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Author Topic: On tucking multiple cards from hand - Rowland Hill and Toothbrush  (Read 2279 times)

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My right splayed yellow stack have Rowland as top card and toothbrush under it, so when i active the yellow card, i would receive the echo "Tuck all card of chosen value"

My hand is something like 2 2 2 2 3 5 7 8, and i choose 2

When i tuck the first 2, i got supremacy, triggering Rowland Hill. But I am not allowed to return 2 to pay the cost of Rowland Hill effect.

So, is this the way it works?
1. Declare value
2. Remove all the card of that value from hand, and place them on the "Stack (some sort of invisible zone)"
3. Choose order to tuck it, then tuck it one by one
4. For each card tucked, check any karma effect triggered
5. End of the action
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