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We're going to post an interview with Donald X. on the main blog.  Of course, the man is friendly and active enough in this community already, but we thought this would be a nice thing to post on the main blog in time for all those people getting Dominion as a gift this holiday season.

Post your questions here and we'll pick out some of the most popular to collate into a formal interview.

You've said many times before that Guilds is the last of the "standard" Dominion expansions.  Have you given any thought to what you want to do with Dominion after Guilds?

What lessons have you learned about the game design process in general from making Dominion?  How has it informed your subsequent games?

What is your personal favorite Dominion card and why?

At what point during the process of making Dominion did you realize that it was not just any other board game, but one that was going to be a really special game?

Are you still leaning towards Dominion 2 over more expansions?
What kind of things would you want in Dominion 2 that couldn't be incorporated with the rules as they stand?
Any hints or tastes of what we can expect in Guilds?

What problems found in other games are you most happy to have avoided in Dominion?

What is your favorite board game that you designed?

What is your favorite board game that you didn't design?

How did you decide on the theme for Dominion?


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