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Consider it a public beta.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions or if you see any problems.

In particular, please let us know:

a) what games, if any, you would like to help write a blog for;
b) what games, if any, you would like to see.

The new system makes it very easy to start new game blogs.  If you want to run a blog for a game, it is as simple as sending me your email and the blog is yours to run as you see fit.  Multiple users can be added to a game.

Note that the forum can now be accessed via  You will have to re-login, but the underlying forum database is the same (i.e., all user accounts, posts, etc. are intact).

It looks legit at first blush. If this is an April Fool's Day prank, it's a weird one. If not, why in the world would you announce it today?  :)

a) None, I'm so bad at them all
b) None, I spend too much time playing too many of them already.

I'd love to see Terra Mystica and TTA. I suck at writing articles though.

I'd add Power Grid as well, but I'm not nearly experienced enough to write articles on it.


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