I wan't to get +1 Buy now to grab another Smtihy, or potentially save it for when I need to double Province for the win. It's a fine line, but with some playtesting you always find what's fun and what isn't.
2) It can't give in a way Landmarks could. Most of the Landforms use 3 tokens per player, so if you could remove one for +2 , it's essentially 6 per player all over again.
3) It can't help someone run away with the game. Something like "When you gain a Province, you may remove a token from here, to gain 2 Golds" is kinda bad. If you get behind due to bad luck you should still have a chance. This is why a lot of the Landforms help a losing player more, or aren't as good if your deck is full of good stuff.
4) It can't be too easy to burn the tokens, e.g. some jerk just removing all the +1 Action tokens for no benefit to him. This is why the +1 Action token you'll see later can only be removed after you play an Action. Otherwise you could just take 2 in your opening when it does nothing. That's no fun. Most Landforms overcome this simply by having their effect always do something, like gain a card costing up to . It will (essentially) always hit.

Later in development I decided to drop the name Terrains. There just weren't a lot of terrain types without getting all weird like "Deciduos Evergreen Troplical Sub-Saharan Forest". It's a game, not a science textbook. I chose Landforms for the new name. Landforms are defined as any geographical feature of the earth's surface, so there was tons of new space for names. I got some fun ones in too (Who the heck knew there was something called a kipuka?)

Landforms have a lot of design space. You'll see some more background as I go over them in the next week or so, but there are a lot of possible uses for them. The general rule is "Landforms have the players remove tokens, and as tokens are removed different abilites or punishments are activated".
1) You can use the tokens as a limiter. It's more strategic when you have 3 free Actions then when you have infinite and you can stock up on terminals with impunity.
2) You can use them as a tracker. You have some landforms that force you to remove tokens, and when the tokens run out bad stuff happens. Some let you remove them for a cost, but when their gone you get some benefits.
3) You can use them simply to create player interaction. When it's a shared resource suddenly everything is more tense. If you don't want to use it now, are you actually helping your deck in the future, or are you just throwing away free stuff that your opponent will steal.

So yeah! That's a lot of text, and I'm still learning. I have complete confidence in the idea, but maybe some won't work out in the end. Maybe attacking your opponent isn't a good idea, or giving out free Silver is bad. Who knows. This intro might be confusing, but hopefully as I post the Landforms you'll get the idea. I hope you all enjoy!


I've revised the subject. Now it is a prefex "Geo - (Event, Landmark, Edict)". It keeps the color and the name to remind you to put the tokens on. I might remove the Setup clauses on all of them though. They all start with 3 tokens per player.

Other Games / 7 Wonders: Eons (My Fan Expansion)
« on: December 14, 2016, 07:36:45 am »
Hi. I've taken a break from making dominion cards to focus on 7 Wonders. I've started a fan expansion called Eons wich hopes to be a sequel to many other (fan) expansions. I have zero clue whether anyone will care, but it will help me to get organized so here's my plan:

Leaders: Status, printed and playtesting

It will probably include a decent amount of leaders, several of which will use mechanics from Sailors and Ruins (fan expansions), and possibly Zodiac (ditto), and one for each module of Babel. If you want to see them you can, but I won't post then now.

Ruins: Status, to print

This will definitely include more ruins, one for each module of Babel, and a few to interact with Empires (fan) and Sailors (fan). The ones that don't have a minor focus on good/bad trade-offs.

Cities: Status, to finish

I need to finish mocking these up, but I'm planning to make a few that interact with Ruins (fan), Babel, and Leaders. There will be some other ones that use Sheilds and Science as costs.

Sailors: Status, to start

Way less than Cities, but a few that use the new Science/Military cost.

Wonders: Status, rough ideas

And of course wonders.

Great Projects: Status, possibility

It depends, I have no template for these so unless you want to see my sucky template making skills...

