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Author Topic: Sea Hag/Urchin  (Read 693 times)

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Sea Hag/Urchin
« on: June 11, 2013, 03:28:38 am »

This was a really interesting kingdom, despite being really frustrating for both of us.  I think Sea Hag/Urchin is the obvious opening, and both of go for it, with the goal being to get a Mercenary, as quickly as possible, and then start picking up Market Squares to discard for gold while cleaning your deck.

We both go for the same strategy, but he collides his on turn 3, and I can't trash an Urchin until turn 10.  (It felt a lot like missing a treasure maps and i thought about leaving in frustration)  Fortunately when i do collide on turn 10 I am able to trash all 3 Urchins on the same turn.  I loose the Curse split 7/3 since he got a second Sea Hag, and started trashing earlier. 

At this point I figure my trashing is faster, and the Militia in Mercenary will slow him down, so I though I had an outside chance.  My opponent builds his deck getting Forge and some engine parts while I mostly just trash and buy Market Squares.  In the end my deck ends up a little more clean than his, and I am able to pull together a lucky turn with most of my deck which allows me to 3 pile (likely because he didn't protect against 3 pile quite enough instead of building his engine). 

This was a really weird game, where both of our decks were pretty ugly till the end.  I think I was pretty lucky to be able to pull out a win here.  I do think that you would want at least 2 Urchins in this setup, since the Mercenary trashing was so helpful.  Finally Its good to be playing again, I took a long break after Iso went down, and am really just getting started playing on goko. Goko is starting to build the same kind of comradery and sense of community that existed on Iso.

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