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Author Topic: really strange bug with the Chrome-based point counter / ethical question  (Read 1983 times)

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Call me old-fashioned, but I still use the Chrome-based point counter, partly because it's always on screen and partly because it provides stats the built-in counter doesn't.

So yesterday, I'm playing someone with the handle You, and it quickly becomes clear that the Chrome counter doesn't understand that we are two separate players, because it's only reporting one score, which seems to be the sum of both of our scores.



Anyway, the other funny thing about using the Chrome-based point counter is that people often turn it off, even though my automatch settings are set to require point counter ... so I get the built-in counter anyway.

Am I required to remind people that there's still an active counter in the game? I did it the first time this happened, but just got berated for using a counter, so I haven't bothered again, considering the only two possibilities are a) these people just hate the Chrome counter and not the built-in one (inexplicably) or b) they don't really get how automatch works.


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Re: really strange bug with the Chrome-based point counter / ethical question
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2011, 09:21:54 am »

Well, I've never used the chrome-based one, but does it not tell you things that the built-in one doesn't, like # of cards in deck and # of different cards in deck? In which case they're just leveling the playing field, which shouldn't be an issue for you because, as you say, you can still see the same one they can.


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Other names (names with dots  ... or empty names. I'm sure there are a few others) also seem make the point counter fail (granted, on a sample size of one, so maybe it was something else).

Not only does it seem to make your point counter fail (because it doesn't understand empty/point strings), but it doesn't fail *their* point counter, as they always see their own username as "you", not whatever trick username they use.

Might be an accident on their part, but it does create a very nasty bias.
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