Variants and Fan Cards / Dominion Icons
« on: December 10, 2016, 07:13:01 am »
For anyone who's interested, here's the link with files I sent Violet CLM. They include all of Co0kiel0rds templates that I have my hands on, and about every belessed cost you could need:

I might make some costs with *, IDK how you'd use them though.

Just a heads up, the ones that don't say Cost have a smaller number in them are to be used for text within the card only. (don't use the cost incons within the text too)

Dominion General Discussion / Will Envoy get a reprint?
« on: October 07, 2016, 05:45:42 pm »
I know in the secret history Donald mentioned cards like Pirate Ship will get reprinted with the correct wording, but will Envoy get fixed wording despite it's being a promo?

I'm planning to redo many fan cards that have appeared on this forum and beyond. For the older ones, I'll update the wording and whatnot. The newer ones will mainly be for the sake of consistency. I'll also add some of my cards I made, and link to other threads where you can get more juicy fan cards that are so good I won't do them.
Disclaimer: Most of these are being done solely as the work of a fan (yes, a work of a fan on a work of a fan). For most of these, I'm simply hoping to redo the templates and add some balancing based on my playtesting experience.

A few things to know before you browse:
-Seasons and Flash mechanics were developed by Co0kiel0rd (Also Asper for Seasons). Click them to find the thread with the rules, and check out the other cards.
-Please point out typos. I find it helpful, not annoying.
-Click the images to zoom in.
-Click the quote by the creator to find the source thread.
-Unless you would necro the thread, please continue the discussion of the card effects in the original thread.
-Under the card, you'll see some words "By: X" or "Creator: X" refers to the creator's name. "Illustration: X" refers to the artist's name.
-There are a few tags I may have added. (Modded) means I substantially changed the card from the original. (Edited) means it's roughly the same but it may function differently in certain edge cases. (Recosted) means I just changed the cost.
-The second quote box is my thoughts on the expansion. Under that you'll see some headings, "-" meaning a change I might make, "+" meaning a card I'll add, and "~" meaning cards I won't do.
-There's a new word, "during". Any effect that happens "during" X, happens the next time you reach X, or now if you're already in X.
-Some Reserves say "you may call a X". This means that you may only call one X to react to a certain event.
-I give every reply a +1
-If you're a creator and have a beef with me about something, post about it here please, or PM me if you want to.

EDIT: I will not update this post anymore because it's hardly ever viewed, but most of the cards here are still accurate. For the most updated version, scroll down to the Mini-Set Design Competition section of the fan card gallery I made (Which happens to have fan card called gallery I made!):



Variants and Fan Cards / Plot: A $5 gainer event
« on: August 10, 2016, 08:07:31 am »

This card was originally part of a set I was working on with some other people, but because it used the secret society deck it was changed to a promo card shaped thingy.
Plot Event
Reveal the top 3 cards of the secret society deck. You may gain one of them. Add an extra Kingdom Action card to the secret society deck. Before the game begins, make a Secret Society deck out of 10 Action Kingdom cards costing exactly not in the supply.

It used to use the Black Market deck, but it was too random and swingy due to the costs. This provides an alternative to Black Market. It hasn't been tested in a game with secret society yet however.

Variants and Fan Cards / Should +s be bold?
« on: June 20, 2016, 05:51:10 pm »
With the recent release of empires, the +s in card text are now bold (See Charm and Wild Hunt). All the official cards leading up to this, along with most fan cards, have not done this. I'm wondering what most of you fellow card designers are going to do.

Personally, I'm going to keep the cards I made the same. Maybe once more expansions are released I might switch to the more recent format, but for now I'm sticking with the majority.

