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I like the idea, but I'd suggest making it a cantrip instead of +2 Cards. That makes its effect more similar to the original version, but still a significant buff.

:)So i was reviewing Glinko Dominion Card Rankings and contemplating improvements to the bottom 16%, if i don't find anything in old posts here. Below are a few ideas i had. Let me know what you think, especially those with multiple version. I pursued three paths for improvement: 1. remodel; 2. make into a split pile by developing a companion card; 3. Reduce its cost. I mostly want to maintain the original intent or at least not invade space another better card already occupies.

Cartographer Ranked 411/451
I modified this into a Peddler variant.
Crystal Ball Ranked 366/451
So this one really surprised me. To me it seams like the Treasure version of Sentry. So i modified to make the first one provide additional value and allowed you to put a card into your Hand, helpful for Night cards.
Duplicate Ranked 362/451
I modified this to allow more duplication.
Feodum Ranked 441/451
I modified both versions to a Treasure-Victory.
Version-A: I modified this gain Silvers.
Version-B: I modified this provide basic economy with the potential to gain Silvers. Maybe this should also cost $4?
Version A                                        Version B :)
Island Ranked 369/451
Since two cards are removed from your hand, i modified this by providing an additional card.
Monument Ranked 407/451
Like Woodcutter, as an Action this is too week. I modified this to a Treasure, provided a choice, and added an exchange. This exchange idea is not too dissimilar to Capital City.
Pendant Ranked 383/451
Version-A: I modified this to trash a Treasure for the benefit of a Coffer.
Version-B: I modified this to provide an alternative path to Loots.
Version A                                        Version B :)
Sage Ranked 400/451
I modified this to allow conditional trashing.
Scavenger Ranked 426/451
This an Harbinger both allow a card to be moved from the discard onto your deck. For both I modified this to two cards.
Version-A: I modified this include a Buy.
Version-B: I modified this to a choice, making the other option trashing and provide some benefit to certain trashing.
Version A                                        Version B :)

None of these cards except for Cartographer is weak. Cartographer with an added Peddler is likely too strong, Crystal Ball needs no buff, Duplicate needs no buff, the second Feodum variant is totally crazy, Monument being stronger than Plunder is totally crazy (not to mention the issue that a non-terminal that can be played as nothing but +2VP does not work; cards that provide VPs should lead to game progress and not to loops).

Except for obvious power level misevaluations (dude, Monument ainít weak!), making cards more wordy and complex is seldom a good idea.
Take Pendant, a powerful Treasure with a simple and clear wording. Why mess this up via adding Treasure trashing or Loot exchange to it?

Anyone have some good ideas for these?

Rank   Name   Expansion   Cost Category
351   Library   Base   5-cost
353   Ducat   Renaissance   0-2-cost
354   Herb Gatherer   Allies   3-cost
355   Nomads   Hinterlands   4-cost
356   Merchant   Base   3-cost
357   Candlestick Maker   Guilds   0-2-cost
358   Innkeeper   Allies   4-cost
359   Moat   Base   0-2-cost
361   Guide   Adventures   3-cost
362   Duplicate   Adventures   4-cost
364   Caravan Guard   Adventures   3-cost
365   Workshop   Base   3-cost
366   Crystal Ball   Prosperity   5-cost
368   Tunnel   Hinterlands   3-cost
369   Island   Seaside   4-cost
370   Pawn   Intrigue   0-2-cost
371   Trading Post   Intrigue   5-cost
372   Fortune Hunter   Plunder   4-cost
373   Dismantle   Promo   4-cost
374   Scepter   Renaissance   5-cost
375   Armory   Dark Ages   4-cost
376   Kiln   Menagerie   5-cost
377   Hoard   Prosperity   6-cost or more
378   Galleria   Allies   5-cost
379   Druid   Nocturne   0-2-cost
380   Capital   Empires   5-cost
381   Acolyte   Allies   4-cost
382   Baron   Intrigue   4-cost
383   Pendant   Plunder   5-cost
386   Fairgrounds   Cornucopia   6-cost or more
387   Tactician   Seaside   5-cost
388   Graverobber   Dark Ages   5-cost
389   Oasis   Hinterlands   3-cost
390   Cellar   Base   0-2-cost
391   Prince   Promo   6-cost or more
392   Leprechaun   Nocturne   3-cost
393   Faithful Hound   Nocturne   0-2-cost
394   Rocks   Empires   4-cost
395   Contract   Allies   5-cost
396   Magnate   Prosperity   5-cost
399   Merchant Camp   Allies   3-cost
400   Sage   Dark Ages   3-cost
401   Tracker   Nocturne   0-2-cost
402   Farmland   Hinterlands   6-cost or more
403   Crypt   Nocturne   5-cost
404   Gladiator   Empires   3-cost
407   Monument   Prosperity   4-cost
410   Royal Blacksmith   Empires   6-cost or more
411   Cartographer   Hinterlands   5-cost
413   Mystic   Dark Ages   5-cost
414   Scholar   Renaissance   5-cost
415   Gardens   Base   4-cost
416   Treasury   Seaside   5-cost
417   Bard   Nocturne   4-cost
418   Secret Passage   Intrigue   4-cost
419   Poor House   Dark Ages   0-2-cost
422   Silver Mine   Plunder   5-cost
423   Tide Pools   Seaside   4-cost
424   Fool   Nocturne   3-cost
425   Miser   Adventures   4-cost
426   Scavenger   Dark Ages   4-cost
428   Death Cart   Dark Ages   4-cost
429   Treasure Map   Seaside   4-cost
430   Duke   Intrigue   5-cost
431   Night Watchman   Nocturne   3-cost
432   Harbinger   Base   3-cost
433   Vault   Prosperity   5-cost
434   Mine   Base   5-cost
435   Vagrant   Dark Ages   0-2-cost
438   Masterpiece   Guilds   3-cost
439   Farm   Intrigue   6-cost or more
440   Beggar   Dark Ages   0-2-cost
441   Feodum   Dark Ages   4-cost
444   Trader   Hinterlands   4-cost
445   Merchant Ship   Seaside   5-cost
446   Stash   Promo   5-cost
449   Harvest   Cornucopia   5-cost

I got another idea for Silver Mine

Idea 4

--- Quote ---Silver Mine (Treasure, $5)
Gain a card costing less than this to your hand.

--- End quote ---

With this, it can also serve as an expansive nonterminal Workshop if there are no interesting Treasures to gain. And of course, it gets quite nuts with stuff like Villa.


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