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Author Topic: An Improbable Engine  (Read 725 times)

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An Improbable Engine
« on: March 02, 2013, 01:47:04 pm »

I really wanted to build an engine on this set. It seem that many of the typical engine pieces are missing or quite weak.  I almost backed out when I saw the lack of +Buy, also Trading Post is not very good trasher for an engine, and Throne Room is not an ideal source of actions for this board. There are a lot of little things that help the engine in this board.  The engine has almost unlimited time to catch up to a money player with Fairgrounds and Monument as alternative sources of points. Militia, also slows down the money player a fair amount.

It end up being a really long game, where my opponent nearly piledrives the Provinces, but stalls out just a bit too early, and I am able to keep getting points consistently with TR/Monument.  This game was intersting because with no +Buy I consistantly spent 8-16 coin hands on 4 cost cards. Finally, I didn't even look at Contraband, and it was REALLY good here, so that's a pretty big miss

Contraband, Explorer, Fairgrounds, Militia, Monument, Outpost, Smithy, Throne Room, Trading Post, and Wishing Well
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