Empires Previews / Probably inaccurate power predictions
« on: June 08, 2016, 03:53:50 pm »
This is the thread where you can make completely hypothetical strength predictions. I'll start it off with mine:
The Amazing (8-10): You'll probably get these about every game they come up.
Overlord: 9/10
This is a amazing card, and the fact that you can pick it up in your first turn means you'll be able to play power 5s by turn 3, even on a 3/4 opening.
Bustling Village: 8/10
+3 Actions is great, and if there's a settlers in your discard then this is better than Lost City.
Castles: 9/10
A strategy on their own, these are, IMO, by far the hardest cards in empires to play right.
Catapult: 8/10
I love this card. Activating both attacks at once is so killer.
Enchantress: 8/10
This card gives good draw, and it will wreck most starting engines.
Gladiator: 8/10
Terminal golds are amazing, and terminal silvers are always good, and anything getting you closer to that sweet fortune is good.
Fortune: 9/10
It's a high cost, but one play should repay all of your money.
Villa: 8/10
Yeah yeah, people will overbuy this, but with all the crazy combo wombos, It's probably gonna be a great card.
The Good (5-7): Good cards, not much to say.
Chariot Race: 7/10
This seems like an amazing card. If it hits you get a card that's worth about $5! I'd pick it up on most boards.
Engineer: 7/10
Quality card, but workshop variants aren't that high in demand.
City Quarter: 6/10
A good village for when you need one, but I don't like how this draws more cards the more cards you have drawn, that's a little counter-intuitive IMO.
Royal Blacksmith: 6/10
It's a great card, when there is trashing. +5 cards is insane but you won't want this on boards with no trashing.
Encampment: 6/10
One-shot engine piece seems good.
Plunder: 7/10
Monument with +1 Action. Monument's a good card so I expect this will be too. The only downfall is the chance that it will never come up. By the time this comes up it might not be able to give you enough points to make a difference.
Emporium: 7/10
A peddler is good, but +2 VP is great, and the fact that it's on gain makes this a decent target for TfB.
Settlers: 5/10
Same problem as counting house, if you get this in the first hand it will be a simple cantrip. My guess is it will be better to trash the copper away. I like the combo with Royal Blacksmith though
Rocks: 5/10
Great for picking up silver if you need some, but this is only good if you bought catapults. Masterpiece seems better.
Farmer's Market: 5/10
Seems weak. It needs village support to make sure other players don't snatch the VP from you.
Sacrifice: 5/10
As an only trasher it seems good. However estates/coppers are not much of a benefit to trash, curses/hovel do nothing, and ruins/squire are not usually included.
Temple: 6/10
Good trasher, good vp source, not much to say.
The Bad (1-4): Niche cards that you won't use very much.
Patrician: Seems worse than vagrant. Vagrant isn't that good so I expect the main reason people pick this up is for emporium.

Other Games / Time Barons
« on: May 23, 2016, 06:39:08 pm »
I recently discovered and purchased a new game called Time Barons. ( It's a great game and it only takes about 15-20 minutes. I got it a week ago and it's already seen about 15 plays.

I highly suggest you take a look at this game. Here's a quick rundown on the pros and cons:

+Very fast play
+Simple rules
+The co-designer John Perry is active on BGG and will quickly respond to your comments
+It's only $20 for the full game, and shipping is about $4. I'd suggest getting the cards only which is the low, low price of $10
-Only 2 players. If you want to play with 4 you'll need an extra set.
-The art is a little cartoony. I personally love it but it might annoy some people.

Dominion General Discussion / Favorite Debt Card Bracket
« on: May 09, 2016, 06:01:28 pm »
Favorite debt costing card:

1 Royal Blacksmith
2 City Quarter

My vote: 2 City Quarter

Variants and Fan Cards / ThetaSigma12's Fan cards
« on: April 11, 2016, 03:54:54 pm »
Starting a thread where I can keep my fan cards.
River and Market Day are unused images from Asper, Exploration Vessel is an old paining, can't seem to find the artist of fortified village. Siege, Settlement, Escort, and Lagoon are all found on deviantart.

Siege: As soon as adventures came out, I was surprised that none of the cards interacted with events. Maybe empires will fix that, but until then here's siege. It combines three concepts; making events cheaper like bridge, preventing other players from buying events, and letting you solve puzzles with 3 events without cheating.

