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Hi guys, I have some super awesome news that I wanted to share with my online friends (and I'm fully aware of how lamesauce that sounds) and I was looking for the right place to do it.  I thought about the Random Stuff thread but then thought, I bet other people have good news they'd like to share sometimes too so...this thread has now been born.  I'm thinking fun and exciting things like graduations, new puppies, exciting moves, etc.  Super excited to hear about your good stuffs!

I got a job!!  Moved and got a job in just a little over a week and I'm thrilled about it! 

My show opens in 3 nights. I'm part of the ensemble for Big: The Musical. You may think this is a new show. Actually, it's been around for nearly 20 years. Who knew?

Anyway, excited about this because it'll be my first show with some pretty crazy choreography, and I haven't done anything like this before.

And, well, it's Big.

Congrats rae!

Kuildeous, do you get to tap dance on a giant piano?


I also got a job. Been temping ever since graduating in 2010, looking for someone to take me on permanently. A few permanent jobs came up where I'd been temping for a month and I applied and got one. Today is my second day but so far it's pretty boring. First week is our induction but I've been working there for over a month already so it's pretty pointless from my position, but there are other new people so it makes sense for them. Never mind. It's permanent and I get paid a salary rather than an hourly wage for the first time in forever.


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