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So I've got a DA question that i'm sure many people have (had). What happens when you procession a Pillage? Sa after I procession/pillage, I play pillage the first time. Trashing pillage, then making others discard a card, then I gain two spoils cards. Then when I go to play it the second time, I am confused. Can you play it again even though the pillage is already in the trash? Then since the pillage is already in the trash, how can I trash it to gain a card costing 1 more than it?

Same confusion with counterfeit/spoils. I play spoils the first time, getting $3 then returning it to the supply. Then do I get to play it again since it went back to the supply? And do I trash it with counterfeit or does it go back to the supply?

If someone could explain a walkthrough of a turn doing this correctly, that'd be great. Thanks and I hope this clears up some confusion not just for me, but for others too :)

Procession-Pillage should work the same as Procession-Feast.  The parts of Feast and Pillage after "Trash this card" are not dependent on that portion (contrast with Trading Post, with its "if you do" clause).  Nor is the last part of Procession dependent on "trash this card."  So for this case, you do the following:  Trash the Pillage; attack once, gain 2 Spoils; attack again (if possible), gain 2 Spoils; gain an Action card with cost $6.

I'm not positive about Counterfeit/Spoils, because Spoils has a "when you play this" clause.  I'm uncertain what the lose-track rule says about this one.

Procession does not have an "If you do" clause. Imagine if Procession's card text read, "You may play an Action card from your hand twice. Trash it. Gain an Action card costing exactly $1 more than it." Thus you still gain an Action card costing $1 more than Pillage even if Pillage is already in the trash.

Pillage also does not have an "If you do" clause. It reads, "Trash this. Each other player with 5 or more cards in hand reveals his hand and discards a card that you choose. Gain 2 Spoils." Thus you affect your opponent once (assuming he has an initial handsize of 5 cards) and gain 4 Spoils.

Counterfeit/Spoils is mentioned in the DA rulebook. According to the card text on Counterfeit, you play, and then you trash the treasure. The card text on Spoils indicates that you return the card to its pile immediately upon play. Thus Spoils does not get trashed, but returned to its pile instead, but it is also played twice. (If I remember correctly. I remember playing with this combo against Turambar and loppo at GenCon and specifically checked the rulebook to confirm the interaction. It was a Marauders game and our junked decks made it difficult to get to $8.)

A thank you to both Kirian and dondon for your explanations. This now makes more sense to me. You basically follow the rule "do as much as you can when you play an action card." So even though you cannot trash the pillage the second time you play it, you still do as much as you can with it. Thank you again.

Hi Guys,

FYI when playing on - the play is not in favour of this discussion. It goes:

Plays a procession - targets a Pillage.
-Plays a pillage - it is moved to trash
---*Procession can no longer move Pillage (it already moved)** =- this means you don't activate procession and get a free card costing [1] more than Pillage
--you gain 2 spoils
--you choose and discard a card from your opponent's hand(s)
-Plays a pillage again
---*Pillage wasn't trashed - so does nothing*


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