Escort: A reaction-reserve-action-attack. Yes, I know the image doesn't say attack, that will be fixed soon. I have no idea what the balancing on this one is since it has so much going on. As a quick rules clarification, you can put it on your tavern mat in response to an attack and call it against the same attack.

Fortified Village: I liked Co0kiel0rd's battlement that was a reaction without being a reaction. I tried a similar concept on this. It's not a reaction, but it reacts to a card being trashed. It is a bit niche, granted, but on any board with a one shot or TfB it's can be pretty useful. And, if all else fails, maybe it's the only village on the board.

Lagoon: I've always been intrigued by setup effects. Baker wouldn't be special without the setup effect. Here's an interesting effect. It makes baron much more OP, but you probably won't start with a $5 opening.

Market Day: Overpay on an event! Gazillions of buys! I always hated when you have 18$ and 1 buy. You could traveling fair 2 provinces, at the expense of your next hand. Now you can get all the buys you need and empty that estate pile in no time.

River: An old idea, what if ruins became good? Self-cursers are pretty common but self-looters are rare. Now ruined library becomes the best thing ever and with a river in play it will never hurt to have a few abandoned mines laying around. Prince of rivers is now the ultimate counter to cultist!

Settlement: Distant lands gives you VP for being on your tavern mat, settlement wants to stay off. Maybe you need that 3 for a province, or maybe you just need an extra buy. This could be used a s Settlers of Catan promo. The balancing may be off on this one so be warned!

Trading Vessel: It does two things better than amulet, but it restricts your options. Probably the most balanced card here. Enjoy!

Decay: A event looter. The non-looter part I had an idea for for a while and the ruins is just because there aren't many attack events.

Cottage: The spend vanilla bonuses card. The exchanges may need some work, and I had to invent my own lingo, but I like the cad anyway.

Reconstruct: The reaction part needs some work. I went with this version just because it was the most workable one I could think of. The other option was AFTER the player draw the card but that didn't keep you accountable so it was ditched in favor of a slightly more annoying version.

Scenic Village: Mini Champion, why not? It will give you unlimited actions, but only for one turn. Why all the actions? The tourists want to help you out.

Stronghold: The market version of Hireling, this card is probably pretty balanced. Fun Fact: A friend of mined came up with the original idea and I just tweaked it and made a mock-up!

Reinforcements: Interesting attack, stacks exactly twice! This is a counterpart to torturer, where you get to chose the bad stuff!

Forum: This one still needs some wording changes I know so please refrain from mentioning them right now.

Variants and Fan Cards / Fan cards I have printed so far...
« on: March 27, 2016, 03:01:53 pm »
After reading through AdrianHealey's thread, I thought I'd post my thoughts on the cads I have tested. Here's the list of cards I have printed and have or plan to play with. The sources will be listed with the card review.

Abbey by Accatitippi
Academy by RoberJ 
Alley by Asper
Almoner by Schneau
Aqua Vitae by eHalcyon 
Arcanium by Fragsnap
Archipelago by GeneralRamos

Archivist by ringworks
Artisan by Asper
Assemble by Asper   
Astrolabe by popsofctown
Auction by LastFootnote
Bartender by tristan
Barge by NoMoreFun 
Battlefield by 461.weavile
Battle Strategy 461.weavile

Blacksmith by Asper   
Bog Village by Co0kieL0rd
Book of Spells by GeneralRamos
Builder and Battlement by Co0kieL0rd
Burough by Auto-Destruct Sequence
Canal by Polk5440 
Capitol by 461.weavile
Carpenter by Nicrosil
Castle by bobanillic
Catacombs by Droo

