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New poll feature -- vote visibility option


When you create a poll, you can now set one of the following options:

* Only admins can see who voted for what choice [default]
* The creator (and admins) can see who voted for what choice

* Everyone can see who voted for what choice
All existing polls default to the first option for now.  Each poll also describes its own visibility option.  Visibility options cannot be modified after the poll is created.

Drab Emordnilap:
I tried to vote in this poll, but it isn't visible.  :(

Fine, I put in a poll.

I object!  We needed a poll to determine what options would be available!  At least, I think we did.  I'll put up a poll to see if we need to take a poll.


Why not an option in the profile for which one it defaults to? ^^


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