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Author Topic: Fortress/City/Butcher  (Read 711 times)

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« on: August 15, 2013, 12:09:52 am »

This set was a really cool combo of trash for benefit plus some pretty strong engine cards.  We both opened double Silver, and the got Butcher with the first 2 5s and TR/City/Fortress after that.  I threw in a haggler, and he didn't, but I don't think it was very important either way. I think this engine is a little slow to build, but has huge power.  In the mirror though i is guaranteed to 3 pile.  This game was pretty much a mirror.  I got slightly better shuffle luck at the end, and was able to pull it out. 

Squire, Fortress, Pirate Ship, Throne Room, Treasure Map, Butcher, City, Haggler, Market
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