Clerk by LastFootnote
Cloister by GeneralRamos
Collapsed Tower by Co0kieL0rd
Conclave by LastFootnote
Construction by Auto-Destruct Sequence
Convoy by LastFootnote
Crystal Ball by eHalcyon
Decree by Asper   
Delegate by Asper (Inspired by MarketSquire)
Deposit by Co0kieL0rd
Dignitary by LastFootnote
Diviner by jamespotter
Emissiary by Nekau
Enchantment by 461.weavile
Escalation by Nekau
Excommunication by GeneralRamos

Farmer's Market by Jack Rudd 
Fief by Auto-Destruct Sequence
Flea Market by Polk5440 
Floodgate by LastFootnote
Forbidden Gold by ShadowLancer
Fountain by Asper 
Frontieer by Fragsnap
Fund by LastFootnote
Garrison by Drab Emordnilap 
Gatherer by Andwilk 
General by LastFootnote
Harbringer by eHalcyon
Harbor by LastFootnote
Harlot by Auto-Destruct Sequence
Heir by Asper
Hidden Trap by 461.weavile
Highwayman by Auto-Destruct Sequence
Homunculus by Asper
Hospital by Asper
Hunter by Asper

Incantation by Asper
Inventor by LastFootnote
Jeweler by  Asper
Jubilee by LastFootnote
Landfall by eHalcyon
Manor by Co0kieL0rd
Mausoleum by Droo
Maze by Asper
Meadow by Asper
Mill by Asper
Mining Camp by Co0kieL0rd
Minister by Asper
Missionary by Graystripe77
Monastery by GeneralRamos
Mountain Pass by eHalcyon
Museum by Captain Frisk
New Year by RelzeriZynx
Orphanage by Co0kieL0rd
Outrider by Auto-Destruct Sequence
Panacea by Graystripe77
Patrol by Fragsnap
Patron by Beri
Pawn Shop by blueblimp
Poacher & Forest Hut by Co0kieL0rd
Production Village by WanderingWinder
Profiteer, Bladesmith, & Armament by LastFootnote
Recruiter by yuma
Redistrict by LastFootnote
Research by Asper
Retort by Kiran

Royal Demesne by Auto-Destruct Sequence
Royal Navy by pokeman7452
Salesman by dnkywin
Scriptorium by Droo
Search Party by Gubump
Sentential by Co0kieL0rd
Sheriff by Asper
Shire by Co0kieL0rd
Silver Smelter by jamespotter
Smoldering by Co0kieL0rd
Soothsayer by LastFootnote
Spellbook by 461.weavile
Starveling by Co0kieL0rd
Stockpile by LastFootnote
Suburb by Co0kieL0rd

Sultan by Asper
Sunken City by Asper
Surprise Attack by 461.weavile

Survivor by Nekau
Tea House by shark bait
Templar by General Ramos
Terrace by LastFootnote
Thanksgiving by Tdog
Town & Road by Asper
Unholy Citadel
Vendor by LastFootnote
Wanderer by LastFootnote
Warlord by convolucid
Wheelwright by LastFootnote
Seasons & Seasons Outtakes by Asper and Co0kieL0rd

Played at least once with the bold cards. I'll post some rundowns on my thoughts in the next post.

EDIT: Found who made diviner!

Variants and Fan Cards / A traveler that gets worse
« on: March 02, 2016, 05:15:35 pm »
Worth 4 coins
When you discard this from play you must exchange it for a jewel

Worth 3 coins
When you discard this from play you must exchange it for a heirloom

Worth 2 coins
When you discard this from play you must exchange it for a curio

Worth 1 coin
When you discard this from play you must exchange it for a trinket

Worth 0 coins
When you discard this from play you may trash it

Basically a traveler that gets worse instead of better. Haven't play tested yet because I don't think I have enough blanks. What do you think?

Puzzles and Challenges / Can you make a Bureaucrat pin work?
« on: February 24, 2016, 08:01:06 pm »
I can think of one card that could make it work, but I wonder if there are any others. Thoughts? Just to refresh:
Watchtower to trash rash the silvers as you gain them.

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